Police Would Have Massacred Texas Bikers If They Were Black


There is a famous line from Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, “a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet” that implies that the name of something does not affect what it really is. That is certainly the case in America where mainstream media called a couple of hundred armed white men on motorcycles members of a club. Despite the name media used, in reality the Waco bikers were murderous criminals, thugs, and gangsters. For the second time in a year, law enforcement officials held their violent aggression and hostility normally reserved for peaceful African Americans in check when a mass of armed white men began clubbing, stabbing, and shooting each other in Waco Texas. Worse, mainstream media, particularly conservative mainstream media, failed to fill the 24-hour news cycle with coverage of what is being labeledone of the worst gunfights in Waco history” because the participants were not Black.

First, the so-called “motorcycle clubs” involved in the murderous mayhem that killed nine and injured scores are known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and local Texas law enforcement, as “serious and violent criminal enterprises” going back forty-plus years. Although the media, or law enforcement, were hesitant to name the two primary gangs involved in Sunday’s latest biker ‘gang war,’ the images that were released identifies the two primary gangs as Bandidos and Cossacks. Local police said the criminal gang members opened fire on the police when they arrived at the scene, and many sported white supremacist tattoos and patches, but law enforcement did not gun them down en masse because they were white men with guns.

What was stunning in the aftermath of the mass murder scene was the relaxed atmosphere of both the gang members waiting to be restrained, searched, identified, and processed and law enforcement officials seen standing passively waiting for comfortable transportation to escort them to jail. If the participants had been African Americans, the scene would have been entirely different. If they had not been massacred on the spot by militarized law enforcement, they would have been face down on the ground and handcuffed after being tased, teargassed, and beaten within an inch of their lives. The scene of law enforcement’s gentle treatment of murderous white gangsters portrayed as members of a motorcycle club by conservative media in the immediate aftermath of the Waco mass murder epitomizes “white privilege” in America.

What was missing from the scene during and after the massive gang battle were armored vehicles, tanks, and hundreds of armed militarized police training their assault weapons on the suspects who just minutes before were using what police said were at least a hundred deadly weapons on each other and police officers. Instead, law enforcement from the local police force and sheriff’s department were casually milling around waiting for a bus to take the relaxed suspects to be booked for a variety of violent crimes. None of the suspects were face-down on the ground, ‘hogtied’ or being harassed by law enforcement and there is only one reason why; they were not Black. It is also why conservative media did not spend the next 48 hours covering the story and calling the white participants thugs, criminals, and gangbangers even though the “club members” are all of those and much more.

What is also very telling about how law enforcement deals with armed and violent white men compared to peaceful African American demonstrators is that the local police were well aware, weeks in advance, the violence-prone gangs were armed and descended on Waco looking for trouble. The police spokesman attempted to lay blame on the popular sports bar Twin Peaks for allowing the gangs to gather in the restaurant, but if they had been African Americans the police would have been out in force with militarized vehicles and hundreds of armed officers dispersing the gathering with teargas, Tasers, and likely gunfire before they had a chance to enter the immediate vicinity, much less gather inside the restaurant.

Last year a similar situation revealed that in America law enforcement deals with armed and violence-prone white men differently than peaceful African American demonstrators. It was last April that Cliven Bundy summoned armed militias including Oathkeepers, Praetorian Guard, White Mountain Militia, and various armed combatants to commit sedition and confront federal agents. Instead of calling in the National Guard, hundreds of armed law enforcement officers, and military vehicles to disperse the armed white men, local, state, and federal law enforcement ran away and set a very dangerous precedent.

A precedent that has not, and never will, be extended to peaceful protestors that just happen to be people of color. It is noteworthy, and still revealing, that even a year after the Bundy Ranch militia’s acts of armed sedition against federal officers in the commission of their duty, there have been no arrests, no state or federal criminal indictments, or prosecutions against the Bundy Ranch participants. One can only assume it is because they are white and enjoyed the hero-worship of conservative media and Republican politicians from across the country.

It does not matter if it was peaceful demonstrators in Ferguson Missouri, or angry protestors in Baltimore herded into confrontation with police, law enforcement holds African Americans to a different standard than white Americans armed to the teeth. There is little doubt among most Americans that if the Bundy Ranch militias had been Black, they would have been portrayed as anti-American terrorists by conservative media and exterminated with extreme prejudice by militarized law enforcement. If the violent criminal gangs in Waco had been African Americans they would have been massacred by law enforcement at the first sign of weapons much less allowed to gather for “the worst gunfight in Waco history.”

Nine people are dead and scores more are seriously wounded and images of law enforcement officers casually standing around waiting for a bus to transport the criminals to be questioned and processed should remind Americans that white privilege is the order of the day. It is also noteworthy that white privilege extends to every mass murderer in recent memory whether it was the Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora theatre, or Oklahoma City killers who were never portrayed by Fox News and conservative media as gangsters, thugs, or criminals because they were white like the violent murderers in Waco that police treated like one would expect them to treat peaceful protestors.

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  1. Two factors are at work here.

    1. As long ago as 2006, it was reported that radical rightists and white supremacists were deliberately infiltrating law enforcement.

    2. WhiteWing government by tantrumocracy. Directly this, or any other, adverse report gets leaked, the WhiteWing, from Congresscritters to Astroturf to the presstitute corps, spaz, gyrate, and shriek until everyone backs off and apologizes. Inevitably, Brown Shirts are now swaggering around armed, with impunity.

    It looks like we are in the last days of Weimar.

  2. What else could anyone expect from the Texas police/sheriff dept. they have a different way of doing things & color blindness is not one of their problems,
    the Brown and Black colors triggers a way different response.
    They have been programmed that way, since they moved in & killed the Mexican land owners to get their ranches, then more re-settled from the beaten South. Then they got that huge Nazi re-location camp, that stayed after the war.
    They have lots of hate issues and will embrace the white faces (even evil ones) at all costs

  3. I noticed that instead of calling them thugs they had a former member on MSNBC explaining that most members are good people who just love motorcycles.

  4. I thought the “I felt my life was in danger” gave them carte blanche to totally empty their guns on thugs??? Apparently, these officers showed some restraint. In Texas bubbas know their bubbas.

  5. And heroin, human trafficking, guns, wait this being America maybe we shouldn’t hold that against them. They also love meth, brass knuckles and just plain violence

    Bandidos: 5 things to know about second-most dangerous motorcycle gang

    FBI: Biker gangs are serious ‘criminal enterprises’

  6. While there is no question that there is a wide disparity in the treatment of black -vs- white by law enforcement, the issue in Waco was about LE gaining control of a very dangerous situation. We still don’t know whether or how many bikers were killed by LE returning fire, so the issue of black versus white treatment has little or no bearing on this particular incident.

    I am surprised that the author of this thread resorted to nothing more than speculation as the basis of “reporting”. I expected a little more than a self-righteous rant. I am disappointed. It was more than a little over the top…

  7. There’s gonna be a lot more gunfights at the O.K. Corral once Texas Governor Greg Abbott sign the open law carry.

    Everybody wants to have it their way and no one can survive in a world like that.

    Instead of America progressing into the future, we seem to be going back in time to a country that is truly frightening without leadership or laws or common sense.

    We’ve got to see why Republicans keep winning elections when they don’t want anything good for this country or for the majority of Americans.

    They’re winning in States all of a sudden where Republicans haven’t won in years and now all the data and exit polls are coming out wrong in too many elections.

    I just refuse to believe it’s simply a matter of voter Id restrictions,too much gerrymandering or Americans being that stupid, hateful or too unconcerned or lazy to hit the voting booths.

    Republicans control The House, The Senate and now, all that’s left is The White House.

    God, help us all!

  8. BullShit!! Now here is a subject that I think all of you need to defer to me. I have been around bikers Outlaw and civilian and I’m telling you that to assume this article is factual is misleading. First the police in this nation are smart enough to realize that to taken on the motorcycle groups in this nation would be suicide, the FBI watches their asses when it comes to these people! The Mafia are scared of these people! They make the White Christian Militias look like wimps!, but then again they are! And as far as any data concerning family life upbringing etc. Bikers come from ALL walks of life and some have had ideal childhoods and teen years. My brother Jack who passed in Dec. was a D D and years ago a Road Saint for a time. I’ve been around members of most of the North American groups. These turf wars happen all the time, this is a reaction to other civil unrest elsewhere and all of it is bad.

  9. Sorry John Taylor, but the disparity in treatment is indeed an issue, and simply waving it off won’t work, since the police knew in advance that these were violent gangs, intent on settling old scores. They had police on the scene before the riot started, and had plenty of time to separate them, if they had decided to do so. That would never happen if these thugs were black.

  10. ——There’s gonna be a lot more gunfights at the O.K. Corral once Texas Governor Greg Abbott sign the open law carry.—–

    Did STAND YOUR GROUND come into play in the parking lot? The Bandidos said: ” I’m standing my ground against those M-fking, Rooster suckers, and I ain’t gonna backdown: Bam! Bam! Pow! Ka-Pow!

  11. Funny thing I learned when investigating a Mormon Assistant D.A. in Boulder City, they too have close ties to Mongols and Bandidos. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if some of that clean OMG money (outlaw motorcycle gang) made its way to Salt Lake City.

  12. I was wondering about that too. Law enforcement knew about the event. Where were the APC’s, the SWAT teams and all the rest of it? Yes they had it “covered” or at least they thought they did. Somehow they were thinking that the presence of a few officers would keep hundreds of OMG members peaceful. Bad idea. There must be some kind of video from the parking lot and probably surveillance from law enforcement. That should have all the details needed to sort out what happened. It will take some time but it’s Texas so you know somebody is getting the death penalty. Will any of this stop the war between the Bandidos and the Cossacks? Of course not, they live to fight each other.

  13. I just saw a video of two men. One video- a white guy with an open carry AR-15, and a black guy with an open carry AR-15.

    Guess which one got arrested?

  14. Your white privilege is showing
    This is what happens when you address your government with grievances if you as you say in trailer home they are colored
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  15. So….. when did burning, looting, robbing, assaulting police officers, destroying public and private property become peaceful protesting?
    This article is nothing but conjecture and assumption. And you know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me.
    With the exception of haraknell hardelson or what ever the crap his name is, this is the worst author I have seen in a long time.
    You call me racist because I am white, conservative and Christian. Brother you need to take a hard look in the mirror and you will see a racist bigot staring right back at you.

  16. So when did killing 9 people become acceptable or are you saying property’s is more important than lives?

  17. I grew up in west Texas and I can tell you that those bandidio’s are very bad news. My high school girl friend got hooked with them back in the late 70’s and was married to a pledge. Even had his baby. She witnessed a murder, and was going to turn state evidence for witness protection, but they got to her first. Her husband, the pledge went to prison for her murder. He even murdered her boyfriend, execution style, and he had nothing to do with any of it. Wrong place, wrong time. Anyone in Amarillo Texas knows to stay clear of these thugs. This whole thing has brought back so many bad memories for me. I shudder just retelling the story. I think there is going to be more retaliation. It’s not over. These people are armed to the teeth and extremely dangerous.

  18. It is ok to loot, is the property happens to be a Black owned establishment! It seems ok to assault Black officers. burn Black churches, Steal Black lands and give them to Whites!
    However, When Peopke of Color assault the thieves, run them off our property, vote them out of office, Burn their stolen buildings to the ground protect our cops and basically go to war, we need to look in the mirror
    Djjchefron, I hope you called BS on that one!

  19. I am reluctantly forced to agree. I was disappointed with the response in Waco. I thought the police should have monted machine guns on the back of trucks and just shot them into hamburger.

    I also think that all criminal gangs, the Bloods, Crips, the cartels should be hunted down and exterminated.

    I always laugh when idiots call me a liberal. I am somewhere to the left of Leon Trotsky. Welcome to the age of permanent revolution.

  20. No, I’m not brushing anything off. I acknowledged the fact that black (thugs) are treated more harshly than white (thugs) by law enforcement everywhere in this country. BUT… this wasn’t the case in Waco. I support and encourage any discussion of incidents of police brutality based on FACT, not on speculation.

    Consider: The police had 18 officers present when 170 gang members started the fracas. Let’s say the numbers are wrong and there was 5 times the number of cops on the scene. Are you willing to tell me that 90 LE officers are going to wade into a crowd of 170 people, force them face down on the ground and put zip locks on each and every person? Unless you would like to see a real killing scene with thugs, cops, and innocent bystanders in body bags, then re-think the issue. Were the thugs being treated gently because they were white bread? Maybe. Possibly. More likely, LE was simply trying to not set off a complete out-of-control meltdown. It wasn’t black-whit…

  21. i doubt many of them did have good fathers.. the break down of the family isn’t exclusive to the black community.. with the fall of Christian belief in God and the embracing of the pop culture religion, America will fall correspondingly

  22. Ohh, this is bad Politicus. This is very racist. So racist the author doesn’t give his/her real name. (Rmuse?) This is awful. Waco is 22% Black, 30% Hispanic, and 47% white. You propose mowing them down with machine guns for this, then is it fair game to mow down the 15 year-olds for looting the Walgreens in Baltimore?

    This one needs an apology.

  23. Yeah they did but where was the police in their Rambo uniforms busting heads? Your white privilege is showing

  24. You mean to tell me an unarmed African-American teen is more scary than a meth-out, armed, violent, murderous biker?

    Well why didn’t the police see 30′ monsters when they confronted these thugs.

    They are the true meaning of a thug, not some teenage looting.

    Yep SCOTUS the United States of America has wiped out racism in less than 300 years.

  25. I have been seething all along, a young boy of color is playing in a park with a toy gun, a young black man is jaywalking. They are called thugs when these murderous thugs in Texas are not. These Texans are evil incarnate, why does not the governor ban them from holding meetings in civilized towns, oh yes – he is too busy spying on the military to see if they do anything wrong. We should take all bases out of Texas.

  26. Joan: Really? Try to ban a Hell’s Angel from doing anything and watch how fast he jumps to obey your lawful order. Telling these gangs to stay out is like waving a red flag at a bull.

  27. So not only is it hunting season on the coloreds but also on the mentally ill

    The way we treat the mentally ill in this country is a crime

    The Supreme Court ruled this week that police shooting an agitated schizophrenic woman is justified even if they could have stood outside in a hallway and left her alone in a room until more help arrived. The Justices felt that it was reasonable for them go bursting into the room and shoot her even though they had already been in there, had retreated and knew that she couldn’t harm anyone but herself.

    But don’t worry bike gangs I mean clubs you are still protected by the law

  28. Boy, as an alleged teacher, you really have profoundly poor reading comprehension.

    Please point to the part of the post by Rmuse where s/he even MENTIONS “machine guns” – let alone “propose mowing them down with machine guns” as you state.

    It is YOU who owe Rmuse an apology.

    And you really need to just stop making $hit up in an effort to advance your right-wing agendas.

  29. C’mon! Nine people were killed! I agree that it likely would have been different if they had been black, but you cannot know for sure. And, as you mentioned, the police knew way ahead of time about this gathering and had time to prepare for it. A prepared response plays out much
    differently than when respondents have to assess a situation on the go as it occurs..

  30. The bikers are sitting quietly and not offering any resistance. The people in Ferguson and Baltimore were throwing things at police, setting buildings on fire, screaming into the face of policemen. Are you so racist that you don’t even see the difference?

  31. All I know is the police in Ferguson and Baltimore instigated the violence. You are that racist if you don’t want the facts

    Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn’t Start the Way You Think

    Baltimore teachers and parents tell a different story from the one you’ve been reading in the media.

    How Police In Ferguson Should Have Handled Crowd Control


    “Why is equality so assiduously avoided? Why does white America delude itself, and how does it rationalize the evil it retains?

    The majority of white Americans consider themselves sincerely committed to justice for the Negro. They believe that American society is essentially hospitable to fair play and to steady growth toward a middle-class Utopia embodying racial harmony. But unfortunately this is a fantasy of self-deception and comfortable vanity.”
    Martin Luther King

  32. The articles author seems to KNOW what would’ve happened if the bikers had been black. Wow, that’s some talent you have there. I’ll use this: If they had been black, they would’ve been tased, manhandled, and possibly shot because they would’ve tried to fight officers, resist arrest, grab for officers guns, etc. Wild assumption or probable outcome? However you view it, it’s no different than the authors speculation about what “would’ve” happened. We don’t know what the hell may have happened, since we cannot see into the future, now can we? People kill me with all this “if they were this and that” crap.” GTFOH with that mess!

  33. We cant see into the future but we know what happen in the past but nice try with your white privilege

  34. You can write about anything, however speculation is not fact. All I see in this article is speculation,nothing more.

  35. Yep, no double standard here
    Cleveland police charged 12-year-old Tamir Rice with ‘aggravated menacing’ and ‘inducing panic’

    Recently obtained documents from the Cleveland Police Department, displayed below, show that Tamir Rice was being charged with the outrageous crimes of “aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic.”

    8 White People Who Pointed Guns At Police Officers and Managed Not to Get Killed

    White guys get arrested; black guys often get shot in similar cases.

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