Lindsey Graham Blames President Obama For The Mess That He Helped Cause In Iraq

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham insisted on Monday that the Iraq War was not a mistake. Appearing on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, Graham defended the Iraq War. The South Carolina Senator offered vague and tepid criticism of how the war was carried out, but he stood firm in arguing that ousting Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do to stabilize the region.

Not only did Graham defend President Bush, but he also spun history on its head by saying that Barack Obama was to blame for the mess in Iraq. Senator Graham stated:

At the end of the day, I blame President Obama for the mess in Iraq and Syria, not President Bush.

The hawkish Senator then told Wolf Blitzer, that if he is elected President, he will send more troops back into Iraq, more than tripling the number of troops there from 3,000 to 10,000. In rhetoric that resembled Bush’s language leading up to the initial invasion of Iraq, Graham argued that more troops are needed in Iraq to prevent a terrorist attack on American soil. Graham told Blitzer:

It will take us thousands of American soldiers over there to protect millions of us back here at home.

While many of the other Republican presidential hopefuls are working to disassociate themselves from the Iraq War disaster, Senator Graham is tying his presidential aspirations to that failed policy. The South Carolina Senator fully embraces the worldview of Dick Cheney and other neo-conservative architects of the Iraq War.

In Graham’s myopic view, military force is almost always the answer to any international question. He has little interest in diplomacy. Instead, he relishes the opportunity to project American military power across the globe, in some sort of real-life, high stakes game of Risk. Graham refuses to acknowledge that the Iraq War was a mistake. He is eager to repeat that mistake, in the unlikely event he ever becomes president.


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  1. Oh my Scarlett O’Hara is having a breakdown. Look Ms. butch me up STFU and have a mint julep under the magnolia tree in bumfuk South Carolina.

    Unlike your concubines that is the village who refuse to call out your ass I will. You have been wrong from day one about the middle east.

    It was kind of ironic that at one of your ballwashing events you made a statement that the racist Strom Thurmond had kids at 67 so it wasn’t to late for you and you ask who was willing and some strapping buck raise his hand like he was game.

    Now I have no problem who you want to fuk but it was funny in the moment

  2. If Graham decides to announce his candidacy he will rank no higher than Carson, Fiorina and Hucklebee: no-chance hecklers. He’ll continue to criticize and disrespect Mr. Obama, and why not? He has no skin in the game and he can pick and choose whichever topic he feels safe broaching. Not particularly brave or constructive, but again, it will just be one of those six month ego trips until he’s once again “Lindsey who?”

  3. Lindsey Graham underwear: It Stinks, It Pinches, And it Sweats. Call me at Stinky Shit .com I promise a war.

  4. ‘The hawkish Senator then told Wolf Blitzer, that if he is elected President, he will send more troops back into Iraq, more than tripling the number of troops there from 3,000 to 10,000.’

    This is how the Republicans will create jobs in America:
    don’t fix infrastructure;
    maybe have the Waco drug dealers join the police so they can all fight the ‘bad guys’? (yet these gangs have called for killing police – but nothing in the news, right);
    give more tax breaks to corporations; and
    send all our boys and girls to a foreign war so we can throw them on the streets hungry and without limbs when they return because Republicans don’t care about people; they only care about profits … for their rich masters.

    Every other American can forego health care, go hungry (w/a whole list of food you are not allowed to eat when purchased w/food stamps; be humiliated further with drug tests because our Republican politicians will not vote on a jobs bill.

    Do your fkn job Republicans!!

  5. He reminds me of a friends chihuahua. He yaps and makes a lot of noise, shows some teeth, then pees on your shoes. What a joke!

  6. Only because the low info followers love this kind of red meat mendacity the GOPoliticans love to serve up. Someone really should tell them President Obama isn’t going to run for President in 2016.

  7. Well it seems to hold true about “stupid is as stupid does!” And Republican hopeful Graham seems to display the typical, nonsensical, brain washed, and brain dead rhetoric expected from the GOP of late.

    Even laying the blame at Obama once again. If the sun rises, and the birds sing, must be Obama’s fault somehow. C’mon already! Can’t we just really blame the key members in this fiasco and lie perpetuated among the world at large.

    Bush and Cheney or better known as “Tweedle dee & Tweedle dumb”. I’ll let you guess ‘who’s who’ in that reference.

    The war was all about “daddy issues”, revenge and profit. Everything else was just incidental at the time. Even the world body that we lied and manipulated as well. But I’m sure we could play “six degrees to Obama” on that too and somehow blame him too!

    After all it’s the only thing that the GOP is consistent on anyway. Not much of anything else for sure. Well maybe the whole “blame” thing they love to evoke too!

    Yep, a …

  8. Man Lindsey Graham seems to have forgotten the reason for us leaving in the first place. You can thank an agreement known as SOFA, signed by Bush for their rise, but then again Bush’s unnecessary wars did help cause them, the agreement and our departure due to the agreement most likely lead to their rise to power.

  9. His war mongering is responsible for thousands of deaths. This mook needs to shut up go home and finish his ironing.

  10. A great comment on Facebook I saw about this article and I thought people should read it: “Wish Graham would stop and realize a few facts Obama wasn’t even a senator when Iraq started and the pull out of U.S. Forces was negotiated by bush not Obama . This war created the climate that led to the birth of Isis and the bush Cheney use of torture led to the easy recruitment of new terrorists. ”
    Also referring back to the agreement I brought up this person made a comment on that as well : “The troops were pulled out under a status of forces agreement with a date agreed on between Malaki and George w. Bush . Obama had to honor the date . He tried for an extension and could not get one.”
    Both these points presented by Walter Grabowski on Facebook make sense and are fact.

  11. He should publicly admit to his family that they are a joke, he just couldn’t get the courage to adnit to being gay ever since Jr high. What a chicken, and liar.

  12. A few weeks ago that book had several high profile advance blurbs to the major news media. There was one article on Cheney being exactly what we said all along and I was going to order the book. ($15 kindle)

    Then I saw a WSJ or maybe it was WaPo piece on the book about Enhanced Techniques and decided he can shove his book up his torturing ass.

  13. Here’s a thought- Have Mr.Graham lead the way into Iraq.

    That way they will all bow down to his inherent superiority, and end the madness that he voted for.

  14. Big story of today: Jindal is trying to get some attention…

    “A Republican critic of President Obama’s executive orders will issue an executive order of his own that some say will allow Louisiana businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians.”

    “We will be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will … prevent the state from discriminating against persons or entities with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

    It is not the attention he is going to want though. Louisiana is going to get what the other state ending in “ana” got.

  15. My GOD!! I HATE the GOP!! you’ve got all these republican PHONY religious NUTS constantly preaching about how HOMOSEXUALS are the downfall of this country but of course GUESS what? republicans do what republicans do BEST! stick their heads FIRMLY and securely up their rear ends!! Wheres tony perkins insane rants about “THE GAYS” whenever lindsey graham floats into the room!! republicans are the UNDISPUTED kings of hypocrisy!! MY GOD! it’s beyond apparent lindsey is GAY! and I really don’t care either way! but be REAL lindsey! because your CLOSET GAY males routine isn’t working! The whole world sees how you GLOW whenever john mccain is within smelling distance of you. GOP= major league hypocrites

    The Right and Wrong Questions About the Iraq War

    These “knowing what we know now …” questions are driving me crazy. They should make you mad too.

    It closes with this: Everyone who was around then knows it. You can look it up. And we had damned well better not forget it, in a fog of faux remorseful “Knowing what we now know…” sanitized history.

  17. The article you recommend to read is…exactly right. There are two lines in the beginning that say all that needs to be said. “The Iraq war wasn’t an innocent mistake”
    and “America invaded Iraq because the Bush Administration wanted war”
    I wish all the righties who invade this site would take the time to read article, It may just open eyes? Or am I just smelling roses? JimmyK I am talking to you.

  18. More GOP reconstruction!

    GW Bush is responsible for ISIS and the mess the Middle East is in, he took us to war on lies. Now President Obama and we must pay for the consequences.

    BTW Lindsey Graham, what are YOU doing to rectify the situation for a more secure future?

  19. Nassir Muhammed Ali Iraq invasion may be not a mistake , as Lindsey Graham and other senior Republicns claim , but absolutely the the U.S policy in Iraq after 2003 big mistake and crime espacially in destroyed the Iraqi institutions and securiy services ,and Bush Administration delivered the power to corrupt and sectarian elite and ethnic parties with foreign agendas have created fertile ground for the emergence of the threat of ISIS (Daesh) So the United States missed a golden opportunity to build a new democratic Iraq will be a model in the Middle East but , but unfortunately Iraq became a worse model in chaos and instability and ethno- sectarian conflict . So the chaos in Iraq was the result of the Republicans mistakes and their failure in Iraq. But despite all of that the ISIS (Daesh ) threat is opportunity for the United States to reassess its policy in Iraq , it can protect its interests and at the same time the interests of Iraq . Iraq collapse will not serve the United

  20. I guess it’s far easier to blame someone else for your friend’s screw up.

    Even if that someone else was only a Senator at that time.

  21. Lindsey and his Republican henchmen are masters of deflection and deception: Throw a stone, break a window then blame the guy standing 10 feet away around a corner from the window. Claim that the guy HAD to be blamed, because: …. “he was seen walking in the opposite direction when the rock flew into the window, therefore—Blame him, not me, I didn’t see a thing.” Blah, blah, blah. Repeat that, when convenient.

  22. When Hollywood sold America on evil: Stunning PBS Frontline doc reveals the depths of CIA propaganda

    “Secrets, Politics and Torture” tells the deeply disturbing story of an intelligence community’s craven lies

    It’s well worth watching online if you missed it.

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