Republicans Push the Benghazi Video Lie to Discredit Hillary Clinton

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The conservative Washington Free Beacon crowed on Tuesday, “Documents obtained by Judicial Watch from their May 2014 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed against the State Department and the Department of Defense revealed that the Obama administration knew about the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi at least 10 days before the attack.”

Judicial Watch self-identifies as “a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation” Unfortunately, “conservative” and “nonpartisan” cannot co-exist in the same sentence, and Judicial Watch’s appeal to its own “high standards of ethics” is questionable at best.

To back up their assertions, they trot out people like conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, who likes to talk about Democrats’ “ethical contortions,” (without mentioning that she’s a conservative) and Brett Bair of Fox News, the folks who invented ethical contortions.

Maybe “nonpartisan” is synonymous with “fair and balanced.”

To take just one example, Judicial Watch – and you almost require a drum roll here – warns readers that, “Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack.”

Oh no! Foul deeds afoot! Terrorists attack the Benghazi Mission and it is somehow NOT an attack? THAT would be news!

Whatever will be next? President Obama taking to the Rose Garden to refer to “an act of terror” when it was actually a terrorist attack?

Wait…was it an attack or not an attack? If you say it was a terrorist attack, why can’t the State Department call it an “attack” or does “attack” mean something different if the administration uses it, and oh by the way, how is an attack not an act of some kind?

Let’s face it: GOP problems don’t revolve so much as what was said as who said it.

Jerome Corsi writes at World Net Daily that it is “the Hillary terror lie.” Supposedly, Hillary knew from the moment it happened that terrorists were attacking the Benghazi Mission on September 11, 2012, not a bunch of protesters upset by what the National Review refers to dismissively as a “supposedly offensive video,” or as one right-wing media source called it, “a video no one had ever seen.”

As though the motivation of the attackers matters all that much. President Obama identified the attack as a terrorist attack from the very beginning. Republicans want to make that distinction, but there is no distinction to be made. An act of terror is an act of terror, whatever the motivating factors.

You would think the video itself had never existed, but had been invented by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Greta Van Susteren tweeted last night, suggesting sinister plot lines:

But it really was an offensive video – “The Innocence Of Muslims” – not supposedly but actually, and it did actually offend Muslims, and it did actually play a role in the attack that left four Americans dead.

As David Kirkpatrick of The New York Times, who actually talked to people and examined actual evidence rather than just inventing stuff from his desk, wrote in 2013 in his analysis of the events that night,

Anger at the video motivated the initial attack. Dozens of people joined in, some of them provoked by the video and others responding to fast-spreading false rumors that guards inside the American compound had shot Libyan protesters.

Kirkpatrick went on to write that,

There is no doubt that anger over the video motivated many attackers. A Libyan journalist working for The New York Times was blocked from entering by the sentries outside, and he learned of the film from the fighters who stopped him. Other Libyan witnesses, too, said they received lectures from the attackers about the evil of the film and the virtue of defending the prophet.

Republicans have decided that the Obama administration should have seen the attack coming – and in fact did see the attack coming – and that Obama and Hillary decided to blame it all on a video.

The National Review speaks of “a well-orchestrated disinformation campaign by the Obama administration” which “managed to put the press off the story and mislead the American people,” and claims that, “The brazenness and scope of the disinformation would make any KGB colonel sigh with admiration.”

Red State says, “Now that we know that the White House was actively involved in pushing a blatant lie about the genesis of the Benghazi attack in order to deflect blame it is only fair to ask who came up with the story to begin with.”

Who indeed? Just ask yourself. Who do Republicans fear more than any living human being? Who do they really, really, not want to see running against them in 2016? (and with all due respect, it’s not Bernie Sanders).

It isn’t enough to start a movement to retroactively impeach her as Secretary of State, apparently. It is a shame Republicans were never this interested in how it came to pass that al Qaeda was able to slip past President George W. Bush’s watch to kill not four, but three thousand Americans on a previous September 11.

Or how the Bush administration was able to orchestrate a completely unnecessary and illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq on the pretext that Saddam Hussein, who was an enemy of al Qaeda, had something to do with the attack on 9/11, or that he had mysterious “weapons of mass destruction,” or simply because, when all else failed, we just wanted to export freedom at the point of a bayonet.

Sidney Blumenthal warned in the released Clinton emails that Republicans would use Benghazi to attack her. As Wonkette deadpanned with more basis in fact that any right wing source we’ve looked at here, “so gross Sidney Blumenthal is looking like a goddamned prophet at this point.”

Apparently, there is some law somewhere or another that Blumenthal is not allowed to give Hillary Clinton his opinions on what’s happening. But listening to the right wing media, you would think these are all impeachable offenses. But then again, this is coming from people who think they can impeach President Obama for not doing what they want.

Republicans are no more going to let go of Benghazi than they are going to pay more than lip-service to the idea that the Iraq War was a mistake. And this latest example of Hillary Derangement Syndrome won’t be the last.

I suppose the next one will revolve around how Obama himself planned the Benghazi attack, just so he could make himself and Hillary look bad. Can’t wait for it! Who needs Game of Thrones when you have Fox News and people like Greta Van Susteren for fictional intrigue?

23 Replies to “Republicans Push the Benghazi Video Lie to Discredit Hillary Clinton”

  1. Well, the swift-boating of Hillary Clinton has begun early. What next by Republicans — impeachment…before she’s even elected? Yeah, they’d try it…

  2. There have been 7 investigations (with an 8th in progress), 13 hearings, 50 briefings, and 25,000 pages of documents released, doesn’t anybody find it odd that NONE of these so-called documents, obtained by Judicial Watch, have seen the light of day until now?

    It’s a miracle!


  3. They got nothin here, except their own stupendous stupidity.

    They are so terrified of Hillary. They will continue to pee their pants daily. And any rag that uses rabid Jennifer Rubin for commentary shows how far the reach is.

  4. This is just another attempt by republicans to distract. Notice that all of there so called “candidates” are NOT talking about the economy or what they would do to make our lives better. All I hear is attacks on Hillary Clinton. The GOP think this umpteenth Benghazi BS will stick, they know she will mop the floor with whoever they put up against her and it scares the hell out of them.

  5. Just like that fly the President caught in an ABC interview. That was the coolest…he is the coolest. And Hillary will be a great President. I can’t wait for the GOP to vacuum out the clown car…a debate between MittScottPyushJebJohnHuckChris versus Hillary will be ‘not miss’ television.

  6. There was no stand down order. The video did play a part. The ARB was conclusive, let alone the rest of the witch hunts. The dead are being dragged through the R spin machine and used as tools. The Annex was run by the CIA. The Embassy is in Tripoli. The consulate was visited. They did an exemplary job of responding. ETC.

    Repeat until they hear it.

  7. Sigh. Ok. They win. I see it now.

    Hillary is a muslim terrorist alinskyite who fed Susan Rice with propagana and gave a stand down order to defeat america.

    and that goes double for Obama.

  8. Greta said she didn’t think Hillary would run in ’16 – one of the few who didn’t see it coming and had to admit she was wrong.

    This April:

    There are videos of Greta interviewing Hillary in 2013, 2014 and 2007 – long detailed interviews.

    Greta said recently she hopes to get a long interview exclusive with Hillary.

    Hillary is more than willing to go to the Fox pit of hell and come out unscathed. Always.

  9. Hell, this is just the beginning. The gopers will throw shit into the stratosphere desperately hoping for a miracle to rain down on the evil wicked liberals. They have nothing else to offer. Their policies, their official party platform, their potential candidates alienate the majority of Americans. They will never win a national election promoting bigotry and hate. But that is all they have to offer.

  10. Agree. They are more and more becoming a party at war with itself. The candidate cannot please the moderates in one state and the evangelicals in another. They cannot continue to spout xenophobia and attract diversity. It is suicide.

    And watching them eat their own is awesome.

    Rubio and Bush will have to beat the crap out of each other in Florida since both have joint history here.

    Then Hillary walks in at the aftermath and has the voters at “Hello, I am not those two assholes. Vote for me.”

  11. You’d think the rich roaches could buy something that
    sticks to hurl at her. Bet they’re digging frantically through the released emails. Rotsa ruck.

  12. Here we go again. My personal feeling is we should invest in our infrastructure and not in a myth that has already been debunked….several times! Our tax dollars paid for all that! I would rather see things move on and not backward. Besides, Congress cut funding for embassy security and there wasn’t anything to be done in the moment. Unfortunately, four innocent people died. That will, and should, always haunt Congress for cutting the funding.

  13. The Republicans of the present have no accomplishments, so they rely on lies, fear and taking credit for what other Republicans in the past have done, remember Rand Paul with some black college students?, that today Republicans have nothing to do with, especially since yesterday Republicans were “liberals” which they want voters to think is unamerican.

  14. All this is BS.
    The Root cause was the lie to invade Iraq in the first place.
    Let’s as a nation of the United States of America right this wrong. The Bush/Cheney administration lied the nation into war and all this other is ramification of that LIE. The BS to blame others is to revise history same as slavery, American Indians put on reservation, Big Businesses attempting to overthrow the US Government using these bought politicians and their media sources to fool the people based on divide and conquer fears. Start calling them (media, haters and pundits) out and investigating those sprewing these false accusations for self frame and money. Make them give proof beyond their own crowd of believers. They do not help. America struggles as they add nothing to gain for Americans only false blame. Talk reality not as if we as nation should continue the LIES that cost American Values and Lives.

  15. Here’s a solution
    Charge Bush/Cheney for WAR CRIMES
    This will absolve all those that followed of any collusion mistakes attempting to correct the wrong that produced this mess. As a added bonus go after Wall Street, the WAR manufacturers (Halliburton), Oil companies for jacking up prices, Health Insurers denying Americans basic care, American Businesses that sent companies andoutside US jurisdiction to avoid health care and wages for American workers. The RICH made out like Fat Rats they are. Now it’s time to get back on track. We Americans were Scammed. This BS of Benghazi is a distraction. These elected people have plenty to work on since they have not done nothing since Bush left. There’s plenty work beside side shows.
    Get Real

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