Republicans Have Passed 0 Jobs Bills During Their First 138 Days Running Congress


In their first 138 days in control of Congress, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have passed zero jobs bill. Instead, Republicans passed budgets that would give big tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.

The numbers, as compiled by Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, reveal the truth about the Republican Party.

0: GOP jobs bills passed in the 114th Congress.

5: Additional times the House GOP has voted in the past 135 days to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act (2015 Vote #14, 2015 Vote #45, 2015 Vote #58, 2015 Vote #142, 2015 Vote #183).

58: Times so far House Republicans have voted to repeal or undermine the ACA since 2011.

100: Percent of House Republicans who voted against bringing up the student loan refinancing bill.

2.9 million: Number of jobs that would be destroyed under the House GOP FY 2016 Budget.

$2,000: More in taxes for middle-class American families with children greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget.

$200,000: Average tax break for the wealthiest Americans making $1,000,000 or more greenlighted by the final FY 2016 Republican Budget.

99: Percent of House Republicans who voted against allowing a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act – a bill to ensure equal pay for equal work.
The only Republican attempt at a “jobs” bill was the Keystone XL legislation, which won’t create more than a handful of permanent jobs, and it isn’t a jobs bill. The Republican-run Congress has lived down to expectations. If you are a corporation in need of some regulatory rollback, or a wealthy person who wants a tax cut, the Republican Congress is your new best friend.

For working people, women, the poor, the disabled, veterans, and everyone else, Republicans are only interested in cutting what you have to give more to the wealthy.

The Republican Congress does not represent the majority of the American people. The congressional majority is being controlled by corporations and billionaires. Republicans are more interested in taking away your health care than creating an economic environment where people have good paying jobs.

The numbers don’t lie. Republicans are working against the interests of the majority in this country, which is why the American people must stand up and take their Congress back.

74 Replies to “Republicans Have Passed 0 Jobs Bills During Their First 138 Days Running Congress”

  1. What a dismal outlook for our country.

    What do people expect when they continue to vote GOP, or don’t vote at all?

    The GOP was not working for America years before 2012, yet ignorant people are still voting against their best interests.

  2. Boehner has no intention of calling a vote on a jobs bill. Hes already pledged allegiance to the Koch agenda. That means no new jobs to be formed because Obama would get credit for it. Same reason gop governors tried halting hiring in 2011 to screw Obama in 2012. They soon found out that they had to hire more people, the holdout was too long.

    Obama accomplished unemployment down to 5.4% despite the gop’s best efforts to screw him over. Good wins over evil.

  3. they haven’t reached 100 days yet… they use ‘dynamic calendar’ days…

    its a concept similar to ‘dynamic accounting’ they want the CBO to adopt…

  4. The government has no jobs! Only private business can create new jobs through growth. A jobs bill is just making more government workers. The money comes from the taxpayers. Since the upper 50% of wage earners pay almost all the taxes, it’s the perfect redistribution of wealth plan. Want to get more workers hired in real jobs? Reduce/eliminate the corporate income tax.

  5. Government helps provide the environment, so to speak, for businesses to hire people. And by the way, your hero President Reagan, increased the number of government employees by 225,000 in his first term.

  6. The only jobs Congressional Republicans are interesting in creating- their own, after they get removed from office.

  7. As a teacher that you claim to be I am glad that none of my children are in your classroom because you are an dumbass

  8. In fairness, they also create many jobs for attorneys, what with all the indictments and ethics charges aginst them and all the investigations they love to start.

  9. Since you are the Gatekeeper of this site I cannot refute you upon risk of banishment. No wonder you can call people names w/out actually addressing their points. it all makes sense now…

  10. So Robert is for more corporate welfare, he hasnt learned that trickle-down doesnt work. They dont need a tax cut to hire more, they just dont need that new yacht or private jet for themselves. Greed has inhibited new hiring. The gop is a front for a greed-driven society.

  11. No I call people dumbasses because they are dumbasses like you when you said you are against everything President Obama has done was a failure. When I pointed out what he did to save your ass you couldn’t even acknowledge it. So should I call you a dumbass or a card carrying racist?

    Remember what I said. Stay on topic

  12. Hillary and Bill have made more than 25 million in the last 16 months on speaking fees. Greed is a universal solvent.

  13. dj, allow me to clarify. Obama has had his share of “successes” in his terms as president. However, those successes in my opinion work against a robust self-reliant America. I don’t think Obama likes what America has stood for since WWII. His every decision creates more stress on us as a nation. I think he would like to see America collapse to a status no better than the other nations. Everything he promotes I see as a danger, an obstacle for our nation.

  14. dj: Not reliant on a nanny-state government that has gotten way too big from what the Founding Fathers intended. The idea of a “political class” would have shocked them.

  15. Authors, experts in many fields, Ivy league grad, Rhodes Scholar, President and Senator, Secty. of State, Governor, FLOTUS, future president, world wide charity outreach founders and the list goes on.

    They make money for the companies who hire them to speak. Those companies sell out their conventions with big ticket hotel room and meal packages, etc. If they had Scott Walker nobody would show up. But they come out for Bill or Hillary.

    Who are you voting for? Or considering to vote for?

  16. I am guessing you are not a wealthy man. Therefore, you vote against your own self interest. And you are too stubborn and blind to see it.

  17. You mean then Erie canal, the railroads, the interstate, the tva, the GI bill, how about your favorite the slave trade. You are no teacher because you are a dumbass

  18. Ah back then Mr.teacher there was a fight between Hamilton and Jefferson on the direction of the country and the role of government. BTW who gave you your teaching certificate?

  19. But, the Reichwing, Party of No day they are the job-creator party and the party of the Middle Class….

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.

  20. Robert speak all the pure crap you can spew from your fowl mind,,,but you do not represent me or most of my Vetran friends.Your Ideals are not in keeping with the advancement of America,,You are a self centered schill for the Idiots presently in charge of congress.. My bet is that you have never served your country in any military position in your life.. Were you brought up in a home with no father to teach you that selfishness is not an American thing to aspire to? Go about your pitiful selfish life and get in line with the money changers..America once worked very well and it sure wasent being operated by a bunch of self serving Idiots like todays congress.

  21. What a coincidence that most of the states who take more from the federal government each year than they
    contribute are run by repug fools. Red states ARE the
    “nanny” suckers! What stress to us as a nation did the
    double-tap on OBL create, Robert?

  22. Not all but most white people are stupid. They let their racism and a false sense of white supremacy rule their thought. Never mind they don’t have a pot to piss in like the people they hate

  23. 1. Jobs aren’t created by legislation, they are created by businesses when they HIRE people. Businesses hire people when they need human resources to meet consumer demand.

    2. No one is Giving anything to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class or the poor. They are simply voting to allow people to keep what they already earned. Incidentally the wealthy are the ones who own the businesses and hire other people, the more successful they are the more people they hire.

    3. Financial Equality cannot be forced through government mandated wage laws.

    4. Nothing is free. Everything must be paid for by someone. The government doesn’t pay for anything, Taxpayers do from their own earnings. You have to take it from someone before you can give it to someone else.

  24. Every government program you cited is more than 70 years old: pre WWII. Government lost its way in the 1960’s.
    Back to topic: Why do we need a jobs bill? Everybody says the Stock Market is booming, job growth is amazing, unemployment has been cut in half. Obama has the country back on its feet again! Seems to be a mixed message here…

  25. 6 years of cleaning up after the Bush regime – unpaid wars, torture(war crimes), Cheney administration loss of 2.3 Trillion unaccounted for $ per Rumsfeld presser 9-10-01, job loss 800,000/month, stock market at 7,000. Why do Democrats have to historically clean up after the gop?

    Obama saved this country from the greed-driven extremists.

  26. Our infrastructure is crumbling and in disrepair. We need to fix or rebuild…

    Here are many jobs, Boehner, in a jobs bill on your desk or lost!

    TANKS A LOT ….

  28. Could be babelfish of some language converted to English.

    Or someone is having heat stroke and we should call 911.

  29. Paul, Don’t forget that the unions started going downhill during Tricky. St Ronnie helped kill the union movement when he fired all the Air Traffic Controllers. What an inspiration to the corporations. If St Ronnie can do it, so can we.

    Although the 401K legislation passed under Carter, it was St. Ronnie who put the 401K into high gear. Screw the pensions; let the people fend for themselves. The 401K surely made corporate boards happy. They even kicked in a small amount of matching funds to make the 401K seem sweeter.

    However, most middle-income workers would gladly pass up the thrill of picking their own mutual funds in favor of a guaranteed retirement income. (Pension)

  30. Oh, another source says why he won. He rigged it. Just a typical stolen straw poll among theives.

    “Carson and his supporters made a priority of winning the straw poll, which they hoped would demonstrate his strength among grassroots Republicans. Pro-Carson activists flooded the event, passing out literature and lobbying attendees to support him in the straw poll. His super PAC even purchased 100 tickets to the conference and re-sold them to activists at a cheaper price. “That certainly gave him an advantage,” said Bill Shapard, whose firm, SoonerPoll, conducted the survey.”

    The honorable Dr. Carson’s chances of being the eventual nominee are zippo.

  31. Drove through it once on a journey down 66… to the Canyon.

    Stopped in Okema, to pay tribute to Woody.

    Found his little tribute park where his home was. Got all choked up.

    This land is our land.

  32. Oklahoma wasn’t always the land of the stupid and what’s funny when I moved here they are the most friendly people you will meet. I just don’t understand it

  33. “None of the other Republicans polled competitively. Chris Christie finished fourth with 5.3 percent, followed by Rick Perry at 5 percent and Jeb Bush at 4.9 percent. All three of those prospective candidates spoke here this week. Three others—Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal—finished at 4.1 percent each. Most surprising was Mike Huckabee, whose 2016 strategy relies heavily on performing well in the South. He finished in a distant 10th place, tied with Carly Fiorina at only 2.7 percent — possibly because he did not address the conference.”

    Huckster & Carly bringing up the rear end. She is not going to be VP, they tried to have an empty skirt before and it didn’t work out.

  34. DJ, by “they” I didn’t mean democratic party Okies. I meant the Rs.

    Merle Haggard had a lot going for him, despite his initial song about those dang hippies…

  35. EP, you are obviously lacking in economics and history. I am going to give you something to google: “Reagan, the great American Socialist” Take the time to read a few articles, especially the main article by a Prof at SMU.

    It is certainly true that the wealthy are the job creators. But the jobs are created overseas where labor is cheaper. Why? More profits.

    Ask people in Peoria IL what they think of Caterpillar. Caterpillar Corporation has seen fit to build factories all over the world. Further I do believe that Caterpillar has the parts for Caterpillars manufactured in “Right to Work for Less” states. I do wonder why.

    We need jobs in this country that pay decent salaries so the workers can clear the markets.

    Henry Ford had the right idea. He paid his workers enough so they could afford to buy Ford’s automobiles.

  36. The corporate tax rate has been at 35% since 1994 – it was even higher under St. Ronnie. Funny thing is the largest growth rates was during the 50s when the highest corporate tax rate was at about 52% – Guess that is just fluke.

    Nope! Strangely, the higher corporate rate encourages corporations to do things that will put them into a lower rate, which one of those things is — hiring people. The more people you pay the lower your corporate net profits thus the lower your tax liability, that puts the corporation in a lower tax bracket and paying a lower corporate tax rate.

    Hey folks this is not rocket science. Any of us who want a lower tax rate take deductions so do corporations. Lately, the deductions are for moving jobs out of the US. When we need jobs in the US. We need to change he incentive to growing businesses and jobs in the US. Lowering the tax rate & more deregs is not going to do it.

  37. This Land Is Your Land
    Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

    This land is your land This land is my land
    From California to the New York island;
    From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
    This land was made for you and Me.

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    I saw below me that golden valley:
    This land was made for you and me.

    I’ve roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps
    To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts;
    And all around me a voice was sounding:
    This land was made for you and me.

    When the sun came shining, and I was strolling,
    And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling,
    As the fog was lifting a voice was chanting:
    This land was made for you and me.

    As I went walking I saw a sign there
    And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.”
    But on the other side it didn’t say nothing,
    That side was made for you and me.

    The song goes on for two more stanzas I don’t have the roo…

  38. Robert, corporate tax has already been eliminated. Just ask Walmart, General Electric, and the NFL how much do they pay in taxes. It’s a shame and a slap in the face to the middle class and working poor.

  39. Unfortunately those that should see and understand this article, would only claim that it is biased and political, and those that agree already knew this kind of thing.

  40. I begin with a reply to Eliner Tryon-Elgin but then I go a little off subject.

    The 1950’s are considered the good old days. Who was President? Ike, the last decent republican president. (Jerry Ford was decent but he wasn’t elected.) Ike’s tax rates were HIGH and the country prospered. And it wasn’t because of catching up with demand from WWII. The war had been over almost 8 years when Ike became President. So it was the HIGH taxes that IKE imposed which made the country prosper.

    Now try this on for size. The only real tax break for Joe Middle Class is the home mortgage interest deduction. Why not abolish that so we can give the wealthy more tax welfare so they can create a lot more jobs overseas where they can make even higher profits? Just asking.

  41. Actually, Rob, it’s demand that creates jobs. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that tax cuts, whilst providing some benefits for employers, do not benefit the economy as a whole. However, increasing the minimum wage does as it generates more disposable income in society, which means that employers of business A directly benefit from the pay increases given to employees in business B, C, D ad infinitum. More funds being put in the hands of workers creates more demand, and also creates more employment, since staff are required to service this demand. All tax cuts serve to do, especially in tandem with a freeze or reduction on minimum wage, is put more profit into the hands of shareholders and/or businesses themselves, whilst cutting the income to the government, as the workers are also paying less tax due to earning less. I’d suggest doing some reading on this; there have been some reports recently which demonstrate this ove the years…

  42. Then you seriously need your vision checked! President Obama wants a strong economy in which a majority of Americans prosper and flourish, have the ability to get further education without amassing tens of thousands in debt to do so, and yet you and other RW’ers continuously claim he doesn’t want this country to succeed. Anyone who could vote GOP is far more guilty of wanting to see our country fail because the GOP doesn’t want President Obama to have any success while in office. He has succeeded DESPITE them and they are far too narrow minded to realize that if they had worked with him, they would have shared in the success rather than having the President as the only one considered to be doing the right thing for our country. Instead, they have fought him at every turn, including a jobs bill that would have produced millions of jobs and shored up our failing infrastructure. In all seriousness, why do RW’ers hate this country?

  43. You and I have no idea what the founding fathers would think of our government today. However, they certainly wouldn’t be in favor of the theocracy that RW’ers have been trying to implement. Their ideas regarding the separation of church and state couldn’t have been more clear despite the GOP pretending our nation was based on biblical principles.

  44. djc, Spot-On!
    If only H> Included in her US-Vision:

    “I want to see Top-Notch Train-Travel criss-crossing America, just like Europe”!

    Believe me:
    The Wealthy INTEND to Privatize our Train Travel, just like the privatized Airline Travel!

    Here’s what THE GOP PICTURE:

    ***Beautiful Class-Act Bullet Train From Miami to New York…

  45. Would the Founding Fathers have signed off on multi-billion dollar bailouts, such as those handed to AIG and the Big Banks and called that “Small Government”? In reality, both sides want big government and welfare; they just disagree as to who should get the welfare in question. Democrats/Liberals want it extended to the poor and needy; Republicans/Conservatives want it extended to business and the wealthy. Both seek a benefit to society, though the direct benefit of a healthy working class and a reduction in poverty I believe is preferable to a wealthier upper class. The big divide is an either/or mentality; welfare for the poor whilst business crashes is unsustainable; business success at the expense of social devastation is not civilised. Obama has managed to achieve a bit of both, despite the mono-focussed efforts of the Right.

  46. Headline ‘O the Day: Feature not bug edition

    I have written for a long time that the fact that the public sector helped build the black middle class over the past four decades is one of the main reasons the right wing hates it so much. I’ve heard the racist talk for years when I’ve stood in line at the DMV and the Post Office or overhearing conversations about “the problem with teachers.” (You don’t hear it as much about cops and firefighters, but all you have to do is look at the lawsuits against “quotas” to know it exists.) These people consider government work largely a “welfare program” and resent the fact that public employees have good benefits and decent salaries because they are undeserving. And by “undeserving” they mean black

    Steven Greenhouse ‎@greenhousenyt

    Obama is a very bad Socialist–government employment has shrunk under him, but grew under Reagan,Clinton, both Bushes

  47. Robert, I can’t name any corporations that are undertaking building of our roads, bridges, or airports. Neither can you. Now, you can go back to bed.

  48. dj, You state something that f*cking racist and the cowards on this site let you get by with it. Then you call other people racist ! Unbelievable !!

  49. All one has to do is read your idiocy and my point is proven. And the next time you talk about people on this site your dumb ass will be taking a vacation that you will not come back from

  50. Oh, now I’m apparently “I’m in Love with Israel” because I pay attention to all of the details you choose to ignore.

  51. No you pay attention to Zionist propaganda Nothing more and nothing less. And you can answer this one last time but we are off topic and any other post will be deleted

  52. No, I pay attention to all of the details. Not just the ones you like to denigrate.

    It’s called Science, for a reason. You argue like a Creationist/Republican arguing about how bad Obama is when it comes to jobs bills.

  53. Once upon a time, these pigs would try to hide their allegiance to the very wealthy and they would lie about being for the middle class and the poor. Now they are out in the open with their hatred for the middle class and poor and their love for the rich.

    Similarly, dark money to buy politicians used to be hidden (hence the term, dark money), now they are blatantly out in the open like the KKKochs who declare they plan to spend $896 billion to buy the presidency.

    This is the legacy of the most hated Supreme court in history, which facilitates these fascists. Where is the America we once knew?

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