Largest Paper in New Jersey Calls Chris Christie Out for Losing Touch with Reality

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In the wake of Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) delusional answer to Fox News asking him why 65% of New Jersey voters think he would be a bad president, the editorial board at the Star-Ledger thinks they have finally figured it out.

“The man has lost touch with reality,” they opine.

This can be the only explanation for how Christie still thinks he can win the presidency “when New Jersey is in such rotten shape after his six years in office.” They came to this conclusion after listening to Christie’s answer on Fox.

Christie told Megyn Kelly that New Jersey voters think he would be a terrible president because they love him so much they want him to stay their governor. Christie knows this because some people have said it to him at his town halls.

But the editorial board is not buying this excuse, especially because, as they write, “First, the governor needs to hold more town hall meetings in Democratic districts, and at night when working people can attend. He preaches to elderly and overwhelmingly white audiences, over and over.”

Citing several other polls the Governor might take a glance at if it is reality that he seeks, the editorial board took a few guesses as to why they don’t love Christie in his state:

It could be the rotten job market. Or the high property taxes. Or the crumbling transit system. Or the broken promise on pensions. Or the private jets. Or the Bridgegate indictments. And so on.

Ouch. Lest anyone think this is the opinion of some far left outlet or an obscure paper, Wikipedia says “the Star-Ledger is the largest circulated newspaper in the U.S. state of New Jersey.” In fact, “The Star-Ledger‍ ’​s daily circulation is larger than the next two largest New Jersey newspapers combined and its Sunday circulation is larger than the next three papers combined.”*

This is also the same paper that endorsed him in 2013.

From that same Quinnipiac poll that Megan Kelly referenced on Fox, 56% disapprove of the job Governor Christie is doing, which is the lowest approval rating for any governor in the nine states they surveyed.

Firing a very loud warning shot, the Star-Ledger ended on this note, “God forbid he gets a chance to make an even bigger mess on a larger stage.”

Familiarity has bred contempt when it comes to Chris Christie. Yet he believes he’s going to the White House.

This stunning disconnect with reality, so strong that the largest paper in the state has called it out — though they hope he doesn’t actually believe the things he says, exemplifies the Republican Party’s Fox problem of epistemic closure. They are breeding an entire party of delusional people who have no concept how extreme they sound to the rest of the country, how their belief in Glenn Beckian conspiracies isolates them because they sound crazy and dangerous, and most of all, they have no idea what people are really saying about them or about the issues.

It is very tough to win elections outside of gerrymandered safe zones when your party is not even close to reality.

*Wikipedia cites data from the New Jersey Press Association.

22 Replies to “Largest Paper in New Jersey Calls Chris Christie Out for Losing Touch with Reality”

  1. They’re all an embarrassment, he’s just a laaarrger embarrassment than the rest. Before he tanks the rest of the country or humiliates us on the world stage, ( by being a loud mouth bully) New Jersey needs to indict this guy.

  2. Christie knows he’s leaving NJ worse than it was when he entered office. He decided to save face and make it seem as if his approval rating is so low because NJ citizens don’t want him to leave. He wishes! I visited NJdotcom earlier today and read the comments, and they are brutal. Few on the site were offering reasons why he’d make a good POTUS. Making matters worse, the head of the NJ pension board said today that there’s no way the state can pay its promised share into the fund because the money is just not there. Remember, this was a big thing for Christie a few years ago when he signed the bill into law he said was going to straighten out NJ’s “pension mess.” He wasted no time breaking the law when he had a budget shortfall. So much for sticking to his promises! Many who were polled indicated that they don’t think Christie is concerned about them and their problems, and they’re right. His eye is on the WH, a place where he won’t be calling home on Jan. 20, 2019.

  3. “It is very tough to win elections outside of gerrymandered safe zones when YOUR (NOT ‘you’re’) party is not even close to reality.”

  4. I agree with the above postings, no Republican is in touch with reality. They all live in Foxland where facts are optional.

  5. Christie’s atmosphere of corruption will never get him to the White House. He cant continuously surround himself with the “yes men” he needs to feed his ego.

  6. Well, I am a firm believer in, “Never Say Never”, however, this Fat Ass PIG Will NEVER BE PRES. It just blows me away how or WHY all these people elected these Complete Brain Dead Idiots to be governors of their states. But I did see the term Gerrymandering in a previous post. Been There Done That!! Georgia is a PRIME example of it!!!!

  7. That is so laughable! He THINKS that the people of New Jersey are saying that they Love him sooooo much, that he is doing soooo much for New Jersey that they would NOT want him to leave and become President of the United States ? ! So, they faking everybody out with the opinion that Christie would make a terrible U.S. President? Really? Does He think we’re s-t-u-p-i-d ? WTF is in this man’s head. What is he smoking?

  8. That photo of him should be used in EVERY article about him! It is the PERFECT image that shows his big mouth poised to lie and shows the blatant mean assed bully that he truly is. I would love to go up against him in public! This skinny Democrat would make him piss like a scolded puppy because I WOULD NEVER BACK DOWN!! I would make HIM Shut the Frak Up! I would stay in his face until he got in his limo and pulled away.

  9. Christie is just one big fat assBag….I think the GOP punch bowl is already filled to the brim with turds.

  10. just curious as to what gerrymandering has to do with Christie being elected governor? last I checqued, you can’t gerrymander a state line. and the governor is a statewide election where gerrymandered districts don’t matter.

    it is to new jersey’s credit that they, like we Pennsylvanians, have belatedly realized the mess the governor’s misguided policies have made of their state. I wish whoever succeeds him best of luck straightening out the mess. perhaps they can look west to Pennsylvania and learn from us…..

  11. Yes, but don’t forget what seems obvious on the Coasts is not so in the Country’s midsection. Anyway, he’s not going away on his own yet. Where’s that recall petition?

  12. While Christie is likely NOT a good potential POTUS, he is DEAD ON THE MONEY when he states that NJ’s PUBLIC Sector pensions and benefits are WAY too generous and unfordable ….. and as the NJ pension Commission has recommended, should be FROZEN (with ZERO future growth), along with major reductions in the “Platinum+” healthcare coverage.

    This financial “mugging” of NJ’s Private Sector Taxpayers by the insatiably greedy Public Sector Unions/workers/retirees …. must end.

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