Hypocrite Mike Huckabee Criticized Obama’s Parenting But Supports Molester Josh Duggar



Hypocrite Mike Huckabee criticized President and First Lady Obama’s parenting because they allow their daughters to listen to Beyonce, but he is supporting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents who covered up their son’s acts of sexual abuse.

In an interview with People, Huckabee criticized President and First Lady Obama’s parenting because they allow their daughters to listen to Beyonce. Huckabee said, “That’s the whole point. I don’t understand how on one hand they can be such doting parents and so careful about the intake of everything – how much broccoli they eat and where they go to school and making sure they’re kind of sheltered and shielded from so many things – and yet they don’t see anything that might not be suitable for either a preteen or a teen in some of the lyrical content and choreography of Beyoncé, who has sort of a regular key to the door” of the White House.”


In Huckabee’s view, the Obamas are bad parents because they let their daughters listen to Beyonce, but apparently Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cover up of their son’s molestation of female family members is more in line with his kind of parenting.

While defending Josh Duggar, Huckabee wrote, “Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family. Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’ He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities. No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things. The reason that the law protects disclosure of many actions on the part of a minor is that the society has traditionally understood something that today’s blood-thirsty media does not understand—that being a minor means that one’s judgement is not mature. No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager, but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility. Those who have enjoyed revealing this long ago sins in order to discredit the Duggar family have actually revealed their own insensitive bloodthirst, for there was no consideration of the fact that the victims wanted this to be left in the past and ultimately a judge had the information on file destroyed—not to protect Josh, but the innocent victims. Janet and I love Jim Bob and Michelle and their entire family. They are no more perfect a family than any family, but their Christian witness is not marred in our eyes because following Christ is not a declaration of our perfection, but of HIS perfection. It is precisely because we are all sinners that we need His grace and His forgiveness. We have been blessed to receive God’s love and we would do no less than to extend our love and support for our friends. In fact, it is such times as this, when real friends show up and stand up. Today, Janet and I want to show up and stand up for our friends. Let others run from them. We will run to them with our support.”

In Huckabee world, the Obamas deserve criticism for raising good kids that are never in trouble while the Duggars deserve support for covering up and hiding their son’s acts of sexual abuse.

Mike Huckabee’s hypocrisy deserves to be called out. Many conservatives held up the Duggars as their vision of the ideal family while spewing hatred towards the Obamas. The Duggars covered up sexual abuse. What they did wasn’t just bad parenting, it was criminal.

Mike Huckabee owes President Obama an apology.

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  1. On top of the fact that Huckabee helped to raise an animal-killing sociopath of a son, now he’s firmly embracing an admitted pedophile who happens to be part of the infamous Duggar family. I can only hope that this will turn out to be the final nail in the coffin of any presidential ambitions he still harbors.

  2. Uh Dj…

    it’s spelled: Privilege.

    You should still have time to hit the edit button, and not look like you’re spelling like a Tea Bagger.

  3. Being a pedophile-lover is not going to help his campaign. You have to wonder what Huckabee does in *his* spare time, don’t you?

  4. Maybe Mr. Huckabee should have paid more attention to raising his own fat, animal-murdering brats and congratulate the Obama’s on raising two beautiful, healthy, compassionate young women that will no doubt do something great in their futures.

    Huckabees’ a joke, hes just fox’s pawn thrown in the race, background noise.

  5. Done Kind of tired today. My autistic son graduated the 8th grade today and is going to High school. Whoever came up with the idea of having slideshows of baby to now pictures of kids should be shot. Then my youngest daughter was in a talent show dancing with a bunch of other snot nose kids so I had to sit through that.

    In so many words it was a great day

  6. I can grok that. Raising an autistic kid is a challenge any day of the week. (I helped raise one).
    And you’ve got a regular kid to take care of as well.

    But, hold onto those photos and slides. There will come a time when you can only remember their weight on your shoulders when you carried them around.

  7. There is no such thing in the known universe a regular kid. They are parasites but I will have the last laugh. When I am old they will have to change my diapers

  8. Where are his victims? why doesn’t anyone talk about the type of parent who condone their kid’s rape? Who covered it up?

    The girls have disappeared from this narrative, like sleeping princesses who can be parked until required. They are not part of the narrative, except as the cause.

    shame on us.

    This is such a clear expression of the American attitude towards women and rape. We hedge around it. We make up names and shades and shame.
    We ignore the fact that at least 5 girl children think they are to blame for the family’s ruin.
    Duggars threw them away, now we’re throwing them away.. They have done nothing wrong. They are innocent. Why are they silent? Why are we?

  9. Why is it gay men are always the blamed when it’s really STRAIGHT men who do the majority of child molesting?

    The Duggers really need to learn how BIRTH CONTROL works.
    Is it really necessary to have 19 kids?

  10. There is nothing the “Christian Right” says or do, that surprises me. They are supposed to be so religious but are the biggest hypocrites. The Bible speaks of these types in the end time as those who know God, but don’t know his power. But someday they will.

  11. Hardly surprising. Huckster’s own son has a history of torturing animals. It’s hardly a surprise he isn’t bothered by a little thing like molestation.

  12. They are probably so indoctrinated that they are afraid to say anything. They probably have been taught for years and years that this kind of thing is “normal” in their world. And Huckabee is just not one to criticize anyone until he comes out with WHY his own son is an animal killer and abuser and whatever else he is. Bullshit on “We have Christ’s love and forgiveness”. Wait’ll they find out they’ll never get through the pearly gates!

  13. Who knows how many untold coverups go on in the so called Christian families, they turn first to what god says which is told to them through organizations like Advanced Training Institute (ATI) and Institute in Basic Life Principals (IBLP) which are training grounds for evangelicals to take back to their churches.

    They turn to religious teachings and their churches before our law. Abuse goes on and is treated in a “godly” manner. This has to change.

  14. I believe the sisters he molested are now grown, and some married. It’s too bad they have to go through this. They were taught or at least asked to forgive their brother for his unbrotherly deeds.

    These so called christian families are taught weird shit.

  15. The female Duggars all seem VERY submissive and fear the men in their lives, they’ve been propagandized to believe women are to be subservient ancillary baby machines.

  16. The ugly reality — these self-righteous Christian conservatives readily forgive and show compassion toward their family members who are (heterosexual) child molesters, yet they completely reject and condemn blood relations who dare to come out of the closet.

  17. @Moongrim and anyone here at politicus, please PLEASE explain something to me, WHY do republicans constantly make FOOLS out of themselves?? WHY? huckabee’s assertion is two teenage girls listening to Beyonce is somehow BAD parenting? HOW? what did Beyonce say to deserve huckabee’s wrath?? WHY? is huckabee doing this? doesn’t he know that MANY americans know his OWN son is a deeply mentally ill person for torturing animals to death? WHY would he expose his son and himself to this? @Moongrim, could it be that taking a swipe at Beyonce was huckabee’s DOG WHISTLE shoutout to the major of republicans who are OVERT and COVERT RACIST? Where was huckabee during george bush jr girls DRUG USE, ALCOHOL abuse SCANDALS? where was huckabee during george bush jr COCAINE addiction? where was huckabee during bill o’reilly’s CHOKING his WIFE abuse? @Moongrim and the politicus FAMILY, help me understand the republican mind.

  18. In this case I don’t think it is nearly as much racial bias as gender bias. The Obamas have girls, who must remain pure, enclosed, dumb, obedient… The other two cases are boys, and we all know that boys will be boys. wink

  19. RW “c”hristians protect their own, but they vilify anyone they classify as “other.” They’re liars and hypocrites. If they were real Christians, they’d recoil in shock away from the Duggars, not run to defend them. Over time, they would consider forgiving him, but they would not ignore what he has done when they’ve just discovered how sick he is. Everything they do is about saving face. Although Cliven Bundy, Phil Robertson, George Zimmerman, Sarah Palin, and others have made straight-up fools of them, they still run to their rescue and provide cover for them. Instead of being embarrassed about having wholeheartedly embraced these f*ckers, they pretend that they’re the persons we should emulate. No way. I know grifters and shysters when I see them and I stay as far away from them as I can get, but these “c”hristians seem to be incapable of learning from their past mistakes.

  20. Bobby Jindal said it best “We will never attract the smart people” He meant to his political party. The people who are running for the WH on that side prove him correct. Roll the entire clown car together, and they would not make one Barak Obama, or Hillary Clinton. To be a candidate for the repub. party, common sense must be left at the door. When will Newt join the group, surely he has a book to sell? $carah PayMe is angling for a slot, her Pac money is drying up fast.

  21. Huckerbee would do a Ted Nugent if he came close to being the repub. chosen one. He does not want the job as President, just the $$$$ he makes pretending to run for it. Last time he ran, he made out like a bandit. He paid his family members over $400,000 for work they did on his campaign.Easy money, this is what attracts these “holier than thou” hypocrites. The Presidency would be more work than any one of them ever performed in their lifetime. Take undisclosed money out of politics, and the repub. field would shrink immediately.

  22. As a Nature Instructor to handicapped adults, I count you as one of my heroes! The love and courage you show is enough to keep me from snatching a knot in the heads of Right Wing pseudo donors!
    But watch out! The next diamond cladded TeaBagger who says that handicapped should not expect is gonna get it! I may lose my job, but it will be worth it!

  23. I saw an article a couple of days ago and now cannot find it. But, it gave a good synopsis of why Josh’s behavior was covered up; why his behavior manifested by being raised in a closed, insulated, hyper-christian male dominate family. It did not excuse the behavior, but more how being raised to believe males are superior to females could have encouraged this behavior. Also, more than likely the females he molested were also part of this cult religious (Quiver-full) belief system. If you are raised to believe males are superior & females inferior – females are taught to be submissive, to forgive bad male behavior & that they somehow were at fault. Thus, Josh’s apology was accepted without question.

    The thing is that currently, child molesters are not cured by prayer & forgiveness, but need many years of psychological analysis & care; and, even then there is no guarantee.

  24. I hate pediphiles as much as the next person,but shouldn’t we wait until he confesses or is convicted before we brand him has a “molestor?” “Alleged molester” covers us and still sullies his reputation.

  25. Hucklebee’s kid tortures and kills animals, Rand Paul’s kid gets THREE DUI’S. Bush’s girls use FAKE ID’s to drink in bars but the Obama’s are BAD parents. GOP hypocrisy knows no bounds..

  26. From Sarah Poser:

    “Jim Bob and Michelle “encourage their kids to take a chaperone along on all their dates so they have someone to keep them accountable and ensure that they stick to their courtship standards.”
    In their family, they police sex outside of marriage. In politics they police sex between consenting adults, sex between people of the same sex; they are “pure” and “godly” because they police and condemn other people’s sexual lives.
    But now the public knows that this family which enforces “purity” has covered up the sexual predations—against children, even their own children— of their star son.”

    On point…enough said!

    Bravo Sarah Poser!

  27. Huckabee says Duggar has atoned for his actions and we should all let this go.
    He can believe anything he wants, but the reality is this schmuck- Duggar- has certainly lost the right to run around the country claiming to be a bastion of morality.
    The hatred that has come out of this persons mouth is even more disgusting now that we know his truth. It really is as the old saying goes, “those with the most to hide make the loudest noise”.
    The freak show known as the Duggars just needs to go away.
    And you know damn well if Duggar was a liberal gay man Huckabee would be running his mouth to the end of time.

  28. Palin’s oldest daughter has several illigitimate children, yet was paid to spout about Abstinence. Now the PayMe family is spouting religion to get in on the grift. The people who are the least qualified always give advice, on parenting and other activities that they themselves failed miserable at.

  29. Don’t waste time and energy trying to understand the conservative mindset. You can’t use logic or reason with them. What you are dealing with is insanity pure and simple.

  30. …when I was a kid,{born in 1964} I noticed that a lot o’ baby pix were o’ naked babies in a towel or blanket…I asked my Mom why they did that…her reply “Future blackmail”…
    Also congrats to your kid…

  31. …Huckster and ALL his ilk are NOT Christians…”Agents of the Anti-Christ” is far more accurate term…bein’ a Sailor you don’t want me to give my unadulterated opinion o’ these polymorphrodite Teatard Reich-wing pseudo-Christian bastards and thier submissive beotches…all o’ ’em preach Old Testament {the JEWISH book o’ thier early history, legends, laws,etc} great for deep background on Jesus history, and His fulfilling the Old Law…
    …but they ignore EVERYTHING Jesus actually preached…didn’t He say “Judge not, lest ye be judged, for with what judgement ye judge ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again.
    and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye, and considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”
    …need I say more???

  32. This is a link from an article about Bill Goddard, the leader of the Quiverfull Movement and ATI and IBLP training.


    He is also accused of being a molester and a sexist pig. He’s also in trouble.

    There is also another guy who co-leads the Quiverfull named Boykin (?) who currently lives outside the US. He and his family do not live like the movement “peons”; they wear “fashionable” attire, stylish hair dos, and, run websites that make a lot money of money off the “rubes” selling matching mom/daughters prairie dresses, Daniel Boone “hats”, and toy weapons for the little jeebus “warriors” who fill the “quiver” for a future battle, of course.

  33. If you quickly come to Josh Duggar and the Duggar’s family defense of “boy will be boy”, “he was only 14 at the time”, etc. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of us out there want to slap the sh*t out of you. So what you said is “it’s okay for a 14-16 or any teenager to have forcible sex with a 10-12 or any teenager?”. I honestly hope you won’t have any daughter or grand-daughter or and children of your own because what you said is okay for she/he be sexual abused. WAKE UP!!! You made me and many others sick of your comments. How about “Good people make mistake”, says the man whose then almost 18-yearr-old son once hung a stray dog while working as a counselor at a Boy Scout Camp – an incident for which young Huckabee was fired but ultimately got away with the crime. Like Daddy Duggar, Papa Huckabee went into immediately damage control by burying the incident until too late to do anything legal about it. These “good Christian” who are hell- bent by demoralized others just because not…

  34. Congrats on the kid graduating.

    Keep in mind- that they’ll also be choosing the nursing home too.

    The one on 60 minutes? Or what?

  35. JTD…Josh *did* confess to his behavior! More than once! There’s even a 2006 police report that documents that. (And he can’t be prosecuted because the stature of limitations ran out…since the police report was “set aside” by the cop family friend who is, himself, a pedophile and serving 50+ more years in prison.

    It’s also why he just resigned from the Family Research Council. Indeed, he apologized for the behavior. And it’s why the Duggard family’s TV show has been taken off the schedule.

    I wonder why you don’t know this? (By the way, as he was a minor himself, he can’t be a pedophile. But he did molest those girls and their complaints are on record.)

  36. So being a good parent is a bad thing and defending a now known pedophile is a good thing.

    And I wonder why there is such a disconnect between the two sides… there’s proof now.

  37. “@Moongrim and anyone here at politicus, please PLEASE explain something to me, WHY do republicans constantly make FOOLS out of themselves?? ”

    Because they ARE fools. They can’t help themselves. They’re all either stupid, or insane, or both.

  38. You are quite correct Mr. Fireman.
    The religious mindset is one of a complete lack of introspection. They KNOW, they’re right. They KNOW, they’re ‘forgiven’. They KNOW, that anything they do- is A-ok in their God’s eyes.

    Otherwise, ‘God’, wouldn’t have allowed them to do it. Divine Right Mentality.

    And completely avoiding the whole: “Pride Goeth Before a Fall” teaching.

  39. He ‘confessed’ a year after. Why? Because his old man chose to wait that long.
    Statute of limitations. Aiding and abetting.

    Pedophiles don’t ‘suddenly’ become non-pedophiles once hitting the age of majority. Particularly if they never had to face the consequences of their actions. Or do something to redeem themselves.

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