Report: Hillary Clinton Insiders Are “Frightened” Of Bernie Sanders


Clinton insiders are frightened of the challenge that Bernie Sanders could present, and the damage that he could do to her candidacy with Democratic activists.

According to Politico:
But the moments of contrast and friction between Clinton and her Democratic opponents will be what help to define her as a candidate. Sanders — a clearly defined politician who can tap into a vein of anger in the Democratic Party over hedge funds and big banks in the wake of the financial crisis — is more likely to push her on policy than O’Malley, who so far has played it safe, strategists said.

Insiders familiar with the Clinton campaign’s thinking described it as “frightened” of Sanders — not that he would win the nomination, but that he could damage her with the activist base by challenging her on core progressive positions in debates and make her look like a centrist or corporatist. The source described the campaign as “pleased,” at least, that O’Malley and Sanders will split the anti-Clinton vote. A Clinton spokesman declined to comment.


Clinton’s camp, so far, seems attuned to the need to avoid alienating Sanders’ constituency. After Sanders announced his presidential campaign last month, Clinton tweeted: “I agree with Bernie. Focus must be on helping America’s middle class. GOP would hold them back. I welcome him to the race.”

Hillary Clinton knows first hand the damage that can come from a primary opponent who gets a movement behind him. Bernie Sanders wants to win the Democratic nomination, but he is also out to build a political movement that will take back the country’s politics from the billionaires and corporations.

It isn’t Sanders himself, but the potential of this movement that should frighten the Clinton campaign. After watching the Republican voters push their nominee too far to the right in previous primaries, the Clinton camp has an understandable fear that Sanders could have the same impact on the Democratic contest in 2016.

There is a level of respect and like between Sanders and Clinton that will prevent this contest from getting nasty, but a campaign that is focused on ideas is going to keep Hillary Clinton conscious of the Democratic base. Being challenged in the primary will also help to make her a better candidate for November.

For Democrats who believe that a contested primary will help Hillary Clinton, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is doing exactly what was wanted. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate in either party, and she is getting better thanks to the challenge being presented to her by a 73-year-old senator from Vermont.

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  1. I read that this morning, they are saying he is a PITA to the frontrunner but by all accounts just an irritant who is attacking her with nasty remarks which are not true. I can list a few pages of his statements where he gets nasty to her, I have them saved, but I prefer to let his lies not be repeated.

    I can assure you the Dem party doesn’t view him with terror. At this point he is comedic fodder who is helping the Right Wing.

    The GOP and Bernie fans are on the same side. Kill the Hillary-beast gets real old to those of us in the real world who know her.

  2. i cant wait for the dem debates. bernie will be all over her like a fly on ****. sorry hillary, if i wanted to vote for wall st again, i would vote for gop lite like obama. bernie will get the left juiced up and it will resonate in the twittersphere…

  3. yeah, lets not talk about issues. lets not talk about the the majority of this country that really feels like bernie. lets not steer the dnc into reality. no, its rw trolls who say that speaking to the public about what concerns them make them gop fodder. you think the gop klown kar, wont get their johnson in the way? wait.

  4. How politico described him in the piece:

    Quirky. Counter-intuitive. Far left. Insurgent. Bit player. Tapping into vein of anger. “Not that he would win the nomination but he could damage her” , entertaining, interesting to watch.


  5. Lets say Sen. Sanders win the nomination and the Presidency how will he reign in Wall Street when the President cant write the legislation to do just that?

  6. Hey sponge-blob,

    Issues? Ok. that $15 an hour for starters.

    We went through this a while back but let the debate start up again.

    When those workers are replaced by touch screens at the counters they will miss having the pay they get now.

    Min is now Fed: $7.25 and Obama wants it to go to $9, and has I believe mentioned once even maybe to go to $10 but that isn’t up to any one person, not even one with a “super cape” fulled of rhetoric and promises.

    So what will Hillary say? I am sure it will be incorporated into a grown up plan. With real economists and experts consulted. As much at the street protests appeal to our “liberal” notions, it isn’t going to get done in reality so fast.

    Not doubling nationally. No how.

  7. Naw. He has a small base of affluent white liberals…they are very vocal, but are virtually pointless in terms of a viable electoral coalition. The demographics of the activist base that likes Sanders is vastly different from the actual demographics of the Democrats.

    To most, Sanders is a cranky old white-dude hippie. He has no shot in hell, mainly because that demographic is very, very small.

  8. I hope he wins, if he doesn’t, I hope he spoils it enough to give the presidency to the Republicans – maybe the right wing of the Democratic Party will start to learn that we’ve had it with Coporatocracy and Wall Street.

  9. They never see beyond that, djchefron.

    These so-called Liberals (Naderites, fairweather Democrats, etc.), for all their intelligence, don’t have a clue how policy is created in this country. They blame President Obama for not being liberal-enuff but they completely ignore that Congress, not the President, dictates national policy, and reforming Wall Street IS national policy. If Congress says NO then it’s NO-GO.

    Naderites have somehow gotten it into their stubborn heads that the President of the United States is a dictator, not a president. SMH

  10. The “right wing of the Democratic Party” is still far left than the leftest of any Republican candidate, but you’re willing to sacrifice women’s rights, civil rights, public education, more war in the M.E., more corporatocracy, more tax cuts for the rich, more decimation of laws that help the average American, more militarization of our police force, and just more G.W. Bush if you don’t get your unicorn that farts rainbows.

    We tried that “punish the Democrats! Don’t vote in 2010!” and look where that’s gotten us – NADA.

    Yeah. Real smart there, Benedict Arnold.

  11. “Not that he would win the nomination but he could damage her”

    This is what the GOP, the Koch Bros, Adelson, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Roberts Court, the elitist 1%, Wall Street, and all Tea Partiers are praying for (to whatever gods they hold dear).

    They’re hoping for another Nader-style upset against a Democrat a la 2000 so they can park another Bush in the White House – and make no mistake, John Ellis Bush is the Republican golden boy for 2016.

  12. I think the Democrats primary will be a healthy one. The Republican primary might be more interesting as far as watching comedy or a train wreck is concerned.

  13. Wow, everybody agreed with me or at least, made my point more valid. Maybe I should go back to the pool and relax… by the time I come back there might even be a serious article about the real candidate.

    That worked better than me answering.

    smile, I should shut up more often!

  14. I will vote for Sanders in the CA primary and will for the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE in November, whomever it is.

    We can NOT allow a tea bag/repub near the WH, we’ve barely recovered from the last “GOP” disastrous rein of terror.

    Too much is at stake and the next president could nominate up to 4 supreme court justices.

  15. Your list is probably pretty accurate except for one group. The Tea Party has no interest in Jeb and hope he’s gets toasted by somebody, anybody.

  16. This is exactly why I will ONLY vote for Hillary if she is primaries as the Democratic candidate.

    Otherwise, I see her as a pure Politician, whom I don’t trust.

  17. their debates will be a CIRCUS with everyone vying for the title of “WHO’S THE STUPIDIST ONE”

    Michael Steele, former ROC chair, said yesterday on Chris Matthews – Carly will probably be on stage even if she’s in the single digits, because she’s their TOKEN “woman”.

  18. Heh…”frightened” isn’t a word EVER used in politics when referring to anyone. Politico has an agenda, as do all media outlets. Where’s the horse race? Oh, no horse race? Well, where’s the spoiler? Bernie Sanders? Let’s give it a trial balloon and see if it flies.

  19. Well, OF COURSE it’s a Politico writer who’d call the Clinton campaign staff “frightened” of Bernie Sanders. What bushwah.

    I can tell you I’m pretty excited at the prospect of a Clinton vs. Sanders debate. He’s going to hold her feet to the fire on all kinds of issues, especially the Wall Street connections and corporate cozying-up she’s been doing.

    Now all we need is another intelligent fairly honest Dem/Indy candidate to join the fray. Anyone? Bueller?

    The contrast between the Dem lineup and the GOP clown car will be like watching 60 Minutes vs. Celebrity Apprentice.

  20. Nader ran in several election campaigns representing the Green party, split off from the Dem party. His most damaging campaign was in 2000. Bernie’s running for the Dem nomination.

  21. Indeed Andy. I will support and work for Bernie in the primaries in whatever capacity I can. If he wins the nomination I will be ecstatic. If Hillary wins the nomination I will hold my nose and mark my ballot for her as a vote against the GOP even though Hillary will do the Koch’s and Wall Street’s bidding. . The GOP can never again be allowed to hold the White House.

  22. I, also, will stick with Sen. Sanders through the primaries, BUT I will vote for whichever Democratic candidate wins the nomination. There is no way in hell that I would turn the WH over to the Republicans just because I am not a fan of SoS Clinton and she wins the nomination.

    Anybody that is willing to turn things over to the Republicans just because his candidate doesn’t win the nomination is no true Democrat and definitely doesn’t care WHAT happens to the country.

    SMH at the stupidity of that comment.

  23. Ah, yes, $15/hour, death knell to capitalism.

    I love this backpedalling article at Forbes. (/snark) Read it, and the article previously written.

    Seems the author might be burned that Seattle might not have as many restaurants as they once did. Hey, anyone remember The Doghouse on Denny Way? EXTREMELY POPULAR restaurants close their doors too. The restaurant landscape (and job opportunities) realign.

    No one mentioned in that article the likelihood of Seattle restaurant owners forbidding tipping of waitstaff once $15/hour goes into effect. I hope that happens. It’d be better for everyone.

  24. Bully pulpit, the most underrated part of the presidency…Sanders would shine there, getting the people riled up for change, and then the congress passes some laws because their feet are held to the fire.

    Obama could have done the same but he’s just not that kind of guy, he would rather be methodically crafting policy in the backroom making deals.

    Sanders would basically be like TR or FDR for 2015.

  25. Still miffed at me. Too bad.

    You called me a republican troll.

    Good call there. I wish I was paid to support her, I could use the money all these years.

    And you were wrong. I am not what you say. Yawn.

  26. Bernie and his supporters are out to destroy the dem. party. They will do and and say anything to bring down Hillary’s campaign. The republicans are thrilled that the extreme far left have turned on Hillary. Bernie and his supporters are only helping the GOP with the Hillary attacks. I guess the fat left enjoy eating their own.

  27. Yes Andy, I remember when I first came here and you attacked me for supporting Hillary.

    And your buddy too.

  28. Really? You really thing the tea bag caucus will listen to the people? Whatever you are smoking, you would be rich selling it. Republicans listen to the people…You kill me
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  29. Amen. Most of it is GOP muck rakers having fun attacking Hillary by keeping up the pretense of supporting him. They will cross vote for him too.

    Go to any R site, they love the Bernie attacks against Hillary and put up his videos. Their plan is to do what they always do. Divide and attack.

    Works every time. They fool the fools.

  30. Republicans listen to the people, as long as those people have amassed wealth of at least eight figures to the left of the decimal point.

  31. That is isolated cases involving small cities, this is an answer to both KarenJ and Patricia -both discussing Wa state. Some states are $9.50 min they chose to be, their economy can handle it now.

    Federal is different, doubling is unheard of. Bad for small margin – small businesses and rural areas.

    Incrementally is still hardship for fixed income people on non increasing pensions or gov’t aid. Services, including SS would need a COLA raise to match and those come slowly.

    At $15 an hour the cost passed on to all consumers is estimated to be $270 for every $1000 spent on living costs.

    That is difficult in some parts of the country not Seattle perhaps, but in other areas where the economy is still not as good, such as Wisconsin where Walker screwed it up. And some counties or impoverished areas in some parts.

  32. Thats a bunch of bull pucky and you and Rin know it is. What you want is for SoS Clinton to have a clear field with everybody kowtowing to her. You do not want ANY competition.

    For ANYBODY to suggest that those of us that like Sen Sanders are trying to wreck the Democratic party is just so much BS.

    Sen. Sanders has said he will not do any negative campaigning against SoS Clinton. Its just too damn bad that her supporters cannot say or do the same.

  33. On top of that are democrats that delusional that they think Senators Schumer, Gillibrand, Coons,Booker, Blumenthal, Cardin, Kaine, Manchin, Menendez if he stays out of jail, Warner will vote against Wall Street interest?

    Its nice to dream but at some point being pragmatic is the way to go if you are truly a progressive and want to advance progressive ideas

  34. I told you already the other day and above.

    I have lots of his attcking nasty comments about her. It is all in the past few weeks research it yourself.

    I prefer not to repeat his lies but will if you insist. Why give the RWNJ the joy?

  35. At $15 an hour the cost passed on to all consumers is estimated to be $270 for every $1000 spent on living costs.

  36. Bernie Sanders Omits Key Democratic Priorities In First Presidential Campaign Speech

    Some key tweets

    Christopher Hayes
    ✔ ‎@chrislhayes
    The problem that “insurgent” progressive Democratic prez candidates tend to face is expanding their base past white, college-educated voters

    5:48 PM – 26 May 2015

    Christopher Hayes
    ✔ ‎@chrislhayes
    As I’ve said a whole bunch of times, the demographic cornerstone of a progressive political coalition in this country are black women.

    6:25 PM – 26 May 2015

  37. moon used that link in the thread about the letter BS wrote with the other senators that was about corporate special attention… when we discussed it for hours.

    I will go try to find Moon’s link.

  38. Here’s some topics for discussion:
    Federal Court reminds Obama he can’t make his own laws. (Now est. 6,000 MS-13 Gangsters killing, raping, stealing). I guess Obama wants 16,000 or 60,000 or …

    Is Liberal Mayor in Baltimore sorry she told police to stand down. Crime up dramatically since she scolded/ blamed police. More great liberal policies!

    France getting tough in IRAN nuke talks. France !!! WTF?? Obama wants to help Iran get nukes-great idea !!

  39. Cool but in the future can please stop referring to Bernie Sanders as BS. Its not right and no matter your allegiance we have bigger fish to fry than each other

  40. Serious question. If the products we buy are going up in price but wages remain stagnant or even fall just who are suppose to consume these products? I know the kochs are rich but they can only eat so many burgers and make no mistake prices are rising. Yesterday I was at the store and I decided I wanted to make some beer can chicken.

    Picked up everything I needed then I went to the meat aisle. The cheapest whole chicken they had was $10.35 cents. WTF ITS CHICKEN FOR CHRISESAKES!!! I put everything back except the beer

  41. Consumer price index – not a financial whiz but it is increasing from observation like you say.

    Not on imports either. On domestic produced meats and damn, you need a loan to buy a gallon of milk these days. Almost $5 someplaces. Kids are going to go hungry and eat pasta and rice and cheaper filling foods.

    Crazy making.

    I have no idea, but see it too.

  42. Take a look at Australia’s immigration policies. If America had copied those policies for the last 20 years, our unskilled labor jobs might be worth $16.88/hr as well.

  43. Yeah that had liberal policies before racists conservatives protecting the bloodline changed policy. Gives you a hard on don’t it?

  44. I will vote for Bernie in the iowa primaries next year. However, if he doesn’t get the nomination, whoever is the most liberal of the third parties, I’ll choose them. I vote my conscience, not the “lesser of two evils” as Hillary is just as evil as any neo-con that the repukes choose. Why do I say this? Ask yourself if you approve of the way Walmart operates their organization. No? Then ask yourself, why did Hillary approve their policies while she was sitting on their board of directors as their chief counsel?

  45. Dear Ben:
    Do you even understand what you are saying?? As of now, the rethugs own the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court. If, they take the White House too, do you really believe there will be any freedoms left? War will be the main topic, not the wishes of the people. The Koch’s will finally get all they want, as will the rethugs. Rethink your statement please.. You may find you don’t even have the right to vote, or voice an opinion. The country’s survival depends on taking the White House, and some seats in the senate and HOUSE and stopping the reign of thugs in the court system.

  46. Debunked ages ago. Catch up to the past few decades. You don’t understand that era.

    Walmart, Arkansas, long time ago they were different, she stood up for rights there and labor.

    NEXT research actual history.

  47. I found your attack on me on the Bernie Launches thread on the 26th.

    You blamed me for QUOTING HIM.

    Pay attention before you attack people who are telling the truth about lies someone said about a candidate who didn’t deserve to be attacked.

    It isn’t the Hillary supporters causing problems. We are all on the same page and I have never had the pleasure of a finer group of people. Clinton Country. Great years, good for my wallet, and my heart.

  48. The Vox link this morning was the same issue different tune. All not going to work – no base and no demographic to change and not a path to any. Fringe.

    Like it said a 1930 radical vs a 1960s one.

    Lol. Hillary was a McGovern girl like me.

  49. Short bus special.

    Well considering all of those would be an improvement over Republicans, as many as we can get to take the places of Conservatives nationwide.

  50. Another Hillaryite that REFUSES to see the truth about their beloved candidate, you neo-liberals are all the same, afraid of real facts. Here’s one piece of Hillary’s corporatist history that’s biting her on the ass.

    PS I was born in 1970, so I would say I’m old enough to remember how things were BEFORE Walmart.

  51. Neo-liberals? WTF Now I was not for Sec Clinton in 2008 and I have no horse in this race but I do know Hillary has a broad base of the Democratic party. I have yet to see who Sec. Sanders base is but the usual emos who could not elect a dog catcher if we are going to keep it real

  52. FactCheck: Pushed Wal-Mart for women managers & environment
    Obama attacked Clinton’s one-time membership on the board of directors of the world’s largest retailer, saying, “While I was watching those folks see their jobs shift overseas, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.”

    It’s true that Clinton sat on the Wal-Mart board for six years while her husband was governor of Arkansas, where the chain has its corporate headquarters. She was paid about $18,000 a year for doing it. At the time, she worked at the Rose Law Firm, which had represented Wal-Mart in various matters.

    But according to accounts from other board members, Clinton was a thorn in the side of the company’s founder, Sam Walton, on the matter of promoting women, few of whom were in the ranks of managers or executives at the time. She also strongly advocated for more environmentally sound corporate practices. She made limited progress in both areas. In 2005 she returned a $5,000 contr…

  53. In 2005 she returned a $5,000 contribution from Wal-Mart, citing “serious differences” with its “current” practices.
    Source: on 2008 Congressional Black Caucus Dem. Debate , Jan 21, 2008

  54. Unfortunately the ‘smarter’ trolls attention spans tend to be rather easily diverted.

    Oh look Robert! Something Shiny!

  55. Pretty witty there MB. Shame you have to throw in there reference to special needs kids. But then, the lowest of the low are the far left who are unaware of the destruction they cause or allow.
    19% of the population is far left, so even the average Dem thinks you guys are crazy !

  56. Huh? You just made no sense whatsoever.

    You will vote for Clinton because you don’t trust her?

    I don’t trust her, but I will be voting for Bernie Sanders, because Clinton is a warmongering corporate tool and nothing more.

    She is touting Monsanto crap to Europe, and she gets big bucks from the bankers. Those are her constituents, not you.

  57. dj, Really ? As a percent of the population blacks killing blacks is astronomical.
    Blacks don’t seem to care unless one is murdered by a white person. A shame to have loss of life and your own race do not care.

  58. So more corporate oligarchy is the way to go?

    I don’t think so.

    What makes you think Clinton would even try to do such a thing? She is owned by Wall street and the big bankers, not to mention the rest of her corporate donors.

    Voting for more of the same old corporatism will NOT bring about the change that is needed in this country.

  59. Anyone who has any sense of what happened in 2000 with Ralph Nader should be terrified of Bernie Sanders. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bernie Sanders and everything he stands for but he could split the centrist vote and put Ted Cruz or Scott Walker in the WH.

  60. I don’t think Sen. Sanders will go the route of spoiler. He knows what is at stake and in the end he will campaign the Ben and Jerry types to get on board

  61. moon you’re not kiddin. The guy who brought up insultingly that issues aren’t discussed? 2 quick posts and Gone in 4 minutes. 26 thumbs up.

    I stuck around and discussed issues.

    I gave facts and logic.

    I suck.

  62. So tell me wise one what are you doing to elect the people who would bring about the change you seek? What am I talking about? Congress. Sheesh don’t you EMOS know anything about civics?

  63. Does JimmyK stand for JoKe?

    If they pulled McGovern out of his grave and ran his bones against any of the GOP line up, I would go out and campaign for McGovern again.

  64. I used to be a member of Credo and we got the B&J coupons free.

    When he does concede, I expect a container of Chunky Monkey. Even though it is owned by Unilever now. Is that who bought it?

    Some frankenfood corp bought it long ago.

  65. LMFAO, I see @jimmyk, our resident numb skill bed wetter is channeling his inner KLU KLUX KLAN talking points! you would think after that IDIOT giuliani said that nonsensical crap about blacks killing blacks and ole rudy was utterly destroyed by it, you’d figure any WHITE trash POS wouldn’t repeat that garbage but NO! @jimmyk, our visiting STORMFRONT blogger decides to go there! Listen, YOU being a RACIST surprises no one! but let me help you, people who live in the same neighborhoods tend to do things in their area, whether it crime or positive things in the community. Now I realize you’re a brainless idiot but heres an example, checkout the crime rate in WHITE neighborhoods, yeah DUMBA$S, their typically committed by WHITE people!

  66. Bernie Sanders will be able to pull Hillary just a bit to the left of where she is, which is too close to Wall Street & big business.

    I want her to learn a lot meeting the people who are digging the ditches & paving the streets. See how Big Banks screwed home values by forcing foreclosures and flooding the market with cheaply priced homes (many picked up as investor properties). Take a good look at how Wall Street fees are eating up IRA accounts while the GOP promises to cut Social Security.

    Bernie & Warren, both are on the people’s side of Middle Class economics saying “ENOUGH”. It may be Hillary winning the nomination & 2016 election. But if Hillary shifts to the right after getting the presidency…. Warren may be up for 2020 faceoff against Hillary.

  67. IQ44, That should be “they are typically…”, not “their typically”.
    Where did you get that 8th grade education?
    You and your clueless friends should go straight to Venezuela so you can really enjoy the Socialism you desire !!

  68. Really…..!!!!!!???????…..Seriously….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. The majority of the country may feel like Bernie Sanders, but that’s not good enough. Hillary Clinton is the stronger candidate. Period. Hillary Clinton will talk about the issues, and she can talk about the issues as well as Bernie Sanders, maybe even better! And, Hillary Clinton is also more knowledgeable about a wider range of issues than Bernie Sander is.

  70. Nailed it! Bernie Sanders is a factional candidate, who doesn’t have a chance in hell of becoming the democratic nominee.

    Go, Hillary!

  71. “Clinton is a warmongering corporate tool and nothing more. She is touting Monsanto crap to Europe, and she gets big bucks from the bankers. Those are her constituents, not you. ”

    Oh for goodness sake.

    I would ask for links but instead I will ask for the above to be removed.

    I don’t have a way to answer this much CDS

    It is all just out there.

    clean up aisle 6

  72. Senator Sanders has been adamant about not being a spoiler. I will take him at his word on this if it ever comes to that.

  73. LMFAO, that’s your big come back?? “THEY” over “THEIR” well excuse me CRACK @jimmyk, but I know the difference, it was a my mistake but it still doesn’t have anything to do with you being the typical POS internet TROLL, BTW both know full well a douchebag like yourself would never have the balls to say a fraction of the nonsense you post here, so have fun BOY.

  74. Gosh! What is that shiny thing… oh yeah. It’s my real life that I spend away from this computer. It was a nice day out today. I lived it.

  75. Electing a good congress sounds great, until you realize that in many areas of the country, there are NO DEMOCRATS running for those positions. My own district is a prime example where I only had one Democrat on my entire ballot last year. I live in an extremely red district where Dems generally don’t have a chance.

    You still need an executive who would be willing to sign legislation if Dems ever get the majority in congress again.

    I don’t foresee Hillary ever being willing to sign legislation to break up the largest banks and using antitrust laws to break up other large entities.

    She will look out for her donors above all else, and to hell with the rest of us.

  76. You don’t make any sense. Lets say we take back the house with progressives. Then they pass laws to your liking. Do you really think Hillary will veto those laws to please the masters of their universe?

  77. The one from March: She might hire someone on her campaign and he did something with Monsanto. OKAY.

    Clinton spoke at a convention. That article says she said: “the question of genetically modified food or hybrids has gone on for many, many years” and there is a “big gap” between the facts and perceptions in that debate. – Those are drought resistant seeds. OKAY

    I am laughing at the “Wall Street loves her” links because I linked to them myself here! (archives on Wall Street loves Hillary)

    They gave the money to Obama in 08 but to her as a Senator to NY. She is good for the economy! She doesn’t do anything for their donations. They give to all politicians – dems and reps. They loved the economy under Bill too! (So did I and 75% of the US. Dubya hurt them.)

    She supports and defends Dodd-Frank and there are no smoking guns here.

    Speaking of guns – how is she a war monger? And don’t mention AUMF, please!

    Hillary isn’t a monster, you just see m…

  78. She sat on the Walmart Board back in 1986 when Walmart bought and sold products made in America! China products didn’t happen until 2001 when Bush opened up the floodgates by allowing trade with a communist nation like China.

  79. Still waiting for Hillary to talk about the issues. You know, the issues Bernie has been talking about daily for years now.

  80. Old hippie white dude demographic? So why am I, a Black/Latina/Native grandmother who volunteered for Obama in ’08 in 3 states and who was elected to be his at-large delegate, now organizing for Bernie, who, btw, is only 6 yrs older than Hillary? And when will she support free tuition in public colleges to get the youth vote that he just won, along with the support of the liberal parents who would be on the hook for what is now an average of 5-figure tuition at state colleges? Don’t even get me started on environmentalists and people who lost their homes or are still upside-down thanks to her beloved Wall St banker buddies. Hardly “old white hippies”. [WINK]

  81. There goes the name-calling again. Right, you’re sure to get Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary, if she wins the primary, by calling us EMOS. fyi, I’m a Truman Fellow, educator, perfectly aware of what it takes to pass legislation, step by step – and of what it takes to recruit real progressives rather than reelect the same old corporate Dems who sell us out, only for less than Republicans get in bribes. Even those of us who knew little about process have learned a great deal since we beat Hillary in 08. It really is a movement for Bernie, it’s diverse, it has lots of women including women of color, and we’re organizing, earlier and faster than we did in 08, to replace all the sellouts, step by step, meeting by meeting, committee by committee in local Dem clubs throughout the country. Either Dems go back to being the party for those who back them, or they go extinct for lack of participation in those off-year elections that make or break us.

  82. The flood gates were first opened to trade with China by Nixon, and thrown open wider by Bill Clinton when he handed our sovereignty to the WTO. Please read more. It keeps the brain sharp.

  83. So, Hillary knows more on policy. Let’s see, there the small matter of the war on Iraq, which she supported in the name of bipartisanship. Let’s see, what was Bernie doing, still in the House, before he beat the richest man in Vermont for the Senate seat he holds now? Oh, he was predicting each and every thing that has happened since. And he’s on all the domestic issues committee, whereas she had a front seat to foreign affairs from the White House for eight years. Gee, he’s so naive:

  84. So, those of us who support the candidate who helped start the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives are all Republicans. Very interesting. But wrong. I’ve phonebanked for Bernie in several states already for the Progressive DEMOCRATS of America, and found not a single Republican in the bunch, but keep fooling yourself. We read, we know that no matter the party, 90% of legislative votes side with the top 10% regardless of party, for the past 20 yrs. Gee, isn’t that about the time Bill Clinton decided it’s better to compete for corporate donors than rely on we the people? It’s why off-year election participation keeps dropping, and dropping. But okay, don’t be grateful we’re trying to stop the New Democrats aka DLC aka Wall St Dems from digging the hole deeper, instead of handing them a bigger shovel. No wonder a third of voters are now Independents. smh

  85. If you give up and vote for the most likely democrat to win, who’s the Benedict Arnold?

    I’ve said this before and I say it again now, I’m tired of being stabbed in the back by someone who smiles and hugs me while doing it. I might as well get some joker who will dance around and laugh while stabbing me right in the face.

    It’s time to just crash this thing into a tree rather than let someone else drive us over the cliff because they’re ‘more electable’.

    I’d rather get nothing than get shit upon yet again.

  86. I do understand what I’m saying. As things stand all our rights are going away anyway. Whether they are taken away by Right Wing Republican Zealots or by Right Wing Democratic Zealots doesn’t really make a difference, does it.

  87. Inaru,

    This week in 07:

    June 1–3, 2007 Hillary Clinton 37%, Barack Obama 36%, John Edwards 13%,

    This week in 08 HRC – 60%

    6 others make up the fringe voters.

    Sanders a distant 2nd and Biden is a very close third and he has not made a single move. No chance. No how.

    And do not forget who had the most votes in 08. It was, by all accounts and a fact of history – Hillary who had the most votes of any primary candidate EVER.

  88. I can see your point. The right to die from the lack of medical care- taken away by that Big Bad Boogyman: Obama.

    After all that’s a right listed in the Bill of Rights, somewhere I’m sure.

  89. Ben, I’ll call you Ben instead of Arnold. Then ask you what rights have you lost?
    You can still attend the church of your choice or not, still vote (if you are a citizen and reg) still work at the job you choose, attend school Buy the kind of car you wish, watch all the fox news you wish. What rights have you lost?
    What laws have been passed that restricts the free movement of any citizen of our country? Unless your either Bush or Cheney who can not leave because the world court will grab them and bring them to account.

  90. Politics is not ‘American Idol’ or a horse race.

    Campaigning is the job interview. Sanders is forcing the issue of realigning democrats to a less corporate-centered base. This is made possible by the 2-way nature of the Web.

    The way we used to look at it was a grocery list. Want this, hate that. Which candidate is closest. The candidates were elected by matching their promises to voter demands.
    The GOP moved this discussion from how we re-distribute our tax dollars to what euro-Jesus wants.

    TV is a one-way media. It talks, you listen. The GOP cannot survive our acid comments and photoshopped memes.

    Sanders is forcing Clinton left, away from the standard campaign marketing formula. It’s a good thing.

  91. Please, list these pages. Bernie has never run a negative campaign or participated in mudslinging in his entire career.

  92. If Sanders can wring the neoliberal dynamic out from the core of the Democratic party it will be mission accomplished.

    Forty years ago Sanders would’ve been a mainstream democrat, in modern America he’s considered a fringe democrat.

    There is hope though, America is the most socially liberal currently then ever.

  93. No he wouldn’t. 40 years ago was 1975!

    America was quite conservative and we were still considered “freaks” and socialism was absolutely not normal in any way shape or form in this country in my life.

    He is the only one. An oddity.

    We watched SNL, I got married, we held onto our music but were attacked by disco everywhere.

    Where were you in 75?

    He is not and was not and will not.

  94. I’m still waiting for Flush Limpbah to keep his word to emigrate if Obamacare was found to be legal.

    Perhaps you’ll go in his place?

  95. Hillary’s links to Monsanto are clear.

    “The Rose Law Firm where Clinton worked in the 1980s represents both Monsanto and Tyson Foods.

    Mark Penn, who served as CEO for one the world’s largest public relations firms, Burson-Marsteller, which has also represented Monsanto, was a White House advisor under Bill Clinton and served as chief strategist and pollster to Hillary Clinton in her 2008 presidential campaign.”

    “While trumpeting her endorsement of GMO seeds when she served as Secretary of State, Clinton told the crowd that the term “‘genetically modified’ sounds Frankensteinish,” and thus turns people off to GMOs. “Drought resistant sounds really like something you’d want,” she said, encouraging the industry to improve their semantics. “There’s a big gap between the facts and what the perceptions are.”

    Hillary’s top campaign contributors:
    Citigroup, Inc.
    Goldman Sachs
    DLA Piper
    J P Morgan chase and Co.
    EMILY’S List
    Morgan Stanley
    Time Warner
    Lehman Bro…

  96. Ann that chart has been covered and explained. It isn’t the original – now that the original was debunked they put it into type.

    Look up debunked chart on the internet.

    Not in the mood to debunk it for the 4th time in 3 weeks.

  97. Ann, in a week or two the person who will be her opponent will be O’Malley. The other Republican trolls have been reassigned since Bernie will be in third place soon.

    They are all over the political sites attacking her from three angles:

    GOP regulars
    Marty supporters who are GOP in drag
    Bernie supporters who are GOP in drag
    Real Bernie and Marty supporters with CDS

    I don’t know which you are but it isn’t working – she has 60% of the dem vote and it is solid as hell.

  98. Sorry but I think you’re sticking your head in the sand about Hillary. Beyond that she only speaks political-ese double talk. I want REAL change not the same old politics as usual which I think is the only thing we can expect from Hillary. She’s sold out to corporate America every bit as much as the GOP is. IMO there’s little that qualifies her other than the Clinton name and her big bank backers.

    I was hoping that Elizabeth Warren would run, but since she isn’t, my next choice is Bernie, I will be voting for him in the Ohio Democratic primary.

  99. Actually, Rin, you are the one coming across like a Hillary shill.

    I’m not affiliated with anyone. I’m a retired person who sees the GOP as a real threat to me personally. I will vote for Bernie because I see the next election as critical. Bernie has something real to say and stand up for. So far Hillary is saying zip as to anything of real substance.

    The power of social media is a lot greater now making a grassroots campaign more powerful than years before. Polls at this stage of the game mean little.

  100. I am a long time supporter and am also retired.

    Most of the R trolls announced they were leaving yesterday and one even said it was the last thread he would read.

    They all headed over to tout Marty.

    O’Malley will dwarf Bernie in a few weeks, did you see his charm offensive? The man is going to fool a lot of people. Not me, but I prefer someone electable and proven as a leader.

    Go figure.

    At least attack her honestly, don’t use debunked lies. That chart is full of crap.

    It is including her run for NATIONAL POTUS and her NYC association as Sen. with mostly INDIVIDUALS not the Pac column.

    It is meaningless. She was my Senator and I admire her greatly.

  101. Ann, if you are telling the truth, and you really see the GOP as a threat to you personally, then why would you support the one person who everybody says has no chance of winning.

    Very hard to believe anyone who fears the GOP wouldn’t automatically go with the frontrunner who has a chance to beat Bush.

    Bernie has no shot. If people really wanted to beat the GOP they would support the winning candidate. So I see a troll behind most of the comments here and elsewhere.

    Many, many times, the people I suspect out themselves eventually.

  102. I’ve had little respect for Hillary even before Bernie entered the race. IMO she a purely political animal. I lost respect for her when she didn’t give Bill the boot after the Monica thing. IMO that decision was a political one, i.e. she determined keeping Bill was a better political advantage than dumping him.

    As I’ve said, I see nothing in her that uniquely qualifies her other that her Clinton name and her big, deep pockets backers who are the very people and corporate entities that need to be reined in by the next President. Will she bite the hands feeding her? Definitely the answer is, “NO”

  103. I will vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination. My hope is that she doesn’t and I will do everything I can to support Bernie until/unless that happens.

    But my vote for Hillary in that case would be a vote for the very slightly lesser of two evils and IMO it would be very sad for this country and sad for the democratic process where elections are now bought.

    I think it’s also sad that you just want to go with whom you see as the front runner regardless for what she really stands for.

  104. I disagree fiercely on it being political. She is insanely in love with him still.

    She wrote about that nightmare in one of her books and how hard it was.

    She is highly spiritual and biblical. He made a very public mistake, it was something he paid many times over for.

    Their work together for humanity alone is reason to celebrate their overcoming of that time. Her mom loved Bill but gave him hell. Didn’t he once say only the dog would be nice to him after that…

    Chelsea was a big reason. Her core love and family and values the other.

    Politics was not part.

    The GOP says it was. Not dems who know them.

  105. I supported McGovern, Bill/Gore x 2, Gore, Hillary Senate x2 in NY, Hillary 07.

    I do not support her because I think she will win. I support her because I LOVE HER.

    I am a huge Hill fan. And followed her through State Dept, loved her last book.

    I am not a shill, I have her back. She earned it – she had my back for years.

  106. Your love for Hillary is noted which makes it impossible to have a dispassionate discussion with you.

    Martin O’Malley isn’t a serious runner given his record. After promising not to raise taxes, he raised them 44 times while governor and then there’s Baltimore… His silly political, speech writer jargon sounds hollow compared to Bernie.

  107. I know enough about Hillary to want a second choice. for example her ties to Walmart and Monsanto. if or when the liberal base finds out Hillary’s ties with Monsanto there will be a defection the likes politics has never seen

  108. Newsflash people already know, well at least the smart ones so you may have a point seeing the majority of Americans are dumbasses

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