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Friday Fox Follies – Comedy Club Crisis

The news that Fox’s Greg Gutfeld To Host His Own Comedy Show has caused crisis of confidence. Heretofore Friday Fox Follies treated all of Fox “News” as a meta-comedy/reality show — a cross between The Colbert Report and the short-lived The Joe Schmo Show. Maybe only Greg Gutfeld is in on the joke.

Or not. Fox News Is Hurting Republicans, Former Bush Official Says, is the funniest headline of the year. It’s sitcom material that a New Study Finds That Fox News Is Brainwashing Viewers And Hurting The Republican Party. This Study Proves That Fox News is Literally Making Republicans Dumber.

How Fox News Changed American
Media and Political Dynamics

View 19 page PDF: HERE

No laugh track needed.

THE SNEER’S RETURN: Michelle Malkin has barely been on Fox since she and Geraldo got into an ugly on-air bun fight way back. All is apparently forgiven now that she’s pimping her book because “the angry brown lady” (her words) popped up on Fox more than once this week. Perched on the Curvy Couch, Michelle Malkin: Hillary ‘Lays It On Thicker Than A John Deere Manure Spreader.’ Watch:

Who didn’t miss that cartoon face? Sadly, the clip cuts off the warm homecoming before “Angry Face” started attacking George Stephanopoulos:

MICHELLE MALKIN: This is one of my all-time pet peeves. Yannow, it’s not the presence of bias that’s a problem in the so-called mainstream media. It’s only the pretense of objectivity — STEVE DOOCY: [In full agreement] Hmm hmmm MM: — and, the double standard!!!

That’s intentional comedy, amirite? Later, Megyn Kelly And Michelle Malkin Go On Racial Rants Against Michelle Obama And The DOJ, which would be funny, if it weren’t so deranged.

CABLE COMEDY CONFLICTS: Remember when Keith Olbermann would find a Worst Person in the World every day? It’s amazing how often Fox made that list. It’s more amazing how often Bill O’Reilly topped that list. The serial fabulist has now made the Worst Person Ever List with the revelation Bill O’Reilly Accused of Domestic Violence in Custody Battle. It’s not comedy, nor irony; it’s rank hypocrisy when Bill O’Reilly Domestic Violence Allegations: Fox Pundit Has History Of Speaking Out Against Spousal Abuse.

If true, the claim of spousal abuse contrasts starkly with O’Reilly’s outspoken views on the issue. In September of last year, O’Reilly, on his show “The O’Reilly Factor,” mentioned on multiple occasions his opposition to domestic violence in an interview with Dr. Ben Carson. “You know how many millions of men do that?” O’Reilly asked in reference to National Football League star player Ray Rice’s assault of his wife, according to Raw Story. “It’s not an isolated deal. It’s a terrible plague.” When Carson disagreed with that sentiment, O’Reilly was insistent. “I’m telling you, battery against women in this country and around the world is just out of control, Doc.” The following month, O’Reilly was discussing the same Ray Rice incident at an appearance on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman.” O’Reilly took the opportunity to express his strong opposition to domestic violence. “The problem is violence against women,” O’Reilly said. “It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s the NFL. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s the Red Cross. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s the Rotary Club. It’s violence against women.”

Clearly he was speaking from personal experience because a Court Transcript Shows O’Reilly’s Daughter Allegedly Saw Him ‘Choking Her Mom.’ In a carefully worded lawyer’s statement, Bill O’Reilly Denies Report Alleging Physical Abuse of Ex-Wife. Yet Bill O’Reilly Loses Custody Of His Kids, Was Accused Of Domestic Violence. The court must have found these ugly “allegations” credible. However, this is just plain funny:

‘Supergirl’ Trailer Dings Bill O’Reilly. Watch:




    1. Fox’s Gretchen Carlson: Allah Is Not God;






BONUS: Watch Fox’s Andrea Tantaros and Liberal Guest Talk Over Each Other for 2 Minutes:


HATE IS THE REAL FOX “NEWS” EFFECT: As sure as day follows night, Fox Outrage Over Professor’s Course On ‘Whiteness’ Drew Threats:

Within hours of the segment having aired, Bebout and ASU were barraged with hate mail from around the country. Some of the messages included threats; one of special note contained a cryptic religious message suggesting the professor deserved to be murdered. But that was just the beginning. A short time later, members of a neo-Nazi youth organization called the National Youth Front (NYF), a youth-oriented arm of the white nationalist organization American Freedom Party, began plastering the ASU campus with fliers featuring Bebout’s portrait and the stark label “Anti-White.” They also went to Bebout’s neighborhood and distributed them there. An NYF spokesman, Angelo John Gage, told Talking Points Memo that their “Operation Bad Teacher” program targeted Bebout because his course was “racist.” (Gage himself has a long history of racism and anti-Semitism, including stints on The White Voice, a white nationalist website, and Stormfront.) He also claimed none of his members had threatened Bebout.

Fox “News” taking the sides of bigots and racists is not funny. It’s pathetic.

FOX’S WAR ON THE POOR: What is funny is how hard it’s working to prove the President right. CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Out Fox News For Taking President Obama’s Poverty Speech Out Of Context because Instead Of Defending Its Coverage Of The Poor, Fox Attacks Obama. Brit Hume Attacks Obama’s Criticism Of Fox While Continuing Their Poor-Shaming, while Neil Cavuto Lashes Out At President Obama For Telling The Truth About FoxBen Stein On Fox: There Are An Awful Lot Of Poor People “Who Are Slobs, Drunks, [And] Drug Addicts”. Then Neil Cavuto And Ben Stein Attack Clinton And Sanders For Waging Class Warfare On The Rich and Neil Cavuto Calls Doubling The Minimum Wage ‘A Prescription For The Death Of Employees Across The Country’. Who’s waging class warfare?

PUTTING THE FUN IN ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Freud would have a field day with this crew:

Fox Business’ Gasparino: “Overt Feminization Of Our Culture” Has Created A Situation Where “Men Are Becoming Women”


Fox’s Outnumbered: Boy Scouts’ Ban On Water Gun Fights Represents The “Feminization Of Boys”



BE OUR GUEST: Why Do Women Make Less Than Men? Watch Fox Guest’s Chauvinistic AnswerHannity Guest Calls Obama ‘The Reincarnation Of Woodrow Wilson’ For Promoting RacismHannity Guest Gavin McInnes To Tamara Holder: You Would Be Much Happier At Home With A Husband And Children!Fox Guest on Baltimore Violence: ‘It’s Not a Korean Crime Surge’Fox’s Favorite Wingnut Sheriff: Real Problem In The American Ghetto Is LiberalismWatch This Shocking Racial Rant By Fox’s Favorite Black Sheriff:

Fox guests rarely disappoint.

FOX BYTES: Fox News: Illegal Activity Is Only 1% Of Motorcycle Gang CultureFox News Appalled That Jay-Z And Beyoncé Bailed Out ProtestorsGeraldo Rivera Lectures Jay Z and Beyoncé About Baltimore – But Refuses To Do What He Tells Them To DoElisabeth Hasselbeck gripes that executions take too long: ‘Where’s the justice in’ letting inmates appeal?Fox News ‘Christians’ Furious Over Secular Laws Of The USAFFox Helps Liz Cheney Troll President Obama And Hillary Clinton On Iraq Troop WithdrawalFox Wants You To Think Hillary Clinton Is Too Rich To Champion The Middle Class Or Poor • Fox Baselessly Suggests An Evil Cabal Between Hillary Clinton And Labor UnionsFox Host Blames ISIS Recruitment In America On Schools Embracing MulticulturalismFox Attacks Obama For Calling Climate Change An Immediate National Security ThreatFox Host: If You “Really Want To Work For A Green Energy Field,” The Place To Go Is Big OilFox Discussion Of Criminal Investigation Uses Racial Stereotypes • “Disarming The Force”: Fox’s Fact Free Response To Obama’s Restriction Of Military Equipment To Law EnforcementGeraldo: Black Lives Only Matter to Civil Rights Leaders When White Cops Do the Killing

Headly Westerfield hopes you laugh at Fox “News” as much as he does.

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