America’s Liberal Surge Continues As Pro-Choice Americans Now Outnumber Pro-Lifers

obama and congressional liberals kill corporate tax cuts

America’s move to the left on social issues continues as a new Gallup poll has found that for the first time in seven years more Americans identify themselves as pro-choice than pro-life.

A new Gallup poll found that:

Half of Americans consider themselves “pro-choice” on abortion, surpassing the 44% who identify as “pro-life.” This is the first time since 2008 that the pro-choice position has had a statistically significant lead in Americans’ abortion views.


For most of the past five years, Americans have been fairly evenly divided in their association with the two abortion labels. The only exception between 2010 and 2014 was in May 2012, when the pro-life position led by 50% to 41%.

Prior to 2009, the pro-choice side almost always predominated, including in the mid-1990s by a substantial margin. While support for the pro-choice position has yet to return to the 53% to 56% level seen at the time, the trend has been moving in that direction since the 2012 reading.

The Koch fueled Republican takeover of state level offices has led to a surge in anti-choice legislation, but Republicans are out step with the direction of a majority of the country. At the federal level, when Congressional Republicans pass bills that take away the right to choose, they are appealing to a shrinking constituency of supporters.

Socially, the United States is moving to the left. Majorities in the country support immigration reform, same-sex marriage, a woman’s right to choose, and accept climate change as reality. On all of these issues, Republicans are in the minority.

The social movement to the left was also found in last week’s Gallup poll that revealed that social liberals outnumber social conservatives. This hasn’t translated to success for Democrats in midterm elections because many millennials who share similar beliefs as Democrats don’t vote.

A recent poll by Toluna Quicksurveys found that Millennials support Democrats by a margin of 41%-21%, and 91% plan on voting in the 2016 election. The problem for Democrats is that 30% also said that they vote in presidential elections, but not in state and local elections.

Most Americans are pro-choice, but a sizable number of these individuals aren’t voting in the elections that determine the policy direction of many states on social issues. If pro-choice Americans don’t vote, their states elect governors and legislators that carry out an anti-choice agenda.

What this dynamic means for 2016 is that the Republican presidential candidates will be trying to win an anti-choice primary in order to run in a general election when the majority of voters are likely to be pro-choice.

The U.S. has shifted left on social issues, but for that shift to reflected in policy, voters must vote in non-presidential year elections.

Republicans can’t stop it. America is becoming a liberal nation.

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  1. Which begs the question- how is that those who believe in the right for an abortion can outnumber those who believe in preventing others from having an abortion?

    I guess there is some ‘unknown’ factor that the Pro-lifer/anti-sex league isn’t taking into consideration.

    Or perhaps some of the best clients for abortion- are pro-lifers.

  2. As a Brit, I really dislike the way anti-abortionists are called “pro-life”. Why not try referring to them as “anti-abortionists” – after all, that seems to sum up their position pretty succinctly……

  3. We’ve also referred to them as “anti-choicers’.

    But they’re also against: 1)Sex Education, 2)Homosexuality, 3)Masturbation, 4)Birth Control, 5)Non-procreative sex.

    Which leads me to the conclusion- they’re not “Pro-anything”, they’re Anti-Sex.

  4. So what? If people don’t vote for their interest, in the end your interest don’t matter. There are no golden unicorns that give you rights. Only voting will give you your rights

  5. These labels enrage me.
    One can be both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.

    Abortion is a matter for women and their physicians.
    One needs to keep Govt. out of it.

  6. The real irony, in terms of labels, is that, when you look at the full spectrum of “life”, the pro-choice folks are also more pro-life that the so-called pro-lifers.

  7. hence the irony of ‘small government’ conservatives or so-called ‘Libertarians’ such as Rand Paul…

    keeping the government out of your life except when we don’t approve of what you choose to do…

  8. The biggest fallacy with opinion polls is that the most popular position taken by a poll does not make that position true or correct. It is only the most popular.
    Saying that a majority of Americans believe climate change is reality does not make climate change (man-made global warming) real. Climate change is reality because the climate does change over time. The term is confusing (on purpose)
    Ask a bunch of your friends the best tasting brand of catsup. I bet most will say Heinz. I don’t know if Heinz is the best tasting catsup, but it is the most popular.

  9. First of all you prove your self a dumbass by calling it catsup. I have nothing else to add
    Plus you would put it on hot dogs. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul

  10. Being pro-life should include being:
    Against poverty
    Pro-education for everyone
    Pro-fair wages
    Pro-fair housing
    Pro-family planning
    Pro-protecting the environment
    Against jails for profit with unjust sentences…

  11. And you sir, are starting to prove yourself a dumbass by taking my post and dwelling on its least important, most trivial aspect.

    By the way, catsup and ketchup are interchangeable terms. Look it up.

  12. It’s irrelevant if white voters keep voting Republican and Democrat voters stay home
    White voters say one thing, and then vote another way, while everybody else sulks about the state of the country, and many of them don’t vote.

  13. If White voters keep voting Republican?? I hate that the GOP makes it look like Dems are all minorities, and the GOP is the WHITE party. Obama won the Woman’s vote, including WHITE women, less WHITES are voting GOP, or the GOP would control the WHITE HOUSE, and they don’t, and won’t any time soon.

  14. “Saying that a majority of Americans believe climate change is reality does not make climate change (man-made global warming) real.”

    You are correct there, but science shows that it is real and that trumps anyone’s opinion or poll.

  15. I cannot get into global warming here because it is not “on topic.” I guess catsup on hot dogs is ok.

    DJ: Ick! The only thing you put on hot dogs is mustard and chopped onions. That’s it!

  16. To have a perfect hot dog, Is mustard, sliced tomato, relish, cucumber or pickles, onions and celery salt

  17. The right has had 35+ years to prove their ideas ..FAIL.. Now the majority of people are saying.. Time to try something else…

    Let’s see where this leads

  18. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the little secret, corporate american doesn’t want the country to know, the country is turning more LIBERAL! nobody gives a DAMN about these republican TROLLS who infest liberal websites trying to provoke attention for themselves, see @jimmyk, @robert, @erica etc. know their antiquated 1950’s WHITE PRIVILEGE propaganda is DYING! figuratively and praise JESUS, LITERALLY! Think about it, if someone would have told you 10 yrs ago, there’d be a A.A. as president or that gay marriage would both be realities in 2012, what would you have said? BE HONEST! this country is trying to move forward! and as powerful and RICH as the GOP is, even they can’t stop this!! organized religion is DYING in this country, as a spiritual person myself, I couldn’t be happier! the GOP has TRASHED christianity to the point where many TRUE christians are DEEPLY ashamed! The GOP is going the way of the WHIG party! and ALL the LILY WHITE republican TROLLS on Earth can’t…

  19. One last point, america is starting to FINALLY wake up! americans are finally starting to see REAGANISM was complete BULL$HIT! bush sr. was absolutely RIGHT!! “Trickle Down Economics” is VOODOO economics! it’s just another CON GAME played by the OLIGARCH’S to fleece the american public, just look at the con they played on MOST american’s 401k investments LOL. BTW @jimmyk, @robert, and @erica, those OLIGARCH’S didn’t give a damn that most of america’s victims were as LILY WHITE as you are! See the OLIGARCH’S don’t care about your or they’re WHITE PRIVILEGE! it’s ALL about power and MONEY to them! so you keep holding on to your white privilege, and see how far that takes YOU! LMFAO

  20. LMFAO @robert, after ALL your unbelievably IGNORANT post, you finally said something intelligent, “CATSUP” or “KETCHUP” I’ve always called it ketchup, I guess that american public school education betrayed me again! BTW you’re still a JERKOFF!

  21. OOH! Moongrim! What is the reference to man-made climate change from the Bible? I’d love to hear this. (By the way, it’s not my Bible; I’m agnostic on my good days)

  22. The scientific method- in the bible.

    but test them all; hold on to what is good

    1 Thessalonians 5:21.

    Amazing what you can find when you read ALL of the Bible.

  23. I’m confused. The Great Flood is an example of man-made climate change? Is this humor? I thought God destroyed the world to rid it of His human creations because they were all acting so…progressive.

    Testing all but only holding on to the data that is good is perfect global warming thinking, but that’s not science. In science you record ALL the data.

  24. And once again you’re demonstrating that you’re not engaging in scientific thinking.

    Why did God choose to flood the world?

    Answer me that.

    As far as I can tell- The world is still here. So my scientific conclusion: God didn’t destroy the world.

    Why did GOD flood the World? It’s not a rocket science question Robert.

  25. Ya’ can tell Robert’s a paid PC jackal, he stands out on politicususa like a diamond ring in a goat’s a$s.

  26. You know nothing Robert Snow…
    Oh wait, wrong fiction.

    You can easily get an insight into the mind of your fictional god by reading the Bible sometime Robert- you never know what you might discover…
    Genesis chapter 6 gives four reasons why God sent the Flood:

    ‘The wickedness of man was great in the earth’ (v. 5).
    ‘Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually’ (v. 5).
    ‘The earth was filled with violence’ (v. 11).
    ‘The earth…was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth’ (v. 12). (All the people on earth had corrupted their way.)

    And all four reasons have ONE THING in common: Man.
    Man’s actions, caused God to Flood the Earth.

    Are you quite finished playing the fool?

  27. Go ahead and believe that if you want to but it is BS. I am very conservative and many of my friends are as well. I am in no way against contraception and don’t know of any of my friends who are. One of my best friends is even Catholic and not opposed to contraception.

    Ask some of your republican friends what their positions are on it.

  28. Yes, you record all of the data in science.

    But when the overwhelming majority of the data points to something; you don’t give precedence to a few minor outliers.
    Why am I attempting to explain basic science to someone who claims to be a school teacher?

    You’re playing the fool.

  29. Moongrim, I don’t know what the question has to do with my comment. I merely commented on an asinine assumption that most of those who are pro-life are against contraception.

  30. The question has everything to do with your comment.

    What is the status of the sex education in your local school?

    You claim you’re not against contraception- yet you’ve no idea whether or not kids are being taught?
    You claim that lots of Pro-lifers are for contraception.

    Yet invariably, we hear of Pro-lifers wanting to ban Sex Ed, ban Contraception (particularly the Catholic Church), ban homosexuality, and ban masturbation.

    Try again.

  31. I refer to them as “anti-choice” more often than not. I personally don’t think “anti-abortionists” is any more accurate than “pro-life”. If they were really anti-abortion they would push for solid education and readily available contraceptives, both of which dramatically reduce the number of abortions.

  32. Kinda like how you took a huge article on the hypocrisy of the GOPT righteously demanding federal dollars, which they would have gotten anyway,and found a couple sentences at the end about Bill Nye and then proceeded to fill the comments arguing about whether Bill Nye is a scientist instead of commenting on the topic of the article? Like that?

  33. Moongrim, I’ve no children in school. I have no idea what sex ED is or isn’t being taught in public schools in my area.

    But I knew what condoms and birth control pills were before I was in 7th grade (’78-79) even though we were not taught anything about contraception in the sex ED I had.

    Being against sex ED in schools does not automatically mean being against contraception. Why would pro-lifers, such as myself, be against contraception? Think of the abortions contraception has prevented.

    You seem to be under the assumption that if sex ED is not taught in school, the kids will not learn about contraception. I know kids are a lot smarter than that. The only sex ED I had was a brief class in the 6th grade. And I don’t recall being taught anything about actual sex, procreation or contraception. I didn’t have any sex ED in JH or SH but I didn’t need it! I knew the benefits of birth control and the dangers of STDs. I certainly don’t think the kids today know less than I did…

  34. @analogkid, @Moongrim asked you a very pertinent question, and your response was very telling, when I read your first post, it screamed of 16 yr old high student but after after that other babble you tossed up here, I’ll go with 13 yr old junior high student, DUDE, if you wanna jump on a website and PLAY adult, at least get some help from your parents, do better ”grasshopper”

  35. Remember back when Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) claimed that the Great Flood proved that climate change was NOT man-made? WRONG!

    Straight from the Bible itself, it’s clear that man DID cause the Great Flood. Here are the quotes to prove it:

    Gen 6:5 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

    Gen 6:11-13 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

    Straight from the Bible, the Lord tells Noah that it was MAN’S wickedness that caused Him to change the climate producing the Great Flood. Proof that the Great Diluvian was, indeed, MAN-MADE.

  36. koch sucking leads to pregnancy, i.e., forced birthing.

    Independent, self respecting women know there are better “choices” in their lives.

  37. Until gerrymandering is ended by requiring the Census Bureau to draw district lines based on decennial census population data using Census Bureau blocks and tracts, voters have very little influence on getting candidates that reflect their views. Too, the basis for district size should be based on population alone of all peoples, and not political affiliation.

    This needs to be started at the lowest local level such as Aldermanic districts, to state and federal legislative bodies.

    Unfortunately, Democrats are exactly too excited about this prospect either.

  38. 1)I’m not entirely against it. I’m afraid it’s goes too far and over-rides parents’ responsibilities. But I understand that’s what some parents want: less responsibility. Also, I do know that two 16 year olds who decide to engage in sex certainly know what condoms and birth control pills are. And know the possible consequences of having sex. With or without sex education in school.
    2)I’m not against it. What two consenting adults do in private is their business.
    3)Wrong again. Unless you’re talking about George “flogging the bishop” in a public park.
    4)I’ve made it very clear I’m not against birth control.
    5)Wrong again. We enjoy recreational sex as much as anyone.

    ***Which leads me to the conclusion- they’re not “Pro-anything”, they’re Anti-Sex.***

    Really? Now that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on this site.

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