Advertiser Boycott Needed As TLC Is Considering Not Canceling 19 Kids and Counting



It is being reported that TLC is considering dumping molester Josh Duggar, but keeping 19 Kids and Counting on the air. If TLC does bring the show back, advertisers must be boycotted.

TMZ is reporting that TLC is considering several options:

Connected industry sources tell TMZ, TLC is considering a number of options, weighing the pros and cons. One is to cancel the show outright, the other is to just go full steam ahead, but there is real talk about continuing without Josh.


As for cancelling the show, our sources say there is significant concern that big advertisers will bail. TMZ broke the story, General Mills has already pulled the plug.

On the other hand, we’re told TLC believes the show has a strong, loyal evangelical base and so far support has not wavered.


TLC is considering removing the molester but keeping his crime covering up parents and some of the victims of his crimes on the show. The network is obviously trying to figure out a way to save their cash cow and make the scandal go away. Removing Josh Duggar from the show will not make everything better.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up their son’s crimes, and almost of the options that TLC is considering would keep them on the air. The only thing is going to make TLC listen is hitting them in the wallet. TLC is waiting for viewers to show them that they will not tolerate the airing of a program that features a family sweeping molestation under the rug while pretending that everything is fine.

The Duggar facade has been shattered, and advertisers must understand that they will face a backlash from consumers if they financially support 19 Kids and Counting.

Getting rid of Josh Duggar is not good enough. Tell TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

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  1. they live in a glass house and shouldn’t throw stones at the LGBT community calling them perverts. When is usually the HETROSEXUAL men who do it!!

  2. Like I always said before, corporations doesn’t listen to their consumers’ voice, instead, they only listen to our wallets and purses instead.

    The TLC itself really need to go and people who runs it should never work in television programs, ever.

  3. well, maybe I’m the oddball here but… I don’t think they swept it under the rug or they wouldn’t have went to law enforcement. Unless victims came forward he didn’t have to tell anyone at all. So everyone is saying anyone who has a family member who does something like this should be punished??? The whole family? Come on. Every family has skeletons and demons. To me it makes them a little more real. P.S. I’ve watched the show maybe 3 times. So no, I’m not biased. I could care less if it’s on or not.

  4. I will spare you the title of dumbass but even you can see that this immoral family swept this under the rug so they can make money among the fake Reich wing Christians who eat their brand of hate up

  5. They did too brush it under the rug, all so they could go forth with their reality show, do you think TLC would have touched them had this come out?

    This was a teenager who had to have known this behaviour was wrong, but he did it to a least 5 young girls, apparently repeatedly. So yeah a problem in the family, with the oldest kid, and they hid it so they could pretend to be wholesome.

  6. Why did the judge choose to destroy the records concerning this? And how did Huckabee know that before anyone else? Did he appoint this judge while governor? and ask for this to be done?

  7. Well, I already don’t watch it to begin with, so I’m pretty much ahead of most of the people here.

    What bothers me about this is that we are just hearing about this whole situation now, which happened 12 years ago. Did any of the girls think of saying something then because that would of nipped this whole problem in the bud because the police would look into it, Child Protective Services would give all of those kids a nice non-brainwashed home and the offending party would be sent to jail where the prisoners would do a number on him.

    Instead, this is all swept under the rug by a crooked judge and being used by a crooked ex-governor trying to be our next President as an example of ‘Stop attacking him, evul librul media!’

    NO! We won’t stop the attacks until that little coward admits that he committed a criminal act and stops hiding behind his facade you call Christianity.

  8. I am in! I wonder who is protecting his children from him? He likes to molest sleeping kids, does his wife protect their kids all night???

    Jim bob and the walking uterus are the poorest example of good parenting. Boycott all that is TLC until they no longer legitimize molestation.

  9. That does it. From now on, I’m telling people that “TLC” stands for “Touching Little Children.”

    Oh…and I’m boycotting any advertisers.

  10. Are they going to give his victims a voice? That might actually be something people who are fucked up enough to watch this shit might learn from. If those filthy little promiscuous temptresses are expected to just roll along as though none of this happened, it needs to go. /s

  11. If you call going to a family friend who happens to be a police officer and asking that family friend to “talk to your son about how badly it can turn out for him if he keeps up the incest” and the family friend gives your kid a stern talking to “going to the police”, you’re confused.

    You’re even MORE confused when you know that that particular family friend police officer is in jail for 56 years for possession and distribution of kiddie porn.

    Stop making excuses for these freaks. They didn’t protect their daughters this happened in their home and they never go anywhere. They didn’t take their son OR HIS VICTIMS for therapy. The incestuous molester has made millions of dollars telling other people that their consenting adult sex lives are perversions that will land them jail.

  12. My thoughts, too. It’s not as if I ever watched this garbage but I’m happy to hold their advertiser’s feet to the fire.

  13. You are correct – is TLC run by child molesters – they sure seem to like them(19 & booboo). Tlc is the channel in existence for pedophiles(remember all those disgusting little girl pageants where they’re madeup to look like hookers/strippers at like 5 years old?) Thats what they’re selling – little girl sex.
    I boycott them naturally – nothing for me to change here. I’ve never found any show worth watching on this channel.

  14. “They didn’t protect their daughters this happened in their home and they never go anywhere. They didn’t take their son OR HIS VICTIMS for therapy.”

    You hit the bulls eye right there! The victims were ignored, continue to be ignored, and no one knows what damage they have suffered.

  15. List please.

    Having grown up and experienced a religious household…Daddy undoubtedly brow beat his victimized daughters into silence- to “protect the honor’ of the family.
    After all, such a scandal would’ve ended up making Christianity look bad…oh wait…

  16. Unless TLC changes its name to TPC (The Pedophile Channel), they should not air the show about the Mother Duggars…

  17. The clowns running TLC must be in very deep denial if they think this twisted family still belongs on TV. This is why I hate organized religion, if Josh “made mistakes”, the devil made him do it, just pray to God and you’re off the hook, tell his violated and confused sisters to forgive, and boom, happy family again!! I will boycott any advertiser that goes near this disgusting show!!

  18. I don’t watch this show but I’m not the least surprised this happened..Who are the sponsors so I’ll know who too boycott?

  19. We need to just boycott A&E and Touch Little Children channel en masse. I called my provider already and requested they eliminate these channels from the lineup.

  20. In answer to C – I have read that the judge ordering the destruction of the Duggar police records was appointed by Huckabee!
    Perhaps it is the same judge that hushed up to Huckabee dog torturing thug of a son.
    The slimebags sure do stick together, and Huckabee should be renamed Huckster for peddling fake cures for diabetes etc.

  21. Is there no one who might believe being raised in a home from birth. Being told over and over again that women must submit to males, may be one reason none of the family girls have come forward?

  22. Can’t say I’m surprised either. This is just another religious sect where the wife and children are repressed and oppresed by big daddy who knows best. That this went on for so long and noone was aware of it? I feel for those girls, they must have been threatened to say nothing publicly while the $$$ rolled in. This pervert will never spend a day in jail but will continue to live his live as he wishes while the girls are damaged and in pain.
    Never trust these extreme religious organizations, they are the worst kind of humans who project the very same sins they commit on a daily basis.

  23. This is the next step after lawmakers declared women property of the State. The religious whackjobs do not see anything wrong with the rape of small children, because patriarchy.

    If you are taught that you are at the mercy of any male, because they are male, the abuse is just part of life.

    sick, but if they can get people to accept a child rapist as an acceptable role model, Gilead is here.

    Ireland is proud of itself for legalizing same-sex marriage. Irish women have to risk death or flee the country to control their own eggs and bodies. Property of the State.

    The marketeers have cozened Americans into increasingly grotesque role models like Limbaugh and Huckster. This is the next step – defending the indefensible.
    That moral slippery slope they like to howl about.

  24. Here’s what bothers me — Josh Duggar’s wife once boasted that she was “so proud” of what a great Daddy he is, because he’s ALWAYS the one who gets up in the middle of the night to change his daughters’ diapers!

    Does anyone else wonder what else he “enjoys” doing to his helpless little girls in the wee hours? This guy’s daughters should be investigated by Child Protective Services and competent doctors!

  25. tooter71 – The family did, in fact, cover up Josh’s actions. They did nothing to give help to their daughters. They did not sent their son for therapy according to his mother. The parents sent him to help a friend remodel his house for three months. I read the police reports yesterday and the situation was worse than I expected.

  26. The Duggars did not go to the authorities. They asked a personal friend who is a state trooper currently serving a 56 year sentence for child pornography to give Josh a good talking to.

    The accusations came to light when a producer at the Oprah Show forwarded to the actual authorities a tip about the abuse they received via an anonymous fax to the studio. When investigators approached the Duggars, Jim Bob refused to let them speak to Josh.

    All of this occurred, by the way, BEFORE the family decided to set themselves up as beacons of family values with their television project. The notoriety the family has garnered through their public endeavors they have used to deny equal rights to members of the LGBTQ community, cynically ginning up fears that gay and trans people are out to molest the nation’s children.

  27. Subway is the only advertiser I could find. I’m not about to watch the show to see who advertises on it.

  28. I don’t watch the show, but I do read the news reports when “mom” is gonna spurt out another one. I think they better start investigation JimBob, the “daddy”. Josh probably saw it in the family so thought he could do it. How many more of the boys are doing it? Something I read last night said the family and huckabee are not hypocrits…OMG, YES THEY ARE. JOSH, MAMA, DADDY, HUCKABEE, AND ALL OF THEM, THEIR “CHURCH” AND ALL WHO HAVE “FORGIVEN” THOSE THAT NEED IT. ME? I’m boycotting TLC and their sponsors.

  29. The only reason they went to the authorities is because Harpo Productions (from the Oprah Show) faxed an email they had received detailing the abuse to the Springdale Police Department. That’s what sparked the investigation. When Jim Bob learnt of what Josh had done back in 2002 he didn’t do anything (he was running for office back then). When he learnt of more incidents in 2003, he consulted with church elders who recommended a counseling program. One of the elders actually recommended he be sent to an actual sex offenders program, but Jim Bob said that Josh would be exposed to real criminals (?). He was then sent to a family acquaintance to do some house remodeling jobs for 3 months. That was the “counseling program” he went to.
    When Springdale PD asked Jim Bob and Michelle to bring Josh in for questioning, they initially refused and attempted to hire an attorney. Two attorneys refused to take the case and eventually they brought in Josh.

  30. Simply stated, Josh Duggar and his parents are sick! There is no need to use religion, politics, race, sexual preferences, etc., when forming one’s opinion! Trying to demoralize an entire group of people for the disgusting acts of three people makes one’s complaint less credible. Stick with the facts…they are horrendous on their own!

  31. Here is list of companies and brands that advertise on 19 Kids and Counting:

    Panera Bread
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Firehouse Subs
    Pizza Hut
    Pure Leaf Iced Tea
    Naked Juice
    State Farm Insurance
    Allstate Insurance
    Benjamin Moore
    Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
    King’s Hawaiian
    Jimmy Dean
    Oscar Mayer
    Ace Hardware
    Arm & Hammer
    Minute Maid
    Party City
    Lowe’s Home Improvement
    David’s Bridal
    ConAgra Foods

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