Obama Justice Department Being Pushed To Investigate Jeb Bush For Illegal Fundraising


Calls are growing from watchdog groups for President Obama’s Justice Department to launch a federal investigation into what appears to be illegal fundraising by Jeb Bush.


In a letter to the Justice Department, the group Democracy21 argues that Jeb Bush is a presidential candidate, and that his fundraising scheme is a clear violation of the law, “The fact of his candidacy is so apparent, and so overt, that Bush himself has found it hard to maintain what is really the ongoing charade of his purported non-candidacy….Bush’s proclamations that he is not a candidate are contradicted by the facts and by the applicable law. In all pertinent respects, Bush has been engaging in activities as an active candidate at least since January 2015. He has been traveling extensively to early primary states since January 2015, and has been speaking and organizing in those states.”

The letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch continues, “Bush has also been heavily involved in fundraising for the Right to Rise Super PAC, which is raising funds solely for the purpose of making expenditures to further Bush’s presidential campaign. An individual becomes a “candidate” if the individual raises “funds in excess of what could reasonably be expected to be used for exploratory activities or undertakes activities designed to amass campaign funds that would be spent after he or she becomes a candidate….” 11 C.F.R. § 100.72(b). By these standards, Bush is a “candidate.” The fact that he has refrained from formally announcing his candidacy is not determinative. If Bush is raising and spending money as a candidate, he is a candidate under the law, whether or not he declares himself to be one.”


Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer said, “There are powerful grounds to conclude that the political charade being perpetrated on the American people by former Governor Jeb Bush and his associated individual-candidate Super PAC is illegal. The same is true for other presidential campaigns and their associated Super PACs and we also plan to ask the Justice Department to investigate those as well. The Bush scheme, however, appears to be the most blatant and brazen effort to date to circumvent and evade the candidate contribution limits enacted to prevent corruption and the appearance of corruption….The Justice Department has the authority and the responsibility to prevent the 2016 presidential candidates from engaging in the most massive violations of the campaign finance laws in the nation’s history. The Justice Department needs to act to protect the integrity of the presidency and our democracy.”

The Bush scheme, which Scott Walker and other Republican presidential candidates are using variations of, was illegal from the beginning, but the illegality became obvious when Bush slipped up and admitted that he was running for president.

Bush is trying to use Citizens United to illegally fundraise his way to the White House. Democrats are familiar with the Bush family history of cheating in elections, but Jeb Bush is flaunting his abuse of the law. It is important that people speak out on this issue before Election Day, and not let Bush get away with illegal activities.

If you would like to make your voice heard, please sign our petition calling on Attorney General Lynch to launch a federal investigation into Jeb Bush.

21 Replies to “Obama Justice Department Being Pushed To Investigate Jeb Bush For Illegal Fundraising”

  1. The problem being, the F.E.C. has had it’s teeth yanked out by Republican/Conservative Shenanigans.

    And of course Jeb Bu$h would use such as a rallying cry for getting folks to rally under his toilet paper of a flag.

  2. Yep, it would have to be Justice Dept. because the FEC is permanently stuck at 3 vs 3 and so is impotent.

    The watchdogs were on it big time in March and were told, sorry – we can’t do a thing.

    We will find out what Lynch has in her now.

  3. This is all good and well, but, can we get an investigation of the Banksters who melted down the world economy, please?

  4. Republicans will scream partisan attack like they did with the IRS. Republicans, like all bullies and cheaters are good at playing the victim.

  5. A small government without any teeth.

    That is what the GOP want, and they can get away with more illegal stuff that what they already get away with.

    And they are the first to call on the Feds to come and rescue the folks from calamities.

    Jeb, go back to your cave…

  6. A small government without any teeth is what the GOP wants. You’re right, except when it comes to telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. Then, they’re all in favor of very big government!

  7. The NYT got no comment from Justice and a statement from the

    “Bush don’t call it a campaign Campaign”

    Kristy Campbell, a spokesman for Mr. Bush, dismissed the groups’ charges.

    “We are fully complying with the law in all activities Governor Bush is engaging in on the political front, and will continue to do so,” Ms. Campbell said.

    Asked to explain why Mr. Bush should not be considered a candidate after months of campaigning, Ms. Campbell said in an email to The Times: “Governor Bush is actively exploring a run. He has not made a final decision.There is nothing improper or unique about that. If Governor Bush engages in any ‘testing the waters’ activities, they will be paid for appropriately under the law and reported at the required time.”

    The Justice Department said it would review the complaint but declined further comment.


  8. Ok, explain to me how this is different from Hillary. Jeb Bush has not announced he’s a candidate. Yeah it’s assumed he’s going to run. Yeah he’s taking advantage of the rules as they are stated. But Hillary and Bill racked up over 25 million in speaking fees in the months leading up to her announcement. And… everybody KNEW she was going to run. It wasn’t any big surprise. Hillary took full advantage of the campaign rules as they are written. I just don’t see the difference.

  9. You answered your own question dummy. They got paid from speaking fees. Bush was soliciting money from donors. Damn you people are stupid

  10. Your second sentence answered my question. The first and third sentence must make you feel better about yourself.

  11. Before Hillary announced a pac set up to convince her there would be support if she ran (boy did it work) formed from a few supporters to something like a million or more. Most didn’t donate anything. They just signed on and got a bumper sticker some people donated a lot or bought RFH gear or signed up for it at events to make a up-to-date database for her when/if she decided to run. She did not know if she should and did not do any events that were in any way campaign related.

    She spoke at companies as a former SoS, but that was not speaking at polictical events as Jeb does. She wasn’t promoting herself. She was talking about world issues, women’s issues and such to groups.

    Her book tour too, was about her book.

    Then, when it became clear she wanted to run and said she would announce the PAC that formed to get names used up the remainder of the funds, gave supplies to Emily’s List and stopped. Then Hillary started her campaign. Then she talked to voters.

    Jeb – c…

  12. This article is silly, good luck getting those citizen petitions filled out and if the Justice Dept. acts on it in any way, I will tuck my tail between my legs and you will never hear from me again.

  13. Well just a thought, but any and all monies he’s collected before coming out as a candidate- shouldn’t be allowed to be spent for him as a candidate?

  14. Moon, his awful named Right to Rise is a super pac and they are on target to make $100 million dollars.

    They will spend it on attack ads in national markets. They will fill radio and tv with lies as always and brainwash with propaganda. On the bottom of the ad it will say it is not affiliated with any candidate. He is not permitted to coordinate with them.

    He is saying he isn’t even testing the waters yet. That is just beyond acceptable and has been since his name cropped up nationally after years of being totally out of the picture.

    Jeb is a true Bush. Lie and manipulate facts to fool the fools who support them.

  15. In the final weeks leading up to the launch, his strategists have been devising a plan to allow both arms of the campaign — the official one and the super PAC — to work seamlessly, even as they will be legally barred from coordinating once he officially becomes a candidate.

    There is little question that Right to Rise, with its deep cash reserve, will give Bush a leg up in the Republican nomination contest, especially if it becomes a protracted and costly affair.

    “It’s an advantage. No question,” said Fred Malek, a prominent GOP donor who chairs the Republican Governors Association’s finance committee. “I think Bush will be able to raise three or four times as much as anyone else.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/05/jeb-bush-right-to-rise-super-pac-campaign-117753.html#ixzz3bR2UK1tD

  16. Can’t take the criminal element out of the Booshes, it’a ingrained in them at birth. He will probly get away with it. Kinda like registering as a Latino instead of white Amierican.

  17. On May 28, 2015, Hastert was indicted on federal charges of structuring the withdrawal of $952,000 in cash in order to evade the requirement that banks report cash transactions over $10,000, and lying to the FBI about his withdrawals.[26] The charges included agreeing to make payments of $3.5 million to an unnamed subject in order to conceal former misconduct

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