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Matt Barber Uses Subterfuge and Deception to “Prove” Subterfuge and Deception

Charlie Butts at OneNewsNow says of’s Matt Barber, “An authority on homosexuality and God’s order of things pertaining to natural marriage understands the reasoning behind the latest false study attempting to legitimize same-gender marriage.”

An authority on homosexuality…Rreallllly….

What is that, a homosexualologist? What, exactly, is an expert on homosexuality and how do you get the training, Matt Barber?


And an authority on “God’s order of things pertaining to natural marriage”? What the heck is that? Do they have classes? A degree program?

Are you a Divine Orderologist?

I find the claims of expertise more confounding than the arguments which follow, which are themselves laughable. Namely that, “the entire argument behind the propagation of same-sex marriage was birthed on misinformation.”

“It’s the father of lies — taking something that God has created, perverting it and falsifying it in order to push sin and immorality.”

Here is the claim being advanced in OneNewsNow:

Matt Barber, founder of and a constitutional attorney, told OneNewsNow about a study published last year in Science that has been withdrawn. It consisted of a one-on-one 20-minute conversation containing dialogue with results that convince people to support same gender marriage.

After the study’s publication, its co-author, Michael LaCour, admitted that the dialogue and conclusion were fake:

“We have now another study here intended to create a false narrative that has collapsed under its own weight,” Barber asserted. “This is how the Left operates — particularly the well-funded and well-organized homosexual activist Left — through subterfuge and propaganda.”

Here is how The New York Times describes it:

The senior author of a widely covered study suggesting that gay political canvassers could change conservative voters’ views on same-sex marriage has asked that the report be retracted because his fellow author failed to produce the raw data. The study appeared in December in the journal Science, and numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, published articles on the findings.

Not quite the same, are they? So…the reason. Satan?

Here is Matt Barber, complaining that this study exposes the “subterfuge and deception” utilized by the “homosexual left” to push its agenda, while he himself uses subterfuge and deception to mis-characterize this study.

In fact, science – not just the journal but the scientific method – worked as it is supposed to work. Not only did the senior author himself reveal the study’s flaws, but asked that it be retracted:

Marcia McNutt, editor in chief of Science, said in a statement that “Science takes this case extremely seriously and will strive to correct the scientific literature as quickly as possible.”

Unlike antigay activists like Barber, who keep pushing false studies long after they are discredited, or long after it is demonstrated that the antigay activists are taking them out of context.

Barber is himself guilty of this in repeatedly citing a discredited study by Paul Cameron purporting to show that gay men have much reduced life spans. Barber also loves himself discredited academic (discredited by his own school, the University of Texas), Mark Regnerus.

At least Barber gets it right in his final analysis:

“When you’re trying to create a counterfeit falsehood, it is a necessary element — just as when you print counterfeit money, tools are used and ink, and it’s not the genuine item. So, in order to create a counterfeit, subterfuge and deception has to take place.”

It’s just that he’s the deceiver, not the “well-organized homosexual activist Left.”


Satan indeed, Matt Barber. Right from the horse’s mouth.

Barber is an expert after all.

Barber’s fellow antigay bigot Rick Joyner felt the need last month to apologize to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin for America becoming “a gay nation.” He ought to have apologized to the world for making America a laughingstock.

I have to ask at this point, why are these clowns still whining about gay this and gay that anyway?

Think about it. Gallup now says that a record high “Sixty percent of Americans now support same-sex marriage,” up from 55 percent last year. Support – or acceptance – has been steadily climbing since 1996, when it was a mere 27 percent.

And that’s not all. Gallup also reported this week that “For the first time, a majority of Americans say same-sex orientation is something gays and lesbians are born with rather than something that is determined by their upbringing or environment.”

And their god hasn’t punished us. Society hasn’t collapsed.

Barber’s rhetoric – that gays and lesbians will bring about societal collapse – is laughable and his “evidence” manufactured. He is a dishonest, backward-looking religious fanatic out of his depth in an increasingly inclusive modern liberal democracy.


And it is becoming increasingly difficult not to just point a finger and laugh.


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  • Such a dedicated scientist- leaving no gloryhole untended, and no hole unfilled...and then rapping with God to be sure if he didn't like it.
    -M. Makela

    In depth investigation and tireless hands on researching- most admirable.
    - T. Haggard.

  • There are days I wish I could see what happens to guys like this when they meet their maker. I mean, yes they did keep their faith, but I dont think that shoving it down everyone else's throat whether they like it or not is part of the deal.

    • Except all this has nothing to do with religion, it's about making a name for yourself in something you know will make you lots of money.
      Even if Barber's hate is fueled by his religion, he needs to be reminded, constantly, that America is NOT a theocracy,
      And his religious beliefs are his, and no one else's.
      He has no right to push them off on anybody.
      In America, every person is free to pursue the life they choose, and all people are considered equal.
      If Barber can't handle that truth maybe he needs to leave, and let the rest of us live our lives in peace.

  • The Creator watched as the religious Right-winger approached for admittance into the realm of God. The Creator noticed that the entity did not recognize what they were seeing. However, the message was sent out - "Do you seek solace back into the many?" Answer - "I come to be admitted into heaven." The Creators reply - there is no heaven, there is no hell; there is the void - nothingness or the many, which do you choose? The Right-winger said - "I don't understand. I am righteous & lived by God's laws. I went to Church every Sunday, I praised God, read God's word, the Bible, I condemned sin & Sinners who did not repent. The Creator replies - you speak of laws, we make no laws, write no words, we are not corporeal. But, we are you, you are us & we are one & the many. What you do as in bodily form - we care not. Do you wish to join with us? RW: "Even Gays & non-Christians are admitted?" All are welcome who wish to be the one and the many. "I want to live again." Creator: let it be so.

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