As His Son Was Abusing His Daughters, Jim Bob Duggar Said Incest Should Be Punishable by Death

©2015 The Central Arkansas Library System, courtesy of Legacy Consulting
©2015 The Central Arkansas Library System, courtesy of Legacy Consulting

Are people telling you that the 19 Kids and Counting Duggar scandal shouldn’t be political? That’s one of the lines being trotted out by Republicans, but it’s a tough position to hold, given that the Duggars are political, and as political activists have taken positions on the very thing this scandal is about. Positions that are very different from what they actually did.

Jim Bob Duggar was in fact running for the Republican nomination for a U.S. Senate seat in 2002, soon after his son Josh Duggar first admitted molesting an underage girl while she slept. Since Jim Bob did nothing to stop him, Josh Duggar continued on adding to his victim list, molesting four more underage girls (that we know of) between 2002-2003. Four of his five known victims were his sisters.

Because it was a Republican primary in the South, a hot issue was how many ways and under what circumstances would he restrict a woman’s right over her own body and medical decisions.

As Josh was molesting girls and Jim Bob knew about it, Jim Bob explained away his moral position on abortion — always wrong except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk — by saying that he didn’t believe the unborn should be executed, but rather anyone who commits such “heinous crimes” as rape and incest should be executed.

Gawker hunted down this tidbit from the Wayback Machine and posted it in an article entitled, “Duggar Dad’s Political Platform: Incest Should Be Punishable by Death”.

Jim Bob Duggar political positions

Asked what his political position regarding abortion was on rape, incest and life of the mother, Jim Bob replied:

“If a woman is raped, the rapist should be executed instead of the innocent unborn baby. Adoption is an option. Many couples would love to adopt and are waiting for a baby. Abortion has been and always will be the destruction of an innocent child. Rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes. The developing infant committed no crime and should be allowed to live.”

It’s hard to find a more political issue than abortion, and for Jim Bob Duggar to have justified his position against women’s rights with execution for a predator when he knew that his own child was a predator and he was doing nothing to stop him is simply mind-boggling.

This lack of care for real life women and girls is sadly evident under many justifications for restrictions on women’s medical liberty. Women know this, and they are naturally wary of the song and dance Republicans trot out to excuse their controlling policies.

It is impossible after this scandal — especially taken in context with other Republican policies wherein they gave protection and rights to rapists or refused for a year to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act unless it was watered down to the point where it was better described as the PRO Violence Against Women Act — to take Republicans at their word that they care so much for a fetus, that life is so “precious” that they must take constitutionally-protected liberty away from women.

Jim Bob Duggar left his underage, vulnerable girls at the mercy of his predator son while he was running for a U.S. Senate seat on the platform of executing those who commit incest. Jim Bob didn’t walk his own talk, and this is really the point. Republicans make a lot of rules restricting the behavior of others based on some moral superiority they imagine themselves to have, and then promptly exempt themselves from adhering to the same rules.

Republican Mike Huckabee — a former Arkansas Governor — is out front defending this family’s actions. Several Republican legislators helped the family utilize a judge appointed by Huckabee to kill the police report about the investigation into Josh Duggar’s crimes.

This isn’t leadership. This is a long con, with the age-old shield of divine authority. Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle left their girls under the same roof as their son after they knew he was a predator. They sent him away after four more victims came up, but only to work a construction job. No one has ever proven that working construction kills the need to dominate and humiliate the vulnerable (Josh is either a pedophile or he craved the power to humiliate), so it’s hard to say how many other victims there could be. It’s not just possible, but likely.

Jim Bob said incest deserved execution. That sounds great — but he said it while he was shielding his own son from any legal consequences for molesting his own sisters. How can this scandal not be political when the politics of the Duggars are deeply invested in other people’s personal lives. It’s political because it is centered on laws that politicians make — too often ignoring real life reality.

Here it is. This is sadly real life, with one out of five girls the victim of sexual abuse in this country. This fact is political, because our lawmakers/politicians decide how to deal with the result of this ugly fact. Republicans, so far, seem to think the Duggars are above the law. And that is political, because these are the laws they are advocating as politicians.

The law must apply to everyone and it must work in real life.

Our petition is working, advertisers are dropping the show, but there is more to do. Please sign and share our petition demanding that TLC cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

Image: Gawker capture via Wayback Machine

23 Replies to “As His Son Was Abusing His Daughters, Jim Bob Duggar Said Incest Should Be Punishable by Death”

  1. If it’s good enough for Lot and his daughters, it must be good enough for the Duggars.

    But in this instance- it’s the old tried and true: Double Standard.

  2. it should be crystal clear by now and I hate to state the obvious…

    hypocrisy isn’t a bug… its a feature…

  3. WTH isn’t he IN JAIL????? what is this? Your white Christian republican and you can molest girls? WTH is this? Why is everyone just reading about it and not DEMANDING FRICKEN RESPECT FOR OUR GIRLS/BOYS. So its okay with the RW when children get molested? One has to wonder now how many RW CHILDREN HAVE BEEN MOLESTED under God said it was OKAY. Our God is not SICK LIKE GOP. The sooner you stop this BS Christian dominance the better! I love my God but this has nothing to do with Him. These people use God to use children. They are sickening as all hell!

  4. So has he been asked if he thinks his son deserves death?
    One of their pastor friends says the boy was just playing doctor – so now I understand the rethuglican mentality, and why all of them want to play with womens medical issues and reproduction.And now Scott Walker is pressing for mandatory ultrasounds for women, he says because it is ‘cool’ for4 a woman to have one.
    They are sick, sick, sick.

  5. Biggest hypocrites in the the country are christian right wingers. Jim Bob is a total fraud. He needs to crawl back to the slime he came from. And Michelle is an enabling poor excuse of a mother. She certainly is not a role model for her daughters.

    I wonder how the two brothers-in-law feel about this? After hearing what the one’s father said, maybe they roll the same way too.

  6. If it these actione were committed by anyone else, several things would have happened by now:

    1. CPS to Remove ALL the children from the house

    2. Medical & psychological examinations for the girls for STDs, forceful entry, coping with the assaults, etc.

    3. Jail the abuser

    4. Throw the book to the parents for failing to protect the children

    Instead is another cop-out & the most important thing for the creeps is to save the program, while their local government is overlooking the laws.

  7. I understand that the doogars are open to adoption so maybe there is hope for the younger children – they can be adopted out to real families who would care for them.

  8. these bible pushers act so saintly but they are the biggest sinners. they cover them up pretty well too. hypocrites. if I had a son who was groping/molesting/touching/kissing inappropriately he would not only have my foot up his ass but he will be doing his time just like any other sex offender has to. why are their sins less punishable than a non believers??????? sick.

  9. I just had my laugh for the day, I read where Jim Bob wouldn’t allow Jill to assist one of Anna’s sisters with her birth, because she got married out of wed lock, but it’s okay if your pervert son fondles his sisters and escapes punishment because his Mom and Dad covered his ass. They didn’t do it to protect the girls they did it to protect themselves. And are still trying to protect him, they all need to go to a real Church and find out what Christianity is, I don’t think we are reading the same Bible.

  10. These people are ridiculous hypocrites – ask him this question today. Dimbob is an idiot, its strange what some lowlife people will do for money.

  11. To the one no way vote on Tigers comment, I have this question” how the he– can you vote no way on this subject??Please explain your self. If possible? Or are you too as guilty as the dugger brother charged?

  12. Not such a big sin to that other fat, sausage eating bastard Mike Hucklebuck. Hell, Catholic priests have been sinners for decades, defintion: Republican closet perverts, Old Testament rulers and, “my wife does what ever I want, even if she doesn’t want to.” Hear that Reince, you no longer have to wear the old high heels in private anymore, we understand Catholic priests and Republicans. Follow up definition to the first definition: Catholic priests have altered thousands of young lives, in the worst way, Forgive them? Let’s see what their victims have to say, the one’s who haven’t killed themselves from the trauma.

  13. Of course Huckabee is going to stand behind Jimbob… look up what old Huck did to protect his own perverted son in boy scout camp…

  14. I don’t think his son should have been put to death, but all of them should have been in real counseling for years. He should never have been allowed to stay in the home or anywhere there are children. The fact is they did nothing to protect their own children, and now grandchildren. I don’t know what the jail time should have been, there are different levels of abuse that has to be considered for each case. No way should it be just ask God to forgive you and then act like nothing happened.

  15. …don’cha-know, RULES are for OTHER people…we MAKE the rules; we don’t follow ’em…we preach from the OLD Testament; whileas the NEW Testament only covers US…
    {{{What Teahadists apparently believe…Holier than Thou and Dirtier than Most}}}
    …these “F”ers are in for a BIG surprise come Judgement Day…pity it can’t be televised…lol

  16. Well, Clennis, Catholic priests have done horrible things and had them covered up. But, so have Protestant ministers, parsons, etc. It’s not just Catholic priests, it’s every person that is a pedophile, and whatever their calling, they should be called out, tried, convicted, and jailed. Don’t blame just Catholics. It’s every religion that harbors pedophiles. Even atheists.

  17. He said he “likes to get up at night and change his daughter’s diapers”. His dear wifey thinks that’s just grand!

  18. They could easily be charged with endangerment of a child or at the very least hindering/interfering with a police investigation!

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