While Shell Plans For Climate Catastrophe The Kochs Kill Renewable Energy

Although it has taken some time to convince many Americans that the effects of anthropogenic climate change cannot be denied, it seems a majority of people finally understand the government has to intervene. However, despite the will of the people, and President Obama’s efforts, the industry getting rich off of destroying Earth’s climate and wreaking havoc on Americans’ lives are ramping up their war to perpetuate the effects of climate change. There are two fronts in the dirty energy industry’s war on the climate with funding and legislative support from the Koch brothers on renewable energy and regulations to reduce carbon emissions.

Apparently the Koch brothers, the Heartland Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and their dirty energy cohorts have reached the end of their patience with the movement toward green and renewable energy sources in this country.  Recognizing the economic growth benefits of renewable energy such as wind and solar technologies, not to mention the health benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are driving anthropogenic climate change, state after state passed renewable energy standards with broad bipartisan support over the past 20 years. Now those renewable standards are falling at a record pace killing jobs, the environment, and contributing to climate change.

The Koch brothers could not allow those efforts to proceed any farther and over the past five years they have spent no small amount of money tasking Americans for Prosperity and ALEC with repealing renewable energy standards in states with Republican-dominated legislatures. To complement their attack on renewable energy, the Kochs, Heartland Institute, Americans for Prosperity, ALEC, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have declared war on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan proposal to reduce carbon emissions in coal-fired power plants.

It was exactly two months ago that Mitch McConnell sent a letter to the National Governor’s Association warning the nation’s governors that President Obama had no legal right to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to set new rules on power plant emissions to combat climate change because it is exactly what the Kochs told him to do. McConnell told the governors that they had damn sure better “Think twice before submitting a state implementation plan (to reduce carbon emissions) because the administration is standing on shaky legal ground and without your support, it (EPA) won’t be able to carry out such political extremism. Refusing to go along at this time with such an extreme proposed regulation would give Congress more time to fight back. We’re devising strategies now to do just that.”

In guidelines to the EPA, the President gave individual states the right to tailor their own implementation plans based on their particular circumstances such as energy needs, the age of the state’s power plants in question, and the cost considerations and impact on their state’s economies. Without a state’s individualized plan, the EPA designs a plan based on the best available information according to individual state’s circumstances. Neither scenario satisfies the Kochs’ vision of unrestricted carbon emissions regardless the damage to the climate, environment, economy, or health of Americans and they took immediate action against the President and the EPA.

The Koch-Republican plan included state’s suing the EPA for interfering with state’s rights under “federalism,” and within two months of the President’s announcement of “proposed rules” Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming filed a joint motion to expedite their lawsuit challenging the EPA’s right to establish emissions rules; rules not yet in place because they have yet to be finalized according to individual states’ needs. In the interim, the American Legislative Exchange Council quickly wrote a template for Republican legislatures demanding that any state’s environmental agency that dared defy the Kochs had to seek Republican approval before submitting an implementation plan to the EPA.

The Heartland Institute has been instrumental in assisting the Kochs by, among other things, using typical fear-mongering and propaganda against the EPA such as publishing comments from a North Dakota Republican claiming that “the proposed EPA regulations will inevitably prove disastrous, and the federal government should be responsible for the devastation they will cause to the economy, especially to the poor who will suffer from higher prices or a lack of power.” These are some of the same states the Kochs, Americans for Prosperity, and ALEC are busy repealing renewable energy standards that have relieved many states of the necessity for carbon-intensive power plants driving climate change that another oil industry giant revealed is nearing catastrophic proportions.

This week it was revealed that oil industry giant Shell admitted, and is planning on, a 4-degree C short term rise in the Earth’s temperature it acknowledges eclipses the climate-killing 2C threshold and will lead to a planet-wide catastrophe of massive flooding, global famines, and desertification. Earth wide famines and “desertification” are self-explanatory, but the “massive flooding” is of sea water as sea levels will rise between 2.5 and 3.5 feet leading to widespread coastal flooding, animal and plant extinctions, and near-decimation of global agriculture.

The internal document acknowledged a global temperature rise of 4C is twice the level considered safe for the planet’s ability to sustain human life and will rapidly increase to a 6C rise in the medium to long term. The Arctic, and western and southern Africa would experience warming up to 10C that Shell’s  planning document accepts as a condition of continued governmental resistance to curb carbon emissions; this according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) that Shell’s internal document drew conclusions from and used for its long term business plan. Shell also used data provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to guide the multinational oil giant’s “future business planning to account for planet-wide flooding, famine and desertification.”

At least Shell admitted that “We do not see governments taking steps now that are consistent with 2 degrees C threshold scenario,” but like the Koch brothers they intend to do nothing but add to the coming climate catastrophe. Even though Shell is not taking the extraordinary steps of waging war on the climate on two fronts of funding anti-regulatory legislation in the states and funding efforts to repeal renewable energy standards, they are no better than the Kochs because they are not making any efforts to combat what they acknowledge is a coming climate catastrophe. Where they are exactly like the Kochs is they reliably contribute to Republicans who are in the trenches doing their dirty work of killing off Americans and what is left of the Earth’s climate.

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  1. Do you remember Ronald Reagan taking the solar panels off the White House that President Carter installed? We haven’t come very far. The country is years behind in addressing renewable energy. Money talks…it is up to voters to elect politicians that will take the country forward. President Obama is doing the right thing by talking about climate change. Every Democrat should be shouting it also.

  2. The solar industry in the Southwest has been having an uphill battle with the electric companies, as they have remove all the incentives for the solar home owners and have added “grid-fees”, although they collect the extra energy & re-sell it at quadruple the price.

    Germany that has less sunny days that the US SW, has greater production of solar energy, and every panel in every building or barn, is subsidized by the government.
    The US could be doing that also if those evil legislators were not blocking the efforts.

  3. They mean to take the White House. If we are to avert planetary disaster, there is a Hell of a lot to do between now and the 2016 election. We can’t let 2014 repeat itself.

  4. Good point.

    My Brother in Law in Portland Or, is so impressed by the stuff I sent him about Fl energy. Thing is tho they don’t have a reliable source of sky light in the Pacific NW. It rains all the time and clouds do not do much for panels.

  5. Agreed. We do have hydroelectric here in Oregon, but with lesser rain comes lesser generating opportunities.
    But- not so much rain on the east side of the Cascades…

  6. Careful Rin. Governor Skeletor might catch on and start charging you for the priveledge of having solar power.

  7. That’s not a real problem. Case in point Germany and Northern Europe
    Portland has on average 222 overcast days

    Germany isn’t as sunny as many parts of the U.S; not even close.
    Germany gets 50 percent of its electricity from solar for the first time

  8. Lesser generating opportunities for hydro…

    We also have the problem of Republicans in Oregon. We become more efficient, as per the request of the energy producers.(Better insulation, energy efficient bulbs, etc.) This results in the energy producers suddenly saying they’re not making as much money anymore…
    so they need to raise rates to make up the difference…

  9. Why doesn’t Washington unite resources and trade solar power with California and water from Wash.?

    While on the subject When did we lose the UNITED part of USA? States rights is an ok thing. BIG BUT here: When things affect our whole country then the majority of the the people need to UNITE, not just few whom are considered privileged or protected by the privileged.

  10. Ok ok, last time, TODAY, I HATE republicans! with a passion! reason NO. 2! out of 2,000,000 others, ”GREED” pure INSANE GREED! corporations have been successfully feeding propaganda to low information americans on how global warming is just a Al Gore, democrats are sissies myth! The REAL game by the corporations is to demonize GOVERNMENT! WHY? because those silly little idiots, our FOUNDING FATHERS said “THE GOVERNMENT is US!, ”the PEOPLE”, NOT corporations NOT religious NUTS! I figured this out when REAGAN was president, I was 19 yrs old and asked myself, WHY is the president TRASHING GOVERNMENT? that’s like the captain of the ship saying, ”this boat isn’t worth a damn! and we’ll all drown tomorrow!” See REAGAN was a TRAITOR! he was setting the stage for corporations to DESTROY government! REAGAN was ONE of the worst presidents EVER! he set the stage for bush jr, cheney, rumsfeld, oliver north! BTW what good is MONEY, if we’re ALL DEAD? GREED is…

  11. Well that does seem like a nice idea to have Washington and California do that kind of trade.
    But then we read of the water conservation politics of California: Nestle stealing water, and not getting caught or fined. Fracking companies getting all the water they want, but farmers and home owners getting the shaft. Look at Las Vegas and their conservation projects…
    Not to mention the logistics- the pipelines necessary to carry the water south would take years to build.

    Normally it’d take a tragedy to get folks to do something.
    But Amtrak just showed us all what won’t happen.

  12. Aaaww, c’mon, Knight. Greed is good… by comparison. What these guys have is actual homicidal malice.

  13. Last rant, remember the movie “WALL STREET”? where michael douglas says “GREED IS GOOD!” well he was reading from the GOP’s bible! these individuals don’t give a damn about america! OH and for YOU republican TROLLS, guess what? they don’t give a damn about YOU either! you’re just useful idiots they fleece for VOTES! they use YOUR WHITENESS, you sense of WHITE privilege to CON YOU! they keep YOU AFRAID- UNINFORMED and HATEFUL! news flash, GOP millionaires and billionaires don’t give a damn about YOU being WHITE! they only see GREEN! it’s a GAME to them, they play YOU like FOOLS to preach their message! WAKE UP republican TROLLS, YOU don’t have ANY skin in the game, you’re just UNPAID spokesmen for your corporate MASSA’s

  14. this is the Kochs ultimate goal to keep their mega billion business afloat. However my opinion, renewables area nice thought but they don’t scale up to run the entire country and lifestyle as we know it. The Kochs may be wasting their time and $ to prevent remewables, as ultimately we will discover that fossil fuels are the only game in town, unfortunately.

  15. No wonder life spans are decreasing
    Dirty Water – The Use of Oil Production Wastewater to Irrigate California Crops

    For two decades farmers in California’s Central Valley have been buying water from the Chevron Kern River oil field, which is currently the 5th largest oil field in the country. The water being purchased is oil production wastewater. The field is located in the San Joaquin Valley, where oil was discovered in 1899, and covers 10,750 acres. Since most of the oil has been removed from the field, Chevron has moved to use “enhanced production technologies” to extract the remaining oil, such as fracking, acidizing and cyclic steam injection.
    Read More

  16. I totally agree with you, a true Knight. I thought we fought to keep our country together 150 yrs. ago. WE the people, now not so much.

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