Bernie Sanders Has More Support Than Every 2016 Republican Candidate In New Poll

bernie sanders poll

According to the latest polling, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign has more support than the campaign of media favorites Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and every other Republican candidate.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll revealed that five Republicans are tied at the top of the Republican field. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee each were at 10%.

Do you know who is more popular than even the most popular 2016 Republicans? Sen. Bernie Sanders. In the same poll, Sanders was supported by 15% of Democrats for their party’s nomination. Sen. Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton 57%-15%, but his fifteen percent made him the second most popular presidential candidate in the country.

The media treats Republicans like Carly Fiorina (2%), Ted Cruz (6%), and Rand Paul (7%) like they are serious candidates, but Bernie Sanders has two to seven times more support than these three Republicans. Why does the media treat Sen. Sanders like he is token opposition to former Sec. of State Clinton instead of as the legitimately popular stand alone figure that he is?

The answer to this question is located in the media’s bias. The corporate press has convinced itself that the America is a conservative country. They believe that liberal views are not “in the mainstream.” However, recent polling shows that the country is moving left.

Politicians like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee are more out of the mainstream than Bernie Sanders. The media is perpetuating the myth of a horse race election between Democrats and Republicans when the facts are that the Democratic Party has the two most popular candidates. One of those candidates is extraordinarily popular (Hillary Clinton) while the other is more in touch with the sentiment among average Americans (Bernie Sanders) than any candidate on the Republican side.

Bernie Sanders is legitimately popular. The prism that the media is trying to force this election into doesn’t fit. Sen. Sanders has a larger base of support than any Republican hopeful, which is why it is time for the media to stop pumping up GOP pretenders and face the reality that Bernie Sanders is legit.

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  1. Let’s be fair. Many Republican candidates are targeting the same voting blocs and split the vote between them. Bernie is being severely underestimated by the whole corporate media though. That much is true.

  2. Lol. Bernie Sanders only has more support than every republican candidate in the Quinnipiac poll, because there are like 25 republicans running for president,and they’re splitting the vote.

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is trailing Hillary Clinton by what, 50 points? Lol.

  3. Salient fact? It’s not even a head to head comparison! Bernie has 15% between him and Hillary. The republican vote is split between 19 candidates. This article is SO deceptive and misleading. This is the most biased article I’ve read since…. the last article I read on this site.

  4. You summed it up perfectly, kudos. The article is definitely missing this analysis, but regardless, he is still being underestimated.

  5. I’d prefer to have Bernie Sanders as President, than a Republican as they just don’t speak to the Mass of voters on what is important to Them…, I am an Independent voter & I vote based on credibility!

  6. “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man–as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

    -Bernie Sanders


  7. Would you mind citing that ‘quote’ Ms. Erica/Jealousy?

    Or would such be too much of an imposition?

  8. good news. Sanator Bernie has proven integrity, character, honesty, hard work, truth,and direct discussion of issues . The best thing I admire about his speech very direct, short, and full of meaning and cover all important concerns for the the society and for people of United States of America and the world.change is good for the people of United States of America and for the world.

  9. The writers of this site and those who frequently comment do not even have a junior high school

  10. C’mon Moongrim; it’s not a “salient fact.”

    I vouch for Erica; I heard that on the radio today. It was like 40 years ago, so I might (maybe) give him a pass on that, but he said it.

    I have my favorite candidates, but it would be silly to give you that kind of ammo dj….
    I will throw some of them over the side: Bye bye: Bush, Graham, Pataki, Christie, Trump,(lol)
    anybody else who announced in the last week.

  11. Yea, sorry I didn’t instantaneously answer you. I really am a lazy sack. Well 43 years ago was about 20 years before i was born so there’s probably not much to quote there. I truly don’t give 2 Fs about Bernie sanders’ rape fantasy essay. I just know that if a conservative had said this it would be posted all over the liberal media with accompanying trigger warnings about the thought-rape everyone is about to experience.

  12. I truly don’t give 2 Fs about Bernie sanders’ rape fantasy essay. I just know that if a conservative had said this it would be posted all over the liberal media with accompanying trigger warnings about the thought-rape everyone is about to experience.

    Really? Prove it.

  13. I wouldn’t keep pushing this “salient fact” nonsense. Sometimes you just have to shake it off and move on.

  14. and yet, crickets from the so called librul press… and the only thing they will talk about is a [tongue in cheek] paper he wrote over 40 years ago. no ideas. i cant wait till the dem debates. if its just hillary and bernie, and maybe one other, joe biden, it will make bernie a star. the exposure will be massive. [i hope]…

  15. Ok, here’s the Standard Erica: An article written 43 years ago:“dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication intended to attack gender stereotypes in the 1970s”.

    Stupid? Oh yeah.

    Now- isolated incident? Or…pattern of abuse?
    Sanders has a record in the US Senate of backing bills to protect women, including sponsoring a no-tolerance policy for sexual violence in prisons and the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

    Now Erica, when a Republican gets quoted saying or writing something stupid about women- is it an isolated incident? Or a pattern?

  16. well, how about the rock on property leased (not owned) by the Perry family that contained a racist word. It had been removed 20-30 years earlier when the Perry family became aware of it. Are you saying that the media was all “Come on guys, it was 30 years ago and Rick Perry had literally nothing to do with it”.

  17. Should I even have to add that this was SATIRE written 40 years ago, during the sexual revolution? Or are we also supposed to take Colbert literally now as well? The main difference I’ve found between Democrats and Republicans is that Dems can understand satire, and Republicans seem to not be able to process it. Incidentally,satire comprehension is also considered a way to judge someone’s intelligence

  18. Yea, your problem here is that as a liberal you attempt to frame the debate inside your own little straw man argument. You basically state as fact that republicans hate women and democrats love and support them. Therefore, if the Democrat says or does something bad it’s an obvious isolated incident, but if a Republican says the identical thing it’s evidence of a pattern. How do you not see that your entire argument and line of thinking is not based on the facts presented, but on your own assumptions. This is a classic logical fallacy.

  19. Therefore, if the Democrat says or does something bad it’s an obvious isolated incident, but if a Republican says the identical thing it’s evidence of a pattern.

    I call Bullshit.

    If Sanders has been doing this repeatedly, then you’ll be correct.

    Prove it.

    I engage in Science- which is drawing a conclusion from the facts. Whereas you Republicans have repeatedly drawn your conclusions and then tried to force the facts to fit: Creationism for example.

    And the facts speak that Republicans HATE women.

  20. And there we go, as soon as I present evidence you immediately dismiss it.

    Your pattern is to immediately deny the relevancy of anything that a Liberal quotes without any regard to actually backing up your position.

    Fail Yet again Erica.

  21. So you are a scientist? Please send me your data proving republicans hate women. I will review your methods, results, and conclusions and if I find them sound I will admit I was wrong.

  22. Very well then Erica- I challenge again: What would you consider to be a valid place for me to use for citations?

    Your answer- will speak volumes to your legitimacy.

  23. Since none of us knows the future, who knows what other surprises are in store for us and the “nattering nabobs of negativity” (to quote the most memorable achievement of Richard Nixon’s crooked first vice president).

    It’s always easy to underestimate the underdog. I recall another underdog who in 2008 challenged the inevitability of HRC’s manifest destiny. She was the shoo-in candidate back then, remember?

    But something happened that few, if any, anticipated: a dark horse came up from behind and stunningly the race was over.

  24. Since anything I come up with is automatically dismissed by you.

    Inform this poor benighted soul as to what places I am “allowed’ to use as source of information?

  25. You are using an opinion piece which uses dubious claims of racist political ads in a Perry campaign as proof he is a racist. That is weak sauce. Further, you are attempting to get me to prove Perry isn’t a racist, while simultaneously using anecdotes to prove that he is. How about this. Prove to me you aren’t a racist. Also, prove to me that Harry Reid isn’t a racist for referring to Obama’s lack of a “negro dialect”. Further, prove that by extension the Democratic party aren’t all racists for not removing him from the senate after this comment. The point is that you are now attempting to win an argument by demanding I prove a non-falsifiable claim as false. And since you keep asking, in science you cannot use an opinion as evidence. Do I really need to explain that to you?

  26. Why do you RW women deny that GOP is denying WOMEN the right to choose, the right to fair pay, the right against VAWA? You women on the right remind me of abused women who stay with the man…because they love him! The hell that he treats you like shit, dictates TO YOU, demeans you, beats YOU. But you stay. BeCause you love the man the asshole that has abused you. Clearly You love your GOP who have abused our rights for years! absolutely no RESPECT FOR YOU OR ANY WOMAN! What part did you miss? The 600 pieces of legislation and more coming against women? Get raped? Keep the baby give the rapist visition rights. Babies dies? leave it in the woman for 9 mos. Walker thinks its fun to be probed. Get raped make cool-aid. Rape was intended by GOd. You don’t see none of that as BEING AGAINST WOMEN? You people have to LIE TO YOURSELVES to justify your mindedness following a party that has no respect for you! I feel for you women on the right.

  27. Erica said above: “The writers of this site and those who frequently comment do not even have a junior high school level grasp of basic statistics.”

    I just got home and when I opened this site and saw this column my jaw dropped. It is stunning pretzel logic trying to grasp at straws to keep his straw man.

    Add the apples and divide by count.
    Add the oranges and divide by count.
    Come up with Average for each.
    Then compare.

    Bernie is below average by 1.
    The top 5 Rs are above average by 4.

    Two sets of stats. One is 84 the other is 78 – resulting in 6 and 14.

    grade school?

    Hillary is many times above average.

    In more ways than one.

  28. I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with Erica. Her mind is owned by GOP/FOX. Clearly. Because who the hell defends a party that defends CHILD MOLESTERS RAPISTS & WIFE BEATERS? The GOP/FOX that’s who. Or are you denying that too Ms. Erica? You can keep your GOP/FOX Erica. They are all perverted disgusting white men who use God to preach to you women…and you fall for it and listen to them. I would not let my daughters near a republican because they will convince YOU/HER she can’t think for herself. She should not educate herself. She should just make babies. Stay home. Get stupid watching FOX all day. And only let the old white GOP MEN decide for you. You can have your perverts.

  29. Oh I know that Tiger.

    It’s just fun to ‘play’ with Conservatives as they tie themselves into a latter day Gordian Knot, logic wise.

  30. As for the rape piece. I saw it early yesterday and didn’t bring it here. It is repulsive to me no matter who said it. I didn’t go to the dozen Duggar threads to wallow in sex either.

    In 72 if any of my friends or lovers said that they would have been shunned and they would have been told it wasn’t cool by all my NYC friends. In context, of that era it is worse perhaps than now.

    Budding feminists and issues of the day – the second wave – we didn’t tolerate that crap for a minute.

    Third wave, lets it slide. Sadly.

    First wave – they did all the hard work and ground breaking and we honor them.

  31. As a lifelong liberal, it pains me to say that this article about Bernie Sanders’ standing in the polls is pure nonsense. It’s an apples-and-oranges comparison. What we’re talking about here is two separate polls among two separate groups. Neither poll hypothetically pits Sanders against any of the Republican candidates. PoliticsUSA needs a sharp-eyed editor.

  32. I agree with you completely Rin.

    But Sanders has done things since then to redeem himself.

    What hath the Conservatives’ side of the house done to redeem themselves?

    I’d say something about the weather, but even that could be mis-interpreted…

  33. And Erica, I apologise to you. If you really are a woman and not a R man using a female name. I should have come to your defense here a while back. I saw twisted word jumble with an anatomical insult to you and ignored it. I shouldn’t have. Even though a moderator said it, moreso because it was a moderator.

    Not very liberal or progressive in my day to say those things to any woman.

    That said, I disagree with nearly everything else you have said! But needed to say that. C*nt is not acceptable.

  34. Yeah Bernie!!

    He just got in the race and has 15% already? That is great news it is a while till primaries start so Bernie has plenty of time to push onward. When you are dealing with an ex First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate in 2008, and Secretary of State, being behind by only 50 points for a virtual unknown is remarkable.

    If those 15% start working hard for Bernie maybe we can break out and win this thing. Yeah!!!

    Go Bernie Go

  35. Roy at this time in 2007 obama and hillary were tied and edwards was trailing.

    They ended tied a year later.

    Sanders is not only statistically impossible, he is just not going to matter at all period.

    He is polling nearly the same as candidates who are not in the race whatsoever.

  36. Bernie’s only chance is so called social media. The mechanism of democracy, a free press, has long since ceased to exist. Welcome to The Machine!

  37. Actually, Bernie’s essay was rater profound, especially considering the era it was written.

    Regarding Erica’s feeble and reckless attempt at trying to somehow smear Bernie by isolating a sentence from the whole – quoting out of context – well, first, the statement was based on the results of surveys or some kind of research, but most importantly, the purpose of what he said was to expose the typical hypocrisy of Religious people – who do one thing and then turn around and preach the opposite to everyone else.

  38. It would become clear if they ran Bernie against each R candidate.

    But it is so miniscule they do not waste polling questions on that. They asked about one of the Rs, I forget who, maybe Walker or Santorum and they kicked Bernie’s ass and it wasn’t a front runner.

    I am sure if you keep digging you will find some ray of hope. It is becoming Weekend at Bernie’s around here and a joke.

  39. Apples and Oranges? The article said that Bernie was 15% AMONG DEMOCRATS. It is true that he has more support than any Republican, no matter what size field they have.

    I am always amused by statistics people.

    All I need to know is where Bernie stands among Democrats. It may have been confusing to you because you had to deal with letter and not numbers but I had no problem with the article.

  40. It isn’t just me! Well I’ll be damned.

    The first time in a month someone said that besides me.

    I kept wondering why the only articles here were about Hillary’s campaign store or what some nobody said about Hillary or really slimy crap.

    Drudge, Fiorina, Benghazi, Glenn Beck etc. those are the only times the frontrunner has appeared in articles.

    If I didn’t scratch my head the past month wondering – What?

    The most admired woman in the world.

    What did they say on drudge about her?


  41. Roy,

    Jason is wrong. There is no article. It is Jason above who pulled those numbers out of context.

    I read the polls last night and discussed them here.

    I did the math. Where is your math homework and show the “proof” (work)

    Show me from the polls how that is extrapolated.

  42. Again I agree with you concerning that four letter word.

    On behalf of the one who called you that Erica: I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t come to your defense either. It was wrong of that person to call you that.

  43. Plus, Senator Sanders was TWENTY years old. He didn’t write that he wanted to RAPE women. He was FRIGGING 20. Not 40, or 50, or 60! It was over 40 YEARS AGO! OMG! If this is the worst thing people can come up with to try and discredit him, well that is nothing. The GOP candidates has a not of skeletons in their closet that are alot bigger and scarier than this one that Bernie has from 1972!!!

  44. Well I guess what it’s all going to come down to: November 2016. We can crow all we want- but the end result will have the final say.

  45. i find it amazing the dirt digging people do .they had to go back 43 years. take any of the other candidates on either side and you can write a short story by just going back over the last few months. Bernie is the only candidate that has not changed his message since he decided to run. Hillary looks like a Johnny come lately and is merely riding the band wagon not leading it, and as for the republicans they are still in never never land!

  46. Robert @ 2:11 said:

    “This is the most biased article I’ve read since…. the last article I read on this site.”

    I said weeks ago an intervention is needed. There are good things about this place, that’s why I stayed this long, but it is also fascinating in a kind of watching a wreck happening in slo-mo and wondering where all the pieces are going to land.

    I stumbled in here by accident, and the rebel part of me said the hell with them all, they can attack me but they will have to ban me because I won’t stop telling the truth.

    You are one end – I am the other end

    And a whole lot of people here are in the middle and something about it smells like a rat on fire and just like the stats above – it doesn’t add up!

  47. She was never called that. The mendacious little drama queen is having her usual right wing persecution tantrum.

  48. I LOVE Bernie Sanders! I love the fact he is NOT BOUGHT (he is the only one running that is NOT BOUGHT), he lays out the issues that we the people (the majority of Americans) care about, i.e., jobs, education, infrastructure, fair taxes, regulation of Wall Street/Big Banks and taking on the billionaire class. NO OTHER CANDIDATE talks about this and if they do it’s in very vague terms.

    For me, Bernie Sanders is a man who SAYS what he MEANS and MEANS what he SAYS! I really believe that this guy may just pull it off. People are tired of the bought and paid for politicians and I think the more they hear about him and hear him speak they will realize that Bernie Sanders is the REAL DEAL.

  49. When it comes to digging up dirt, and if Reincarnation ever turns out to be true…then new levels of excavation will be upon us.

  50. But it’s apples and oranges, since he is not a Republican. It is nice that he is doing well, as far as the Dem primary. But he still trails behind moderate corporatist quasi-republican Hillary Clinton, who has been “pre-elected” by the mainstream corporate media. I hope he beats her handily.

  51. There may be a grain of truth to that in as much as progressives surround themselves with other progressives and disenfranchise conservatives. So they have a biased perception of reality. I hope Bernie wins though. We need him bad.

  52. I get that it’s two different polls, but when the top five guys for the Republican Party cannot even equal the percentage amount of the Democrat in 2nd place, then something is totally wrong here.

    For them, anyway. I just find it amusing.

  53. I’m concerned that left and right leaning media will trash Bernie Sanders on the one hand out of concern he will hurt Hillary’s presidential chances and on the other hand because his platform so threatens Republicans.

    He also stands no chance in the billion dollar fundraising effort that is now underway but I’m in his corner and so are many other voters – young, middle-aged and older.

  54. There were 13 of them on the R side poll.

    When it is down to 5 of them they will have much higher numbers each.

    Math. It is core.

  55. Hi Lauren, If you want to vote for Bernie in your state’s democratic primary, be sure to check your state-specific primary rules. I live in AZ and had to switch my party affiliation from Independent to Democrat in order to be able to vote for Bernie (who has been an Independent, but is running as democrat) in the primary next spring.

  56. As a liberal, I hate all things right wing. But this article is deceptive. Of course he has a larger share of his base, there are only two official candidates on the Democratic side. Republicans have like a entire circus car full of clowns, it waters downs every clowns numbers.

  57. I understand what the author is trying to convey, but it also shows some serious lack of mathematical reasoning ability. The poll showing Sanders has 15% support has only 2 candidates, while the Republican poll has at least 5, and more likely closer to 10. Thus, each Republican candidate is competing against 5-10 others for support, and each one’s numbers are going be be proportionally smaller.

  58. Maria, math. Again. He was 31 not 20.

    No excuse any age.

    If it was any R candidate you hypocrites would all be freaking out.

    He is yours. It is ok, he isn’t an R.

  59. I am a liberal but I think it is funny how liberals say the media is conservative, and conservatives say the media is liberal. It is all non-sense, but the reason why Sanders isn’t getting much attention is because he would need to defeat Hillary Clinton to even be compared to the republicans, and unless Hillary really f’s things up, there is no need to talk about any other candidate going against a republican, because it will be Hillary. The others get attention because they are all in a competition without a clear frontrunner, that just makes for more interesting news. It’s not liberal or conservative media, the liberals have their candidate so the media is looking at where a real race is happening, among republicans.

  60. Erica, if you’re going to quote someone, u need to quote in full context, not just choose what u want, leaving out the whole point of an essay, that was written by Mr. Sanders, while he was writing an article for a school newspaper. It was strictly a satire, attacking gender stereotypes. He also gave a satire for the men also. This has been taken out of text by some low functioning individuals to discredit him. They took one line, out of the whole essay.

  61. The problem Ms. Niedert- is that cherry-picking is the only tool that Republicans/Conservatives have left in their arsenal of ‘research’, that even approaches respectability.

    They’re like kids who ring a doorbell and then run like hell.

  62. Okey Dokey Erica…

    You’ve had over 8 hours to come up with an answer: What sites am I allowed to quote from?

    erica? yoohoo! You there?

  63. Unlike that wet-nosed preemie, Erica, I was an adult when that essay was written. It quite accurately describes the stereotyped attitudes that both men and women were trying to come to grips at the time– attitudes programmed into us by post-War culture, literature, and pop psych. These attitudes, ruinous to any genuine relationship, are the very ones the current forces of reaction are trying to reimpose on us. Erica, in her characteristically histrionic mendacity, is quote-mining, and her coterie of male appendages are eating it up.

  64. While your point is valid, Joe, it is still over a year before the Democratic primaries. What we have to be very careful of is not letting the corporate media dictate who we vote for, or allowing them to misdirect our thinking, convincing us that “He can’t win”. Sanders has the oligarchs terrified, otherwise why would their loudspeakers be cranked up to maximum to try to persuade voters that Sanders has no chance. He CAN win, but that is up to us.

  65. The TriValley Democratic Club is the first in California to endorse Bernie Sanders for President
    Dublin CA … On May 20, 2015 the TriValley Democratic Club endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America. It is unclear whether the TriValley Democratic Club is the first Democratic Club to endorse Senator Sanders in California or nationally. No other Democratic Club has made the claim.

    “I fully concede that I got into this race as a major underdog. No question about it,” Sanders said in an interview with CNBC, TVDC members agreed but feel at this stage in the 2016 election process it is more important to back someone who speaks for us rather than someone who can attract the money it takes to get elected. When Bernie Sanders speaks out on income & wealth inequality, getting big money out of politics, climate change and the environment, he speaks for us.

    See full press release at:

  66. The TriValley Democratic Club is the first in California to endorse Bernie Sanders for President
    Dublin CA … On May 20, 2015 the TriValley Democratic Club endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America. It is unclear whether the TriValley Democratic Club is the first Democratic Club to endorse Senator Sanders in California or nationally. No other Democratic Club has made the claim.

    “I fully concede that I got into this race as a major underdog. No question about it,” Sanders said in an interview with CNBC, TVDC members agreed but feel at this stage in the 2016 election process it is more important to back someone who speaks for us rather than someone who can attract the money it takes to get elected. When Bernie Sanders speaks out on income & wealth inequality, getting big money out of politics, climate change and the environment, he speaks for us.

    For full story see:

  67. Juan said: “Bernie is being severely underestimated by the whole corporate media though. That much is true.”

    Juan made a dumb statement based on nothing and completely antithetical to facts and statistics and logic.

    Nobody disagreed with him and 77 agreed.

    The dumbass force is strong at this place.


    The media is not underestimating him. The polls are not underestimating him. History of him doing nothing is not underestimating him. No national campaign in place is not underestimating him.

    A bunch of google eyed dimwits are overestimating him and do not see it.

    He is a great big nothing with big ideas spouting non-sense.

    Occupy is going to elect a president?

    FCS you people should not call anyone dumbass. You have that down pat.

  68. Bernie is statistically insignificant.

    Bernie is the only socialist in politics.

    Bernie is fringe. He is hurting the Dem party. He is not helping.

    And if he keeps attacking Hillary you can be sure he will not even make it to the first debate. The party isn’t suicidal like his dumbass supporters.

    He is merely a foil. You all fell for it!


    Wake the F up.

  69. From your Tri Valley link:

    “Sanders has more support than all of the Republican candidates in a New Quinnipiac University. Poll “Hillary Clinton dominates among Democratic voters nationwide, with 57 percent, compared to 60 percent April 23. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has 15 percent with Vice President Joseph Biden at 9 percent.”

    They are also mathematically wrong and they are spouting the identical ridiculous wrong non-sense Jason did.

    Good luck with that. Lol.

    Math is important to decision making…

    Go look at Hilz endorsements… funny.

  70. “Sanders has more support than all of the Republican candidates in a New Quinnipiac University.”

    No he doesn’t. Not if they look at the poll they cite.

  71. How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?
    Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination, has trouble being taken seriously by the corporate media, what with him being a democratic socialist and all.

    If you go to Google News and put in his name, you get headlines about him being nothing more than a protest candidate, or having “odd views,” or promoting “dark age economics.”

    But Sanders’s positions are quite mainstream from the point of view of the stances of the American public in general. Of course, the 1%, for whom and by whom most mainstream media report, are appalled and would like to depict him as an outlier.
    Read More

  72. He may well beat her, Joe. After all, Obama beat her and no one had even heard of Barack Obama. I have faith that Bernie can do the same.

  73. And obviously by your name, now that I notice it…

    SCREW YOU Katherine Harris – what nerve.

    Bush vs Gore, we remember.

  74. Here’s an idea, erica: Cite several OTHER examples of Bernie Sanders, or a handful of Dem politicians, saying the same thing about women and “rape fantasies” — preferably in the 21st century rather than 40+ years ago — then you might have a pattern.

    It’s pretty easy for us to find patterns of misogyny, sexism, moral/ethical/sexual hypocrisy in the world of Republican politics.

    The fawning of the right over Josh Duggar is one example, and the attempts by the “liberal media” to attempt to label Denny Hastert as a Democrat is another (it’s true, the Associated Press did that, and it was repeated by numerous outlets without correction).

  75. erica, Politico is right-leaning. All you have to do to determine that is to read the comment section…90% right wingnuts. They drown out any attempts of liberals to say anything in response to articles. That makes Politico just another right-wing propaganda outlet, like WND, Townhall, Red State, and the like.

  76. I’m pretty amused, too. Hillarys high poll numbers come from 30+ years of name-recognition, among other things.

    The fact that Bernie Sanders has achieved even 15% only days after publicly declaring his candidacy is pretty significant.

    Even more significant: He’s had very little attention given to his candidacy from “the usual suspects” in the cable news media. Most of every hour’s programming even on MSNBC covers the GOP candidates, however many (9)(12)(18)(pick one) there are.

  77. And the religious (right, mostly) do that because…. They BELIEVE that God forgives them their transgressions. They pray to God and he answers them.

    Being forgiven for one’s adultery, cheating, stealing, lying, and being “born again” frees the religious to pretend they aren’t still the same ol’ person, and surprise! surprise! find themselves doing the same ol’ trangressions.

    And there they go again. Pray to God for forgiveness, again. And get “born again”, again.

  78. How many of those Republican candidates, like Hillary, are familiar to the base (or for that matter, Dems) and have considerable name recognition?

    Half of them ran for President in the 2012 GOP primary race, and as you know, THAT race started right after the 2010 election.

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has been slogging along in relative obscurity as a lonesome Independent from Vermont doing his job in the Senate while so many Republican Tea Party Senators have been spending their time doing nothing except bloviating (Ted Cruz) or confusing people as to what a Libertarian is (Rand Paul).

  79. What you’ve been imparting to PoliticUSA regulars here in this comment thread is called “opinion”, not “the truth”.

    Please stop using right wing talking points in your arguments.

  80. No, it is called Jason made an error in simple math. His idea is wrong, the execution is wrong – mathematically.

    Grade school math not High School error.

    Do you know how to find an average?

    Go do it for the poll and tell me what you get!

    A dozen people pointed it out too. Not just me, but I did see it the minute I saw the headline on this column before I opened it – because I studied the polls when they came out and know what they said.

    You are wrong. But typical of people here.

    Attack what you do not comprehend.

    Sorry you are fooled by arithmatic….

  81. Very misleading post. While the media does wrongfully ignore Bernie Sanders (Ron Paul was given the same treatment — look up Jon Stewart Ron Paul if you need proof), because there are far fewer Dem candidates than GOP hopefuls, Sanders is naturally going to have a higher percentage. If it was a head-to-head against republicans, Sanders would lose to many of them, at least right now, in part because Sanders doesn’t quite have the name recognition yet.

  82. Really? This is the level of thought these days? It’s news that a guy has a bigger percentage at 100% divided by what, 3 democrat candidates, than a guy does at 100% divided by what, 12 republican candidates? Really?

  83. New math me? at the time of your writing there were only eight who have declared they are running and the possibility of maybe, perhaps or probably but not necessarily another 7 who will throw their hat in the ring. This is good for only out of the clash of different opinions and ideas con one find truth. That is for the 80% of Americans who are literate and bad for the one in five Americans who are functionally illiterate and depend on some one else for their information.

  84. I and tens of thousands of others agree … Bernie Sanders is legitimately popular [and] it is time for the media to stop pumping up GOP pretenders and face the reality that Bernie Sanders is a force. The other factors distinguishing Bernie from other candidates including Mrs. Clinton is that Bernie has a clear message and his supporters “love” him. He is a champion for those who were disenchanted with the political process. Now, with Sanders rising to the fore, he is shining a light that is certainly attracting moths to his flame.

  85. ” Now, with Sanders rising to the fore, he is shining a light that is certainly attracting moths to his flame. ”

    OMG this is fantastic!

    Yes, he is. Moths go to your flame.


  86. I Have been a fan & supporter for years. As Senator he has stood up for the middle class.He still is an advocate for the 99% who keep this country running. A CEO gets millions in bonuses by paying slave wages)& cutting jobs held in the USA> Cutting worker reduces contributions to all federal and state taxes, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as monies spent in small businesses, Bernie knows and speaks out about the now American nightmare, as opposed to yesteryear’s American Dream.Foreclosures, job losses due to outsources are today’s frightening realities. Only the wealthy are secure!

  87. Well this Quinnipiac poll was split between likely Democratic Primary voters and Republican Primary voters. This means that Bernie Sanders has 15% support among likely Democratic voters while the five Republicans, who are tied at 10%, have 10% support among likely Republican voters, not the country as a whole. This article is merely misrepresenting the poll as such.

  88. Moths die when they hit the flame…

    The saying means attracted to harmful toxic deadly actions.

    Keep following shiny things but watch out for trucks and getting burned.

  89. We constantly complain about our elected officials. Congress has a 19% approval rating, yet 91% of incumbents won the last election. And here you are saying that Sanders shouldn’t even be considered because he can’t win. Maybe if you voted for the best person instead of the one you think will win, we would have decent representation.

  90. This was written many years ago. I can find worse quotes from GOP candidates that were said recently. He has had years to change his view and repent since this was written. Let his record speak for him.

  91. There are 9 candidates on the Republican ticket, 3 on the Democrat. Your statement that Sanders is more popular than any Republican is based on illogic. But everything Dems do is illogical (The Republicans are more focused….on greed that is).

  92. I agree with good old Rin: unless the economy crashes sooner than later, Sanders will not get strong support in the Democratic primaries. He’s nothing like Obama – who had strong support from the financial elite: why do you think he was the key note speaker in 2004? A hastily assembled phony populist would be assembled to siphon votes from Sanders if he has more appeal – but I don’t think it will be necessary. Unfortunately, Rin is the face of the new Democrat – a majority in their ranks. It’s a repulsive group of pro corporate, pro Wall Street, anti-labor, imperialists whose only distinction from right-wingers is in presenting the façade of a kinder, gentler, cult of personality. All except Rin, who like most wing nuts is a toxic fulmination of heat, gas & insults: perfect temperament for a rabid supporter of the conservative Goldwater girl. She’s popular! She’s popular! Here comes here coronation!! Fuck you if you don’t vote for her.

  93. Why is Rin always posting? It’s almost as if he’s a staffer for Clinton. He makes his point again & again; and like any wing nut from the right, he mixes a toxic fulmination of heat, gas, & insults. We get it! You support the Goldwater girl. She’s popular! She’s popular. Say it enough times and you’d imagine she has popular positions. Having to defend her pro corporate/Wall street, imperialistic past is insulting: she should have a coranation. I don’t necessarily disagree with your point: Sanders stands little chance because the majority of Dems are as flipped out & conservative like you (you assholes ruined the Party[WINK]) – just please stop posting.

  94. You have republicans voting for a huge field of people and you have Dem’s voting for two. This by no means shows he is more popular. What it shows is that he is not as popular as Clinton among the Democrat vote. Nice try though!

  95. The main stream media is always going to downplay Sanders because he does not fit into their revenue agenda. They will only play up candidates with the SuperPAC funding to pay for air time.

    Sanders has to use social media, much like word of mouth advertising for small businesses, to get his message out. Shame journalism has become a political agenda for the same reason everything else is corrupted: profit. In a fascist oligarchy nothing else matters. Many in the US embrace this populist fascism without even being informed to identify it. Not at all unlike the people of Germany in the mid 1930’s.

  96. Joe, I thought you were going to hit the nail on the head when you said it was apples & oranges… but then you missed the nail.
    It is apples to oranges because there are a bazillion Republican candidates and only 4 democrats.
    To get a true reading you would have to have a poll, with a large sampling, that included ALL candidates of both parties.
    I am THRILLED that Bernie is doing as well as he is, and I’m hoping those numbers keep going up and that he ends up in the White House.
    But I can’t give too much credibility to this report because it isn’t a true comparison.

  97. Erica…..I just want to be sure you understand that there IS NO LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA! ALL major media outlets are owned by millionaires and billionaires. That includes, but is not limited to, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Even PBS is controlled to a great extent by corporate sponsors.
    The news these days is there to keep the “left” and the “right” at each others’ throats and hating the other side. This keeps us distracted from what’s really going on in this country… the fact that we are rapidly becoming a plutocracy / oligarchy, owned and operated by the few. They want Americans to get to the point that workers are simply grateful to have any job, at any wage, with no benefits and no retirement… just work our butts off, barely scraping by, until the day we die.
    We all need to UNITE instead of hating each other! We are all in the same sinking boat together!

  98. Quasi republican – what an idiotic statement, Joe.

    Hillary and Bernie share positions on almost every issue, despite your BS narrative.

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