Cheerio: Pressure Growing On TLC As Advertiser General Mills Drops 19 Kids And Counting


TLC still has not issued a comment on Josh Duggar’s molestation confession, but advertiser General Mills has blacklisted 19 Kids and Counting and pulled their ads from future airings of the show.

TMZ reported that TLC has temporarily taken show off of the schedule, but General Mills has blacklisted 19 Kids:

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the fate of the show is uncertain, but there’s now so much heat in the wake of Josh Duggar’s molestation confession … the network had to make the decision.

We’re told they absolutely have not made a long-term decision, but it’s clearly a bad sign for the show.
And there’s this … a rep for General Mills tells TMZ, they have already blacklisted the show and removed it from their company’s current advertising schedule.

As liberals and progressives learned from the Glenn Beck advertiser boycott and the Rush Limbaugh advertiser boycott when corporate giants pull their ads, they don’t come back. Glenn Beck’s Fox News show was killed off because the network could not sell advertising on his show. Rush Limbaugh is being dropped by radio stations around the country because they are losing money by airing his show.

Unbelievably, TLC is refusing to let go of their Duggar cash cow. Advertisers are starting to bail. Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling on the network to cancel the show.

Taking the show off the schedule is a desperate move to hope that viewers will suddenly forget that one of the stars of 19 Kids and Counting molested his sisters and other girls. Corporate America is finally beginning to learn that there will consequences with consumers if they support the Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and Josh Duggars of the right-wing world.

The outrage is not dying down. There is only one way out for TLC. They must cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

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  1. A valid point was made by another- why is the young man who molested the girls not on a sex offender list?

    Now the effects of their actions will hit them where it will hurt the most: Their Wallet.

    As Money is the only thing held to be Truly Sacred to Republicans and Conservatives.

  2. Still waiting for a ‘tell all’ book from a Duggar kid. I’m sure this is only the tip of the perverted iceberg.

  3. TLC = Touch Little Children until they cancel (saw this on d blog but don’t know how to link to the quote by Liberal Deacon).

  4. Things That Are Even Creepier Now That We Know Josh Duggar Molested Minors How many times do we have to go through this before we understand that the entire industry built around supposedly good Christian families who condemn the rest of us is like a balsa wood dildo? You can enjoy the pleasure for a little while, but that fucker is gonna snap off inside you. Now we have Joshua Duggar, eldest son of Jim Bob Duggar, part of the now-canceled 19 and Counting clan on TLC, which used to stand for “The Learning Channel,” but now pretty much means “Totally Lying Criminals.” In a joke that is barely worth writing, it was InTouch magazine that discovered that Duggar fondled kids when he was a teenager. We don’t know the ages of the girls whose breasts and genitals he fingered, but we know it wasn’t consensual. And we know that the Duggar family hid it for at least a year. – See more at:

  5. has a lot of information and insight into how people like the Duggars are brainwashed by religious organizations like Advanced Training Institute (ATI) and Institute in Basic Life Principals (IBLP)

    We should have a national conversation on this bullshit when it comes to abuse.

    The Duggar abuse story is getting a lot of national media attention. I know TLC won’t want to give up their best cash cow but i bet they do, this can get a lot deeper and worse.
    Protecting abusers and not protecting victims is absolutely not okay.

  6. He is not on the sex offender list because he was never convicted of a crime, thanks to his parents delay in reporting the molestations and turning to a state trooper friend who himself was a pedophile and brushed it off.

  7. This show really needs to be sponsored by Trogan condoms.

    Cheerios promotes diversity and I will continue to support them.

    Love their ad campaign where the little girl dumps Cheerios on her dads chest to help his heart while he’s snoozing. Brilliant!!!

  8. No one can supervise 15-19 kids. Anything family with over 4 or 5 children is de facto child abuse. Thank God he wasn’t abusing boys, he would by kicked out of the family. Pedophile yes, gay, not so much.

  9. Awwww. Maybe the nasty grifters will have to find honest work. HA! Who am I kidding? Someone said you can expect to see a “gofundme” type account soon to support these f*cks and I think you can bet on it. Sick f*cks support sick f*cks.

  10. Let’s hope that TLC will Find a Way To Take off This Show For Once & All ,Other words tell the Duggers They are not going to tell you that they can be CANCELLED Don’t let Them boss TLC around …TLC stands for the Learning Chanel not the CHILD RAPE CHANEL OR ANYTHING ELSE !! I will not WATCH TLC AGAIN IF YOU DON’T CANCEL THEM FOR EVER …Thank you general mills for not promoting this show any more believe me their will be more company’s that will also pull their ads ..

  11. He’s not on the registry because the parents called in a friend on the police department to smooth it all over. The mentality of the quiverfull movement is horrible and this just brings to light the fact that their women are groomed to be broodmares – their sexuality is their commodity – no different than a prostitute except that they only have one John. The parents prime the sons to be molesters, he had already crossed the moral line by having the thoughts so the step to molestation wasn’t a big one, since in his teenage mind he was already damned. They then enforced future molestation acts by showing him that asking forgiveness grants automatic forgiveness for whatever he chooses to do. I fear for his children.

  12. i praise general mills for pulling out the 18 Kids less one sex offender show i will still continue buying Cherrios

  13. Yes what Josh did was wrong, however have any of you stopped to put any thought to the fact that all the people that are so opinionated about this have not given any thought to the fact that all these advertisers might have some of the same type of people or worse working for them then going to work putting on an innocent face so no one knows their dirty secrets. Judge ye not lest ye be judged. No on has said anything to the fact that the victims rights have been severly violated by the release of the reports & let’s face it those records should have never been released to anyone. How would you feel if your children’s files were released to the whole world. Those victims are now having to live with the fact that everybody in the free world now knows their shame. Put some thought to that. The victims are now victims again! Think before you speak.

  14. Their actions don’t sound like parents concerned about the welfare of their children. At least not their female children! They could have petitioned to have the record expunged, they didnt. So the release of the files was above board and legal. Your right about one thing, those girls were victims, but it was their parents who victimized them the second time. By the way, the girls names were redacted from the files before their release. I’d say someone in the family must have leaked the names. As for you, I’d suggest you pull your head from your ass!

  15. The police report was never filled as stated on TV. You are right about one thing the parents should have moved to have the record expunged but evedentaly did not, still anyone with any feelings for any other person should see that it was WRONG to bring this into the tabloids people have been hard on this family for years & now they think they have finally found the “GOLDEN TICKET” to bring them to their knees! Like I said WHAT JOSH DID WAS WRONG but it is more wrong to revictimize the children involved. As previously stated all of those big companies if they are going to judge the Duggar family need to do some house cleaning of their own. I am not on the side of the Duggars here I’m on the side of the victims. There are just some things that should NOT be released for the whole world to see. Just think of how you would feel if all of a sudden your life was splattered for all of the free world to delve into. I’ll bet you’d not feel that great. I’m not a HATER here. We need to think…

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