Marco Rubio Says Marriage Equality a Real and Present Danger to Christianity

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If there is a nonentity in the Republican ranks for 2016, it is Marco Rubio, whose highest aspiration seems to be being the new Rick Santorum. Like Rick “Frothy” Santorum, Rubio is bubbling over with hate and intolerance, but there really doesn’t seem to be anything else there.

Maybe that’s why Pat Robertson hailed him as “the Democrats’ worst nightmare.”

If he only knew. We welcome people like Rubio. We’ve tired of Santorum. It’s time to move on. Bring on the stupid.

With Republican candidates literally falling over each other to see who can exude the most bigotry, that sort of behavior really doesn’t set Rubio apart. As they try to outdo each other, their rhetoric becomes more and more senseless, more on the order of a prolonged comedy skit than a political dialogue.

Like Scott Walker’s bizarre “ultrasounds ought to be mandatory because they’re cool” shtick.

Maybe he can impose them on ISIL. That’ll teach ’em.

You remember when candidates used to talk about the issues? Here’s Rubio’s issue: marriage equality is “a real and present danger” to Christianity.

Rubio told David Brody of CBN’s “The Brody File,” that “We have to have policies, tax policies, regulatory policies, debt policies, healthcare policies that make us globally competitive.”

So why the hate? Does hating gays more than Putin’s Russia make us globally competitive, too?

Certainly nobody is going to try harder to make us globally competitive in hate than Marco Rubio. He went on to tell Brody:

If you think about it, we are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater. So what’s the next step after that? After they’re done going after individuals, the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream Christianity, the catechism of the Catholic Church, is hate speech. That’s a real and present danger.

I am not sure what is more offensive: Rubio’s claim to be representative of mainstream Christianity, or his claim that giving people the same rights he has threatens his rights. I have mainstream Christian family and they think Rubio is…well, I can’t use the words they think Rubio is.

The fact is, much of what the Church has historically taught IS hate speech. The Bible is one long anti-Pagan diatribe.

Hate the other, is the message. There is another message: turn the other cheek. Love your enemies. Do unto others. Blessed are the poor.

The Religious Right eschews that message. They prefer hate. Jesus is weaponized but strangely silent, because they can’t quote him without undermining that message.

Yet there are good people out there too, who take a live and let live attitude toward their neighbor. They have always been there. Those are the mainstream Christians. But those people generally lose out to extremists. They always have.

Extremists are ruthless, end-justifies-the-means thinkers.

Marco Rubio is one of those. A religious extremist. He says that’s just being Catholic. He says he’s a victim.

In fact, he says he’s THE victim. Poor Marco. Watching his privilege erode away as other people attain the same rights he has.

Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, sounds just like Rubio, and that same hate drives Cruz, which just makes Rubio’s job harder, setting himself apart.

Rafael said recently that marriage equality is an attack on liberty and “of course, if you don’t have liberty, you’re a slave and if you’re a slave, you can’t pursue happiness.”

So of course, marriage equality must be anti-constitutional.

First he has to prove that marriage equality is an attack on liberty, and we must request he and Rubio do better than the 2,000 year-old myth that Christianity is a persecuted minority even while it has spent centuries systematically eradicating every alternative to itself, while becoming the world’s largest religion.

I mean, the rest of us just laugh because the level of absurdity is so high. The world’s largest religion is being persecuted?


But Rubio soldiers blindly on, like every Republican candidate as confused about his own religion as the workings of the Constitution:

“Ultimately my view of it is you go out and do the very best you can and ultimately it’s going to turn out the way voters and God decide,” he concludes.

Of course, in American democracy, God doesn’t get a vote. This is, after all, government of, by, and for the people, as in “We the people” as opposed to “I the Lord your God.”

The voter will decide the outcome in 2016. God will thankfully have nothing to do with it. People like Rubio, who think they speak for God, on the other hand…

There is “a real and present danger” to Christianity. And it is people like Rubio, who are driving young people away in droves with their endless message of hate and exclusion.

You can’t get less American than that.

36 Replies to “Marco Rubio Says Marriage Equality a Real and Present Danger to Christianity”

  1. I often think that if a person’s personal religion is so fragile that it can’t accept criticism that it can’t be much of a religion… ‘faith’ is supposed to be just that… faith…

    the Catholic Church that Rubio, Santorum et al are so defensive about seems to’ve survived Martin Luther and John Calvin just fine… just as the Catholic Church survived Henry VIII’s break with Rome…

    if you don’t have the ‘faith’ and the will to endure then clearly you’re missing one of the Catholic Church’s prime directives… endure here because your ‘reward’ will be in Heaven…

    a not uncommon idea given that Islam makes the same promise… not unsuprising in that Mohammed revered Jesus as a Prophet…

  2. That Rubio and Bush are both Catholic is what they were planning on. Lots of that JFK Catholic support and also pandering to Jewish voters recently as well.

    Too bad the POPE called them out for the fools they are.

    And his stances are wrong on every single issue. I linked to H vs Rubio the other day from Correct the Record – and she spanks that little twerp.

    That said, the Red Menace loves him to bits and will love him to be VP. They’re going to weep at his story and eat up his blah, blah, blah like it is candy.

  3. “We have to have policies, tax policies, regulatory policies, debt policies, healthcare policies that make us globally competitive.”
    Lets take them one at a time
    Tax policy- Marco Rubio’s Puppies-and-Rainbows Tax Plan. This month, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Mike Lee have come out with a plan.

    According to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a previous version of the plan advanced by Senator Lee would have cost the government $2.4 trillion in lost revenues over 10 years, and this plan adds new deep tax cuts (including the capital gains cut) that would cost trillions more.

    regulatory policies- Whatever the kochs want meaning no regulations for clean air, water, worker safety and all the other nice things that makes us being able to stay healthy

  4. Indeed. Rubio, the Cruzes, Pat Robertson’s intolerance, and on and on….THESE men will be the death of Christianity, because young people KNOW good, honest moral people who are gay…in their own families. One does not need to preach Jesus to be moral, humble, and good. One needs only to have been raised to have boundaries, to respect all human beings (yes, Marco, even brown ones, yellow ones, and gay ones) to work hard, to enjoy learning, to appreciate life while you have it.
    I would counter that Rubio and the rest are hateful, spiteful, mean, greedy, dishonest, and that Jesus would not be embracing them or their beliefs were he to return. In fact, they would probably have nothing to do with a man who didn’t work for a living, relied on the goodness of others, and preached love and tolerance. Horrors! You mean God likes poor people??? Of color? And women? God thinks women are just as equal as men? Get thee back to the Old Testament.

  5. I’d say that Mr. Rubio is correct, but not for the reason he thinks.

    Folks will remember Rubio’s commentary along with those Christians who have denounced Gay Marriage- for years to come. Just like so many folks remember the Pro-slavery commentary of other Christians.

    The number of non-christians growing, is for a palpable reason.

  6. ‘faith’ is supposed to be just that… faith…

    Blasphemy Laws are in place to protect the feelings of an all-powerful god…apparently.

  7. Debt polices- What Marco Rubio Doesn’t Understand About Debt And The Economy. The idea that the national debt is harming economic growth is a favorite tenet of conservative orthodoxy, but there’s no evidence of that orthodoxy being correct. European politicians have spent the last four years attempting to spark economic growth through deficit and debt reduction, and the result has been total failure. Multiple rounds of spending cuts across Eurozone countries were never followed by economic growth, and now the Eurozone is back in recession, as are seven of its 17 countries, while unemployment is at record highs. In so many words austerity/cutting spending does more harm than good

    Healthcare- Repeal Obamacare replace it with usual gobblydook of conservative voodoo tax credits, tort reform buying across state lines. BTW it will cost to repeal it CBO: Health care repeal would cost $109 billion

    This is the problem with Mr. stay thirsty, his numbers don’t add up to make us competitive in fact if we lose our minds and this pendejo wins we will end up in the poor house

  8. The change in our attitudes to marriage, the church, and family values when we accepted divorce were much, much bigger than marriage equality can do.

    But past changes aren’t threatening our current values. We all know that from the beginning of time God has had our current values – obviously not our grandparents’ values, and tragically not our grandchildren’s values.

  9. …Faith is a thought, and a thought is an electrical charge in the brain with no atomic mass therefore it is meaningless in any other mind. Dean Martin said that. And Blasphemy is a VICTIMLESS crime.

  10. The danger to Christianity is people calling themselves “Christian” without reading the gospels. This is why the early leaders of the historic Reformation first translated the bible into the language of the common people.

    Nowhere does Jesus criticize gays, but he does criticize greed (see Matthew 6:19-24, Matt 16:19-26, Matt 22:15-22, Matt 25:31-46, and Luke 16:19-31). Rubio is *not* a Christian, period.

  11. So now rubio is going to give us lessons on Christianity? The man who was once Roman Catholic then converted to Mormonism and finally to Southern Baptist? Well, if he takes any of those religions seriously, I suppose one could be charitable and say he has a rather broad perspective on Christian religions. But I still think campaigning against marriage equality is a losing issue for him and for all of the republican hate-meisters.

  12. An afterthought…

    Secty Julian Castro is Catholic too… and surely he embraces the forward thinking of the Pope. He was actually congratulated on SOTU for securing the Dem VP ticket already!

    Funny, but they are right. He’s got it all and is a perfect match for my girl.

  13. Why is this traitor (47 treason letter to Ayatollah and the Revolutionary Guard Leaders) qualify to be president?

    Do this means America have 2 different standard, 1 for the Black president and 1 for the white presidential candidates?

  14. Oh boo hoo, the “good christians” aren’t getting their way this time, so cry me a river.

    Turns out Americans are serious about their constitution which makes it illegal for gov’t to sanction religion of any kind. Even still christians have managed to sneak it into our government in many ways.

    Yet they’ve overreached, and now they’re getting slapped down and of course they’re the victims cause well, they’re special. (not).

    They’re gods’ top ten list – yes here’s the top ten list of god(!), don’t touch those oxen my friends, but anyway number seven – don’t commit adultery –

    so where’s the refusal to serve adulterers with those good christians?

    Adultery on the top ten list – gay sex – mentioned once or twice in both old and new testaments yet the good christians ignore GOD’S DIRECT WORDS TO MOSES

    That is one of many reasons thinking, loving people reject you good christians and your hate

  15. Dear Mr. Rubio:

    If your Christianity were all you crack it up to be you wouldn’t have to fearmonger about outside “sinners” destroying YOUR faith. I suggest you take a page out of Jesus’ book and let people choose for themselves and they can deal with the natural consequences of their choice instead of cowering like a rat trapped by a terrier. Worry about your own faith – mine’s right where I want it.

  16. Wow – he can’t tell the difference between “support” for gay marriage and actively trying to stop someone else’s gay marriage. No one wants him to support gay marriage, any more than he wants me to support his sick supposedly Southern Baptist – or is it Catholic – marriage by which his young fertile wife hasn’t produced any children in 8 years?

    P/$s off, Marco.

  17. Mr. Rubio wants the United States to be a force in the world…a shining example of a great leader…Well, just look at the latest Human Rights Report from the United Nations.
    I’m afraid we have several black marks next to our name. All this talk about marriage equality being hate speech is not going to help our image Mr. Rubio…This guy has no clue on this, and actually on many issues.

  18. Note to all this case, specifically to you Rubio, no one cares what you believe to be true, so quit with the drama queen/king stuff. You look and sound foolish.

  19. EVERYTHING THE GOP SAYS…be afraid…gloom and doom always! How can you stand that depressive OPPRESSIVE speak? There is NOTHING HOPEFUL when they speak. Nothing to make you feel good about life! Its always “OUR CHRISTIAN LIFE IS BEING DESTROYED” who the hell is messing with it? No ONE! GOP: Be afraid of everything –GAYS BLACKS AN AA PRESIDENT CLEAN WATER CLEAN AIR RIGHT TO VOTE
    GOOD PAY ACA…be real afraid of all these sound good things for YOU! Its all they have IS BULSHIT SCARE TACTICS. Nothing else! How really truly stupid can their base be? GOP does that so base CAN’T SEE WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED which is NOTHING FOR YOU! Idjits to the max!

  20. Conservative Silence on Ireland Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage (Updated) After Ireland voted by a feckin’ landslide to legalize same-sex marriage, the Rude Pundit thought, “Huh. Now that a nation that eats Eucharist wafers and shits family has said that they don’t give a damn if two men marry, I wonder what our doyennes of morality will have to say.” And, for the most part, the response is…not a goddamn thing. – See more at:

  21. I had to laugh when I read that the Catholic clergy in Ireland was trying to figure out why people weren’t listening to them. If you have to ask, you’ve already lost.

  22. the only real and present danger is from the republicans, the conservatives and the religious right who continue to ignore this nation’s real problems in order to spout religious mumbo jumbo and focus on issues that do not matter to the majority of America… that’s the problem. we have got to reign in these fake Christian whackos.

  23. The Religious Folks are always dumbfounded when the old tried and true method of “Hellfire & Damnation” doesn’t work anymore.

  24. All too true; the passages from Leviticus (and I speak here as someone who studied at Bible College and nearly went into the Ministry) often quoted as being proof that God hates gays (not true, by the way; my youngest daughter is gay and there is no way my God hates her) are directed at Levite Priests and not at lay people. It sets out limitations, stipulations and guidelines for those who are members of the priesthood (remember, no interwebs back then, so they needed things written down so the Priests knew their job). Likewise, every passage directed at homosexuality in the Bible has a context and, as such, should be taken in context and not as a blanket statement. These RWNJ’s seem to have no problem with guns being used in “self-defence” to kill others, saying it’s not murder as per the 10 Commandments, but think that homosexuality is always a sin… These people need to read their Bible and not just let someone else – who may have had no formal training – think for them…

  25. Christian Evangelical Taliban Karl Rove is not predicting any win by the GOP this time. Rove knows from two past elections that the nutty Christians cannot win a presidential election. There are far to many “nones” in the US now, especially among young, hipper voters who will not vote for a bunch of bigots and “other” haters.

    The Christianized GOP is doing us all a favor, first by alienating so many potential voters, and secondly by being the poster child for why people conclude they are Atheists. I say…let em’ rip, let the Christianized GOP self-destruct.

  26. The only real and present danger to Christianity is the right-wing wackos like Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, — oh why not say – the whole yard of GOP Candidates. There is not one who sounds sane. Its all about taking us back to the Middle Ages – Now there’s a couple centuries I would not be hopped up to visit, let lone live through.

    They all are so busy touting their faith creds that they don’t know how to talk about issues – real issues – like the economy, infrastructure, equality for all and making sure businesses don’t take advantage of their customers and employees.

  27. Jessica – go back into your bubble – its safe there. That way you can rant about the Gays and us free-thinking its my body women and all the people in the bubble will agree with you.

    Here, you – guaranteed will get blow back cause you are letting your bigot slip show.

    FYI – This has nothing to do with how you worship. No one is forcing you to marry a woman. But, plenty of your RR friends like to force their way of believing on others and making laws that will help take your rights as a woman away.

  28. …please hear me out…
    A} I am a Christian…
    B} MY Freedom of Religion ends at YOUR front door…
    C} From my reading; not one o’ the Teahadists and Teatards are Christians…according to their stated beliefs they are more like agents o’ the Anti-Christ…
    D} Should I be around when one o’ you sneeze I’ll restrict myself to a simple “Bless You!!!”
    E} I salute the author o’ this excellent article…[salute]
    F} The only Clear and Present danger to this Nation are the Republicans…{I chose “F” for this one because my constant thought when someone mentions one of ’em is “‘F’ ’em all!!!”}

  29. I hear you…but
    A) No problem.
    B) Unfortunately- I like to have my freedoms outside my front door too.
    C) Maybe so, but they call themselves Christian, as do just about anyone who claims they’re following Christ.
    D) Whatevers. Invoking God is no skin off my nose.
    F) agreed.

  30. Kevin Drum finds that Cubans don’t like Marco Rubio:
    The more interesting thing, to me, was that they saved a particular brand of venom for Marco Rubio. Cab drivers, bartenders, artists—everyone seem to have something to say about Marco Rubio, and none of it was kind. A few suggested that as a Cuban-American Rubio should display some concern for economic struggles of every day Cubans, or to at least recognize that he was afforded an opportunity that millions of poorer Cubans never had, namely having parents who moved to the United States before Castro took over.

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