Vatican Says Irish Marriage Equality Vote Was The Defeat Of Humanity

It is beyond dispute that throughout history of humankind as a civilized people there has been a search for an ultimate weapon. America, like every other industrialized nation, spends an inordinate amount of its resources researching, developing, and constructing the ultimate weapon to guarantee military superiority over the rest of the world and to defend the homeland. Now though, for the second time in as many days, it appears that the ultimate weapon is not dependent on research, natural resources, or a robust military industrial complex, but on compassionate human beings and the democratic process. In fact, America is perfectly poised to rule the world since it is a representative democracy and a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage; the combination of which make up the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

As Hrafnkell Haraldsson reported yesterday, Republican Senator and devout Catholic-evangelical fanatic Marco Rubio asserted that the idea of two human beings of the same sex joined in matrimony because they love each other is a clear and present danger to Christianity. If that concept was remotely true, and Rubio was not beating the Christian persecution drum for effect and electoral support, it seems that any number of nations, religions, and people that suffered the centuries of abuse at the hands of Christianity would hold massive same-sex marriage ceremonies and put an end to the Christian religion once and for all. In fact, throughout history it has been Christianity that posed the only clear and present danger to untold billions of people that continues unabated today; particularly in America under the neo-Christianity embraced by Republicans and their evangelical base.

Although a weapon like same-sex marriage able to jeopardize the existence of the world’s largest religion sounds terrifying, the Vatican went a step farther and claimed the recent democratic vote in Ireland legalizing same-sex marriage is not only a clear and present danger to Christianity, it was  a “defeat for humanity.” One wonders in what universe the world’s largest and richest Christian organization regards a democratic people voting to allow two people who love each other to marry equates to the defeat of humanity, but as a focused weapon, one has to admit it would be unstoppable. As an official Vatican statement, it is another sign that nothing has changed with a new-and-improved so-called ‘liberal Pope’ at the helm and more proof that the new ‘enlightened’ Pope’s image is a public relation creation.

The statement that the Irish referendum to legalize same-sex marriage was the defeat of humanity was courtesy of Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s top diplomat. As the Vatican secretary of state, Parolin is second only to the Pope in the church’s hierarchy, and his condemnation of Ireland’s democracy represented the most god-damning assessment of the Irish vote by a high-ranking Catholic official to date. America’s United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have not yet unleashed their rage at Irish democracy, but no doubt when they do it will be epic and as apocalyptic as the Vatican’s, if not much, much worse. However, it is difficult to fathom what could be worse than people showing compassion for their fellow human beings through democracy being labeled “a defeat for humanity.”

Cardinal Parolin was speaking at a conference in Rome when he said of the Irish vote, “I was deeply saddened by the result. The church must take account of this reality, but in the sense that it must strengthen its commitment to evangelization. I think that you cannot just talk of a defeat for Christian principles, but of a defeat for humanity.” Parolin’s remarks were similar to, but not as ‘kind’ as, the reaction of the archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin. Martin was more circumspect and said “It is very clear that if this referendum is an affirmation of the views of young people, then the church needs a reality check. Most of these young people who voted yes are products of our Catholic school system for 12 years. I’m saying there’s a big challenge there to see how we get across the message of the church.” The church message, of course, is that the idea of two people who love each other marrying represents a god-forsaken mortal sin along the lines of women using birth control or Catholic adherents failing to give the church their last penny.

One should not minimize Parolin’s remarks condemning the Irish people participating in democracy and compassion given the all-important role he plays in dreaming up and crafting the Vatican’s message on major diplomatic and social issues. According to a veteran Vatican journalist for the National Catholic Reporter, by the time of his appointment as Vatican secretary of state in 2013, “Parolin had already been on the frontline of shaping the Vatican’s response to virtually every geopolitical challenge of the past two decades.” However, it is also certain that nothing comes out of Parolin’s mouth that is not first uttered and blessed by his boss Pope Francis; a man already known for anti-homosexual tendencies.

It is noteworthy that it was Pope Francis’ personal decision to rebuke and refuse to accept France’s chosen ambassador to the Vatican because he is gay and a practicing Catholic. Oh, it is true that Francis did say once that, “who am I to judge” when questioned about a pro-gay lobby inside the Vatican, but as the church leader he has demonstrated he does judge the LGBT community, and will not allow a highly-regarded French diplomat to serve as ambassador because he is gay. According to the comment by his second-in-command about the Irish vote legalizing marriage equality, it is obvious that Francis judges democracy that fails to produce results the Vatican demands as “deeply saddening” and a “defeat for humanity;” a defeat that inspires the Vatican to redouble its evangelizing (read propagandizing fear of eternal damnation) efforts.

If Americans were paying attention to the incongruities coming out of the Vatican, they would realize that although Pope Francis appears socially liberal on the outside, particularly on issues like climate change and income inequality, his image is a well-fashioned product of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and a former Fox News executive’s PR campaign. If, for example, the Pope was serious about following in the footsteps and teachings of the 2100 year-old mythological person he represents on Earth, and really believes in income equality through redistribution, he would order the Vatican to sell its incredibly substantial holdings and give the proceeds to the poor. And yes, it is reported that the Pope handed out sleeping bags to the indigent in Rome, but they were funded by the millions of Catholic devotees’ donations from around the world, especially America; not the Vatican or Pope Francis.

One wonders when Christian fundamentalists, and the Catholic clergy, became so terrified of other people having the same rights as they do that they regard something as benign as marriage equality a “clear and present danger to Christianity” or “the defeat of humanity.”  Where is their storied faith in god for protection, or why are they not holding mass prayer rallies for divine intervention and salvation from Irish referendum extinction? Obviously their faith is not nearly as robust as they claim or they would not be nearly as terrified of marriage equality as they obviously are.

What is abundantly clear is that the Vatican’s views and those of American neo-Christians are not embraced by real Christians or the overwhelming majority of Catholics. Still, the entire Christian religion is being portrayed as a terrified cult of hatred for ‘the other‘ that more often than not targets rank and file Catholics and the majority of Christian adherents; two groups that subscribe to a live and let live philosophy. Real Christians and Catholics do not feel they are persecuted or face an existential threat when they cannot impose their will on the population, or mourn “humanity’s defeat” because the Irish people voted for marriage equality; those are views of twisted sick religious fanatics, not decent human beings that call themselves Christians in private.

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  1. I can assure you that the least concern to God is who I choose to love or be loved by. What is of concern to God is who I fail to love. The threat to Christianity is not homosexuality, it is unloving, judgmental and angry “Christians” who do not reflect Christ in any way.

  2. If there is a threat to humanity, it is the church refusing to accept any movement toward population control. The day will come when the church is seen as an enemy of humanity.

    Perhaps Irish gays will be able to adopt all the unwanted catholic children conceived at the direction of the church…

  3. Thank you. Fine article. It’s amazing that an institution as massive and influential as the Catholic Church would raise stupid gay-bashing to such a fundamental tenet. They can’t even begin to explain why they think it’s an issue or why they need to talk about it.

    There are enough real issues like global poverty and climate change and the like, on some of which they occasionally focus. Silly and self-defeating petulance like this gay-bashing nonsense make their claim to ethical and moral leadership ludicrous. it’s the Irish people who are demonstrating what moral leadership looks like these days.

  4. Got Melodrama?

    Methinks that the biggest threat to humanity is the Catholic Church’s habit of turning a blind eye to their own excesses; child raping being the chief amongst them.

  5. Actually humanity has gained by the acceptance of same sex marriages. It means there will be less pretenders in high up positions. Yes the integrity of what the Vatican considers, normal marriage will be greatly enhanced by the simple fact that there will be less people pretending to be straight and getting married heterosexually even though they are homo or bi sexual. Allowing gay marriage will enhance the sanctity of marriage, as opposed to those who would say otherwise. You will only get married to the opposite sex, if you can really fulfill the obligations. Otherwise it is null and void.

  6. For the life of me, I can not understand why these religious fanatics are so obsessed with anyone’s sexual activities. Who gives a rat’s ass what your neighbor’s sexual preferences are?
    The religious right places way too much importance on sex! Beyond that…all of their standards are not those that Jesus expressed.
    It’s all about control…and put your $$ in the collection basket.

  7. The Vatican and other religious so-called “institutions” are RELICS of the past. They are COMPLETELY out of touch with the modern world. Their leaders still believe in mythological gawds despite science saying NONSENSE. They only survive because their cult fools new, naïve, poor uneducated followers. The church literally survives on the poor tithing their last monies. Shame on the Pope, shame on every church for perpetuating their NONSENSE.

  8. As I have said many times before, taxing churches or religious organizations is NOT the solution. The religions have TOO much power now! they suck tax revenue from the public coffers. If we tax them they will demand and receive EVEN MORE of our tax revenue, they will have more power because they will have “skin in the game” and demand 2 lbs. of flesh for every .25oz.s that they contribute. The churches have always been parasites on our communities. The ONLY solution is to totally destroy religion for the good of “Humanity” Religious belief is a mental pathology!!! No if’s ands or buts!!!

  9. clennis05, God IS the big and first phoney! If you start out with a lie you must continue to lie to keep the original lie alive. God IS the big lie! so for thousands of years the faithful have been lying to us and each other! We sane real humans reject the lie! And we are better people for it.

  10. The Greatest Fear of every Puritan- that somewhere, someone is enjoying himself.

    Busybodies, with a halo.

  11. I disagree.

    If they’re subject to taxation, then they’re also subject to regulation.

    And how would the situation be any different from now when it came to churches getting tax monies?

    Which would close a whole lot of doors that they’d rather keep open.

    Annual tax receipts from churches: 83.5 Billion dollars.

    That’s 83.5 Billion that could be used for something useful.

  12. I think that the Catholic Church’s extreme reaction to gay marriage and to gays in general has everything to do with the shameful behavior of its priests for centuries and nothing to do with Christian teachings. Not having publicly repented and reformed is a far greater “defeat for humanity” than Ireland’s vote to be more inclusive of its own gay population. Ireland’s young and poor were far more harmed by the Catholic Church’s abuses than the Church will be by the Irish government’s acceptance of gay marriage. Coming after centuries of English tyranny, the Irish Catholic Church simply doubled down on the cruelty of the previous oppressor. Finally, Ireland is liberating itself. There is no “defeat for humanity” in that; it is a celebration of humanity. Besides there was a beautiful rainbow over Dublin the day the election results were announced.

  13. It is a deadly threat – to their misogynist, hateful dogma. Monotheism is founded on an absolute hierarchy.

    Your place in the pecking order is dependent on your physical appearance. With same sex couples, you can’t tell which one is the ‘owner’ and which one can be ignored.

  14. A great article, I would also like to add the Catholic church in my opinion has lost all credibility, with decades of pedophile priests destroying so many lives and for them to have the audacity to say the Irish vote in favor of marriage equality is an end of humanity is laughable.

  15. Good job Irish Lads & Lassies!

    Pope Francis is only doing PR work for the Vatican, but does not really want any progressive changes.

    Why get upset about the gays, since there are so many in the Catholic church?
    Well, they may want to get out & get married.

    Pope Francis is sending mixed messages, and the people are looking for the church to help improve social living conditions.

    Now the church will be even more intolerant in their teachings and demands of their followers.
    No more mixed messages.

  16. The history of the church isn’t just about taking advantage of the poor & uneducated, but to make sure the people STAY poor and uneducated. (just like the Republication party, no?)

    For some background, I highly recommend the essay series by Janet Wise called ‘Punishing Eve.’ It is exceptional. (IMO)

  17. Marriage between two consenting and loving adults of the same sex is more terrible to contemplate and behold than…the rape of little boys!?

  18. These out of touch with reality little controlling men in strange costumes missed it totally.

    The vote in Ireland was a weapon in the defeat of HATE.

  19. So where in the Bible is the Pope? There is no church hierarchy in the Bible. The Pope’s power comes from man, not from God. The whole system is just a way to get money from the rubes.

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