Republicans Are Trying To Impeach Hillary Clinton Before She Can Win The White House

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Republicans are trying to stop Hillary Clinton from being elected as the next president by launching a “late impeachment” effort against the former Sec. of State who is no longer in office.

A PAC called Special Operations Speaks is trying to convince Republican members of Congress to impeach Hillary Clinton:

Special Operations Speaks PAC is calling on the United States Congress to impeach former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for “high crimes and misdemeanors” pursuant to Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States.

1. As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton absented herself from the besieged in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, costing four American lives: U.S. Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens, security officers and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, and information officer Sean Smith.

2. As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton received, through the Clinton Foundation, emoluments from foreign governments, despite Article I, Section 9, which proscribes the reception of foreign “gifts” by U.S. officials without the express consent of Congress.

3. As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton unlawfully housed her official emails on a private server in violation of the Freedom of Information Act and to the detriment of national security.

The man behind the lunacy called for Republicans to engage in armed rebellion against the United States government, believes slavery could have been prevented if slaves had guns and chaired a “Gun Appreciation Day” that was sponsored by a white nationalist party. He also worked for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign in 2004.

The movement to retroactively impeach Clinton highlights both the Republican desperation to defeat her, and the fact that the crazy that gripped the right during the Obama years is not going to go away when our current president leaves office.

If anything, another presidential election loss will cause the insanity to multiply within the GOP. The movement to impeach Clinton is part of the grassroots environment that Republican presidential candidates must appeal to.

The impeachment stunt isn’t going to work, but if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election, expect the Republican crazy to go into overdrive.

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  1. See we try to maintain some type of country because we progressives are the real patriots. We had a case of impeachment against Bush but for the good of the country we took it off the table. We had a case for war crimes by the bush/cheney cabal but President Obama in so many words we have bigger fish to fry which at the time I agreed with.

    But republicans are arsonist. They don’t care what they do to our country as long as they have power. I was wrong. Nancy Pelosi was wrong. President Obama was wrong. In my opinion republicans and their ideology has to be treated as denazification.

    They are immoral, hateful and downright stupid. I don’t know what the solution is to get rid of them but for the sake of the country and world like bedbugs they have to be dealt with

  2. HILLARY has lived in the white house for 8 years and she has campaigned for over 7 years, unless some catastrophic political occurrence SHE GOT THIS ONE,,DEMOCRATS,need to put effort into the governors and congressmen right now republicans can OVERIDE AN OBAMA VETO ,we cannot have this we need more congressmen ,or you may as well turn over the country to the republicans…

  3. Most of this will be avoided, and the country made stronger by electing Bernie Sanders to the office of President of the United States of America.

  4. Troll.

    Right on what planet?

    They were so nice to all the other candidates in history?

    No drama obama was never attacked.

    Or Kerry, Gore, and every other f’n person to ever come near those bastards as a threat to them losing.

    See the link above “GOP DIRTY TRICKS” is the history of most of them till 2005. Rove would be nice to Bernie, sure.

    It is just Hillary, right?

    That is because she is gonna win.

  5. I am on subject. It is about attacks on Hillary. Like you did above.

    You just attacked Hillary on a board about ridiculous attacks on Hillary.

    And you want me removed?

    What spam?

  6. Now I can’t talk about Hillary on a thread about Hillary and TPP on a thread about that?

    DJ I will go, you call it.

    I can’t help it if I find errors in reporting and point them out. Not my fault.

  7. NOBODY was wrong, dj – no nation EVER has pursued its own war criminals because it leads to open civil war, period. Look at the one nation that tried it – Guatemala against Rios Montt. They convicted him, the court overturned it, and the people who testified and supported the prosecution are leading lives of sheer hell.

    Impeachment? As dysfunctional as we now are, it would have been worse then. Think who’d be blamed – Dems – when the crash came (and many of us KNEW it was likely).

    Revenge is a dish best served COLD. And war crimes are crimes against humanity that need to be tried in international settings. We established that in 1945. We were not wrong then or now.

  8. Rin is just a Hillary supporter. She is passionate just like you for Sen. Sanders. I am not taking sides and I asked both of you to chill. I wish in 08 someone would have told me that. But lets be pragmatic. You know and I know with how the rules are set up there is no way Sanders can get the nomination. Now what he can do and what he is doing is framing the debate on what does it mean to be progressive. To her credit Sec. Clinton is moving in that direction.

    If she wins then we shall see but whoever wins it wont make a difference unless we elect a candidate that can have coattails and get the down ticket progressives elected.

    I know progressives are mad because President Obama didn’t deliver golden unicorns but did we come out and vote to give him a congress to pass our agenda? NO.

    The stakes are too high for this bullshit. The SCOTUS will come in play. You want to stop ALEC? Then vote in the state houses. This is our time don’t let petty bullshit get in our way

  9. Not idiocy, Dustin. Fear. Republicans and their plutocratic masters FEAR Hillary Clinton, and they’re getting desperate to stop her from what appears to them to be a guaranteed win.

    Have you noticed how they haven’t even tried to attack Senator Sanders? Isn’t he also officially running for the presidency? Well, they don’t see him as an earnest threat to their plan for total power in the most powerful country in the world.

    Hillary Clinton is.

    This alone should solidify support from all true Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives for Hillary Clinton because you judge the strength of your candidate by the panic of your political opponents.

  10. I disagree, John.

    Rin has been very informative and concise. He’s never wavered from sensible policy that will help the American worker.

    Rin is right where he belongs, and we’re richer for it.

  11. “and the fact that the crazy that gripped the right…”

    “expect the Republican crazy to go into overdrive.”

    Since when did the words “crazy” and stupid” become nouns instead of adjectives?

  12. They mentioned impeaching Obama more in the first term because they were looking to defeat him and not allow a second, as they said from day one.

    They yell impeach and produce books and produce movies and produce smears continuously for years. It is what they do. They have nothing to attract people so they go with all they know. Attack. Citizens United has a treasure trove of materials on everybody.


  13. @Rinn, please, in my opinion you’re a asset to this site but ya gotta throttle it down a little lol. you may not agree with me but this country is SCREWED!! the BANKSTERS own the joint!! republicans figured that out during the railway todays!! 1880’s, the GOP couldn’t care less about america!! and guess WHAT!! the democratic party is following suite!! I’M SORRY! Bill Clinton was a corporate democrat! a center right dem! just like OBAMA! and Hilary will be a center right dem too!! WALL STREET isn’t giving her money to go after THEM! GET REAL!! CITIZENS UNITED blew the doors off!! both sides are getting FAT!! both sides LOVE CITIZENS UNITED!, this is what happens to country who abandons democracy for a OLIGARCHY!, I’M SORRY! so please relax, get yourself a smooth merlot or @Djchefron’s favorite drink, Bacardi 151, straight out the brown bag and unwind.

  14. She has been through this so many times her attornies have form letters on this crap.

    Cease and desist or lose your shirt.

    I won’t click on their link. She has had lots of these type attacks and she uses them with fund raisers sometimes. She did the other day, she used that dumbass book at a fundraiser.

    Turn their attacks into a positive.

    Nothing to it. The hundreds of emails released this morning were interesting but no story.

  15. It is absolute proof that they have nothing and no one. They just are scared to death that if they don’t get the White House in ’16 they will all go broke, and lose all the goodies they’ve accumulated through their nefarious actions. I, for one, hope I live long enough to see that!

  16. 100% agreement – if they think they can go after Hillary, Bush and his comrades could face jail time for their treasonous acts and war crimes including torture, lies, conspiracy, theft. The gop better watch their steps. If they had anything on Hillary, they’d have hit her with it by now. Their fear is so blatant.

  17. I wish I could agree with you completely, however Clinton’s masters are just as “plutocratic” as the Republicans.

    Sanders is the only one in this race so far who doesn’t have a golden leash. While Clinton is almost a sure win as the lesser evil and the idea of a GOP win scares me silly, I’ll be supporting Sanders all the way, hopefully to the White House.

    At the end of the day, I may still have to vote for the lesser evil, but at least I will have tried to put the best available candidate in office.

  18. @Churchlady, REALLY?? sounds like you been in @Djchefron’s brown bag too! first of all, you say the only country who went after it’s war criminals was guatemala and it went really bad, well I think comparing guatemala to the usa is kinda foolish but you also said it could cause a civil war here? GET REAL! we’re in civil war NOW! just ask texas, louisiana, arkansas , alabama, mississippi!! NO you’re wrong in my opinion!, the entire WORLD knows WE harbor war criminals!, so quit! and lastly , that nonsense about ”A DISH SERVED COLD” is ok, if you’re a Klingon! but if you’re delusional to think the USA is going to let BUSH- CHENEY- RUMSFELD- or token condi rice to be held for a international war crimes trial, you’re CRAZY!! OBAMA would personally jump on Air Force 1 and bail them out! the USA isn’t a country of LAWS!! we do whatever we want!! HELLO USA USA USA! we’re no.1 REMEMBER?

  19. If you scroll through Hillary’s emails there is one on page 215 Mon. Oct. 1, is one about knowing about Romney’s plan and saying it done got published…

    An October Surprise to attack Obama by calling him Jimmy Carter and WEAK

    GOP DIRTY TRICKS surely she told Obama!

    She has some friends with good information.

    Quake in your boots Republicans.

    Hillary’s emails shows she knew their tricks before the public which means Obama was told and ready too.

  20. Her masters are her constituents. She has dedicated her entire life to others and to good causes. She worked against Nixon on the White Water hearings as an attorney.
    She was on the board of many women and children type organizations. The years as a public servant accomlishing needed laws and opening opportunities. FLOTUS spent trying to get us UHC.

    Her masters are We the Pepople. Go read her bio on any non-republican site…

  21. Some people here might not know the story of David Brock and Media Matters and how he came to be. He used to be on the other side, and felt horrible and became a smear fighter. He is a loyalist now. His history is interesting, if you never new why he is such a “good guy” now.

  22. Michelle Bachmann told them Obama is causing the end times and we will all surely be doomed when Hillary arrives. Remember, Obama was the anti-christ. He was the first one, Hillary must be the second anti-christ. Or is she the third? I can’t keep them straight.

    They don’t know any better. Poor things.

  23. @Rin,respectfully, have you looked at her campaign donors? Seems like a number of them just got lightly dinged for currency manipulation, which is certainly not a victimless crime.

    No, she’s beholden and amoral. But I’d vote for her against one of the GOP monsters with good hair any day of the week.

  24. Hold on, wait, I smell somthin’! WTF! it smells like wet dog and grass clippings!! OH, it’s just @robert, dude for a person of your high intellectual stature and great importants, YOU sure do spend a HELLVA lot time on this site!! dude when the moderators FINALLY decide to cut you off, WTF are you gonna do with yourself? get a NEW screen name and haunt us AGAIN? YOU need a REAL hobby Mr. dumber than HELL WHITE republican male.

  25. Yep. Good news, it is not what it appears to be. If you are talking about the Bernie contributions page with her page next to it? That story?

    If you look at that (it was here, it was at KOS and other places it was debunked)

    It shows him for just Vermont. It shows her for her NYC – NY state Senate seat but also it is including her run for President in 07. Obviously there will be more big donors for that.

    Also, if you look at the individual column, it shows mostly where her money is from. There is much less in the PAC columns. Bernie had more pac money than her one study said.

    But does Wall Street give her bucks and banks, yep. They did for Obama too.

    And every candidate on the GOP side and nearly all Dems I would imagine too.

    Donations does not mean someone does something in return. The foundation takes money and uses it for good. If the money comes from Goldman Sachs and goes to cleaning a river, I don’t care.

    Their income from books and speehes is what …

  26. Dale this is the chart that has gone all over the web. We discussed it here a few weeks ago. Pay attention to the individual column. Sure those companies are in NY, most people have friends in those jobs in NY, not farms… and it includes her POTUS, all normal for dems or reps to have these companies. They donate to both sides.

  27. Note Bernie has more PAC money! I didn’t notice that the first time, I figured out it said “career” and checked and it includes NATIONAL for her.

    Let me ask you this… Bernie gets all that union pac money – does he do things for unions? hmmmmmmmmm maybe.

    Did Hillary do anything for anybody? No evidence she has ever done a thing.

  28. Don’t know why this weird history fact or something, keeps twirling around and around in my head, am I going crazy? I had no idea, no earthly idea, Richard Nixon(ol’ trickey) had anything or that he may have known anything about “Whitewater”. Am I just confused or stayed high all the time and just missed it.

  29. Nixon was involved in Watergate, not Whitewater.

    But Rin is incorrect about Hillary being one of the attorney’s for Watergate. She had just graduated college the week before and hadn’t passed the bar yet. She was simply a researcher for the attorney’s handling the case.

    She never did pass the bar in D.C., in fact, which was part of the reason she decided to marry Bill and go with him to Arkansas. Arkansas’ bar exam is much easier to pass. :)

  30. Okay. If the GOP somehow thinks trumping up charges against Hillary YEARS after she served, and that it’s going to help, makes them delusional. When the GOP went after Bill and the House impeached him, but he was NOT convicted, guess what? He became MORE popular. Seriously. The GOP threatened to sue Obama, and he’s even more popular now. If the GOP wants to take a gun and shoot off their feet, let them. It’s definitely going to backfire. I’m sure of it. We need more popcorn.[WINK]

  31. Whatever a Republican likes- is not good for America.
    Whatever a Republican loathes- must be good for America.

    President Hillary!

  32. @Rinn, I’m delighted to no end to have Jay Z and Beyonce join the cause, as black man myself, I’ve been VERY disappointed how SILENT the BLACK ATHLETE has been since Muhamadd ALI! HOFer’s and my hero Hank Aaron and LENDEND Kareem Jabber has spoken up recently but WHERE are the michael jordans??? michael vicks? derrick jeters at?? OH, silly me! they’re too busy chasing TAIL and hangin’ out at “DA CLUB!!” If our LIBERAL caucasian MILLIONAIRES EVER!!! step up maybe just MAYBE , we could turn the tables on CITIZENS UNITED!! MAYBE, BTW Mr. BLACK HOLLYWOOD STAR!! JOIN US!! C’mon denzel washington!! dump that GOP nonsense and join the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and act like a REAL BLACK MAN!! BRO

  33. You are right. I wrote Whitewater instead of Watergate. I obviously know the difference. It was a brain fart.

    And if you are going to attack her “smarts” all I can say is GOOD LUCK with that one.

    It will be laughed at, just like the attacks on her lack of experience.


    Thanks for pointing out the error. I hate when people have their facts wrong. Including when I mis-speak.

  34. Since the only penalty for impeachment and conviction by the Senate is removal from office how do they think they can impeach someone who is no longer in office. Read the Constitution people. Oh, I forgot. They want to replace the Constitution with the Bible.

  35. Impeach Bill Clinton, impeach Barack Obama, impeach Hillary Clinton. RethugliCons/Teabaggies do love that word. How about impeach GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Bolton, Coni Rice, John Ashcroft et al for their lies and crimes against humanity? Now that would be justice!

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