Business ‘Expert’ Carly Fiorina Repaid Herself for Failed Campaign While Not Paying Workers

Carly Fiorina

Hey, at least you know what you’re getting when you vote for Republican Carly Fiorina because her idea of success never changes. Like Mitt Romney, Fiorina seems to put a lot of stock in her own entitlement and worthiness. But regular workers, not so much.

Fiorina did not pay workers from her failed 2010 California Senate campaign until she started this new bid for president of the U.S., Reuters reports.

In fact, Fiorina, who is worth an estimated $120 million, owed nearly half a million dollars to staffers, vendors, consultants, strategists, and legal experts according to Federal Election filings.

Some people didn’t appreciate not being paid until Fiorina was in the public limelight again, so 12 out of 30 told Reuters they wouldn’t work for her again. They’d rather go to Iraq than work for her, one of them said.

But like a good Republican “business” expert, Fiorina knows that an expert business leader pays themselves first and ignores the plight of the paycheck to paycheck people, so around the time she lost her campaign, “Fiorina repaid herself $1.2 million of the $6.78 million she had loaned her campaign.”

Too big to fail also needed a 5-acre estate before paying the little people:

Another source of pique: nine months after she lost the election, Fiorina paid $6.1 million for a 5-acre (2. hectare) waterfront estate in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. The house has no mortgage, property records show.

Yes, vote for Fiorina if you agree that workers, vendors, campaign experts and the like don’t deserve to be paid before the wealthy entitled repay themselves and buy a new pad. She is the perfect Republican specimen. The Republican Party is full of them this primary season.

If you think that no one but the top 2% deserve to be paid for anything and deserve your tax dollars to subsidize their too big to fail businesses, since they can’t seem to run them without welfare assistance, vote Republican.

All hail the “job creators”! They never promised that the jobs would pay.

28 Replies to “Business ‘Expert’ Carly Fiorina Repaid Herself for Failed Campaign While Not Paying Workers”

  1. That is what GOP “experts” are!
    They know all the loops and have no shame in using them.

    She propbably did not pay any taxes either.

    And what are the workers going to do? sue her for backpayment? it would cost more than what they would collect…

    And the dirt-old-bag knows it.

  2. I’d like to ask Robert, JimmyK, Erica and all the repug trolls a simple question. Is this woman the best token
    female candidate your party could offer? I have seen
    what the GOP considers VP material and suggest you
    folks raise your standards. Ask Mitt to contribute his
    “volumes” of women for consideration. Jah bless.

  3. “In fact, Fiorina, who is worth an estimated $120 million…”

    She may HAVE 120 million, but she isn’t even WORTH 120 cockroach turds.

  4. Californians knew she was scum on earth, we rejected this stupid twit TWICE.

    She’s a business “expert” who drove HP into the ditch, replace D with a B and that’s her.

    She’s worth only 2 cents which matches her IQ level.

  5. I was living in SF and the area was still recovering from the dot com bust and companies couldn’t give away office furniture fast enough.

    Enraged Workers E-Mailed Chronicle To Complain About Fiorina’s Insensitive Comments. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “But with unemployment at 7.2 percent in Santa Clara County in November, the latest figure available, Fiorina’s statement hit a sore spot. ‘I am curious how Ms. Fiorina would feel about her job being outsourced to China or India,’ Sean Ryan of Alameda, where the county unemployment rate is 6.1 percent, wrote in a representative e-mail to The Chronicle. ‘I am certain that there are many extremely bright, ambitious and successful executive types in those countries who would be able to do her job just as well if not better than she can at a cost savings to HP shareholders of millions of dollars per year.'” [San Francisco Chronicle, 1/9/04]

  6. Carly Fiorina is a low life piece of scum. There’s no doubt about that. However, it’s sad to see here that only the Republicans are called out for their thievery, as if the Dems are angels and do no wrong. They do MAJOR wrongs and steal plenty! We need major reform in this country so that becoming a politician isn’t a free ride for breaking the rules….or reinventing the rules to line your own pockets. If you think Hillary Clinton is any less of a thief than Fiorina you’re sadly mistaken. We need good old checks and balances, no loop holes and laws allowing our so-called “leaders” to keep stealing from people, no matter which party does the stealing….and it IS a party for them on OUR money! More caviar Hillary and Michelle O?

  7. Now that is real leadership. One thing I learned in the military is the commander should never eat until all the troops are fed. Of course, I never thought Carly was a leader. She is just a greedy hog.

  8. That’s a truth that propagandizing U.S. Media have been handsomely paid to diligently change in the hearts and minds of the unsuspecting American people.

    Fact is, governments are put in place to regulate and monitor businesses, not give them free rein and promote them.

    Any candidate who proudly runs on the platform that they’ve run a large corporation should never be considered for public office because their background and interest stand in stark contrast to the reason why we needed government in the first place.

  9. If Carly Fiorina’s “expertise” at HP is any indication on how she’ll run this country, anybody even considering voting for her needs to have their heads checked for Stockholm Syndrome.

  10. Mitt Romney did similar when he failed. NO thought for those who busted a gut.
    It must be a Republican thang.

  11. Fiorina’s failed 2010 California Senate campaign proves she does not deserve higher office since she didn’t pay her staff from that run until she decided to run! This millionaire has no clue about trust! Trust? Hard to earn! Harder to keep!

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