Bernie Sanders Scores A Win As The Postal Service Backs Off Plan To Close Plants

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) won another victory in the battle against privatizing mail delivery as the Postal Service has quietly backed off of a plan to close 82 mail processing plants.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

I am pleased that the Postal Service has decided not to shut down virtually all of the 82 mail-processing plants this year, but much more needs to be done to ensure that Americans throughout the country receive their mail in a timely manner.


The Postal Service should be speeding up the delivery of mail, not slowing it down. We should be working to strengthen the Postal Service, not sending it into a death spiral.

The Postal Service had planned to close eighty-two more mail processing plants as part of a cost-cutting move. The USPS is being forced to cut costs because a Republican imposed mandate that the Service pre-fund 75 years of retirement benefits within a decade. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA) plunged the profitable USPS into debt and forced four out of every five dollars taken in to be spent on funding this mandate.

The Republican passed mandate was designed to drive the Postal Service out of business. The GOP goal has always been to privatize all mail delivery. The mandate is forcing the USPS to make decisions that hurt customers and result in slower mail delivery as part of the larger Republican plan to use government to break a public service that benefits the public good.

Sen. Sanders has been fighting to not only keep the Postal Service alive, but to expand the services offered by the USPS. The Republican privatization scheme would result in more expensive, but less frequent mail delivery. Rural areas that depend on their local post offices would be gravely harmed by privatization.

Bernie Sanders is fighting for the programs and services that benefit ordinary Americans, and that battling spirit has resulted in a win for the American people.

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  1. I give the Rs two weeks tops to be all over this site saying how they have supported O’Malley for years, he is the real deal, He can beat Hillary, he is a dream candidate, not too old… the new generation… and no scandals…

    They have been working on Gov. Chickenpoops talking points for a while. They will be easy to spot. They are the ones who used to say the same things about Bernie.

    Isn’t politics fun?

  2. Do you like talking to yourself? Bernie’s base is Bernie’s, no one else’s. And I suspect the links are for Politicus because no one else seems to care that the GOP wants to shut down mail delivery in the US, but Bernie, reported upon by Politico. What the heck is your problem, other than being a troll?

  3. I admire Mr. Saunders but the postal service should be privatized. We may get better service. I rarely use the post office. All my bills are delivered via email and pay online.

    Example: In Dec 2014 I was in Europe for 3 weeks. Put a hold on my mail. When I returned all the mail was junk except 2 bills from my doctor. That is it.

    People don’t realize every time rates go up its not to fund better service it is funding and paying for retirement benefits.

  4. A better thing to do would be to UNDO the mandate for the funding of the retirement and medical benefits and allow all that cash they have been forced to accumulate to be spent on upgrades and increased salaries. No farking way would privatizing it be better, NO WAY unless you want your mail to cost $4 instead of 40 something cents. Are you put of your mind?

  5. I see you don’t remember a couple years ago when fedex and that brown company didn’t deliver mail around the holidays. Then again why should you since you are dumbass

  6. We really have to “save” our U.S. Postal Service!!! It is the “official”, “nonprofit”, U.S. Government agency that actually “protects and guaranties” (with U.S. postal service “inspectors” etc.) the “safe and timely” delivery and “security” of “every” single piece of your mail. It is not just some (fly by night) “Private”, for profit only, “not ever responsible”, “money-making”, “private-business”!!! In my opinion.

  7. My problem is with multiple errors from authors on this site.

    I like to know a source for the claims made.

    So you are saying the source is the same as the author? There had to be someone… it didn’t just come to him in a dream.

    When I research things here, there are always missing or misconstrued context.

    I didn’t look it up – I would bet the hero was one of many who wrote a letter – that is what it usually is here.

    I am a troll? No, I just disagree with things said by republican trolls. Pay attention.

  8. The Constitution mandates that the postal service be government-run. It would take a constitutional amendment to change that. And I don’t want to. We have one of the best postal services on earth, even better than Canada’s, and that was even more true before the GOP started screwing things up. You are free to use FedEx and UPS if you want to use private services for everything. And good luck with that because they will charge you to come pick up your mail at your house.

    By the way, your family and friends would have a much higher opinion of you if you’d put pen to paper once in a while. Lazy much?

  9. And Sally about what I said and what you said about Bernie’s base – well, this is what I meant. Saw this ages ago. The clear next in line isn’t going to be Bern.

    All politicos agree on that. His base is very tiny. They do all say none of them will come close to the winner, though.

    I just feel so sad you think I am talking to myself. It must be the voices in your head telling you that…

  10. Here we go AGAIN!! Lord help us! because you can always tell the who’s been listening to conservative BULL$HIT media, republicans have to be the most uninformed people on EARTH! it’s painfully obvious that THINKING skills are NOT required! This INSANE babbling about privatization of everything is just corporate america brainwashing the numbskill GOP’er! Wouldn’t you think that privatization brings HUGE problems in itself??!! Common Sense 101, REPUBLICANS!! privatization means, if YOU have a problem, you’re typically S.O.L.!! that manager, the district manager, that CEO doesn’t care! Government operations like the USA post office is RUN by the AMERICAN PEOPLE! thats US! remember? I believe in private business but I don’t want everything to be privatized! WHY? because my brainless republican! business is always about profit! SCREW the workers! SCREW the community! SCREW everything! well except the shareholders and CEO!!

  11. Are you really unable to comprehend the fact that they are paying for retirement benefits for people who have in some cases yet to be born? There is NO REASON to fund benefits 75 years in advance except to bankrupt the post office and force our country to use privatized systems. Who benefits? All those in Congress who are catering to the lobbyists for Fedex, DHL, UPS and whatever other companies want to deliver mail. If you think the raises now are exorbitant, just wait until these companies take over. It will likely cost well over $1 according to studies done for a piece of first class mail that is now less than half the cost. It is time to overturn this ridiculous law that was passed. It will especially hurt the poor and those in rural areas as their costs will be almost unaffordable for many!

  12. Isn’t it hilarious how the average republican just parrots things feed to them?? BTW the way, don’t republicans just LOVE our “FOUNDING FATHERS” well correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Benjamin Franklin create the post office? if I’m wrong, excuse me. Bottom line, republicans aren’t patriots, aren’t REAL americans, they aren’t a party of personal responsibility, aren’t christian and definitely not ever RIGHT!!

  13. Couple simple solutions. Cut retirement benefits,or if you can’t stay a viable business and fund your defined benefit plan, go out of business (ie. privatize). Loads of private businesses have gone bankrupt due to inability to fund defined benefit pensions due to changing economics (Airlines, Steel, others).
    The workers that were damaged there have the same issues as Postal Workers. This is just another entitlement going the way of the dinosaur. Bernie’s lies won’t change the inevitable outcome. Maybe we should cut Social Security more to help fund the Post Office (same basic issue). There are finite funds, something must give. In 10-20 years, there will be no US Post Office. MoveOn.

  14. I have been fighting this from the start. To be FORCED to put 4 out every 5 dollars into the plan is foolish and meant to bankrupt USPS and nothing more. The plan was in the beginning to force USPS to keep open all post offices that service RURAL delivery areas only. Those deemed as non-profit delivery areas would still be USPS responsibility. They decided to use this method because people who had no ability to pick up their mail would still have box service at their home.
    When you are making 5 to 10 billion a year in profit why would you want to privatize??
    Actually the postal system was privatized and making a good profit as well as retirement and other benefits. They have been separate of all other government processes for quite some time. Their budget has been split off and they funded all rural mailing by using the monies that were generated in high volume districts to supplement their losses in rural areas. The problem I see is the NAME, UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE.

  15. That’s good news, except that our processing plant in my city has already been closed. I wish it would reopen. Our mail is taking longer just to get across town! Go Bernie!

  16. Private businesses aren’t mandated to fund their retirement plans 75 years out. That’s ridiculous. This mandate never should have happened.

  17. The problem of Privatizing the postal service is the cost of packages and mail will increase by 30 to 50 percent. The postal service now is so cheap in comparison to other modes, is established delivery systems pre-established routes with mail service as well as package delivery which also keeps costs down for packages. Many people who have home businesses will be nail by cost increases if the postal service closes the doors.

  18. Privatize the Postal Service and watch the cost of mailing a letter or package skyrocket,and a about a million good jobs go away,which is what many Republicans in Congress like Darrell Issa and Paul Ryan,who would personally gain financially would like to see happen.

  19. Ya gotta love these RIGHTIES TROLLS! these bastards amazing me! this mouth breathing neanderthal ”@common sense” suggest that the post office REDUCE retirement benefits! or just close shop! NO, @common DOUCHE” how about not crippling the post office with that DEATH sentence of paying retirement benefits 75 YEARS in ADVANCE!!! HEY!, will someone PLEASE tell me what other business in american HISTORY was told to do that?!! that BULL$HIT would cripple ANY business!! BTW @common DOUCHE”, you RIGHTIES solution to ANY financial issue is to FU#K the worker!, a little in the red? FU#K the WORKER! CEO not getting a BILLION dollar bonus. FU#K the WORKER! it’s raining outside? FU#K the WORKER!, hey @common DOUCHE” how about we take your retirement benefits? or YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK next month! YOUR DOUCHE!

  20. Due to the number of Postal Employees in my extended family, no few of them are really starting to warm up to Sanders.
    And what has Hillary done about same?

  21. FedEx Corp.and United Parcel Service Inc. increasingly are moving their own packages through the U.S. Postal Service, putting pressure on the agency and raising questions about whether the USPS is charging enough for the service.

    For FedEx alone, the post office delivers an average of 2.2 million packages a day, or about 30% of the express-mail company’s total U.S. ground segment.

    According to the Journal, “Analysts estimate Amazon pays about $2 to mail a package via the Postal Service versus $7 or $8 for UPS or FedEx ground.”

  22. NBC News? Really? Clearly big media has it’s own agenda and the media has been wrong before. Remember Truman?

  23. Bob, since you say you rarely use USPS you would have no reason to know what you are talking about, and it shows. But why not put your opinion to a test. That way you will learn first hand what Fox Breitbart or the Republican establishment don’t want you to know….And what those of us who do use the mail system already know. Go to Fed EX and mail a letter, then go to USPS and mail the same letter to the same address….Therein, you will find the answer you seek. Then come back and tell us if you were wrong or right. [WINK]

  24. That’s the whole point; that the Republicans passed a bill that routs most revenue unnecessarily to retirement funds.

    Are you aware that both UPS and FEDEX use the postal service to deliver stuff to places they can’t serve economically?

  25. As a former US Post Office employee as a young man for 2 1/2 years, thank you very much for your comment, Dana. It makes a lot of sense. Privatizing everything makes no sense at all. There has to be a type of referee or umpire that sets the rules and applies them for everyone, and that is what we know as “The Government”. And the Post Office is part of “The Government”.

  26. Wish some one would tell us all when the rethugs began to care about the retirement of American workers? This was an action to take over the mail, once again to enhance some rethugs pocket. Their main concern for ever and always will be. They don’t even want American workers to have jobs, unless they are low paying, with no benefits so who in h– believes they care about retirement?

  27. For one with a moniker of “Commonsense” you sure lack that commodity. It is getting SO tiresome re-explaining how USPS works to people like you because it is obvious you do not know anything other than what Rush Glenn or Drudge/FOX has told you. There is time to be nice, but that ship has sailed. Now is the time to NOT be nice, so here it is. Benefits of USPS are NOT “entitlements” and are not paid by the tax payer. Salaries are NOT paid by the tax payer. In fact the tax payer pays nothing for the overhead of USPS, UNLESS they use the service. Then the cost is a fraction of what mailing the same…ANYTHING would cost at UPS/FEDEX/DHL. Now, if this is true, WTF does it matter to you how much the cost of USPS benefits are? Or what they are paid? Could it be that you don’t like to see anybody doing better than you are? Is that it?

  28. Bernie Sanders has responded to the grass-roots organizing by postal unions and our allies among seniors, small business, rural, veterans, and low-income groups. We, not Bernie, forced the USPS to back off (for now) the plant closures. Bernie has been an ally. Please give credit where it is due.

  29. Good story, bro.

    Bob, the important question here is… Did you ever REALLY get back from your Euro trip?

  30. Now that is a ludicrous attack. She left the Senate in 2008. The issue was after that. Do you think it was handled by State Dept?

    She didn’t do anything because it wasn’t an issue yet. FCS.

    But now you got me to wonder… did he just write a bill. Is that it?

  31. I googled it and looked at 4 main news articles on it. They give credit to other legislators not Bernie at all.

    They say who led the fight and why they decided to postpone – both parties pressured etc.

    and the other from January mentions other legislators spear heading it too…

    Laughing my ass off. Not that I care but it is soooo comical already. The left tea party as was said in WaPo, a joke that is destructive. In the Hill link above is the link to the original at WaPo.

  32. Wait – it gets better –

    if you type into google news search the parameters of the postal service alone many articles come up. but if you add his name must be with it only one thing comes up – this site.

    You have the exclusive because it wasn’t him it was others, just like last time.

    How come you didn’t cover O’Malley? He is modeling himself after Warren, looks like he stole her M.O.

    I do not understand this site. At all.

    What gives?

  33. unfortunately, we americans wont do anything about this until it is gone or the cost goes crazy high…like gasoline. we have become stupid and when told that this was going to happen, we ignore it because we believe the bs from the politicians that “this is going to help america”, well, look at what the r’s did to the state of KANSAS, tax cuts have driven it into the ground…go figure, i could have told you that..when you have state workers losing their jobs, the domino effect comes into play…everything starts to fail…have a nice day…lol

  34. The Left Tea Party – with a picture of Warren and Sanders – at The Hill

    He said Democrats’ “party microphone has been hijacked by people more interested in scoring points than in solving problems.”

    The whole thing, at the WaPo nails them to perfection. The rest of the party is trying to do serious work and get things done and the grandstanders are acting like total IDIOTS and hurting the party.

    And it isn’t just the one MD guy saying it. It really is like the lunatics trying to run the asylum.

    The things proposed are not legitimate in the real world. Case closed.

    And O’Malley will run into those same problems. The MD dems are for Hillary too just like the Vermont ones.

    They want her to go left, the party wants them to shut up.

  35. Bob, exactly what the republicans want, underfund it so it becomes broken to justify privatization– the same thing they are doing to public education. Just think carefully what education for profit and health care for profit and prisons for profit run by greedy corporations where the first and only thing that matters is the profit line!!!

  36. Common sense, please tell me another business that has to prefund their pensions 75yrs. ahead of time–UNHEARD OF, no other business could survive. THE GOP SUCKS!!!

  37. Well said Jamie, but Bernie is our man with, I hope, a Democratic Congress. If you give Bernie a Democratic Congress watch this country take off!!!

  38. What I can’t understand is why the 2006 law forces the US Postal Service to fund retirements 75 yrs into the future and make a profitable service go out of business doing that in 10 yrs!! No one else in their right minds would require that of any business and it is not fair or reasonable or even sane! And why set up retirement funding 75 yrs into the future when they are working so hard to get rid of all the current jobs there?? What will happen to all that money put away for workers (billions) that aren’t even born yet when they succeed in privatizing? What’s the plan there–to give it out as bonuses to the new CEO’s when privatized?–that sounds familiar. I had a simple package to mail–UPS and FedX cost $29 and US Postal Serv just $6–2 day delivery for all–this is where privatization is going and will effect all businesses and prices of goods and mailings–a lot of people order on line too–this will affect everyone in a much bigger way than people realize!!

  39. Privatizing mail delivery may work for you and those who live in urban areas but the vast majority of America is not that. Postal Service serves the country, Privatized services will serve only those who can afford to pay. That’s that the America I grew up with, unfortunately it is the America I am coming to know. That’s why our infrastructure is near third world. The Republicans won’t fund the repairs.

  40. So here is an interesting question: Let’s say the GOP plan works and forcing the USPS to pay 75 years of retirement benefits in advance, or 4 out of every 5 dollars they currently make, puts them out of business and looses tens of thousands their jobs. What happens to all that money going to the retirement fund? Where does it go? My bet is not to those poor souls that lost their jobs…

  41. So here is an interesting question: Let’s say the GOP plan works and forcing the USPS to pay 75 years of retirement benefits in advance, or 4 out of every 5 dollars they currently make, puts them out of business and tens of thousands of American jobs are lost. What happens to all the money going into the retirement fund? Where does it go? What is the plan for those that would be unemployed? And do you think the GOP would allow all those employees to be fired under their administration? Or do they think this will be a slow death and nobody will notice?

  42. They want to hurt the postal union. In a way I hope they privatize, because UPS is unionized too, but here’s the difference, they have no contract prohibiting striking (unlike USPS), and they have gone on strike on many occasions.

  43. Ok, Pris, he wrote an op-ed and wrote a bill with others, years ago.

    I googled recent. As in something actually accomplished and discussed as newsworthy.

    NADA except this site.

    Get out the party hats and balloons Bernie wrote a letter and a bill.

    How many bills introduced? How many mean a thing?

  44. And go look at his Thomas.Gov account.

    Very funny. NOTHING for a very long time.

    Since March – writing letters and making proposals, with his POTUS campaign staff and Senate staff… like crazy.

    Many last month all on one day.

    I looked a week ago or so. Don’t need to look again, I am sure each letter will be praised if I mention how silly they are.

    He sounds like a guy trying to have a real record! Good luck with that. All those years – not a whole lot but rhetoric.

  45. sally, everyone agrees with you on this.

    Then how come I was right and you were wrong?

    Typical for this place. You guys buy any crap spouted.

    He linked to himself – because he is the only person saying that because it isn’t true not one other source says so.

    The other sources, hundreds of them covering this story, give credit to the actual people in gov’t who spearheaded this cause.

    Bernie wrote a bill that went no where.

    Others in both parties were cited by all the press.

    As I suspected when I opened this propaganda piece.

    You all are moths to flames alright.

    O’Malley will solve your delusion in no time flat. Then my girl will have a less embarrasing candidate to go against for the next year. She will kick his ass too.

    Women gained a lot in the last polls and her numbers among Rs is close to 10% willing to vote for her in head to head against the biggest clowns in their car.

    Can Bernie get 10% Rs to vote for him?


  46. Sanders will be on Meet the Press with Chuck.

    O’Malley will be on This Week with George.

    Hillary doesn’t need them, the Quinnipiac poll says among dems:

    Leadership ability 90%
    Favorability 85%
    Cares About people 84%
    Honesty 76%

    That is as high as she can go and she hasn’t said HELLO yet. Her campaign starts June 13th and she already won 3/4 of all dems.

    These stats came out days ago, I have been waiting for it to be covered here.

    What did Bernie do – they cannot measure his numbers, he is 58% unknown to voters and the few who support him in a poll would put him in single digits.

    According to statistics.

    Ok, you can attack me now for pointing out the truth. I am used to it.

    Clearly I am not alone. 90% – unheard of stats. She is freaking over qualified despite all the drama they try to throw.

    Love my girl, so does just about everybody else with a D next to their names.

  47. Wealthy corporations and repubs have been fighting against labor unions since they were established. The postal service union represents many workers, many of whom are vets. And we know that repubs vote against helping vets unless there is a large public outcry or the repubs believe they can use the vote to their political advantage.

  48. My problem with Hillary(don’t get me wrong, I like and respect her and will vote for her if she becomes the nominee) is that I fear she has become so enmeshed in a “system” that doesn’t work, that she will wind up nibbling around the edges, accepting the crumbs that the republicans allow her while they continue to destroy a once functional government. Just more slow decline. The only hope we have is for someone like Bernie to really shake things up. Please read: I fear your fervent support of Hillary has blinded you to other possibilities.

  49. My problem with Hillary(don’t get me wrong, I like and respect her and will vote for her if she becomes the nominee) is that I fear she has become so enmeshed in a “system” that doesn’t work, that she will wind up nibbling around the edges, accepting the crumbs that the republicans allow her while they continue to destroy a once functional government. Just more slow decline. The only hope we have is for someone like Bernie to really shake things up. Please read: I fear your fervent support of Hillary has blinded you to other possibilities.

  50. Don’t fear for me, I am not the one on the edge of the lemming cliff.

    He was just on TV, he didn’t attack Hillary for the first time in his interviews. GOOD.

    Then he said Obama and Bill were not good enough.

    Well, then maybe people should attack democratic party presidents and bring up things her husband did decades ago?

    He isn’t sure if he is going to vote for the Freedom Act. He said maybe.

    I am not blind, I just know a hell of a lot about politics and can see when articles are on the mark or way the hell off base. Some Dem candidates I supported with less zeal, surely! Some of them were not for me.

    She is simply the best.

  51. Richard your post appeared at 9:17 and 9:31, I answered your points singly under each one.

    One on my fear….

    two on Vermont.

    Also, need to add – show your stats for the Republicans supporting a lifelong socialist!

  52. Gee Bob, you complain about the postal service, and then cite the fact that you got junk mail as a negative? Really? The USPS isn’t the one originating junk mail. That is a pretty stupid reason to argue over the USPS service. By the way, UPS AND Fedex both use the USPS to drop off thousands of packages every day. I know, I worked in a couple of facilities and UPS and Fedex does this because it is CHEAPER. So the private mail/package carriers RELY on the USPS. Think about it.

  53. How quaint; a politician choosing to help postal workers and the people rather than the executives of FedEx and UPS. There go any donations!

  54. Bernie Sanders wouldn’t accept their money anyway. He will defy the conventional wisdom and win the nomination and the Oval Office with a grass roots only campaign. Bernie will prove that the Presidency can be won without the big money of mega-donors.

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