One Bush is Like Another: Jeb Doesn’t Know. Jeb Doesn’t Care

So we have got Jeb Bush just making stuff up at this point, like his whole spiel about traditional marriage being an anti-poverty measure, or being Hispanic, or heck, once it become politically inconvenient to do so, not supporting his brother’s war in Iraq.

Am I alone, or does his campaign so far remind you of the late and unlamented failure of Mitt Romney 2012 run? I’m thinking right now, based on the evidence available, that like Mitt, Jeb is institutionally incapable of saying the right thing, and worse, of knowing what that right thing is.

In this, he reminds me also a lot of his older brother, who needed Dick Cheney to tell him what to think. Look at where Dubya is now, without Cheney, painting dogs and himself in the shower. This, more than his White House days, is probably the measure of the man.

There is even a Jeb Bush Young Socialist meme, which is kind of entertaining if untrue. The Bush campaign says it’s not true, at any rate, and that Jeb “has no idea” where that story came from, which is kinda funny too, coming from a guy who “has no idea” about a lot of things.

We can believe the one about him smoking a lot of dope though, just like his brother. It doesn’t take a passenger jet crashing into a skyscraper to make Jeb look dazed and confused.

He admitted to his use of drugs to the Boston Globe. Which, as with most Republicans, explains why he doesn’t want anyone else to use pot, even for medical purposes. It is easy to imagine him still mad toking before public appearances, given the dopey things coming out of his mouth.

Like 2013’s “immigrants are more fertile.” You can’t make this stuff up. Or this year’s NADA convention, where these words actually came out of his mouth: “The 40 percent of the people that have come here illegally, came with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds. We ought to be able to figure out where they are and politely ask them to leave.”

There’s an immigration policy for you: please go home. Sounds like New Jersey.

Even the traditional marriage thing is off, given rumors about his own marriage infidelities. Jeb said in denial back in 2001 that, “Lies were spread by gossip. Sadly, it’s reached the point where it’s being written about.” But heck, we write about crazier things said and done by Republicans that are demonstrably true, every single day.

And sadly, having an affair while espousing family values would not put him outside of the Religious Right/Republican norm. Heck, it may be the only genuine thing about him.

Even so, Jeb has to be the establishment Republican’s choice of candidate, simply because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t think God has chosen him to run. If he’s chosen to run, he knows perfectly well who will be behind him, and it won’t be the Lawd Gawd Ahmighty.

It will be a couple of guys named Koch.

Now Jeb can deny that he is auditioning for the Koch brothers, but we know perfectly well that with the kind of money they announced they’re spending in 2016 to buy POTUS (and indirectly then, SCOTUS), that every single Republican candidate is auditioning for the Koch brothers.

Jeb was adamant, and in the process, trying to make us believe that stuff I told you yesterday isn’t true, that there is some debate in the GOP as to the party’s direction. He told MSNBC in April,

“If I go beyond the consideration to be an active candidate, my hope is to garner as much support across the whole spectrum of the Republican party.”

Sure, the Kochs are important and all, their network being an “important part of any coalition to win the primary, so I don’t view it as auditioning for sure. But my intention is, if I’m a candidate, I will reach out to every sector of the party.”

Every sector….what sectors are those? The Tea Party has become virtually undistinguishable from the Religious Right and both are in bed with the corporate interests, so where are those sectors? Or does he really just mean both base and establishment?

This is something different, folks. Mitt didn’t need to be bought. He wrong his own weight in gold out of the hard working hands of honest Americans. He didn’t need the Koch’s stolen dollars.

So far, you have to think Jeb’s audition isn’t going well. If we’re not already there, we’ve got to be close to the point – as it did with Rick Perry – where somebody says to somebody else, “Don’t let this guy speak anymore.”

The Telegraph asked the other day if Jeb really wants to be president, or if, like Ted Kennedy in 1979, he feels obligated to run.

We can’t know the answer to that because Jeb himself probably doesn’t know the answer to that, any more than he knows if invading Iraq was a good idea, or if he’s Hispanic, or how having kids when you’re in poverty will somehow lift you out of poverty when, as anyone who has had them knows, kids are expensive.

Shades of his brother, the motto for Jeb could easily be, “Jeb Doesn’t know. Jeb doesn’t care.” It is hard to believe Jeb Bush really wants to be president, with the things he says. Maybe it’s just that he’s missing a Dick Cheney of his own.

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  1. You mention the – Bush doesn’t know if he wants to be president or not idea that is circulating.

    I think he doesn’t. I think that family is very small minded. When GW went after Saddam many said it was personal. A payback for daddy. I think BushIII was sitting around in his underwear eating potato chips and decided to run for president because his father and his brother got to do it and he felt shafted that he never got to be prezzy too.

    Why not me, Mom? I never get to be the prezzy!

    So he called some of daddy and bro’s buddies and they said, hhhmmmmm, yeah, why not, those Clinton’s are running another Clinton (not blood related power couple) and we should too! We IZ smart.

    Not so much thought. LOTS of money and power along the way. And do not even declare till everyone else does and keep raking in the money on your name.

    Scoundrel, incorporated. Again.

  2. I for the life of me can’t figure out how he got the reputation of being the smart one. The only way he’s smart is if he keeps his mouth shut.

  3. John Ellis seems to be even more easily influenced by outside entities…Dick Cheney. I wonder how many meetings they’ve had. How much Halliburton stock Jeb’s holding? I will never trust a Bush in office. They’re ascended straight from Hell.

  4. Hillary talks about drugs, poverty and real issues facing real people. Unlike Bush.

    and if you read between the lines, where she talks about being tossed off at 27 and those people not able to pay on their own…

    she is clearly talking again, like she always did (see 2003 and 2007 for example) about UHC and bringing it after the step in the right direction from ACA.

    Obama, and ANY dem, would approve. And if anybody can do it, she can.

  5. One would think that the Koch Brothers Slime Machine would’ve been proactive enough to release a standard list of what is considered desirable to be their …’chosen one’.

  6. Yes Jeb doesn’t know and doesn’t care…But he DOES care to blame everything on Obama! Even the debacles that his brother and President Cheney brought forth.

  7. Why Won’t Media Ask Jeb Bush About PNAC?

    A caller on this Monday’s Thom Hartmann radio show expressed some of the same frustration I’ve had with our corporate media and their refusal to mention the fact that Jeb Bush was one of the founding members of PNAC, the neoconservative think tank known as the Project for the New American Century, while discussing his ever evolving positions on whether or not it was right for America to invade Iraq.

  8. HH, great article as usual and the picture of Jethro is
    perfect. Looks like he’s about to sing “I can’t make you
    love me”.

  9. That’s kind of an insult to your golden retriever. W. basically didn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Thanks to RR for this destruction of our country.

  10. Jeb has a point about one thing. He says, “40% of immigrants have overstayed their visas” and that IS correct. However, most of those 40% are the “right kind” of immigrant, i.e., the Irish, the British, and those white people the Republicans don’t care about “overstaying”. If they’re asked to leave – politely – and don’t leave, well, so what.

    The “wrong kind”, the dark skinned ones, those are the ones they care about…

  11. What he’s missing fits between the ears and under the scalp! There is no fixing “STUPID!” No rational person on this earth should ever try and say that W. drug us into a war because he was given bad intel. He and Cheney and Dums-feld cooked the books to create the bad intel so they could mislead the whole damn country and our allies. Jeb’s full of sh–! The Cock (correct spelling as far as I am concerned)Brothers are full of it too! I hope the whole right wing turns on itself and becomes a black hole.

  12. This article kind of hurt my feelings. I have indulged in Marijuana for around 40 years and never once said anything as stupid as Jeb and Jebber (dubya) has.

  13. ….Like 2013’s “immigrants are more fertile.”

    It is not that the immigrants want more children, or are more fertile.

    It is thanks to the Reagan administration joining with the evangelical, Catholic and Islamic churches, the World Health Organization birth control project got DEFUNDED, and as anyone can see the waves of humanity with hunger and want in their eyes, coming to haunt us all, in forms of wars, refugee camps, & immigrants trying to escape.

  14. Fine article! Thanks.

    From Jeb’s mouth:

    Sure, the Kochs are important and all, their network being an “important part of any coalition to win the primary, so I don’t view it as auditioning for sure. But my intention is, if I’m a candidate, I will reach out to every sector of the party.”

    I think this is a feint, and means he will occasionally pretend there is a “moderate” Republican wing, which there hasn’t been for years,except in the minds of talking heads in the media.

  15. Jeb also said Obama Care could be replaced with an Apple watch! The watch could monitor your health. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from him. I think he is dumber than his brother.

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