Hillary Clinton Uses Her Campaign Store To Strike A Blow Against Republicans


Fancy yourself some shattered glass ceilings? Look no further.

2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton just launched her campaign store on Tuesday, where you can purchase things like the American-made and union printed $30 “Everyday Pantsuit Tee” (see above), complete with a Hillary branded suit in front and “Pantsuit Up” in back. Please note, the bottoms are not included.

Or some union made in America shattered glass ceilings for you:

“Progress pint glass — Cheers to making history. Made from 100% shattered glass ceilings. Union Made in America.”


The store has an American-made cross-stitch pillow with “A Woman’s Place is in the White House” for $55 (wish they had this in a chevron print, but the world is not perfect yet), which the store describes as, “The perfect touch for any home, whether it’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or simply Pennsylvania.”

From onesies to classic “H” crewnecks to “Think Tanks”, the campaign store has it covered.


Many of the items posted are a bit tongue-in-cheek at digs Republicans have made toward the former Secretary of State. They have had a super hard time with her pantsuits, after all. And it looks like she’s not retiring the pantsuits any time soon, so they’re going to have to get used to it.

The HRC store is alive with who Clinton is and what she has always stood for, whereas the Jeb Bush (R-FLA) store is, at least right now, a snooze-fest. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) store is fun and youthful, selling paranoid, hip and cynical chic to the adolescent suburban set.

Clinton’s store offers women and girls who don’t even support her something to aspire to and something to believe in.

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  1. Sarah wrote: “And it looks like she’s not retiring the pantsuits any time soon, so they’re going to have to get used to it.”

    No Actually, to correct the above… she doesn’t wear pantsuits and hasn’t since before she became SoS. That was a while ago.

    She mostly wore women business clothes as SoS and then relaxed casual as a private citizen.

    Last pantsuit I recall was that orange one when she gave that speech for us PUMAs.

    But it is about gratuitious things such as clothes and hair scrunchies, backwards and in high heels.

    And with far more accomplshment, intelligence, capabilities, morals, integrity, experience, kindness, spirituality, love and depth than any of her foes.

    I can hear that ceiling being hit again.

  2. Stocking stuffers for your looney tunes Uncle TeaBagger… presented with a “sincere” smile. (but of course)

  3. Politico discovers nest of traitors to anti-Hillary agenda: Women’s magazines

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton smiles after delivering the keynote address at the Women in the World summit in New York April 23, 2015.   REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton – RTX1A1P6

    Politico makes the disturbing discovery that women’s magazines have a large audience and don’t hate Hillary Clinton like self-respecting self-aggrandizing political reporters are supposed to do.

    Clinton, a fashionista in her own right who counted herself among famed designer Oscar de la Renta’s friends, already has a natural home among women’s magazines and their mostly liberal audiences. But the reporting and writing often veers beyond alignment and into outright boosterism — if not of Clinton herself, then of Democrats and the progressive causes they identify with.
    Take Vogue. In the past few months, the magazine — whose fabled editor, Anna Wintour, is an unabashed Clinton fan and has even taken her shopping has featured John Kerry, a book about the first lady, and a feature on the first gay male White House social secretary, Jeremy Barnard. Clinton was the first first lady to appear on the magazine’s cover and has appeared in the magazine at least seven times.
    Read More

  4. FOX, Rove and Koch are in the national press the past few days as selecting candidates on the R side. They will have debates and pretend there is a contest but all the backing will be for Bush/Rubio.

    Walker fell in line and says he will not compete in the primary in Florida. To get to 270 the candidate on the R side must have Florida to win, so by agreeing he is already just a foil.

    Rove has been telling the candidates all week to lay off these two. It is all orchestrated:


    So Bush/Rubio against BS? Noooooooo.

    Bush/Rubio against Clinton/Castro

    One year from now that is who will be left standing at the conventions. It seems.

    This is going to be a very long year.

  5. If it’s true the R side is all set with Bush/Rubio, which is as likely as anything else I suppose, then it’s clear they are hoping to slide by with a narrow electoral win. Having the big states Texas and Florida in the R column would once again make Ohio a huge state. But, what is the electoral set-up at this point, even if you give Florida to the Republicans it favors Dems. We can still win Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, maybe Airzona and Montana, Colorado and compete in Georgia and Texas. I don’t see the R side having any easy paths, only squeakers at best.

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