Fact Checkers Obliterate GOP ‘Proof’ That Hillary Clinton Had Secret Email Addresses


No, Republicans, you don’t have your huffing, smoking gun.

We don’t get to live in a world where reality matters to one of the two political parties running our country. And so, it is left to fact-checkers to sift their way through the endless barrage of conspiracies breathlessly shared by “concerned” Republicans like Speaker John Boehner‘s office, the Republican National Committee, Fox News, Breitbart, the Blaze et al after former Secretary of State and Democratic 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails were released.

FactCheck.Org drowned Republicans’ flaming hopes on Friday, announcing, “The Republican National Committee thinks it has the smoking gun that proves Hillary Clinton used “multiple secret email addresses” as secretary of state. It doesn’t.”

Oh, dear.

Here’s the story. The Republican National Committee histrionically announced to the world on May 18 that they had Hillary Clinton now because her published emails (New York Times) showed two accounts (hdr22@clintonemail.com and hrod17@clintonemail.com.) and she said she only had one while in office!

You see, they cried, she had “hrod17@clintonemail.com” while she was Secretary of State! GOTCHA!!!! We win 2016 even without a good candidate!!!

But wait. Clinton has an explanation that sorta makes a lot of sense, at least to the guy who invented email, and let’s face it, he’s probably better at email technology than the RNC or Speaker Boehenr’s office, if history is any indicator.

But the Clinton campaign says there is a simple explanation for this apparent discrepancy: The emails published by the Times were printed out in 2014 after Clinton had left the State Department and after she had changed her email address, so the printed copies of emails she sent while in office display her new address (hrod17@clintonemail.com), even though they were originally sent under her old address (hdr22@clintonemail.com). We agree that this is possible.

The Clinton explanation passed two tests — including one conducted for us by Ray Tomlinson, the man who is widely credited with inventing email.

The results of the test Tomlinson ran were consistent with the Clinton campaign’s explanation. Score a big one for reality and a large negative for the Republican claims. And FactCheck did their own test which also confirmed the Clinton campaign’s explanation:

We at FactCheck.org also tested Clinton’s explanation. Our IT staff created originaluser@asc.upenn.edu and renamed it newuser@asc.upenn.edu. An email sent by originaluser@asc.upenn.edu printed out as if it had come from newuser@asc.upenn.edu after we changed the name of the email account.

And so, at long last, there is no smoking gun for the Republicans’ conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton having secret email accounts (like many of their candidates and indeed politicians of both parties – kind of bizarre that they want to go here with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker on their side).

So while it is possible that there is a smoking gun about secret emails hiding out on Mars or wherever it is that Republicans get their wild ideas, they haven’t found it yet.

What we do know, however, is that the emails posted by the Times do not support the RNC’s claim that Clinton had “multiple secret email addresses” as secretary of state, and there is no evidence to contradict Clinton’s claim that she created hrod17@clintonemail.com after she left office.

No proof of multiple secret emails.


If this were not coming a party driven by and for conspiracy nuts, this would be the end of the exhausting and diligent effort to bust former Secretary Hillary Clinton for something. Anything. Especially related to Republicans’ favorite conspiracy, Benghazi.

36 Replies to “Fact Checkers Obliterate GOP ‘Proof’ That Hillary Clinton Had Secret Email Addresses”

  1. I don’t even look at those stories most of the time. If they ever do find an error on her part it will be an innocent mistake and minor. She has always been very cautious and under a microscope.

    The right was not able to find anything in her emails so they made up a story about classified documents. They left out the part about it not being classified until this week!

    They only fool the fools.

    They are so very “ascarrrred” of her.

  2. There have been two stories this week about smears against her that were obviously not true and gave the stories debunked angle but also drew attention to them… scandal, drama.

    When the stories were just smears that are best to ignore rather than inflame them.

    Let’s run stories about how Hillary didn’t shoot a man in a barn in Vermont…

    The other story was she is ahead in a deep blue state.

    Not much about her history, policies, organization, campaign happenings, Iowa, Chicago, California, New Hampshire, NY appearances. Articles about her in national news political papers aren’t featured in columns. Defense of the Foundation or a piece about Good Guy Bill would be nice…

    You would never know this was a dem site.

    I see gratuitous coverage. No enthusiasm.

    US and world leaders praise this woman to the hilt. Here not so much.

  3. That’s why President HRC will be Great!
    She’s meticulous…she knows exactly how they will try to trick her!

    Thirty-Somethings I speak with say:
    “I think Hillary Clinton is ‘MEAN’…
    She gives that impression”.

    Well…Look at Angela Merkel…
    She presents that Same Stern Leadership Quality. Any Woman Leader must present that image!

    (I missed you, Sarah Jones!)

  4. And there were 7 or more posts about some lowlife TV pervert Republican.

    When I first got here the trolls were ganging up on me and since they were regulars I didn’t know if they were Rs or just Hillary haters. Every innocuous thing I said about her was attacked. It made m defensive. It still happens now and then but I got more used to it.

    I realized they refused to say anything about who they were supporting or if they did would not say why. Just platitudes from their talking points.

    My Hillary boards and dem boards were mostly troll free the last 6 years!

    Nobody attacks the SOS.

  5. Remember, the media is only as liberal as the giant corporations that own it. Elections are a bonanza for ad sellers and they are going to try and marginalize Hillary Clinton as much as possible to make the elections as close as possible in order to secure the most profits in the election cycle.

    Clearly the fearmongering campaigns of the GOP are working on the old farts that vote for Republicans, but beyond that, the Republican platform has been reduced to shouting ugly names at people and blowing up foreigners. Do we really want to blow trillions more in tax dollars blowing up foreigners? The tax dollar we wasted in the Iraq fiasco could have funded Social Security for 75 years! think about that. The United States need to get its priorities straight and ditching the Republican Party is step one.

  6. Hillary is the most qualified candidate for President EVER! Shes got the gop squirming with fear. They know they’re gonna lose the WH again – why else would they need 20 “hopefuls”- all unqualified for the job. Its been clear in recent years, the gop doesnt care about actually governing, but only about winning. They have resorted to Koch-asskissing inorder to “buy” what they cannot win.
    Hillary’s got this – get out and vote her in please.

  7. I don’t think this article passes the Occam’s Razor test. The simplest explanation is the most likely.
    She used the hrod17 address to talk to Sid Blumenthal, one of her old friends from the 90’s. The calls were made on this other address in 2011 and 2012. She was Sec of State from 2009 to 2113. There is no doubt she had at least one secret address she used while SOS to keep in touch with Blumenthal w/out anybody else knowing.
    Why? Obama told her she could not hire Blumenthal when she became the SOS. She just created a new account and went around the president.
    This The Hillary folks; she does what she wants. Rules are for you and me.

  8. Rin, That’s because Hillary must Prove It to the American People. And she will!

    Once America see’s the Vision Hillary Paints for Our Future.

    And the Dark-Ages Vision The Pubs Paint.
    Unless Reagan comes back from the dead…
    The GOP CANNOT WIN 2016!

  9. You made me smile.

    I know she was most admired in the world 19 times but it is hard to believe when you are slumming at a sites infested with Rs who are brainwashed by Fox. If I go to those sites and read the comments – it makes me ill. They are vile.

  10. No that is the explanation in your pea sized brain.


    She changed email addresses after leaving state.

    You know nothing about tech, do you?

    State didn’t hire Sid, they are old friends. And it was personal due to his opp reasearch he wasn’t banned or anything.

    You know how to be sure it is not true?

    Go look at who is covering the story. ALL the Right wing nut jobs are.

  11. Unless you were on the staff of HRC or POTUS, which you weren’t, please do provide us with sources for your theories, which you can’t.

  12. She has tons of support all over the place. Everybody except people new to politics know more about her than any other candidate. As I said, she was voted most admired woman in the world 19 times. She has favorability ratings of 74% nationwide.

    Most political sites are writing stories about how she is creaming them all.

    Not here. Just seems odd to me and makes me wonder. It says liberal above and Politicus and there are pictues of Liz and Bernie all over the place. So I am guessing this is a liberal political board. I just thought it was pretty strange that the person with 60% of dems voting for her, after she already had more votes than any person in history in a primary, over 18 million, she is relegated to debunked hotair weaselzipper breitbart territory crapola – and I was asked how I like it.

    This site is not the norm.

    Something unusual to me. That’s all.

  13. A thief in a forest, sees a knife behind every tree.
    Thus the Republicans justification for Hillary bashing.

  14. Robert, Politico – at least I think it. Was them – mentioned right away that Blumenthal’s emails were UNSOLICITED. Yes, they are old friends. So what? Did you read what was said by FactCheck.org or just skip that part?

    On a personal note – I’m really sick of your unsourced snark, so l will be skipping your posts from now on. I just don’t have the time to waste.

  15. And Republican Rules are for THE RICH!
    GOP Forgot:

    “Whatever You have done for the least among you…You have done it for me”.

    Democrats are Fighting for *EVERYONE*.
    “The Least Among Us”

    DEMOCRATS Offer a helping-hand…
    Republicans Offer a middle-finger.

  16. Democrats over a helping hand??
    Republicans give you the middle finger??

    Baltimore: I didn’t see any looters

  17. Republicans are for the rich?
    Democrats offer a helping hand.
    I did see those democrats in Baltimore offer a helping hand turning over police cars and looting.

  18. I won’t comment at most of the big boards because they are sewers of lies. I don’t even look at comments on those sites.

    In 07 I was often on the Caucus Blog at the NY Times (even before they endorsed Hillary) and suddenly it was hit by tons of trolls of all kinds just stupid crap. When about a quarter of the comments are crap the good people just leave and they take over spewing fests.

  19. now comes the part where conservatives completely ignore all evidence and just keep repeating their lies until stupid people start to believe it.

  20. Name any legitimate news source to support your ignorant insult.

    Are you so gullible you do not understand the puke sites the Rs use are paid political propaganda? These stories are not reality based.

    Rob, do you buy Jade Helm militia take over too? Pedal your non-sense – it makes her stronger. Thanks!

  21. This is totally bypassing what the original issue with emails was. Originally, the issue was that Hillary used a private email account while she was secretary of state. It was legal to do, but many questioned her judgement in using a private email for official state business.

    This article is talking about one private email versus another private email. It is not addressing the original issue at all. So, Hillary, you are still on the hook about using poor judgement.

    Let the bashing begin. I don’t trust Hillary and believe when given the choice, she always seems to take the secretive, back-room path in most everything.

  22. The DC servers were hacked. The server designed for President Bill, was secure and never hacked.

    All email from or to her from anyone at State went on State’s server. She sent nearly all email from her one account to staff with State accounts while conducting State business.

    There is not only no rule against what she did, it was well known by everyone who sent her or received email from her and nobody questioned it. Her email address was clearly not on State server all along.

    And this is not an issue and never was.

    She cleared up the controversy with one brief remark. It was State related and saved, if personal deleted by her as her daughter’s wedding plans and mother’s funerals are of no concern of the public.

    It was an attempted smear and went nowhere.

    Where are Powells emails? DELETED. ALL OF IT.

  23. To the likes of ignorant you it is well said.

    Do you know how classified materials are conducted? Not by email.

    All the email non-sense is all about unclassified crapola.

    She handled things properly. We are talking rooms where debugging sweeps are done, secure guards, encryption, red phones, SS, FBI, CIA, NSA and alphabet soup checks on all government communications.

    They clear out whole hotels and block wifi when she arrived at places.

    You are a freaking lie spewer and nobody thinks you are right about anything.

    Continue beating your dead horse, and babbling like an imbecile.

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