16 Replies to “President Obama And Bill Clinton Put Republicans To Shame With Twitter Takeover”

  1. It amazes me how the GOP/TP think they have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the White house. This simple tweet just shows how the Democrats are in a good position to not only keep the White house and take back the Senate maybe even the house.

  2. Let’s face it. Repugs really are not very interesting with all their self righteous snark, bile and hate.

  3. ” Bill and Barry Tweet each other; Republicans Stink”

    I believe what we have here is called a “slow news day.” That’s ok. I think I’ll drift over to Real Clear Politics and see if Hillary’s people did a Friday late afternoon news dump…

  4. You will be whining your way through at least another couple of Democratic Presidential terms. You’ve got to admit, your boys and girls aren’t really all that compelling – all you can do is look for something “bad” you expect Hillary’s campaign to have done instead of naming something positive, or newsworthy, the Gang of 16, or whatever the count is today, has done. Gives me a little hope that there might be a future if we can do something about the dinosaur congress the 6000-year-old kind). Have a great decade.

  5. Bob she has no bad news to dump. She met with Iowans and acted like the respectable leader that she is. She isn’t an amateur.

    Between two friends that would be joking.

    Between two Presidents about a potential future President, it is an endorsement.

    Bill for FLOTUS, um, FGOTUS.

  6. It’s all distraction folks and do not fool yourself because while Bill may have the charisma Hillary does not. She’s trying to ride Bill’s shirt tail. Too many scandals from this woman. Where are all the comments? People are not interested. And my last comment was not even posted because the site likes to keep their heads down in the sand.

  7. I don’t know what your last comment was, but I wager it was either abusive, specious, or some combination thereof.

  8. Mari, I met her many times and she is an inspiration, personified.

    Who is your candidate? Name one with charisma?

    It is extremely sexist of you to say an extremely accomplished woman is riding coattails.

    At her undergrad college Wellesley, she was the only student so admired by fellow students she was asked to speak at commencement. She was most loved student at a university, before Bill. Charisma.

    Go Google her early years working on Watergate hearings as an attorney.

    She is loved by world leaders.

    Your comment is pathetic.

  9. mari, here she is described as a powerhouse. Before she met a man to drag on his coat, the way the left pushes her and she is sitting on fences…

    all sexist, but what else is new? habit.


    Some are just born leaders.

    and Mari, see her as first lady of Arkansas talking about her own incredible merits and her own trailblazing along an equally gifted spouse. Progressive defense despite the “Shut up and sit down” mentality of that time AND now still.

    scroll down to the 30 minute video to open your eyes about who she is:


    Those are just two examples, one from 1969 one from 1979, but in between and since there is just a very long stream of awesomeness and accomplishment.

  10. mari, from that slate article, on page 2.

    “Hillary Rodham’s speech—the first ever given by a graduating senior at Wellesley—was interrupted by frequent applause and followed by a standing ovation that lasted (says the Fitchburg Sentinel, confirming my memory) for seven minutes.”

    Charisma. Now run away you little liar. You can’t sell propaganda to those of us who know what is what.

  11. And the hateful, unwashed, uninformed, racist, ignorant are already tweeting him hateful messages calling him the “n” word. I wonder if he expected that so soon!

  12. The ultimate democratic tool twitter per social media has spoken, no America has spoken. We do not like negative,racist,or dumbed down ideologies. We do not glorify war while ignoring or worse prostituting our vets and military. We do not think locking a gun and bkgrnd checks are communism or fascism. We respect women’s rights and the rights of all to love who they love. Twitter-verse…. freaking….. yeah!! [WINK]

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