Duggar Boycott Grows As 2 More Advertisers Dump 19 Kids And Counting



The 19 Kids and Counting advertiser boycott is growing as two more companies have announced that they will not buy ads on future airings of 19 Kids and Counting.

Payless Shoe Source confirmed via Twitter that they will no longer be buying ads on 19 Kids and Counting:


In response to pressure, Choice Hotels announced that they will no longer be advertising on the show:


Payless and Choice join General Mills as advertisers who have already decided that they will not buy ads on 19 Kids and Counting. TLC is refusing to cancel the show, and is even weighing options for going forward with the program without self-admitted molester Josh Duggar. The three advertisers that have refused to buy ads on 19 Kids are a good first step, but there is a large of advertisers like Walgreens and Keurig who have issued statements that are non-committal about their future advertising on any Duggar programming.

TLC and the corporate giants who advertise on 19 Kids and Counting are trying to ride out the storm by pulling the show for now. Pulling a program from the schedule is not the same as cancelation. TLC and corporate America are willing to turn a blind eye to child molestation in the name of profits.

It is up to viewers to keep pressuring TLC and advertisers to do the right thing and cancel 19 Kids and Counting. You can do your part by signing our petetion telling TLC to cancel the show.

Here is list of companies and brands that advertise on 19 Kids and Counting:

Panera Bread
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Firehouse Subs
Pizza Hut
Pure Leaf Iced Tea
State Farm Insurance
Allstate Insurance
Benjamin Moore
Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
King’s Hawaiian
Jimmy Dean
Oscar Mayer
Ace Hardware
Arm & Hammer
Minute Maid
Party City
Lowe’s Home Improvement
David’s Bridal
ConAgra Foods

The brands listed above need to know that there is a price to be paid for supporting a television program that features a molester and his parents who covered up the crimes. These companes need to understand that advertising on any Duggar related programming will be viewed as support for sexual abuse against children.

TLC and advertisers guessed wrong the storm clouds are growing darker, as advertisers are beginning to abandon 19 Kids and Counting.

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  1. And be prepared for weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth- as so many folks will claim that they (Josh Duggar) is being ‘unfairly’ targeted for his Christian/Political/viewpoints/beliefs.. etc etc, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    As opposed to his pay-no-attention-to-my-behavior-attitude.

  2. Josh duggars is being lambasted because he is a sexual predator and pedophile period, as are all who commit a sex crime are stigmatized bar none.

  3. I thought pro-pedophiles…I mean….Christians, worshiped the free market?

    It sure seems to be making a judgment against them.

  4. Wasn’t TLC once called The LEARNING Channel and when did they turn to broadcasting this type of garbage?

  5. I remember it well, they used to teach things and began being dummed down in 2001.
    Is it a coinsidence that Bush was in the WH? The media was to be dummed down to accommodate the uneducated tea bag/repubs who now watch it.

    “TLC (an abbreviation of its former name, The Learning Channel) is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is owned by Discovery Communications. Initially focused on educational & learning content, by 2001, the network began to primarily focus towards reality-style series involving lifestyles, family life and personal stories.”


  6. You can mark CVS and WalGreens off your list. I have tweets from them that they have pulled from 19 kids…

  7. As usual, a republican hypocrit, talking tough in order to get elected. Then hiding the incest in his own family. Then begging off on forgiveness and repentance when exposed. These people make me sick.

  8. Wow. That’s really offensive. I consider myself to be Christian, and by no means am I in this guy’s corner. The show should be pulled, he should be in Prison, and his parents should be making public apologies that do not include the word, “but.” They should probably go to prison for covering it up, too! Not to mention neglect. Maybe if they were not so busy mass producing babies, they could have gave the kid some guidance, and prevented it from ever happening.

  9. Joshes acts may not have progressed to intercouse, but for a family with such strict sexual taboos, his acts were certainly incestuous and definately illegal.

  10. This list needs to be updated. The following advertisers have confirmed in writing (on twitter) that they are dropping 19 Kids:

    Pure Leaf Iced Tea
    Behr Paint

    I haven’t been able to find anything in writing to confirm re Wyndham and Jimmy Dean.

  11. CVS replied to my tweet stating although they do run ads on TLC, they will not run on 19kids!!! Thanks CVS

  12. They always do the same thing, Moongrim—go into their outrage and victims modes when one of their own has been exposed as a liar and a hypocrite. I’ve seen it so much that when they pull this act now, I pay them no attention. Their main goal appears to be to impose their beliefs onto others, then claim that their minority view represents the view of the majority. It doesn’t.

  13. Josh was never convicted of anything. Having said this, I do believe he and his family should be dropped from the network ONLY because of the whole Boo-Boo crap that went on. Everyone has a skeleton in their closet somewhere along the lines. I am not saying that molestation is an “ok” thing by any means, but to look down on the whole family for a few peoples actions is sort of asinine.I stole candy from the store a few times when I was between 10 and 15. Do my actions from my childhood define me as a thief as an adult? I was molested as a child. I will forever be a victim, I would not consider my attacker as an adult to be anything but a God fearing Christian man. I commend him for this. STOP bashing what you do not REALLY know and accept that people change and grow up!. Enough rant.

  14. Karri – he is NOT a good Christian man. He’s a predator still at large for what he did to you. That’s what makes you ‘forever a victim’. Restorative justice requires him to make amends to you and probably to pay a cost for that. Premature forgiveness isn’t helping you. It’s protecting someone whose actions you may not know but only think you know who has gone on to cover up his deeds – and STILL DO THEM for all you can tell. And that means you’re abetting his perversions against yet other children – which is again why you’re a victim instead of a survivor. Please get counseling for your own sake. What comes to him he earned. You deserve the freedom from that experience. Anyone (him) can SAY, “Lord, lord”. Remember that passage. Heed it.

  15. It’s stuff like this that turned me off of religion.Republicans believe in the old phrase====Do as I say not what I do===.I honestly believe people that don’t go to church regularly, treat their fellow man better the those that do.

  16. Oh please, Karri – He was never convicted of anything because instead of going to the real police, his father went to a family friend who was a police officer (who was later convicted and sent to prison TWICE for child pornography!). And instead of doing his job and reporting it as he is obliged to, he let it go. This is why he was not convicted. Not by any means because he was innocent. This whole thing was swept under the rug and that’s why we see his pudgy, smug smile plastered all over the place.

  17. Karri, Josh “was never convicted” because by the time the police knew about the problem, the statute of limitations had expired.

  18. Fortunately Walgreens has now pulled its ads, so I will always go there instead of CVS. I’ll also have to give up Macy’s, but the other products I never buy anyway. Thank you for this list. I’ve written them all down.

  19. Oh, I see that some of you are saying that CVS has dropped them, so now my biggest problem is Macy’s. But I WILL NOT shop there as long as they support the Duggars. Mama June makes a very good point. Who would’ve thought.

  20. That’s doing the same thing as the people your criticizing. All Christians don’t belong in that blanket statement. I know Christians who are sincere, devout, loving, kind and generous.You probably do too. Gotta go look for that petition to sign.

  21. We’re trying hard on this FB page to spread the word and try to update with confirmed pages responding they have pulled advertising.

    Boycott TLC 19 Kids and Counting

  22. No, Christians do not worship the free market, Christians worship God. Jesus was against greed, by the way, and as for the Duggars, I consider them to be some kind of pagans.

  23. I consider them to be some kind of pagans.
    Paganism — Where Should Christians Draw the Line?

    Paganism is a highly controversial subject. Can we use pagan customs in the church of God? We already do. Simply because something has a pagan origin does not mean that it is sinful to use it, even for a religious use.

  24. No one has commented on Presidential hopeful(not) Huckabee intervening to get molestation charges expunged from his, Josh’s, record. What about all the black and brown skinned individuals wrongly accused all over the “Christian” South? Same old crap coming from the sanctimonious hate filled Bible thumping idiots ruining our civil liberties based on their misinterpretation of Christ’s teachings. It’s people like the “Christian right” that have turned me against all organized religions.
    Can we force the south to succeed from our Union and take their confederate flag with them?

  25. We can try to have them secede, but like so many Conservatives (especially Quebec in Canada) all they’re good for is to threaten to secede.

    Actually following through, is too much like honest work…

  26. I am a VERY adult survivor of child sexual abuse–and I am appalled that Discovery Communications continues to waffle about canceling the 19 Kids and Counting show.

    There is NO middle ground here: recent revelations about the son’s abuse of his sisters, coupled with the parents’ knowledge, cover-up, and return of the perpetrator to the household, make this family utterly ineligible for celebrity status.

    Religious overtones aside, continuing to feature these people on the TLC Web site, and to dangle the prospect of some re-tooled version of the show is highly damaging and offensive to me–and to the millions of other survivors of CSA.

    These parents’ glib assertion that “the girls forgive Josh” is so wholly inadequate a response to this problem that it revictimizes the daughters–and every other survivor of CSA that tunes in.

    I do not care HOW much money you’ve made from these people; it’s time to kick them to the curb Honey BooBoo style.

  27. I called my State Farm agent and told him Allstate already pulled their ads. I told him State Farm backs too many Republicans and their shenanigans, and I will be calling Allstate or now E-surance, as they are backed by Allstate. His puny reply was that I knew he was a “true” Christian, and that he had no control over Corporate “goings on” as he put it. My reply was, call corporate and let them know you are getting complaints, and that I would be e-mailing Corporate. i told him I would tell them what he just told me, sounded like he might cry.

  28. But his Dad stated that you should be killed for this type of act. Nothing like talking out of both sides of your mouth. If it had been an African American, castration would have been in order to say the least. IOKIYAR!!! That’s the motto.

  29. Beautifully said. I’m so sorry for your past experience…further proof that abuse/molestation is a life-long memory and shouldn’t “get a pass”. :(

  30. The family friend of Jim Bob Duggar, Former Arizona Trooper Joseph Hutchens, twice convicted on child pornography possession & distribution charges, regrets he didn’t do the right thing when faced with a lying Jim Bob & Josh Duggar in 2003. Jim Bob only mentioned 1 instance of Josh fondling a little girl in her sleep, while at the time Jim Bob knew there were at least 5 instances. I would have to wonder if any of former Trooper Joseph Hutchens images he was arrested for, were investigated as to their origin, and did any of the images display residents of Springdale and surrounding areas? Quiverfulls are a self secluded, tight knit clan, careful & selective in their friends & associates. There’s so much lying going on from nearly every direction, that one could be led to believe these people aren’t just trying to minimize the damage already done, but avoid even more damaging revelations. If someone steals your weed stash, you’re not gonna run to the police, but you might run to your…

  31. (cont) If someone steals your weed stash, you’re not gonna run to the police, but you might run to your cop friend that you know who steals the stash of the offenders he arrests. Just how much did Jim Bob know about his trooper friend? Why didn’t Jim Bob cooperate with local police and child protective services? There’s more to this disgusting hot mess than meets the eye.

  32. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/the-duggars-arent-hypocrites-progressives-are/

    this article pretty well sums it up. To say that Josh Duggar is not a christian because of his sins is ridiculous. The basic premise of Christianity is the belief that people are dirty and immoral. Being a christian doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It’s the acknowledgement that we fall short of the glory of God, which is the reason Jesus Christ died on the Cross.

    Josh didn’t deny his sins, he apologized and repented (immediately–not 15 years later, after he was discovered) and though his past actions are detestable, He’s forgiven through God’s grace. He’s simply a person, who knows he’s in need of God.

  33. Basic premise of Christianity is LOVE! That’s the part you conservatives fail to live up to when it doesn’t cater to your discussions. You know let’s forgive Josh but chastise a dead young black teenager who killed by a “Christian” man.

  34. I agree with you completely. The molestation stigma is on the victims who are family members and friends of the family member who just happened to sleep over and then found themselves being molested by their friends older brother?? Its embarrassing for a child to come to their parent and tell them what is going on…the damage has been done and it doesn’t go away for them. It then goes on into adulthood and it affects your personal life and relationships…its always there. Josh Duggar is such a fraud. The whole mess needs to be off of television and Josh needs to be prosecuted. They are saying 5 girls…who really knows how many…in this cult they have created, they all stuck together to cover this up. They have made millions off of being a baby factory. Enough already. Anyone else would be up on molestation charges…not the Duggars…!

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