Texas-Size GOP Hypocrisy As a Result of Climate Change Deluge

TExas flood

It is curious why American dictionary publishers use any words to define “hypocrisy;” particularly when an image of the Republican elephant logo would suffice and save some ink and space on a page. It is true that all Republicans are blatant hypocrites, but now that go-it-alone awesome Texas experienced a little anthropogenic climate change weather, the Lone Star State’s Republicans, both tea party and mainstream Republicans alike, are demanding some of those hated “federal government handouts” they oppose for other Americans whether it is for food, housing, healthcare, or disaster relief.

If it is not theocrat Ted Cruz, the man aiming to be “Pope of the Confederate States of America,” stand-up badass Governor Greg Abbott mobilizing Texas’ militias to keep the United States military from taking over, ignoramus extraordinaire Louie Gohmert, or Representative Bill Flores representing an area ravaged by climate change rain; they all feel entitled to federal disaster relief from their ‘enemy’ who declared the area a federal climate change disaster. The Texas contingent in Congress all voted against disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims across the Northeastern U.S., but now that Texas needs it, they have no compunction demanding a swift response from the federal government; the one they hate with religious fervor and are generally prepared to battle over Texas’ sovereignty.

As spokesman for secession-minded Texas, the state that has no use for the federal government, Ted Cruz said he witnessed some climate change flooding and destruction climate scientists have spent twenty years warning idiotic Republicans was certainly coming. Cruz made a pledge to his Texas constituents that because, “Texans are hurting. They’re hurting across the state, Democrats and Republicans will stand as one in support of the federal government meeting its statutory obligations to provide the relief to help the Texans who are hurting.”

Wait, what? Texans are hurting and are unwilling to help themselves? The Heritage Foundation needs to send a teabagger delegation to tour the Lone Star state and do some heavy evangelizing about the character-building benefits of conservative style “personal responsibility,” helping themselves, learn about the “value and culture of hard work,” and stop “depending on and demanding handouts” from the federal government. It is a speech Texas Republicans have spent no small amount of time spouting as a reason to slash funding for any Americans in need, so it is a subject Texans will need little prodding to take to heart.

It is interesting that Texas Ted claimed disaster relief was a federal government statutory obligation; that is not what he calls Americans receiving their own self-funded Medicare or Social Security benefits. It is also not what he called disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy that suffered inordinately greater damage than just a little climate change rain. At the time the Senate was debating legislation for federal relief for the Northeastern United States after Hurricane Sandy, Cruz railed on the idea of the federal government spending a penny to help other Americans (who were not Texans) because “America is broke.”  In fact, Texas Ted armed himself with the Republican “crushing deficit” argument and preached a sermon on the need and value of austerity on the floor of the Senate. Cruz said that “This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington; an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund projects that further expand our debt.”

Although Cruz puts forth an incredibly hateful argument, and one borne of inhumanity, it is fair enough and in the spirit of continuity of message one that applies equally to the Texans who elected austerity-minded teabagger-Republicans like Cruz. In fact, if Cruz had even a semblance of the evangelical Christian integrity and faith he claims as a matter of course to whomever will listen, he would take out four days of television air time and address his constituency in prime time and tell them to bible-up, swim to church, get right with god, and appeal to Jesus for disaster relief. After all, most Americans are painfully aware that Texas Ted, like most Texans, and all Republicans, hate the federal government with a passion; particularly when it spends even a penny to help Americans in need; unless of course they are expatriates living in the state that does not recognize it is a part of the United States of America.

The climate change-caused deluge in Texas is just the latest Lone Star state’s need for federal disaster assistance and President Obama immediately pledged the full cooperation and support of the federal government Texans hate. What is hardly mentioned and little known is that despite its enmity with the federal government in general and FEMA in particular, Texas sucks up more federal disaster money than any other state in the Union and it still hates the federal government. In fact, Citylab has a comprehensive accounting of Texas’ disaster relief receipts and specifically noted that “Texas suffers more natural disasters than any state in the nation,” and it “absorbs more federal disaster assistance funds than any other state.” Texas is also home to some seriously deranged climate change deniers and they were furious at noted scientist Bill Nye and called him an “as*hole” for even suggesting, like climate scientists have predicted for decades, that both the severe drought in Texas and the flooding from a horrific deluge is the product of anthropogenic climate change.

Texas Republicans, both teabagger and mainstream types alike, always find a reason to deprive other Americans in every other state of their own taxpayer money; including money and taxpayer-funded resources specifically earmarked for disaster relief. That being the case, it is long past time for all Texas voters to figure out why Republicans think that Texans deserve even one stinking cent of taxpayer-funded disaster relief assistance. Texans want to secede, go it alone, and even elected a governor that called up the state militia to surveil the U.S. army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines to prevent an alleged assault and takeover.  Maybe the Lone Star state just sucks air and deals with the disaster on its own, without a penny of federal government assistance; it will be their long-desired opportunity to see their cherished 10th Amendment “federalism” in all its glory.

Or they can swallow their “Texas-size” pride, create an open letter to Americans who believe in such a thing as a “United” States of America and beg forgiveness for being secession-minded malcontents and end the letter with a humble apology to the country for being anti-federal government everything except disaster assistance for Texas. Most of all, they better start beseeching their almighty for forgiveness for electing Republicans who oppose helping other Americans in other states during their time of need, and then have the unmitigated hypocritical gall to demand the rest of the nation step up and fund disaster relief for Texas; the ‘special’ state that believes it is an awe-inspiring sovereign nation but not sovereign enough to handle a “little” rain courtesy of anthropogenic climate-change.

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  1. It would all too easy to stoop to the level of a Republican and demand that Texas live up to the standards that they demand from the rest of the country.

    But if America wishes to truly emulate Christ- I’d recommend that we grit our teeth and help them without delay.

    And then rub their noses in the fact for generations to come, albeit most unlike Christ.

  2. You did this on purpose, didn’t you, RMuse? Wendy Davis got blasted during her campaign for Texas governor for making a remark similar to this one:

    “…stand-up badass Governor Greg Abbott mobilizing Texas’ militias…”

  3. Wow, that was hateful. I got a good laugh however, out of “noted scientist Bill Nye.” You guys can’t keep using him as your point man on global warming. Get somebody from the UN, anybody else. Read his bio. He’s an engineer (that’s not a scientist) and an actor.

  4. Bill Nye is an engineer, AND a Scientist.

    Why is this concept so difficult for you to fathom?
    I have read his bio. And he has demonstrated all of the qualifications for being called: Scientist.

    Well I will not disagree with you on one thing- when it comes hatefulness- you are an expert.

  5. maybe they can get the Bush Bros to do a flyover and look out an airplane window…

    then appoint ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ as point for emergency disaster relief for Texas…

  6. Ok, Robert Mr. #1 Fan of the Erica Fan Club, I ask you this:

    Define for me: Scientist.

    What is a Scientist- in your humble opinion?

  7. I say let them fend for themselves. Im surprised that their imaginary being didn’t take to Cruz and warn him so that he and fellow Texans could have built an Ark.

  8. It wasn’t nearly hateful enough. Tell them to secede and fend for themselves. We don’t need or want them.

  9. Ok Moon, I’m up all night. Let’s do this.
    A scientist is, by dictionary definition a person who uses systemic activity to acquire knowledge.
    Bill Nye was a Boeing engineer. An engineer is NOT a scientist. You might say an engineer uses applied science, but that doesn’t matter in this debate.
    Nye went into acting. He did a kiddie show in Seattle in the 90’s. I watched him then, I lived there. Since then he has used the “science guy” meme to make a living promoting various causes. He was big on evolution for a while. (Which is fine I believe in evolution too)
    What Bill does not have are any credentials in anything related to the science of weather. I need to see his degree in meteorology before I would listen to him on global warming. All his degrees are honorary. He is a science celebrity, but he has never been a scientist.

  10. By the way, I resent you calling me hateful. I do not use hateful language on these posts. I state my opinions as forcefully and intelligently as I can. The closest I could come to hateful speech is to remind everyone on this site that Erica pounded you into pudding earlier today. (-:

  11. That’s ridiculous. Your argument falls flat. What about politicians who work on budgets, yet they’re not Economists? Or business people who teach at schools, yet they lack Education degrees/certificates? There are many more examples.

    Speaking of wanting to see, I want to see the documents on why scott walker left college before he got a degree. As an actual alum of that school, he’s an embarrassment.

  12. How dare you say my argument falls flat! You did not even address it! You threw a bunch of other unrelated stuff into the wind to see if I will go after it. Politicians who work on budgets are why we are in the mess we are in. Teachers should have educations degrees. States that allow otherwise are killing education.
    Bill Nye is not a scientist. Are you going to refute that?

  13. Beautiful reynardine. Unresponsive, insulting, unable to address the Bill Nye topic in any way. Maybe you should just sit on the curb with your mouth shut while the adults discuss this.

  14. Yep I thought so, out of your ass.

    A scientist is, by dictionary definition a person who uses systemic activity to acquire knowledge.

    Cherry picking again I see.
    The rest of the quote:
    In a more restricted sense, a scientist may refer to an individual who uses the scientific method. The person may be an expert in one or more areas of science. Scientists perform research toward a more comprehensive understanding of nature, including physical, mathematical and social realms.

    Someone who uses the scientific method.

    I.E.- Bill Nye.

    Fail yet again Robert.

  15. ROTHFLMAO!!!

    Erica pounded me into pudding?!!!


    And how did she manage this? By not answering me about what sites I can use?


    Goodness Gracious you’re pathetic.

  16. The full definition of scientist does not touch Bill Nye in any way. He has never done a lick of research on anything related to science, never mind global warming. He has never used the scientific method for anything, ever. You will never find a science abstract from him on any subject.
    Erica crushed you on any rule of debate you know, if you know any. Your biased left wing sites do not interest her, and she let you know it. Throwing sites at someone is a poor substitute for reasoned debate. You sir, are the epic fail.

  17. I’m going to bed now, but I need to say something else. There is far too much dependence on other sites to prove an argument. In proper debate people read up on a subject and then say it in their own words. Throwing sites at your opponent is intellectually lazy. It’s like saying ” I’m too stupid to argue my case. Here, read this other guy’s article and argue with him!”
    You got something to argue with me? You do it.

  18. No, she did not.
    She rejected any and all evidence I presented by claiming that it was “liberal media” and when I asked for what she would consider to be an appropriate site for me to quote from, she clammed up.
    So, no. I won.

    Nye began his career in Seattle at Boeing, where (among other things) he starred in training films and developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor for the 747

    using the scientific method.

    And just like Erica- you’re wrong, and your pride has gotten in the way.

    Bill Nye, is a scientist according to the FULL definition of the dictionary term that you yourself pulled out of your ass.

    And you’re too much of a hypocrite to admit it.

  19. You said that you were going to be up all night. Once again you lie your ass off.

    I have been studying up, and I’ve been putting it in words even a Republican could understand.

    You are the one who is intellectually dishonest. But then, you’re a Republican- it comes with the territory.

    And to think yours was the fastest sperm cell.

  20. Adults, don’t rely on the Creationistic ‘debate’ tactic you’ve been relying on your entire sojourn on Politicusa.

  21. Yes, how DARE I use the facts to back up my position!

    My goodness, the NERVE of me doing that. Going to other sites, and daring to use them as a source and citation.

    As opposed to The O’Reilly method: Spout whatever comes to my mind, and then when I start to lose the argument, I go off on a tangent.

    Some people’s kids…jeez…

  22. Republicans would tell anybody who’s not like them who’d find themselves in a situation like this to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”
    Cruz voted against Sandy aid because he said it was “wasteful.”

  23. So does this mean god is not pleased with Texas? I mean do they have sins to pay for? That’s what the religious nut jobs spew all the time to explain for bad things that happen.

    Same thing applies to Oklahoma.

  24. We’re tired of Abbott, Cruz, Gohmert, and Perry’s BS, along with the rest in TX like them. They talk BS about hating the federal government and hating this president, but when something tragic happens, they can’t demand help fast enough. They need to either knock off the stupid, violent, empty rhetoric or handle their own problems when they occur. They have divided the nation with their antics and their words/actions are acts of sedition. If I say I don’t like something/one, when something bad happens to me, I don’t go looking/asking for help from the thing/person I say I hate because I’m not a hypocrite. Reminding others of the ugly sh*t they’ve done in the past isn’t being hateful, it’s an attempt to get them to stop the prior bad behavior. If some Texans don’t like having their own record held up to them, they should stop doing the sh*t that they do. They say they’re Christians. At judgment, what will they do when God reminds them of their ugliness?

  25. “By the way, I resent you calling me hateful. I do not use hateful language on these posts.”

    – Robert

  26. It’s all the fault of gay marriage. Or taking God out of the public schools. Or something like that.

  27. I would love the nice folks on this web site
    to read my favorite Texas web site – It is Juanita Jeans, read the article ‘The Muslim is coming’ it is hilarious and you all need a laugh!

  28. Nice job hijacking the thread, Robert. You’ve got everyone arguing the merits of Bill Nye so they don’t focus on the hypocrisy of the GOPT with their hands out for federal assistance that they scream that others couldn’t possibly need.

  29. About the same time as:

    Quebec Secedes from Canada.

    The Pope Excommunicates all of the church’s child raping priests.

    And when Republicans admit that Trickle Down doesn’t work.

  30. 1}…does Nyes degree in physics count as “science???
    2}…the Teatards only voted for Sandy relief only AFTER budget offsets were built in…what offsets will the Teatards give???
    3}Will Robert-da-Teatard ever grow up???
    4}…as my Dad said about those who didn’t live up to the promise all infants have…”The best part of him ran down his Daddys leg.”
    5} Teahadists claim when ordinary disasters strike it’s Gods punishment for gays…when a “Wrath of God” event hits Teahadists territory, what’s the cause???

  31. And your guy, Jim “Snowballs-Disprove-Climate-Change” Inhofe IS a scientist?

    He’s a moronic putz who’s literally endangering the world, is what he is.

  32. Robert, I respectfully disagree with your statement that an engineer can’t be a scientist.

    As an engineer and geologist, I work in a laboratory where we use scientific methods to design asphalt and concrete mixtures for pavement or structural concrete. using scientific methods we can vary the ratios of the components of the mixture to measure changes in compressive strength, tensile strength , flexibility, or other characteristics we have interest in.

    Engineers, even Boeing engineers use scientific methods to develop stronger alloys or composite materials for the manufacturing of jet parts.

  33. Robert, you state that Bill Nye “He has never used the scientific method for anything, ever. You will never find a science abstract from him on any subject.”.

    that is a pretty broad statement, do you have a copy of every note, observation, record, report the Mr. Nye has made throughout his educational and professional career, that allows you to state this belief?

  34. I would agree with you if… this posting were read on the floor of the Congress BEFORE any vote on the amount of aide. Texas as far as I care should eat crow first…Humble thyself Texas.

  35. This is a great article, I love the sarcasm and invective, and I would definitely have shared it on Facebook — EXCEPT for the unfortunate first line of the caption (It is true all Republicans are hypocrites).
    I hate the GOP as much as the next intelligent citizen, but I know for a fact that NOT ALL Republicans are hypocrytes, and we should not stoop to the level of demagogues who make such gratuitously inflammatory statements. I know several R’s who agree that Cruz is an un-Christian jerk, and I don’t want to offend them with an article that begins with a caption like that. PLEASE AVOID THAT KIND OF NONSENSE IN THE FUTURE

  36. Perhaps it should have specified Republican politicians and pundits, who are hypocrites to the last one. All others have been forced out of the party.

  37. ROBERT: “There is far too much dependence on other sites to prove an argument.
    Throwing sites at your opponent is intellectually lazy.”

    That is one of the DUMBEST things you have ever said – and they are LEGION!

    It’s one thing to be anti-intellectual. It’s an entirely other thing to be pro-stupid.

    I swear you must have had a “Limbaughtomy” to make a claim THAT stupid.

    Well, of course you have the right to say stupid things like you just did – but you really need to STOP abusing the privilege!

    But you are a GREAT example of why people should NOT eat lead paint.

  38. Rmuse, you said, “After all, most Americans are painfully aware that Texas Ted, like most Texans, and all Republicans, hate the federal government with a passion…”

    No, most Texans do not hate the federal government. You are lumping all those of us who vote for the Democratic nominees in every election in with the teabaggers and Republicans. We are not the same. We understand science and economics and the reality of climate change.

    The main reason we have so many Republicans in local, state and federal offices is that our gubernatorial and other state offices are voted on in non-presidential election years when Democratic voter turnout is traditionally low. We are trying to get more Democrats out to vote in these elections, but with Republican voter suppression and the fact that many voting places have been moved does not make it an easy task.

    Please don’t tar all of us with the same brush.

  39. The theory that Texas would secede is absolutely PREPOSTEROUS! We would NEVER secede! I am a very proud Texan, but a proud American even more! Texas loves the United States, and so do I, and many others. The GOP lawmakers who APPEAR to hate the US Government are just expressing their anger towards the current in-office Democrats! It’s the same case with California. Most people you would ask in California (who are probably liberal) would probably hate the current GOP office-holders in the Senate!

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