The Fox News Effect? Deranged White Terrorist Threatens Unarmed Muslims And The Media Shrugs


A deranged white terrorist threatened two unarmed Muslims and the media has again chosen to ignore the impact of a conservative media culture that spreads hatred and fear.

KARE 11 reported that while Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were waiting outside of a family friend’s house for their teenage son, they were approached by Nancy Kay Knoble who did her best George Zimmerman impression:

“She said you are suspicious in this neighborhood. She told me open the window, open the window. We couldn’t do anything. I was frozen,” Majida Abumayaleh explained of the incident.

She claims, and authorities are backing her up, that 48-year-old Nancy Kay Knoble began threatening her and her husband, Adly, while they were in their car waiting for their son at around 11:00 p.m.

Majida and Adly were not armed, they were not even outside of their car but Knoble, charging documents say, was pounding on their windows demanding them to get out of the car.

But the yelling wasn’t the scariest thing Knoble was doing according to the charges against her.

“She pulled the rifle and said open the window or I’ll shoot you guys,” Adly explained.

Police arrested Knoble on assault and terroristic threat charges, but the bigger question is where is the outrage when two unarmed Muslims are threatened by a white person because they looked “suspicious?” It is doubtful that Knoble would not have bothered the couple if they were white. Apparently, white people don’t look suspicious.

Journalist and daughter of Majida and Adly, Mnar A. Muhawesh, described the encounter on her Facebook page, “My parents were held at gunpoint over the weekend for what we believe could be a hate crime. My mother who wears the hijab and my father who looks somewhat Middle Eastern are both in their 50s. They were sitting in their car waiting to pick up my 15 year old brother from his friend’s house Friday evening when a middle aged woman came banging on my mom’s window, demanding that she pulled her window down. She then pulled out a rifle pointed it to my mom’s head and my mom immediately started yelling “she has a gun”. The woman then went to my dad’s side, forced them both out, and said that they looked “suspicious” and knows what their “kind was up to.” She claimed to be neighborhood watch and wouldn’t believe my parents that they were there to pick my brother from his friends house ( who were close family friends).”

Muhawesh believes that her parents were the victims of a hate crime, and she is right. Her parents went through a terrifying ordeal because a white person determined that they didn’t belong in that neighborhood. This logic is all too familiar to those who remember the Trayvon Martin shooting. African-Americans are threatening “thugs,” and Muslims are “terrorists.” The police are speculating that Knoble has a mental illness, or perhaps she was just acting out on what too many media sources have been brainwashing their viewers with.

We don’t know if the person who has been charged in this case watched Fox News, but the message of conservative media has seeped into America’s cultural ecosystem. There are people who don’t watch Fox News, but have been influenced by the people around them who do, and the fact that the rest of the media has on more times than not tried to mimic Fox News.

A media structure has been built that spreads fear and hatred. The media will treat the story of what happened to Majida and Adly Abumayaleh as an isolated incident caused by one bad apple while ignoring the fact that there is an entire media apparatus that is creating Nancy Kay Knobles all across this country.

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  1. So you’re going with the white terrorist gets to blame FOX news for their hate?
    Guess it’s part of the whites get nuance, people of color don’t.

  2. Haters are going to hate, and Fux Propaganda…. I mean Fox News is going to promote as much hate, fear, and domestic terrorism as they can.

  3. More and more Americans who watch Fox News are running afoul of the law and finding themselves in legal trouble. They deserve every bit of trouble they land in because they abandoned the right to think for themselves and have permitted RW talking heads to guide their thinking. One good thing about these incidents is that some who listen to RW hatemongers are discovering that the world is not the way they’ve been told by them that it is. Most Americans do not like the idea that any citizen would hold others at gunpoint based on their own paranoia. When Knoble held this couple at gunpoint against their will, she felt pretty certain that she could return to her home after they “proved” to her that they had a legitimate reason for being in “her” neighborhood, but she didn’t count on the couple reporting the incident to law enforcement, and it never entered her mind that she’d be arrested. Until she posts bail, she’ll have lots of time to watch Fox News from behind bars.

  4. Where I’m from, this dipshit woman would be charged with felony aggregated assault. Her “reasons” wouldn’t make any difference.

    ATF ought to look into this since a firearm was brandished as part of her threat. Neighborhood Watch doesn’t include threats with firearms.

    On conviction, she’s looking at 3 to 5 years in a prison or mental hospital.

    Of course, the NRA and all the haters will raise a ton on money for this idiot. This crap will stop when we hold the instigators of this sort of “activity” as responsible as the perpetrator.

  5. Some people don’t have anything else going for them except being a bully. I’m sure the rifle added an extra bit of courage. People like Nancy Knoble feel empowered when they can terrorize and belittle others that are different or don’t conform to their ideals. The simple minded are easy to indoctrinate in the right wing cult. If they don’t get their hate propaganda from their favorite news station, they get it from some bible thumping minister!

  6. I seriously do not believe they were targeted for being Muslim. I live close to that neighborhood and there had been several robberies in the recent past. I am thinking she saw a car that pulled up two houses down, no one got out, no one got in, so it appeared they MAY be casing the neighborhood. Instead of calling the cops as a protective measure, she instead (aided by alcohol) decided to confront the car. Stupidly she carried a weapon with her and the rest is in the story.

    What no one can explain is how she would know the people in the car were Muslim. It is completely black outside at 11PM and unless they were sitting directly under a street light, there is NO WAY to know what ethnicity the people in the car were.

  7. RW talk radio and “news” all know the game plan. Keep them scared and fearful of people not like you. This creates hate and violence when they feel like they’ve lost control!
    Militia membership’s are at record highs….So, whose pulling the strings here? And for what reason?

  8. I am very impressed with Brian’s post. Missed the fact that it was dark out completely.
    Now the woman who did this is still deranged. You don’t go out with your rifle and confront a parked car in your neighborhood at night, I don’t care how many burglaries you’ve had.
    Trying to thread a connection from this incident to FOX is preposterous. In fact this has been one of the most interesting things about this site; the idea that a TV Network creates a certain kind of thought in its viewers.
    Rather, the thoughts and opinions of millions of people created the need for a network like FOX.
    ESPN didn’t create sports fans. Sports fans created ESPN.

  9. Seriously!! She aimed a gun at their faces, pulled them out of the car because she knew what “their kind” was up to.

    Seems like she could see just fine.

  10. At one time we were just exactly that azportsider. But with the election of Ronnie Ray-Gun and his handing over of the legislative power to the newly formed Christian Reich Wing AND the emergence or should I say perversion of the NRA into a race/religious political party unto it’s self, we have become the land of the free to do as you wish if your WHITE AND CHRISTIAN. The “brave” part seems to be WE who are constantly battling the cowardice of the Bible thumping gun carrying morons who claim love of country for themselves even though it is plain to see that they HATE their fellow countrymen.

  11. Robert, you are once again ignoring the obvious. You are suggesting that words have no power, that thoughts>actions come from somewhere else. I’ll grant a portion of that. Let’s just say that Fox and all the other hate spinners merely feed that which some people are “pre-disposed” to believe.

    It must be true that words have no power. God just wants people to be violent and ready to kill all those “others”. Words have nothing to do with it.

  12. Yes, you are right, the thoughts and opinions of millions created fox “news”.
    These people were hungry for other people who hated the same things they hate, for like minded people who say their lousy life choices are not their fault.
    Did you not read that Knoble told the couple that they “looked suspicious” and that she “knew what their kind was up to”.
    Sure sounds like Knoble could see them just fine.
    And Jason didn’t say that Knoble WAS a fox viewer, he was just thinking aloud, since most of these kinds of people are indeed fox watchers, or fans of right wing bloggers, authors, talk show hosts.

  13. Sorry JT, I’m not getting what you mean by “the obvious.” God wants people to be violent and hate and kill people different from themselves? Is that the obvious?

    Are you referring to war and people who support it? I’ll admit that seems to be a constant motive by all cultures all over the world throughout all of history. All the way back to when we wiped out those pesky Neanderthal’s- they weren’t like us.

  14. I think Brian’s logic makes more sense. She thought they were burglars casing the neighborhood because they were strangers sitting in a parked car. I’m not worrying about what’s coming out of her mouth as she was very possibly drunk/medicated/crazy.

    And no, Jason was not “thinking out loud.” What he was doing is called “advancing a narrative.” It is the single most important idea pushed on this website: Every bad thing done anywhere by anybody is because of FOX TV.

  15. Robert, it’s true that killing others has, is, and will be a continuing hobby of our species. But rather than deflecting the question, please explain why those who incite hatred of others, talk about “second amendment solutions”, encourage defense fund sites for the killers of others, why are they less culpable?

    Of course, this is predicated on the notion that mere words have no power, whether from the poster child of hate speech (Fox) or all the other hate mongers.

  16. They are not less culpable. But you are not saying who “they” are. “Those who incite hatred of others…” can mean anything to anybody. To you it might mean FOX News. To me it might mean the commenters on this site who don’t just disagree with conservatism…they HATE it.

  17. We hate Conservatism because they (Conservatives) chose to hate first.

    And with their hate- they enacted a deadly crime spree.

    Pro-lifers bombing clinics.

    Timothy McVeigh Bombing a building.

    Shooting people in churches.

    Burning crosses and hanging folks.

    The vast majority of murders, are inspired by Conservatives, Ammo-sexuals, and Religious Freaks.

  18. Your premise that FOX spews HATRED is preposterous !
    I’ve read more hatred by the regulars on this site than anywhere in my life. After having their socialist dictator at the helm for 6 years they should be happy campers.

  19. Robert, I really have no time or interest in providing a list or examples of hate speech by Fox and hate mongers et al.

    Simply go to the Fox or Breitbart websites and make your own assessment. But do all of us a favor and look at the intent behind the words. Only the most specious outlook views hate speech as benign. Oh, and I include extremist BS from the left as well.

  20. In the words of the greatest President of our time, Ronald Reagan, “there you go again”. Every time someone says something you dislike you say “you don’t even know what that means”.
    It’s Friday please entertain me with something more intelligent. Take your time.

  21. What did Reagan do that was so great? 241 marines killed in Lebanon. Iran contra? Trickle down economics . That he raised taxes 11 times, tripled the federal budget deficit. During the Reagan years, the debt increased to nearly $3 trillion, Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts. Unemployment jumped to 10.8 percent after Reagan enacted his much-touted tax cut, and it took years for the rate to get back down to its previous level, grew the size of the federal government, gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants, supported apartheid in South Africa, and the kicker supported the Taliban and Bin laden.

    And you say he was the greatest President? You are a dumbass

  22. You sir, are ‘battschitt’ crazy. Adding your comment that Regan was the greatest president just proves your insanity.

  23. Everything I quoted, is from the History that Conservatives have created.

    Try to keep up with the rest of the class Specialk. I know it can be a bit of a challenge for someone of your background. But if you tried for once- it’ll pay dividends.

  24. Funny how in your POST trying to defend Fox news you prove the point about their hate speech, I am sure you picked up the little Socialist Dictator from Fox, or another RWNJ outlet, tell me do you have any understanding of those words, and How is one a Socialist And a Dictator?? And Obama is Neither by the way, he is right in line with Reagan, actually one could say he is RIGHT of Reagan… Reagan RAISED taxes 11 times, and actually PASSED the most LIBERAL Abortion bill in CA history…..

  25. I think you need to check your history Joe, we were never “exactly that”. Pretty much every race/ethnicity/nationality you can name has gone through a racist “hazing” process from “real Americans”. Irish, German, Italian, Japanese etc. etc.

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