John McCain Celebrates Memorial Day By Calling For More Americans To Die In The Middle East

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Sen. John McCain celebrated Memorial Day weekend by going on CBS’ Face The Nation and calling for Americans to be sent to die in a new war in the Middle East.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

SCHIEFFER: And for more on this, we`re now joined by the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, John McCain.

Well, you heard what Clarissa just said. You have called this a strategy a disaster, but what can, what should we be doing about this?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: I think there`s a lot of things we can do.

First, have the president recognize that he was incorrect when he said we`re not losing. We had before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week two architects of the surge that won. And we did have it won until the decision was made to withdraw all troops.

And I won`t get into that fight with you, but Senator Graham and I predicted at the time that this would happen. I`m sorry we were wrong. We need to have robust strategy. We need more troops on the ground. We need forward air controllers.


SCHIEFFER: Well, you know, Senator, and the president called these latest setbacks, he called them technical setbacks or something to that effect.

But there`s no appetite in this country, I think it`s fair to say, for sending a lot more American troops into Iraq. But is that in the end going to be necessary? And I guess the reason I would ask you that, is this posing a threat to our national security?

MCCAIN: Well, first of all, there is a larger number of Americans that believe we ought to have more American troops on the ground, not the massive 82nd Airborne, but certainly in the realm of several — a number of thousands, so we can do the missions that I just described to you.

John McCain wants everybody to relax. He is only advocating for sending thousands of young Americans to die. In his view, this is apparently no big deal. It is Memorial Day weekend, and John McCain went on national television to argue for more war in the Middle East.

Is there ever a day in his life when John McCain doesn’t try to send more young Americans off to war?

A big piece of what is at stake in the 2016 election is that warmongers like John McCain are itching to return to the Bush foreign policy of perpetual war in the Middle East. Every time John McCain opens his mouth and argues for more war, he confirms that voters made the correct choice when they elected Barack Obama to be the next president in 2008.

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  1. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t watch FTN today because I knew McWarmonger would be on. But you know, I just HAD to see it. HAD TO! So, in his first breath, he put down the President, and suggested more “boots on the ground”. Scheiffer led him into that rant by his questions, but, this privileged old man in a privileged position, is oh, so wrong, in my estimation because that’s all he advocated. Nothing else. I should really pay more attention to myself!

  2. Mary, it’s official: Politic Fiend. Just like the rest of us. Butdon’t feel bad, I don’t care for Republicans either, or their idealogy.[wink]

  3. I think that John and all the others that feel like the war should continue should go back to war themselves

  4. That’s why I said “if.” ISIS took an Iraqi city last week, they seem to be advancing in the area. Many of the countries around them are becoming more unstable. So I ask again: Anybody worried about Israel?

  5. As soon as Bush stopped paying off the Sunni’s….for his and Petraeus fake ” surge ” the Sunni’s stopped fighting.

    All it was was a ” surge ” of your money, nothing more.

  6. I think we do need more people fighting in Iraq… starting with McCain and all the other damn warmakers who got us into this mess. Take the leaders of the MIC, put them in orange jumpsuits and send them to Iraq with weapons to die fighting the insurrection they created.

  7. the President had to withdraw the troops from Iraq because the Iraq government would not grant immunity to our troops if there were any civilian deaths.

  8. This is so sad that I do not know where to begin. John McCain should know better. He had been in a war situation, was a prisoner of war and yet he advocates for war. Surely, his experience was not so wonderful that he feels that war is the only answer.

    Mother of a retired US Navy AC1., who breathed a sigh of relief when he finally retired from military service.

  9. In Flanders Fields
    by John McCrae, May 1915
    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

  10. Tell Senator McCain to suit up and go fight in the Middle East himself. By the way, how many of his young relatives is he encouraging to go to the Middle East and fight???

  11. We need to demand that any congressperson who votes to send Americans into war, has to disclose their stock holdings in defense contracting companies. Keeping us in constant war is a HUGE money maker till the end of time.

  12. “First, have the president recognize that he was incorrect when he said we`re not losing.”

    Losing?? I didn’t even know that we were officially in a fight with ISIS.

    And frankly, Republican lawmakers are a far greater threat to the well-being of this nation than ISIS will ever be.

  13. I feel you but they have to do their constitutional duty and declare war and bring the draft back with no exemptions

  14. Israel can fend for herself with the 150-300 nuclear warheads she possesses thanks to the American taxpayer. And if you’re worried about Israel, go over there and sign up for the IDF, troll.

  15. Well for one thing: Saudi Arabia. I had quite enough of a Religious Government when I was in the military in that shit-hole of a country.

  16. Am I worried about Israel?

    They’re doing just fine dealing with the incessant rocket attacks. And they seem quite capable of dealing properly with any other religiously motivated threats.

  17. I am of two mind with the Middle East.
    I feel that we should do something about the Bu$h created ISIS.
    But I also remember when the Taliban were called Freedom-Fighters by Saint Ronnie.
    And I do remember that all too many Middle Easterners want the U.S. out of their countries.

    There comes a point when you have to admit that anything you do will be wrong.

    We’ve shed enough of our own blood there.
    If McSame wants more of our blood there, he can lead from the front.

  18. The real news story will be when there is a Sunday and John McCain is not on television stoking another war.

    I think he and his friend, Lindsay Graham, should start up a private army and go the the Middle East and invade any and all countries. Let McCain and Graham pay for it in their own cash too; nothing on the national credit card this time around.

  19. Every interview of McCain is a glaring reminder of the fact that he graduated 894th out of 899 in the class of ’58 at the Naval Academy.

  20. Evidently, Israel isn’t worried. Have you heard if they are in the fight against ISIS?
    Me neither.
    I find it more than odd…that some in the U.S.are worried about Israel …and more than a few want to send our young over to fight to protect them. Yet, Israel remains on the sidelines when it comes to ISIS.
    There are all kinds of excuses. The bottom line they also apply to the U.S.
    Allow the people most affected by ISIS fight against it.

  21. McCain wants to send over a few thousand boots so he can keep the fighting going indefinitely for the war contractors. If he REALLY wanted to end ISIL, he would advocate reinstatement of the draft–no bullshit ted nuggent exemptions, and send over a million or so pissed off draftees to handle the situation. Keep in mind, the only way to kill an ideology is to kill the person who has it. Fighting piecemeal didn’t work in Korea, VietNam, Iraq or Afganistan. The ONLY end to a war on ideology is annihilation. If you don’t want to go with that, STFU, John!

  22. as a veteran myself I do not consider John a hero. He went off mission and was shot down. He spent more than 5 years as a POW where most others captured was tortured and killed. He father was Admiral and he had to give them something to stay alive, only he knows for sure. As a vet he should want to avoid hand to hand combat he knew first hand what of it/was like. This perceived war based on a LIE is not worth any more American lives. What we need is correction to face the world as a true leader right versus wrong direction for human interaction on planet earth not this destroy and conquer mentality whereas those advocating are not going. If they feel that passionate about going to war pick up a gun and go. War does not discriminate against age, sex or religion he’s still capable as with his war-mongering friends. Please do America that Favor.
    Go McCain Please

  23. Ever hear of the six-day war? If any three countries can’t take Israel, a bunch of poorly-trained lunatics should pose no threat. And, as a conservative, why should you be playing the “well-being of others'” card? Are they job-creators now? Do they further American interests? Hell, they aren’t even a Christian nation. If the Ay-rabs manage to overrun them, well, I guess it just shows that they were too lazy and lacking in motivation. And demanding welfare off us! Damned Welfare Queens! Why are American taxpayer dollars going to prop up a country that can’t support itself? Or does that only apply if we’re discussing the poor or veterans? Seriously, though, when the Right determines the “strength” of foreign policy on body counts rather than on a leader’s ability to bring peace without bathing a country in blood, one has to question their ability to govern and lead in a volatile political region…

  24. Anyone who votes for this lumpy little SOB should be prepared to send their OWN kids or grandkids to fight overseas. Who votes for this self obsessed fake? He should go and advise his BFF Ms. Lindsey on choosing a VP. Maybe he would recommend $carah PayMe since she was such a big hit for him? Hardly a role model for any mature person. We dodged a bullet by overwhelmingly electing the SANE peace loving President Barak Obama.

  25. Absolutely!

    When I write this, I always add that they need to lead the charge to war with their families alongside them.

    THEN, we’d see how often they’d call for war!

  26. Maybe John can speak to his friends, Issis, take another “selphie” with them. Look up McCain takes Selphie with Issis. Such a warmonger.

  27. Absolutely,The famous SURGE finally someone who knows the truth. How in the world could this be done in such a short time..same as giving arms for hostages.Ya right, they well stop fighting if we ask them..nicely.Pay them to stop fighting. LIES, and liers.

  28. How long has it taken to train the Iraqi Troops?almost 10 years. And when confronted, they threw down the weapons we gave them and ran away…not once, not twice but 3 times…while our troops get basic training and are shipped over…whose war is this anyway…pick up our weapons our troops and get the Hell out of HELL>
    McCain and its Warmongers can take over..

  29. …how much was McCain damaged by his time as a POW??? It’s in his Navy records,which his daddy sealed so nobody can ever see all his fluck-ups, including his part in the Forrestal disaster…
    …so McCain is dain bramaged…what’s his beotch Lindseys excuse??? He spent his time in the Air Force Stateside…what we in the service call a REMF. {Rear Echelon Mo-Fo} somebody who was NEVER in harms way.
    McCains brain might well compute that if we had more boots on the ground, he and his fellow POWs coulda been rescued, as opposed to political wheeling and dealing instigated by Admiral McCain…he’s ashamed, so he opposed any deals to free hostages…
    {{{I’m NOT makin’ excuses for McCain, I’m just detailing psychological data that might apply.}}}
    So for all the Neo-Con-Artists who wanna have “Boots on the Ground”, get a gun and go yourself…and/or your kids…put YOUR blood on the line and you MIGHT have credibility.

  30. WE DON’T NEED NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN IRAQ! We had boots on the ground for 10 years, we bled, we gave armaments, we trained the Iraquis. For WHAT? for them to flee, drop their weapons (later picked up by ISIS)and dissapear? They don’t have the WILL to defend their country from the ISIS rampage. Who trained ISIS? Not us. Then why are they kicking ASS in Iraq and Syria? Look, these war-hawks don’t give a dayuum about Iraq. The McCains and all the retired generals, now “FOX contributors” feel that Obama’s strategies are “failing”. The blood thirsty neo-cons want the US to be bad ass on the block, get back in the fight and show the world that WE CAN SETTLE THIS CRISIS/Religious war betwee Shiites and Sunnis. It ain’t gonna happen, no matter HOW MANY boots on the ground we put in the fire. Let the Iraquis provide THEIR boots, and FIGHT them bad ass ISIS. Their fight, NOT ours. Period!

  31. Put WAR to a vote by the people. If the gop is so hot to go to war, send Ryan, Walker, Santorum and the others who never, ever served. Let them experience just what horror it is. They should go visit the young people who came back maimed, burned and suffering PTSD. Let Jeb Bush take his family over there, see what his brother (and Cheney) caused. Millions of people either died or suffered terribly for WHAT? Liz Cheney has 5 kids, how many are in the service, or plan to join? Of course, they will be handed cushy jobs because of their name, like the Bush clan. No need to sign their lives away in hopes of scholarships if and when they return home, hopefully in one piece. Just whose freedoms are our servicepeople protecting, Israels? All the millions sent over there could have been used to rebuild OUR infrastructure and schools. Isrealis have National Health Care too. Must be nice.

  32. John McCain and Lindsay Graham are the two biggest warmongers in the senate. I am against sending any U.S. Troops to a country like Iraq where the solders turn around and run. Leaving billions of dollars worth of American arms to the enemy. The only people I have any support for are the Kurds who have shown that they are brave and willing to fight. Let these countries fight their own wars.

  33. A Lifetime Of War
    Last week the Washington Post ran a blog post titled “Washington Post Story: Here’s how much of your life the United States has been at war.” The author Philip Bump, used a chart to show the percentages of a lifetime an American has spent at war, based on their ages.

    This got me thinking about just how many American wars I’ve experienced during my lifetime.
    Read More

  34. Sorry McCain.. We’re going to sit this one out. But, let us know when YOU and Lindsey are ready to mount up. Hoorah!

  35. The next time you see John McCain or any other Republican talking about “judgment” and responsibility, think about this:

    EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin spotted ‘arguing’ with her daughter’s ex-fiance on what was supposed to be their wedding day while Bristol stays away to party with exotic model friend

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    She would have been one heart attack away from running the world.

  36. John McCain is completely lacking in moral character. He cheated on his physically disabled first wife when she was no longer pretty enough or rich enough to advance his political aspirations. He played the field and then dumped her so that he could marry a younger, richer woman, whose father is alleged to have had ties with the Jewish Mafia in Tucson.

    The younger, richer woman is a smart cookie though. She made the senile old lecher sign a prenuptial agreement, files separate income tax returns, and will not even tell him how many houses she owns.

    John McCain then nominated Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, which shows how little respect he has for the office and for women in general. If warmonger McCain had been elected President, we would have been in a new war every other week, and the dingbat Palin would be one heartbeat away.

    Even McCain admits he has a violent ungovernable temper, and gives that as an excuse for not using e-mail.

  37. Oh john, john, john. You not-so-cleverly forgot that it was your bushie boy that negotiated the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement and the withdrawal date for the troops. And Bob Schieffer must have been asleep to let mccain’s lie pass without question.

    But just because john mccain has been wrong about everything all along, does that necessarily mean he’s wrong this time?

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