14 More Advertisers Dump The Duggars And Refuse To Run Ads On 19 Kids and Counting


The advertiser backlash against the Josh Duggar molestation scandal is growing into a tidal wave as 14 more companies have publicly refused to run ads on 19 Kids and Counting.

Keurig reached out to PoliticusUSA today and confirmed in statement that they will not be buying advertising on 19 Kids if the show comes back on the air, “Currently, we are not advertising on TLC, and have no intention of buying advertising on the show “19 Kids and Counting”.”

Party City announced that they will not be buying advertising on the show,”We share your concern and have decided to no longer advertise on the show. Thank you.” Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Kings’s Hawaiian, Allstate Insurance, Sherwin-Williams, Jimmy Dean Sausage, HauteLook, and Ricola have all responded to customer concerns with statements announcing that they have pulled their advertising from the show.

A second group of advertising took the same path as Keurig and promised not to advertise on the show both now and in the future. CVS said, “Our current advertising campaign includes the TLC network, we have not and will not advertise during the “19 Kids and Counting” program. Thanks for reaching out.” H & R Block said, “We are not currently sponsoring the show and are not advertising on TLC right now. We advertised with the network during tax season, but like you, had no knowledge of this news. We take these matters seriously and will not advertise on the show if it is reinstated.” ACE Hardware said, “Ace advertisements ran on this show as part of an overall ad buy with TLC. We are removing our ads from any future episodes of the show.” Behr Paint said, “Our campaign ads ran during this show as part of a larger media buy and we have since taken steps to remove our advertising from all future episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.”

ConAgra Foods issued a non-committal statement, “Based on recent events, we will be removing the show “19 Kids and Counting” from our advertising schedule until further notice.”

The advertisers listed above join General Mills, Payless ShoeSource, and Choice Hotels in pulling their ads from 19 Kids and Counting.

The list of corporate advertisers who have not promised to pull their ads is shrinking fast, but corporate giants like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Macy’s, GEICO, State Farm Insurance, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Oscar Mayer, Arm & Hammer, Crayola, and Discover still have not done the right thing.

Companies and brands that advertise on any future Duggar programming will be financially supporting a family that covered up sexual abuse. Advertisers must be made aware that there will be a financial and reputation cost to supporting 19 Kids and Counting.

The public pressure is working. Advertisers are fleeing, and TLC is losing its financial incentive to keep the Duggars on their network.

More pressure can be applied by contacting the companies who still have not committed to dumping 19 Kids, and by signing our petition telling TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. The scandal isn’t blowing over, and if advertisers continue to bolt, TLC will have no choice but to do what they should have done from the very beginning and drop the Duggars.

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  1. Friends and activists, please call them & let them know you are not happy.

    List of corporate advertisers who HAVE NOT promised to pull their ads from 19 kids & counting:
    Pizza Hut
    State Farm Insurance
    Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
    Oscar Mayer
    Arm & Hammer

  2. I realize advertisers advertise to get their products out there but I would think that some moral decency would at least play a minor role in pulling advertising from that show. Of course I still question why TLC put on a reality show that is based on a sexually perverted male dominant cult which is all that Quiverfull nonsense is.

  3. The Duggar family is over sexed and under educated. Very sad for the daughters as they are taught to follow this perverted, subservient lifestyle.

  4. I’m not too impressed with all of this. A few dedicated activists can scare the pants off of a business and move the needle.

    But don’t tell me anyone cares, cuz they don’t. It’s old news and it would appear he has reformed. You just want to hate on others.

    Haters gonna hate

  5. I think you DO care and so do millions of others…but, mouthing off about a subject you know little about is typical ‘I’m-Merikan!-I-gots-my-rights-to-say-whatever-about-something…

    I suggest perhaps educating yourself to the issues and instititons that helps create multi-generational drama and trauma.

    Here is a link to a well-written book that will bring you out of your dark indifference toward humanity and, “numbness” toward reality.


  6. I enjoyed 19 kids and counting. I would like to see it continue on TLC WITHOUT Josh, and his wife and his kids. They did nothing for the show anyway.
    My question is why should the victims still suffer because of their brother? Let the show remain on air. Keep him off.

  7. Strange is it not?

    Right Wingers boycott Disney because ‘they support gays’. And that’s A-Ok.

    But if non-right wingers boycott something like this- then it’s suddenly ‘an attack on Free Speech’…totally missing the point and demonstrating their complete lack of anything resembling a clue.

  8. Did you not get that there were crimes committed? Did you not get that the parents covered up said crimes? Did you not get that they profited off of covering up said crimes?

  9. they need to learn about BIRTH CONTROL

    They’re a SICK, SICK “family”, no wonder the ignorant tea bag/repubs defend them.

  10. The problem AndyCA, is that their “Quiverfull’ Movement is all about rejecting any and all kinds of birth control.

  11. they may subdue it, but they never get reformed

    Since when are sex crimes old news??

    Do you know the vast majority of pedifiles are HETROSEXUAL men??

    You’re just as sick as they are, please seek help.

  12. Pizza Hut just replied “Thank you for your concern, Donna. We are not advertising for the show. ^KD”. Could someone verify this or update the article removing them if true, please?

  13. So you condone sex offenders?

    His mother and father KNEW about it and covered it up, so you condone this?

    If this had been a gay man, you would have VILLIFIED and burned him at the stake.

    You must be uneducated since you like this shit, please seek help for your mental llness.

  14. They live in glass houses and shouldn’t throw stones at the LGBT community calling them perverts, when it’s usually the HETROSEXUAL men who do it.

    People have fogotton about Anita Bryant remarks and the boycott of the OJ industry…and it worked, the OJ industry got rid of her as a spokesperson.

  15. The article needs updating. Pizza Hut also confirmed to me on Twitter that they will no longer will be advertising on the show. Wyndham Hills has apparently confirmed this (I must have confirmed it in writing yesterday or I would not have RTed it), and Crayola confirmed it on Twitter today.

  16. Because Kathy all, the Duggers covered for him. The Sisters, he diddled with, the Mother and Daddy Dugger all are held responsible.
    I read where the Sisters had to tell the brother he was forgiven but what of the girls? who can replace their faith, love and under standing. their trust? These girls are trained to listen to a male figure only, so if Brother says it’s O.K. who’s to ask any questions? Talk about Shria law???

  17. Kathy, the parents did NOTHING to help him or the other kids he molested. They have also used their celebrity to lobby against gays and trans gender people. They are religious fanatics and like all fanatics consider themselves superior while hiding their sick secrets behind the guise of Christianity.

  18. I cannot believe any company would advertise on a tv show glorifying an admitted child molester and the parents who knowingly covered it up!!

  19. Amazing How these Pedophiles Have the Nerve to come and Spread their Love and Worship of Josh Christ Superpedophile …Makes ya’ Sick

  20. I know I will be in the minority with this comment, but I think this rush to get the show cancelled is actually a very BAD idea. Now before you all jump on me, read WHY…

    First off, I’m an atheist, and a survivor of child molestation. So I have every reason to want all child abusers vilified to the furthest extent possible. But there are some key points to this story that are being overlooked.

    First off, the incident in question happened over a decade ago, when Josh was, I believe, ONLY 14 yrs old. Secondly, from everything I’ve heard so far, his family did everything RIGHT in dealing with the situation – from forcing him to turn himself in to the police to ensuring that everyone involved (him and the victims) got counseling. Finally, he has never denied what happened, and there is absolutely NO evidence that he’s done anything inappropriate since.

    (I’ll have to continue this in a follow-up post, as I’m running out of room due to the character limitations.)

  21. Continued from above…

    Now, if Josh Duggar had been an adult when this incident took place, then I would be more willing to go after him with everyone else – because at that point he is old enough to know better. But he was NOT an adult – he was a young boy.

    The action people are taking are the actions you would expect if he had just molested someone last week – not a decade ago when he was a child himself. Further, you are seeking to punish the ENTIRE FAMILY (which, I understsand, includes some of the victims) for something only one person did.

    Most importantly of all though… what incentive is there for ANY criminal, regardless of their crime, to change their ways, if they are going to spend the rest of their lives paying for their crime – and seeing their whole family punished for it as well?

    I’m sorry, but it is WRONG to remove this show from the air, and wrong to continue the vindictiveness for something that happened over a decade ago – with no recurrence.

  22. Final thought…

    If there is that much concern over allowing him to be seen on the show, or as a symbol of a “Christian” family that is supposed to have such wholesome values – then they could always keep him, individually, off the show. There is no reason to deny the show to the entire family. For all we know, some of the money they’ve made from it all these years has helped to pay for the very counseling the victims got at the Duggar’s expense.

    Once again, let me remind those who are ready to attack me – I am a survivor myself (my attacker was my 50 yr old uncle, who raped me repeatedly over 3 years). I’m also an atheist, & never watched the show.

    I just think that once a person has taken responsibility for their “crime”, made amends, and turned their life around (all of which appear to be the case here), they should not still be punished a decade or more later. Nor should their entire family.

    In this case, the crusaders are wrong, imho.

  23. Please explain how the Duggar father marching his son to the police station and turning him in to them – on top of ensuring that everyone, including the “victims”, got counseling for years afterward, all at the Duggar’s expense – is “covering it up” in your lexicon?

    Do you even know the facts, or are you just joining up with the mob mentality without bothering to find out the real story?

    Also, I wonder if there’s anything you did at 14 that you regret, and how you would feel if not just you, but your entire family were vilified for it over a decade later – regardless of whether you had changed in all that time.

    Seriously… how can this “lynch mob” help anything at all? What’s the point of anyone with a “past” trying to become a better person if they think any time someone finds out, they will lose everything they worked for?

    PS – I was raped over 3 yrs by an uncle, but he was an adult, not a 14 yr old boy who may well have been abused himself, for all we know.

  24. Maureen, the only way I would agree with you is if the Duggar family girls were featured in the next season getting the counseling they so desperately need, and the means to leaving that patriarchal, unhealthy lifestyle that they currently have no choice in living. Since I’m positive the Duggar Patriarchy has no intention of letting that happen, I can’t support continuing the show.

  25. Amy – everyone on that show gets paid, not just the parents. Where else would the girls have gotten the money for their weddings that were featured this year?

    They have the means to leave, if they choose to. Most of them do NOT choose to leave, because they have been indoctrinated to believe in the Duggar’s super-conservative, old-fashioned “Christian” theology.

    Further, they cannot show the girls getting the counseling for two important reasons – first, therapy – especially of this kind, is strictly private. Second, it would mean identifying WHICH girls were victims, and WE (society) have all agreed since long before Josh Duggar was born that we do NOT identify rape victims unless they wish to be identified.

    To force them into it for the sake of proving to you or anyone else that they really are getting counseling would be just as wrong – and invasive – as what happened to them originally.

  26. Pizza Hut just confirmed a few seconds ago after I made a FB post that they are no longer going to advertise during the 19 and Counting show. One more to add to the list of companies with common sense.

  27. Sorry Thom, but you are wrong on all counts…

    1 – Papa Duggar took his son to the police station and turned him in when he found out what Josh had done.

    2 – the police investigated fully, but it was the VICTIMS who chose not to press charges, preferring to put the incident behind them instead (perhaps to avoid the media frenzy that would have followed) which is why Josh was not prosecuted.

    3 – The Duggars PAID for counseling for ALL involved – both Josh and the victims – for years afterward.

    4 – When the story broke, it was the victims who went to the cops and insisted that the record be expunged, as it should have been back then once the victims chose not to press charges.

    The truth is, the Duggars did everything they could to rectify the situation. As for them not talking about it… did it occur to you that maybe their silence was to protect the victims from being exposed by the media/tabloids?

    I’m no fan of the Duggars, but I can’t fault their handling of this…

  28. Methinks you are a fan with these excuses. I am sorry but when I was 14 and wanted to play doctor it wasn’t with little children but someone my own age if not older. I wont even get into when I was in the Army at 17 and played doctor with a older women. Stop making excuses

  29. Please advise where you’re getting your information on who did what – not to mention who the victims are.

    See, I prefer to learn the FACTS, not make up my own fantasy. Here are the facts I found on this topic:

    1 – Josh admitted what he’d done to his father – who immediately marched his son to the police station and turned him in for it (the cops had no idea anything happened until then).

    2- it was the UNNAMED victims who decided they did NOT want to pursue charges – which is why Josh was not prosecuted (plus his age would be a factor, since he was barely 14 at the time).

    3- the Duggar parents paid for professional counseling for EVERYONE – Josh and the victims – out of their own pockets.

    4 – when the story broke, the victims asked the police to erase the records – which should have been done before.

    Where is the cover-up in all this? Isn’t it more likely that the Duggars’ silence was to protect the VICTIMS and not their son, since they turned him in?

  30. No, DJ, I’m not a fan. I’m an atheist & Humanist, for one thing, so I’m certainly not a fan of the Duggars’ religious views. I’m also a survivor of childhood rape (dozens of times over 3 years, by an uncle who was a grown man).

    Here’s the problem with your assumptions… you say at 14 you liked girls your own age. Well, Josh had sisters very close to his age (considering his mother was pregnant nearly every year), so how do you know it wasn’t the older sisters that he touched? In fact, the way the genders worked out, most of the younger kids were boys at that time.

    There’s a very real possibility that this was just natural curiosity, but w/homeschooling & the ultra-religious family culture, his options were limited. It’s also possible he was victimized at some point too. We just don’t know.

    The point is, it was a long time ago, and unless he does it again as an adult, then we all should back off – for the sake of the victims at least.

  31. Maureen, pedophiles are not protected by law. I don’t care if he told daddy and I don’t care if his sisters said they forgive him (they are brainwashed), pedophiles cannot be cured. Period. That is why if convicted they are placed on the Sex Offender list. If you think Josh is okay perhaps we should release all those in jail and delete all the lists. Now do you get it. Shame on you, just shame on you. p.s. he has children and a little girl, just shame on you.

  32. No Maureen. Did you read the police report?

    Jim Bob first learned of Josh molesting in March 2002 when one of the sisters told him. He did nothing. In July 2002, Josh admitted it to his Dad. He again did nothing. In March 2003, more sisters came forward and told their Dad what Josh was doing to them. At this point. Jim Bob sent Josh off for 3 months to help build homes with a family friend. Momma Duggar admits in the report there was NO counseling, just hard work.

    Jim Bob did NOT march his son down to the police station. Instead, he took him to see a state trooper pal of his, Joseph Hutchens, for “a good talking to.” That’s it, then back under their roof with the victims. (Incidentally, Mr. Hutchens is now serving 56 years in prison for child pornography…what fine company the Duggars keep).

    The only reason all this came out and that a police report exists is because “a 62 year old woman” emailed Harpo Studios prior to a Duggar appearance on Oprah, and Oprah’s people called…

  33. Nice how you refer to a dangerous Cult as conservative and “Old Fashioned”. … sort of Charming and your loving and stern defense of them has been Long Winded and Dull … Your chant of lets keep them on the air!!!! …Just for the “money” exposes who and what you really are … keep talking lady (or pedophile) I aint buying none of it

  34. You are wrong Wrong WRONG!

    His parents learned of his molestations in March, 2002 – but did NOT GO TO THE POLICE for over ONE YEAR – in July of 2003.

    And Josh did NOT receive “counseling”

    “In a separate interview with police, Michelle Duggar later says that the treatment program the person attended was not with a certified counselor but with a “guy they knew in Little Rock who is remodeling a building,” the report says.”


    “Michelle Duggar later admits to Springdale police that Josh did not receive counseling and instead had been sent to stay with a family friend.”


    And it was only ONE of the victims who asked to have the record expunged.

    Get your FACTS straight, and provide citations for your claims.

  35. Maurine what these people are telling you is true. Honestly, you are at least a week behind in your following of this event.

    Instead of asking everyone where they are getting their info from simply Google it. It’s all true… and it WAS “covered up”.

  36. Lady, you are so self righteous and are a “fact” finder, your own words. How do you feel about his KNOWN youngest victim being 4 or 5 years old at the time and is still under the age of 18? You sound as sick as Jim Bob and the baby factory mom Michelle.

  37. Guess sweeping it under the rug for 3.5 years until the Statue of Limitations ran out hasn’t helped them. I would love to be a fly one the wall to hear the discussions in that depraved family home now. Who is being blamed for their crash and loss of millions of dollars?
    Maybe Pappa Duggar can run for State Congress again, I’m sure he’ll wil a seat.

  38. JOsh has not reformed, he has never received any therapy or counseling, and most predators cannot change. They covered it all up. Read about the cult to which they belong, they support abuse and silence/blame victims. They consider it a woman or child’s fault if anyone molests/rapes them, because it is up to the woman to dress so modestly that no men have ‘lustful’ thoughts. They believe that men have no control over their thoughts in this matter. Read the ridiculous sick things that are taught…..http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/250074/duggar-homeschool-curriculum-semen-causes-cancer-cheating-women-miscarry/

  39. The police report calls you a liar. Everyone who has read the report knows you are lying. You refuse to post any links because you are lying.


  40. Thank you very much for listing the advertisers who are still on the fence about this – unbelievable that anyone would be at this point, but I’m going to let these companies know I WILL NOT purchase their products as long as they don’t act. I was sick of the Duggar family before this molestation was revealed. Their hypocrisy upsets me the most.

  41. is “covering it up” in your lexicon?

    No, but it’s quite extensive in the Republican Handbook:

    A former Arkansas state trooper claims the Duggar family concealed the extent of their son’s alleged fondling of underage girls when the patriarch of the family turned to him for help disciplining the teenager more than a decade ago,

    told police that he brought his son to then-State Trooper Joseph Hutchens, a personal friend, for a “stern talk” after Josh purportedly had gone through a Christian counseling program in 2003.
    Michelle Duggar, Josh’s mother, later told police that her son did not go through such a program but instead had stayed at a Little Rock home that a family friend was remodeling.

    He maintains that Jim Bob and Josh Duggar told him Josh had inappropriately touched one girl through her clothing while she slept. They said “it only happened one time,”


  42. Maureen,
    The FACTS are: he is a disgusting pedophile, who criminally molested his sisters, and who hypocritically hid behind his Sky God.


  43. Maureen,
    The FACTS are: he is a disgusting pedophile, who criminally molested his sisters, and who hypocritically hid behind his Sky God.

  44. TLC is leaning towards devolping a new series with the two oldest girls and their families. This Quiverful cult is outdated thinking. So now they want people to watch two more uneducated religous nuts have one child after another? This is child abuse. Nobody is capable of caring for that many kids. So, the viewers equal 2 million. Paltry number in a nation of 300+ millions. Rmough Duggers, move on.

  45. Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, but incest is best, because it’s a game the whole family can play, huh? I bet you have stupid children.

  46. I wrote to Crayola and quickly received a response that they would no longer be supporting this program.

  47. I would like to know how to let the sinking ship sponsers of, “19 Kids and Counting”, that they will be out of my shopping list entirely so long as they refuse to stick by the Duggers.

  48. You are correct about ONE thing: I absolutely, unreservedly HATE paedophiles! And I especially hate those who bend over backwards to defend paedophiles. I am not at all ashamed at despising that which is heinous, harmful and hypocritical.

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