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Standard weekly operating procedure for Friday Fox Follies is to wake up at the crack of Fox and Friends First (no pun intended) to collate the notes that will make up this week’s laugh riot. As I sort and give it shape, I also sit through Fox & Friends to see what venom is being injected into the body politic today.

I left the room for what I thought was a brief moment, but when I returned I thought I had entered an alternative universe. Fox & Friends became a clone of QVC, with Elizabeth Hasselbeck screaming things like ACT NOW!!! THESE BARGAINS WON’T LAST FOREVER!!!
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It was enough to make Ron Popeil roll over in his grave, but I hope Mega Morning Deal$! [sic] returns. It shows those Foxy Friends for the shills they really are and it’s far better than the usual programming.

COMEDY TONIGHT? This is the weekend that Greg Gutfeld cranks out his long-anticipated comedy show. Fox “News” has not had a very good record when it comes to comedy. Remember The 1/2 Hour News Hour? Don’t worry about it. Not many do.

“Some people say” Fox’s program for insomniacs and shuts-ins is comedy. However, whenever this reporter happened to encounter Red Eye while dial flipping, there were never any laughs to be had.

Which is why he’s forced to practice his comedy stylings, hence Fox’s Gutfeld Exploits Quadruple Murder Arrest To Smear Almost Everyone Fox Hates:

The quadruple murder suspect has been caught. Quickly. But by whom? Al Sharpton? Michael Moore? Bill de Blasio? No, the cops. Yep, another innocent victim of an unjust society backed by evil law enforcement. I’m sorry, I’m just helping craft the story for the left, BBC and those well-paid Ferguson protesters. After all, we know he’s as innocent as the driven snow. I’m sorry, snow is white and that’s a racist microaggression.

He goes on, but FFF is about to bust a gut already. Meanwhile, he’s gotta promote the new show wherever he can, however he can:

Greg Gutfeld Guzzles Wine and Does
Push-Ups for Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee

Speaking of comedy, this is not a headline from The Onion:

Civil Rights Group Leader: ‘I Love Fox News’
but They Need to Stop Demonizing Black Men

However, for belly laughs was there anything better than this Most painful ‘Fox & Friends’ segment ever? Hosts fail ‘manhood’ test after tire change ends in near disaster.

For a station that constant makes a big deal of the wussification of the ‘Merkin Male, it was fun to Watch Fox Men Fail The Manhood Test:

While FFF may laugh at Fox “News,” there’s a serious side to all of this.

Last week we mentioned a study by a Bush appointee that said Fox “News” was harming the Republican Party. That was like candy to CNN because On Reliable Sources, Bruce Bartlett Explains How Conservatives Are “Brainwashing” Themselves With Fox News And Other Right-Wing Media. But, lookie who disagrees: Limbaugh: Fox and I Aren’t ‘Brainwashing’ Conservatives, That’s a Liberal Tactic.

Ever notice how it screams when other stations don’t cover what it thinks is important? Yet Fox News Devoted Less Than Two Minutes To The Duggar Controversy, the biggest controversy of the year, so far. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Fox News’ Coverage Of The Duggar Scandal In One Graphic.

What’s dangerous to political discourse is The Fox News Effect? Deranged White Terrorist Threatens Unarmed Muslims And The Media Shrugs because intelligent people understand The Uncomfortable Truth About The Political Nature Of Fox News: It’s Not “Entertainment,” It’s The Engine Driving The GOP Agenda.

What Liberals Still Don’t Understand About Fox News is almost an apologia for that blatant dishonesty.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER O’REILLY LIE: It’s hard to know whether to praise Josh Feldman at Mediate for catching O’Reilly Claims He Had ‘No Analysis on Assad at All’ But in 2013 He Did, or chastise him for missing Kirsten Powers’ whole point in this transcription:

POWERS: You have never said anything about Assad?
POWERS: I find that very hard to believe.
O’REILLY: Well, then, you need to go back and check. I didn’t care about Assad one way or the other.
POWERS: This was the talking point, [sic] we have to get rid of Assad, never mind the fact that ISIS is the enemy of Assad.
O’REILLY: You’re bringing up stuff that wasn’t dealt with here.

Now, whenever someone on TV says “go back and check,” people who cover TV instantly perk up. And O’Reilly did, in at least three separate Talking Points Memos two years ago, share his analysis on Assad, whom he referred to as a “tyrant” that the United States needs to stop.

Powers did her research and was clearly right. As Feldman notes, O’Reilly brought up Assad in several Talking Points. Feldman should have capitalized Talking Point in the above.

However, it’s a small matter when catching The Falafel King in another bold-faced lie.

More Falafel Specials:

O’Reilly Goes Off on Obama: ‘Plunging
the World Into a Very Dark Place’

O’Reilly: Liberals Are Making Gains Because
‘More Americans Are Simply Ignorant’

Bill O’Reilly Explains Rise Of
Liberalism As Rise Of ‘Simpletons’

Over on CNN: Chris Cuomo Confronts Pam Geller: How Exactly Are You Being ‘Victimized’?, while on Fox “News” demonstrates why she’s not a Fair and Balanced anchor when Megyn Kelly Goes After CNN’s Cuomo for Comparing Muhammad Cartoon to ‘N-Word’:

This idea not only rubbed Geller the wrong way but also appeared to bother Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who invited National Review editor Rich Lowry on her show tonight to discuss it.

“His view is she’s not allowed to have a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest because in his view, he has pronounced that is offensive,” Kelly said of Cuomo. “The question is offensive to whom, Chris?” she asked later. “There is a group that finds this offensive, and there are tens if not hundreds of millions who have no issue with it whatsoever.”

I never realized we put what was offensive up for a vote.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Kelly File Spends Almost Three Minutes Sneering About Hillary Clinton’s Accent and How Megyn Kelly Used Rand Paul’s Wife To Smear Bill Clinton are just more proof that calling Kelly a straight news anchor is the biggest joke Fox “News” tells.

PASS THE POPCORN: is a new rubric for FFF, where we look at Right Wing Bun Fights which include the Fox “News” Channel:

Mark Levin Scolds Fox Newsers Who Were
‘Mocking’ Santorum: ‘Kind of Harmful’

Bill Kristol: Fox News “Colluding” With RNC
To Limit GOP Presidential Debate Field

Former CIA Official Calls Out
Fox News’ Latest “Benghazi Myth”

Fox & Fiends The Comic Strip: Sex, Lies and TV hate

Fox & Fiends is a new comic strip from The Arab Daily News that lampoons the vicious slander and lies on the FOX Cable TV morning show “Fox & Friends” starring propagandists Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy.

BE OUR GUEST: Fox Guest: Sharpton’s Tweeting About the Weather Because ‘There Are No Riots’Fox News’ Ralph Peters Thinks Obama Is A Liar Who Doesn’t Get WarHannity Guests Accuses Gay Marriage Supporters Of Bigotry? Scuse Me?Ben Stein Thinks Congresspeople Should Be Paid A Million Dollars A Year

TRUMP EGO TOWERS: Donald Trump Has A ‘Foolproof’ Plan To Defeat ISIS But He Won’t Tell Us What It Is, which was enough for Jon Stewart: If ‘F*ckface von Clownstick’ Trump Runs in 2016, I Might Not Retire. WATCH:

FOX BYTES: Fox’s Kurtz Paints Debate On Iraq Invasion As Partisan Food Fight Between NetworksFox Attacks Media For Not Blaming Turmoil In Middle East On ObamaFr. Jonathan Morris Spins Data To Say Religious Landscape “Not As Bleak” As Pew Poll SuggestsFox’s Andrea Tantaros: Hillary Clinton Has Gotten Ahead By “Play[ing] The Victim”Fox’s Special Report Panel Claims Chimpanzees Could Have More Human Rights Than “An Infant In The Womb” After “Personhood” HearingWatch Sean Hannity Lecture Black Baltimore Community Leaders About Violence In Baltimore • ‘This Is About Bigotry!’ Hannity, Atheist, and Pastors Argue Over Religious Freedom • ‘This Is All a Result of Racism?’: Hannity, Baltimore Activist Clash Over Crime SpikeFox’s Napolitano Floats Impeachment After Court Continues Hold On Obama’s Executive Actions For ImmigrantsFox’s Scott Brown Worries That Scrutiny Has Made Police “Gun Shy”Gretchen Carlson to Rand Paul: ‘Will You Feel Guilty’ if We Rein In NSA and Then Terrorists Attack?‘This Is Not Affirmative Action!’ Fox Hosts Battle over GOP Debate Diversity

Headly Westerfield reminds readers this is just a single week in Fox World.

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  1. They say laughter is the Best Medicine.

    Between Fox and Fiends, jimmyk, Robert, and erica, I’ve got a non-stop chucklefest!


    You really should look up the definition of “Merkin” (as in your “Merkin Male” link).

    After learning what a “Merkin” (yeah, it’s a real word) actually is, maybe you’d reconsider.

    Then again, maybe you already knew what it is …

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