Outraged Viewers Are Calling On TLC To Cancel 19 Kids And Counting



Viewer outrage is mounting on social media as the pressure is growing on TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting after Josh Duggar admitted to molesting girls.

The point is being repeatedly raised that TLC canceled Honey Boo Boo after June was founded to be associating with a convicted child molester. TLC established the precedent with the way they handled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Viewers are expecting the network to do the same in the case of Josh Duggar and 19 Kids and Counting.


Here is a sampling of some of the Twitter reaction:

TLC continues to drag their feet, so it is up to you to demand the cancelation of 19 Kids. Please sign our petition and tell TLC that you will not tolerate Josh Duggar and his family’s television show remaining on the air.

This is an issue of not allowing corporate America to reward a man who has admitted to committing sex crimes. The pressure is growing on TLC. The longer they wait to cancel the Duggars, the more public outrage will grow.

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  1. The difference is, Honey Boo Boo came out in support of President Obama.

    The Duggars came out in support of Mittney, and are staunch Republicans.

    It’s a-okay to do and say whatever you want to do and say, just as long as you support the Party that votes in favor of corporations and bigotry.

  2. Sorry, outraged viewers. What were you watching that freak show for anyway? You didn’t think that somewhere along the line a family with 19 home-schooled homophobic reality denying children wasn’t going to have some f’ed up sh/t in their closet?

  3. I disagree, this show should continue. This was mistake was done many years ago when he was still a young teen. All young people make mistakes and he has made reconciliation for his mistake. This is a good Christian family who teaches good Christian values and TLC would be doing the world and injustice by cancelling this show.

  4. I miss the TLC of the 1990s, when you could actually learn something. It was much classier and intelligent then, in line with the History Channel and Discovery. All of the redneck agendas have taken over these channels. Even SCI has slipped into this mess in some ways. When will science and history ever come back to the media?

  5. Good Christian values like child molestation and tax evasion? And he didn’t make reconciliation for his crimes-he confessed to a state trooper who was a family friend, who was arrested for possessing child pornography shortly thereafter, and left the “punishment” up to his father. He got away with a serious crime-not a “mistake”.

  6. I always felt that this family w2as not normal, they give birth like it is a career,
    I wonder how much love and attention they give to the kids, or if they can remember the names.
    What I want to know is when domestic violence charges will be brought against Bill O’Reilly.

  7. We need a network with Good Native American Values. We need a network with Good Athiest Values. We need a network with Good Pagan values! We need a network with good Buddhist values! We know what to do with molestors!
    We don’t put them on TV: we put them away for life!!!

  8. Pervert josh worked for known hate group Family Research Council and bashed gays. He said they were child molesters.

  9. Child molesting is not a mistake it’s an illness. Abusing a living being is not a mistake. They cause harm to their victims that they may never be able to work through. Good Christian values as you call them like using women just for sex and forcing them into giving birth at the risk of the mother and child. Using the children as slaves, depriving them of an education, controlling their every move. They even go on dates with them and must approve who they are associated with. They even try to control how other people live. There is nothing about them that anyone should aspire to emulate.

  10. I wonder if you would feel the same if it was one of your Daughters?
    Never watched this show, things like this happen in very large family’s. Girls taken advantage of by brothers, fathers and friends. Once knew a family with the same things happening. Never let my Daughter go over to play alone.

  11. It’s the classic American “bait ‘n’ switch” process with the goal to promote conservative ideals and agendas.

    Promote a channel, newspaper, blog, etc., with open-mindedness and liberal ideas in order to draw in large swaths of viewers. Once that’s accomplished and they are trusted sources, slowly switch over to conservative/RW programming…and the brainwashing is complete.

    MSNBC is currently halfway there.

  12. @Christoph – sexually molesting a 4 year old child while she sleeps is not a “mistake”. This wasn’t when he was a “young teen”, but 14-15 years old at LEAST. That’s old enough to drive in Arkansas. It happened at least 3 times over the course of a year before his father did anything about it, and then it was only to let him talk to another pedophile and then make him fix houses for a few months before forcing his victims to accept his apology. Disgusting excuse for a human being.

  13. I do agree 19 kids and counting needs to go. Tlc should cancel this show molesting a child is a crime not a mistake jim bob and Michelle should be ashame for not doing the right thing that would of been to turn him over to the authorities and look for real help. Covering his sickness with religion and pretending everything was ok is not the way to handle a situation like this. Shame on them for doing everything in their power for gay people to be discriminated but having a pedophile makes more sense to them they need to get their values checked.

  14. I’d love to know what the now convicted pedophile sheriff said to Josh Duggar and his parents.

    I’d also like to know what Jim Bob thought of his good friend the sheriff when he was convicted of child pornography.

    Seriously. Jim Bob Duggar was pallin aound with a pedophile. How close was this sheriff to all those kids? Creepy to think about.

  15. Child molestation is not a ‘mistake’. Those children will never forget it and may have life long damage. Child molesters have been proven to have mental illness that doesn’t just go away on its own. I worry for his young children now.

  16. The History Channel is totally right wing. They have lots of reality shows. Their line up of other programs are I love the 1880’s, Sons of Liberty, Texas Rising, Ancient Aliens. They present the Bible as if it is fact, Search for the Lost Giants, Revelation The End of Days. I’m sure it was no accident when they made the devil look like President Obama. In their series Big Book of Secrets a Benghazi cover up was presented as fact after it was proven it was just another Republican witch hunt. So the History Channel is just yet another right wing propaganda channel.

  17. The dad seems sexually weird to me. Kissing his wife and telling his daughters boyfriend that he can’t do this yet. Always talking about what the kids shouldn’t do when he and his wife weren’t so pure. I think some people use God to justify what they want or do.

  18. Oh come on. At least TRY and sound sincere. Yet another faux-religious blowhard has been exposed as a lying sicko. No reasonable person can defend this pig.

    I would think Christians would shun him, so as not to give the impression that they think pedophilia is not such a big deal, considering the priest stuff.

    Here’s the difference. If he ripped me off in business and got away with it, I would sue, and if I lost, I would be angry, but move on with my life.

    He touches one of my kids? Like most fathers, I find him, and pound him to slurry with an aluminium bat, and don’t really care if I go to jail.

    He’s a two-faced opportunist that has a sick mind. Just another Bakker, Swaggart, Robertson, Roberts. The Statute of Limitations may be up, but hopefully he will be forcibly committed or meet up with karma.

  19. What else is this good Christian family hiding, I wonder? They certainly did not protect their daughters and the other girls abused by their son. The parents need to stop fornicating and take care of the kids they already have, maybe it could have been prevented if they were not so “busy”? Us people want to have large families, they should be prepared to support them, not try getting on TV for a free ride.

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