Hulu Dumps The Duggars As TLC Is Leaning Towards Canceling 19 Kids and Counting



Hulu has dropped 19 Kids and Counting and announced that the show will no longer be aired on their site while TLC appears to be leaning towards cancelation.

Hulu, which was bombarded with viewer complaints after the show was still streaming on Wednesday responded in a statement, “The show page has already been removed, and is no longer hosted on Hulu.”


There has also been a speculation that TLC will cancel 19 Kids and replace it with a show featuring the Duggar daughters, or some other Duggar related programming that does not feature self-admitted molester Josh Duggar. However, none of these TLC backup plans may be viable as the Arkansas state trooper who is currently in prison for child pornography is claiming that Jim Bob Duggar lied to him. Joseph Hutchens told InTouch Weekly, “Josh had inappropriately touched [redacted] during the time she was asleep. He said he touched her through her clothing and he said it only happened one time. I did what I thought was right and obviously it wasn’t. If I had to do it over again, I would have told him immediately I am going to call the hotline and contacted the trooper that worked those cases and have a full report made. I thought I could handle it myself.”

If this is the case, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are directly implicated in covering up their son’s molestation of their own daughters. There is absolutely no way that TLC can ever show any programming relating to the Duggars. The family’s fame should be over. Seventeen advertisers have dropped the show. Many of them are refusing to buy ads on any show featuring the Duggars.

TLC has been gambling that they could wait out the scandal. The network if obviously placing money ahead of doing what is right. The scandal is not going away, and with each passing day, TLC is looking worse. The network still hasn’t gotten the message that the Duggars must be dropped.

If you have not done so, please sign our petition telling TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

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  1. With the plethora of religious fantasy channels out there <literally!, why don't these intellectually bankrupt programs like Dumb Dynasty and the Uterus People go to them?

  2. Preemptive Entry for “Duggar Defenders” who spew lies as facts, like Maureen earlier tried:

    His parents learned of Josh’s molestations in March, 2002 – but did NOT GO TO THE POLICE for over ONE YEAR – in July of 2003.

    And Josh did NOT receive “counseling”

    “In a separate interview with police, Michelle Duggar later says that the treatment program the person attended was not with a certified counselor but with a ‘guy they knew in Little Rock who is remodeling a building,’ the report says.”

    “Michelle Duggar later admits to Springdale police that Josh did not receive counseling and instead had been sent to stay with a family friend.”

    And it was only ONE of the victims who asked to have the records expunged.


  3. Interestingly enough, the show- Big Love didn’t quite merit the same amount of attention.

    For one thing it was acknowledged as being fictional (despite all of the real polygamists around). And it explored real world issues that such folks would have.

    As opposed to the fantastical ‘put on a cheerful face for the media’ 19 brats and popping put forth.

  4. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are criminals:

    They never reported the incident to police until forced to do so. Going to speak to a family friend who happens to be a cop is not the same thing as reporting the incident. And this happened to AT LEAST 5 girls.

    Even when they went to see the family friend who was a cop, they lied to him, giving him a very watered-down version of what happened.

    When the police received an email about the abuse, passed on from the Oprah Winfrey show, the police wanted to interview Josh. Jim Bob refused and hired a lawyer to fight it.

    Michelle admitted they lied to police and never sent Josh to a counseling program as they had originally claimed – they sent him to live with a relative instead.

    They did everything they possibly could to stall and derail the investigation so that Josh would not have to pay for his crimes.

    That is aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. I don’t care HOW you try to whitewash it.

  5. Just the fact that TLC is “leaning” towards cancelling that heinous show and not dumping it outright tells me everything I need to know about TLC and their “values”, or I should say, LACK of them. I will never watch anything on it ever again.

  6. They only value money. At one time they has smart programs but return on the dollar wasn’t what they expected so they dumb down the network for dumbass Americans and this ids where we are at.

    They wont cancelled it for the obvious reasons, they will cancel it because companies wont buy ad time

  7. Because they are moral reprobates who use religion to mask their dysfunctions–the more religious a person is, the more skeletons they have in their closets.

  8. In the state where I reside, the law demands that if you are any kind of religious clergy, a school teacher, psychologist, medical arts, law enforcement, social worker (I can’t remember the entire list), you are held to a higher standard and required to report child abuse and molestation no-if-and-or-but…hey, *uckabee is a minister…and so is Jim Bob…I wonder if AK law has a similar statute?

  9. I read somewhere last week on website that another large family is waiting in the wings to take over the Duggar Family. That family name is the Bates. Ugh.
    Never watch this kind of program and glad I haven’t.


    which says:

    The United States has a variety of legislations – in 18-20 states, all citizens have mandatory reporting requirements when they suspect a child is at risk of abuse. Other states have mandatory reporting requirements only on those in professions where they come in contact with children.

    So, even in states with weaker mandatory reporting statutes, anyone in a profession with frequent contact with children is required to report suspected abuse.

    It does say “In general, attorney-client privileges and clergy-penitent privileges are usually exempt from mandatory reporting.” Now whether that applies to just ministers or all church leaders may be a gray area so the church elders may skate on that.

  11. AGREE. also I do not wish to even hear the word Dugger girls. What exactly do these Girls have to tell any one? Except the lessons taught to them by their Parents. Replacing this kind of multiple birthing with another family name is NOT my kind of learning. All these people are way off the grid.
    Never could stand any of the reality shows, don’t watch, tried once, that was the end for me, all are scripted,& filled with lies.

  12. Thanks Thom. I think there is some wiggle room for privileges of the above, but total exemption to cover violent criminals (murderers, raper, molesters, kidnappers) are only allowed when the privileged one is christian republican…

    (race? nope…Herman Cain anyone?)

  13. I think the “Girls” have a lot to tell us now and later when they leave the cult.

    Right now, they can tell us either “stories” or “facts”; either way, it’s a loose-loose proposition for them.

    Later, after they leave, they can tell us how the process of multigenerational trauma is passed within their particular family (molestation in this case), and, how it is practice throughout their cult.
    That will give the cult unwanted exposure and open doors to future “secular” investigations.

    Herein lies one of the many reasons they want control of everyone else sex life NOW before “everyone” finds out about their sexual predatory practices.

    (…and “prosecutes” them…I mean, “persecutes” them, persecute…I keep forgetting I’m supposed to comply with their nice, white and polite word-speak)

  14. Are you referring to Norma, Norman and the rest of them?
    Norma and Norman would fit right in there.
    TLC used to be The Learning Channel.
    Now it’s The Looney Channel.

  15. How about a new clown car show? This one involving all the Republican candidates? (number to be determined) Idiots And Counting.

  16. These Duggars belong to a cult and espouse sexual abuse as part of their so called faith.Lets call abuse for what it is and these cultists for who they are: corrupt pedophiles who hide behind religion to make an apology for their criminal behaviour.

  17. And now TLC has started a new “family” series that sounds as bad as the Duggars. Same fake “christianity” claimed. TLC network should be taken off the air…who needs it anyway except the fake “christians”? If you don’t know what FAKE Christians are, you might just be one of them!

  18. Semen Causes Cancer.
    According to the Quiverfull Movement.

    Doctors have discovered that the seed of the man is an alien substance to the woman. It triggered responses similar to those of an “allergic” reaction. A woman who has a husband is able to develop “immunity” to this reaction; however, a promiscuous woman’s immune system becomes confused and unable to distinguish alien substances. This confusion is a key to the development of cancer.

    Which begs the question- why do so many Dudes get Cancer?

  19. Childhood sexual abuse is America’s best kept secret because it most frequently occurs in families and siblings are the most common perpetrators. The secret begins with a pact between the offender and victim. The victim is afraid to speak out for many reasons including fear of the abuser, to protect other siblings, fear of being blamed, and fear of disbelief.

    Even when it s discovered the secret continues because of fear of social retribution, social isolation, and fear of the criminal justice system. But keeping this secret allows the abuser to continue to victimize children. Pedophiles are serial offenders who are enabled by the secret.

    I am a survivor who spent 11 years of my childhood with a pedophile and I would like to see this narrative change. Offenders who harm children deserve to be punished but treatment and social support for the pedophile who chooses to reform is an alternative we should consider. Thank you for reading.

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