Biker Thugs Converge On Arizona Mosque Armed Looking For War

Recently, Texas has reclaimed its cherished position as the nation’s “epicenter of right wing-extremism” with a few specifically bizarre occurrences that epitomize exactly what “right-wing extremism” means. But now, the Texas-size extremism is spreading to Arizona and it includes Texas-style armed biker thugs, conspiracy theorists, and anti-Muslim sentiments that set Texas apart as right-wing extremist central.

About a month ago anti-Muslim hate-freak Pamela Geller and her acolytes, none of whom comprehend that America is not a Christian theocracy, converged on Texas to insult and incite anger in the American Muslim community with a cartoon contest intended to mock the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. The event resulted in the death of two Muslim adherents which appeared to be the intent of Geller’s so-called anti-Muslim “Freedom of Speech Rally.”

Then there is the still ongoing Texas paranoia-fest over fears the United States armed forces are going to invade the Lone Star state, kill off Texas patriots, and send the remaining Texans to now-shuttered Walmart stores for permanent incarceration. The ridiculous “Jade Helm” conspiracy was embraced by regular Texans and Republicans alike, including a group of Republicans that met with Pentagon officials to demand a guarantee that President Obama was not using Seal Teams to wipe out resistance and take over the state.

Just two weeks ago, after learning two rival biker gangs intended on violence to regulate one another, police stood by and watched between 150 and 200 armed white motorcycle thugs stab, club, and shoot it out with each other, and some in law enforcement. After the bloodbath, law enforcement casually milled around while the suspected shooters leisurely and  without restraints talked among themselves and sent text messages while waiting for a bus to cart them off to the local slam.

Now, not to be out-extremed, an Arizona group of biker thugs made explicit plans to converge on Phoenix Arizona to insult and enrage Muslims with cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed during their Friday prayer service. It is possible the group of Arizona biker thugs were inspired by the Waco biker thugs looking for trouble, only instead of insulting each other, they are taking out their love of the First and Second Amendment on peaceful Muslims at an Islamic Community Center precisely when devotees gather for evening prayers.

In announcing their “Freedom of Speech Rally Round II,” the biker thugs are expanding the hateful anti-Muslim of Pam Geller’s “insult Muslim adherents” with their own contest of forbidden cartoons to mock the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. One wonders what evangelical fundamentalists would think if a group of Muslims showed up at a mega-church revival meeting with pornographic images of Jesus; it is certain they would hardly pause and celebrate the Muslims’ right to exercise their freedom of speech. Likely, if it happened in an open-carry state like Arizona, there would be Muslim blood being shed, but then again Muslim people are not prone to deliberate sacrilege just to exercise their First Amendment rights; that is reserved for hate groups like Geller promotes.

According to the rally’s organizer, Jon Ritzheimer, he expects the anti-Muslim biker thugs to show up armed “to utilize there [sic] second amendment right” against Muslims during prayers. After all, he did hear that the mosque is “a known place” where the would-be ambushers of Geller’s insult Islam hatefest in Garland Texas are rumored to have worshiped. On his Facebook event page, Ritzheimer sent out an all-call to biker thugs to arm-up for a peaceful protest against Muslims during their prayers.

The gist of the call to arms to insult peaceful American Muslim worshippers is thus; “Everyone is encouraged to bring American Flags and any message that you would like to send to this Islamic Community Center. People (white biker thugs) are also encouraged to utilize there [sic] second amendment right incase  (sic) our first amendment comes under the much anticipated attack. Date will be Friday May 29th @ 6:15pm when they (American Muslims) normally host a large prayer. Bikers (armed white thugs) will meet at the Denny’s” and “there will be a Muhammad Cartoon Contest. Participants must show cartoon at the Rally” being held at the Islamic Community Center when Muslim adherents gather for a large prayer service.

Apparently, the armed biker thugs readying for the “much anticipated attack” against their precious 1st Amendment right to incite rage against a non-Christian religious group are too illiterate to understand that their precious 1st Amendment includes a guarantee of “free exercise of religion” that includes the Muslim faith . These so-called patriot biker thugs are using their freedom of speech to incite violence and there is Supreme Court precedence suggesting their actions may violate the law.

According to a landmark Supreme Court case based on the First Amendment in 1969, Brandenburg v. Ohio, government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless that speech is directed to inciting, and is likely to incite, imminent lawless action. Now, one can argue that showing up at a place of worship and displaying images under the cover of the First Amendment with the express purpose of inciting, or likely to incite, some kind of “lawless” response falls under the ‘exception’ noted in Brandenburg. Especially when a call was put out to ‘arm up’ for the “much anticipated attack” as retribution for what any reasonable human being would label pure hate to incite lawless action.

These anti-Muslim and well-armed biker thugs are deliberately looking for trouble by announcing ahead of time their intent is inciting a violent response from American Muslims who are guilty of nothing except gathering at their regular place of worship to pray. There is a “counter-protest” planned under the heading “Anti-Racism Muslim Solidarity Rally,” but it does not appear the participants will equal the number of RSVP’s as the armed biker thug rally. Hopefully there will be a robust law enforcement contingent and one unafraid of a thousand armed gangsters looking to exercise their First and Second Amendment rights against Muslim Americans meeting to pray and worship.

If these brave biker thugs want to wage war on Muslims, and obviously they do, they should be sent to Iraq and Syria and let them “exercise their Second Amendment rights” against Muslim extremists in ISIL. Instead, they are being hailed as patriots because they are willing to wage war on other Americans just because they worship in a mosque, and not the local Baptist mega-church.

What has not happened is any Christian group or Republicans condemning either Geller’s Texas anti-Muslim ‘rally’ or the call to arms in Arizona for a First Amendment attack on American Muslims for practicing the wrong religion. But that is the new extremist America; where the First Amendment means both open season to attack other religions as well as impose Christianity on the population by judicial and legislative fiat. And Christian fundamentalists and Republicans have the temerity to condemn ISIL as being extreme for doing precisely what Geller’s ‘patriots’ and Republican evangelical maniacs would do if they could only get away with it.

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  1. The two cases controlling this situation would be Beauharnais v. Illinois and (if memory serves me) Terminiello v. Chicago. In the former, hate speech was forbidden because the speaker was inciting violence against others. In the latter, it was permitted where the foreseeable danger was that the crowd would become violent against the speaker. Here, we have a group committing hate speech in order to provoke their targets to violence so that the instigators can then shoot them in “self defense”. I suspect this situation is novel.

  2. Awwww shucks.

    I’m betting on a “bust”; there will be less than 35 old farts who might show up just because they’re a bunch of left-over snow bird grifters who ain’t got nothin’ to do; these guys just want to somethin’ import’int ta’do while the “old lady” cleans the RV before leaving it in storage for the next 6 months.

    Besides, it’s too freakin’ hot in Phoenix right now; the migratory biker thugs go north in late spring cuz real ‘Merikan bikers don’t look or feel “cool” sporting leather shorts and vest in the summer.
    (This is akin to asking “Dusty’n’Rusty” to drink white wine on the veranda!)

    I’m betting this is all talk and red-white-and blue Viagra waving…

  3. Send them to Iraq, along with their twisted first amendment. CNN: “Gun Rights Advocates Become Bitches for Isis, Sore Throat Infections” have reached epidemic levels. Tonight on Anderson Cooper at 11:00.

  4. We do have something to fear from Somali Muslims in this country…so don’t let your hatred for Pamela Geller cause you to put your heads too far under the sand. I would be in great danger if I told everything I know…so just let it be said, that we should not allow PC to help us to kill ourselves.

  5. I think that “send them to Iraq” is an excellent idea. It could be like the Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War. Only without the “volunteer” part.

    Round up all the right-wing gun nuts and biker gangs, give them parachutes, and secure their weapons in big chests. Then shove them into the huge military transports. When the planes fly over ISIS held areas just open the cargo doors and drop them all out.

  6. And “SOME” of you may wonder, WHY are most of my post about race. Lets be honest, this country was BUILT on race, using human being as SLAVES! race has ALWAYS been a issue in country, it’s sown deeply in american culture and foolishly, conservatives tried to sell america it’s typical BULL$HIT about how ”RACISM is dying off because OBAMA is president” LMFAO REALLY? sorry GOP, another one of your LIES! race relations in this country has gotten worse! your garden variety racist use to keep their racism covertly, but since 2008? the GOP set this tone! and every racist is speaking up loud and proud and VOTES republican!! These bikers are a symptom of the environment the GOP cultivated! Now watch how FUX NEWS, especially o’reilly!, will cover this, there won’t be their daily rants about “THUGS”, because it’s not involving A.A.’s with this GARBAGE! NO!, because these bikers are caucasian! remember the bundy ranchers? same treatment, “FAIR & BALANCED” REALLY?

  7. and they call us leftist, commie, union, Kenyan, chicago, tree hugger, hippie freaks, climate lovers, the radicals….

  8. What we should do- herd them into a stadium where there’s a whole lotta beer, and then let them do what comes natural to them.

    If that ain’t enough, light off a string of fire crackers…the sound of which will definitely get these manly man characters pulling out their chrome plated viagra substitutes, and I’m not talking bout their hogs.

  9. Well DJ, as a white guy who got to ‘enjoy’ way too much time in Muslim countries- I have to agree with you.

  10. Now these are the topics that get our resident and visiting republican TROLLS all hot and bothered! see whenever anyone tries to talk honestly, truly about race in america, the conservative knee JERK response is to A- change the subject, B- SCREAM out OBAMA three times, C- say a hail mary and pray to REAGAN! Listen you republican TROLLS, this is my house! and just because you spread your racist GARBAGE on your conservative websites doesn’t mean SANE people wanna see it HERE! Now do I come up to the OLD FOLKS home and kick over your checkerboard?! NO! do I keep turning the channel from MURDER SHE WROTE to PIMP MY RIDE?! NO! do I pass gas and point the FINGER at YOU?! YES! but who cares? just take your ROGAINE challenged craniums and BE GONE!!

  11. It is hard to imagine that were the bikers comprised of black, latino, armed riders gathered in protest against another religion or the Israeli consulate, who some would love to drag the U.S. into a military confrontation with Iran, the MSM would not be so complacent.

    How can these families of Muslism faith not feel intimidated,children frightened? What are these hateful overgrown bullies teaching children by these actions? Sowing seeds of hate.
    Is the next chapter in our country for everyone “open carry”? Show up anywhere, armed to show that you can. Demonstrate against religions that you don’t like? Or political gatherings?
    They have just defunded Planned Parenthood In Texas. Shall we grab our weapons and go to the statehouse? Our country is spiraling downward.
    I despise these hypocrites. They “really care” about family values.

  12. So, what do the idiots at this ‘Draw Muhammad’ event are going to get other then a royal ass chewing from everyone that isn’t blindsided by their pure hatred of Islam.

    Here’s the thing… Unlike us, where religion and state are separate, those in Islamic nations and those who believe in the Islamic faith know that religion and state go hand in hand together. Now, those of Islamic faith do know of our views, but that doesn’t mean they will abandon what they believe in.

  13. It would be a great day to start looking for bail-skippers in Arizona. Sheriff Joe LOVES locking those scofflaws up, doesn’t he?

  14. Wow – thank GOD you told us. Because you’re Someone Whoknows! We’re all such a bunch dim libruls, we never would have had a clue if we didn’t have to just take your word for it because if we knew what you knew we’d be scared shirtless, just like you! Thanks, Someone Whoknows! /s

  15. This story sets a new record for the use of “right wing” and “right wing extremism”. Nice to know though that there is no bias here….sarc.

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