Fox Hits A Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform To Explain Away Child Molestation


Fox News has hit a new low by announcing that they are giving Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar airtime in order to allow them to explain away how they covered up the child molestation crimes committed by their son Josh.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced via a post on their blog that they would be going on Fox News next week, “Next week we will sit down with Megyn Kelly on Fox News to share our hearts with you about the pain that we walked through as a family twelve years ago, the tears we all shed and the forgiveness that was given. We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time.”

Fox News later confirmed that the interview will air on Wednesday June 3 at 9 PM ET:

The Duggars have chosen to go on Fox News because they know that they are going to get to avoid the tough question by appearing on a network that will give them lots of sympathy. The Duggars didn’t choose to go on 60 Minutes, or do a primetime network special. The Duggars haven’t held a press conference or answered any questions. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pulling from page one of the Republican playbook. When in trouble, run to Fox News.

Jim Bob and Michelle have already tipped their hands about what they are going to say. They aren’t going to apologize for enabling a child molester and hiding his crimes. They aren’t going to admit their own wrongdoing and take responsibility for their actions.

The Duggar parents are going to go on Fox News and talk about how the left and the media are out to get them. There will be plenty of references to how they have forgiven Josh and so has God. The Duggars will talk about how unfair this has all been to them, and how they have suffered. The Duggars will tell the nation how heartbreaking this was for them. They will discuss how they cried and prayed. Jim Bob Duggar will repeat his debunked tale of going to the police. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will be the persecuted party.

The one thing that Jim Bob and Michelle won’t talk about is Josh Duggar’s victims. They also won’t talk about how they covered up their sons crimes to protect the only job they’ve ever been good at, being a reality television freak show.

Lies and falsehoods are a normal course of business at Fox News, but giving airtime to parents who covered up the sex crimes of their own son is a new low even for Fox News.

If the Duggars think one Fox News interview is going to save their show, they’re wrong. Advertisers have bolted by the dozens. Many of these advertisers are promising not to buy ads on any future Duggar related programming. The end looks like it is near for 19 Kids and Counting. If Fox News really was interested in journalism, they might try to interview the sisters that Josh Duggar molested.

Fox News isn’t interested in the true story. Instead, the nation should be prepared for an interview where Jim Bob Duggar explains away his child molester son’s crimes.

The Duggars want to tell you why they are the real victims, and Fox News is going to help them take their message of child sex abuse cover-up nationwide.

171 Replies to “Fox Hits A Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform To Explain Away Child Molestation”

  1. yeah here we go.

    Denounce others till you get caught.

    Then whinge about being denounced.

    They gotta go to Pox News. No one else is gonna put up with their shit.

  2. I shudder to think about them interviewing the sisters. By this time, they have probably internalized all the blame for it and would, unfortunately, set a bad example for other girls in similar situations. :(

  3. Why does no one say any thing about making those little girls continue to live in the same house with their molester? Isn’t that a type of child abuse?

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  5. They need to be incarcerated for a long, long time.

    We don’t care about excuses, you cannot pray away what you did. I am so sick and tired of these people calling themselves Christians, and trying to force their beliefs on the rest of us, that I could vomit.

    There is no excuse under the sun for what they did, and covering it up shows that they knew it was wrong and did it anyways.

  6. I have learned through 1st hand experience, that MANY evangelicals who profess how holy they are, and pray everyday, and try to recruit others into that cult, are the ones who have the biggest skeletons in the closet. They degrade others’ lifestyles, in order to deflect from their wrongdoing; they are the ones that do everything under the sun, and when there is nothing harmful or dishonest for them to do..THEN THEY BECOME “SAVED”…I tell them ‘SAVED MY **S”. They come to my door in the middle of the day, I work from home, and leave their crap in the door because I don’t answer it. It says..Do you know the world is evil?” YES..I DO..BECAUSE OF cretins of your ilk, that’s why its evil.

  7. I have never watched this show because it always seemed creepy and the mother had the most phoney voice ever. But just seeing previews every now and then I could tell this was a weird bunch. I hope no one will buy their sanctimonious religious crap or buy in to their fake apologies. Bottom line to me is their hateful rhetoric against LGBTs and how they always called them child molesters.

    By the way, it always seems when a pedophile gets caught, they try to lessen the severity of their molestation to “just touching”. The majority of molesters do a whole lot more than “touch”.

  8. Send them to prison and let them see what its like to be a pedophile in prison. Why is it that the law was broken and nobody was held accountable, and social services needs to be contacted and break those girls out of that home, and get them counseling.

    I’d like to ask them on Fox, “Did Jesus tell you to do it?”

  9. Many many crimes committed here; Fox the station that protects parents who allowed their children to be molested for the money pimping out their daughters to keep the money flowing the only tears that were shed was the worry they were going to lose money ; souless aholes.

  10. Well, count me as part of the people who won’t bother to watch this train wreck.

    Why? Because there is better stuff on Television… like Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals!

  11. There is no chance on earth that the victims were told they were actually victimized. Those girls didn’t tell. Anyone. Because their parents, and probably their other siblings, and certainly the abuser didn’t make them think it was anything other than a mistake that shouldn’t be discussed. Ever.

    Homeschooling 101. Thou wilst keep thy family’s business to thyself.

  12. Well FARTS can go ahead and hire “19 and Counting”, and just have a lovely, “Christian Family Values” show.

  13. You are quite correct in your concerns marty t.

    The victims of Josh continue to have to live under the roof of his enablers.

  14. These “christian” religious “freaks” are now going too have to “try” protecting and defending themselves using their very own (phoney) bible’s “fairy-tale” “god” given “duty” to “populate” the earth from the time of adam and eve and their two (2) sons cain and able (“both” of them were quite “undoubtedly” mother-fu#ker$). And then again when their “fairy-tale” “god” got pissed off at adam and eves “spawn” so he flooded the entire earth and killed off all living beings. And then “again” when “god” left the “repopulating” of the “entire” earth up to noah and his single family. Incest and child molestation are actually condoned by their “god” in their “fairy-tale”, bull-shit, bible. In my opinion. Elvis even had a song about “kissing-Cousins. Old sexual “habits” are hard too break. [WINK]

  15. To me, the biggest problem about this is the hypocrisy. Josh Duggar made his living over the last couple of years as an anti-gay LOBBYIST. He was not just against people who are LGBT, but he openly worked for denying LGBT people their rights as human beings…. while sanctimoniously pretending he was saintly.

    Hypocrisy.. Thy name is REPUBLICANS.. and fundie Republicans are the absolute worst of the bunch.

  16. Come on now. Don’t rats have enough problems without having to be compared to the Duggars? That’s pretty low! [WINK]

  17. I don’t see any criminal charges on the horizon for any of these hypocrites. And Josh Duggar made his living by openly advocating against the human rights of LGBT people. Disgustingly unbelievable, but.. to be honest… not surprising of these (and other) fundies.

  18. Hypocrisy for sure.

    Another thing, the Duggar matriarch can’t be too swift. SHE ALLOWED IT. What does that say for her? If there is one thing that makes my blood boil, it is how these people profess family values, and molest helpless children. These kids will be ruined for life emotionally, and they had 19 of them no less. Very sick people. They need to be jailed, the mother included, she allowed it.

  19. Prepare for a proverbial noah’s flood of crocodile tears. They are as put upon as the granny grifter from AK – always the victim, never the perp.

  20. I watched this show twice, both in the last couple of months.. I confess that I watched the last wedding show. The Dad was creepy to me. It seemed as if he was just salivating over the daughter Jessa, who is so far the prettiest of the bunch, on her wedding day. It was just creepy.

  21. It’s just going to be ma and pa duggard, patriarchial father jim bob and submissive wife michelle.

    The are both to blame but jim bob calls the shots and of course all the other male elders in the church.

    Their bill gothard (also a molester) belief system is a cult.

  22. And don’t forget all the sanctimonious hypocritical high paid speeches that josh, jim bob and michelle have given at ATI, IBLP and big republican political conferences, for years.

  23. We need to remember, too, that Josh Duggar claimed that LGBTQ Americans posed a “dire” threat to children, and that he said it while having actually molested kids. It doesn’t get more hypocritical than this—a confirmed child molester accusing others (who haven’t molested kids) of doing what he’s already done! Going on Fox News is the Duggars’ attempt to gain sympathy and reanimate their brand. Fox viewers might buy their BS, but I don’t think others will. I think most of us are thinking of how the Duggar parents and law enforcement in their town failed the victims. There’s no excuse for that no matter what they say in their interview. The scab has been pulled from the festering, gangrenous, wound of JD’s having molested those kids, and I think their attempt at rehabilitation by going to Fox News will not sway anyone—except Fox viewers who seem to be some of the most gullible persons on the planet.

  24. Given what a hot mess that whole creepy quiver thing is, I’d like to think that this is like Fox unintentionally giving them a backhoe to keep on digging the duggers deeper. Please, Jim bob….proceed….

  25. I was a fan of “19 kids and counting” and me being GAY. What rubs me wrong is that Michelle stated we were child molesters, which we are not. Their SON IS!

  26. Don’t forget the story of Lot having sex with his two daughters after his wife was turned into a pillar of salt.I had a Southern Baptist minister attempt to justify incestuous rape perpetrated by his deacon with that story. I laughed in his face and continued to educate his parishioners about the pedophile among them.

  27. RTG, they are ignorant. Furthermore, they want to degrade people who are gay, in order to deflect from themselves because they know what they have done. They put onto other people, what they themselves are. It seems to be a theme in the GOPT. Anyone with half a brain knows that just because of person is gay, does not mean they are child molesters.

    These people should not have any appearances on TV or otherwise for this nonsense. They should be hanging their heads in shame, and apologizing for being the hypocrites that they are.

  28. Is Josh on a sex offender registry? How does that work since he has children of his own? Did his wife know this about him when she married this creep?

  29. Wait? Didn’t they state the God had forgiven Josh and all this issue? So then you must have that written statement, or Facebook like, or something to verify that statement? No…I don’t think that you do!

    CHRISTIAN (IN NAME ONLY) You bring shame to the religion, humanity and somewhere Jesus is slapping the side of his head in confusion.

  30. The problem is not just the trash Fox Noise disseminates; it’s the trash in their audience who want to believe it.

  31. What sickens me the most, is that there are people out there that are angry that this has even been bought up. They see it as done and dusted because he confessed and his god has forgiven him. Did he call? Email? Turn up himself? This is all what they tell themselves, no one has forgiven anything.

    It really makes me wonder how they sleep at night, because they say they are sorry to their god they think everything is fine and there are no other consequences. All I have read is that A series of pedophiles and child molesters have said everything is ok. No one had any therapy and those poor girls were forced to say they forgive their abuser.

    Hypocrites and criminals, the parents and josh Duggar.

  32. Dear Democratinny;as a representative of the Rat Council of America, I must object to your comparison of our client to the Duggar family…..[WINK]

  33. They’ll share their hearts … and solicit donations.

    Remember, God forgives Christian child molesters at the drop of a hat, but if you are a member of the LGBT community, you’re gonna burn in Hell for all eternity.

  34. I am confused by all of this, mostly by the lunch mob mentality I am picking up on. There are two people who are parents, and they have lots of kids, and one of the kids sexually abuses other kids. The parents are going on television to tell their side of the story, and Fox invited them on, presumably so Fox can sell more beer and tampons. WHY is anyone bothered by this? None of us knows what their side of the story is. They will tell us. Fox may or may not press them for more info. What is the problem with any of this, and how is giving people a forum to defend themselves “non-liberal?” Surely if a GitMo detainee could get a deal like this, Ellen or The View or Fox would leap at it and handle it in their own unique way, maximizing tampon sales as they were to go. But saying that Fox is wrong for doing this seems just as hypocritical as any other form of it alleged against the patriarch of this clan.

  35. I hate to break it to you but being sexually molested by itself will not ‘ruin a person for life’, sorry but that’s just not true.

    Societies gross over exaggeration to being molested is more often than not what will deeply affect a victim of molestation mentally or emotionally for long or lasting periods of time. This is actually a moot point however because those girls and the other kids growing up in that freakshow of a family in that f***ed up cult is what’s going to actually ruin them for life probably.

  36. Yes, she did. But keep in mind, her father called the shots.

    The first women they tried to engage him to was from the Holt clan (part of the Quiverfull “circle of trust”). It was reported that the engagement was called off due to “some digression in Josh’s past”; the Holt’s bolted.

    And, the freak show continued…

    This is all starting to sound like a updated version of “Dogpatch USA”. I think we should give these players names from the original play, like “Evil Eye Fleegul, Goon McGoon, Marryin’ Sam”. You know, reference points the ‘Merikan peepul can understand! No wait, they’d have to be literate to American theater…

  37. I know of a woman I used to work with that would play the loudest, wildest hip hop music when she found out the Fundies were in the neighborhood. The music must have worked, because they did not even come up to her house. “There’s sin coming from that house!” Nope, that’s just L’il Wayne!

  38. In a milieu like that one, the “overreaction” is built in: Shame on little girls for having vulvas, which magnetically suck in brother’s fingers.

  39. Jesus said “whose sin you forgive is forgiven, whose sin you retain is retained” he said this to his apostles at the Last Supper during the sacrifice of the very first Mass, thus His church began. There is no salvation outside His Church, the One, Holy Catholic and apostolic church. Anything outside this is a heretical cult. You can only be forgiven by going to the sacrament of reconciliation. None of us are perfect, we are all sinners and should not judge anyone. As a mother i’m sickened and disgusted by this heinous act and for the parents lack of action ,allowing this boy to remain under the same roof as those little girls is reprehensible. However that is something they will all have to account for, yes God is all mercy but He is also all Justice.

  40. I see a lot of hatred for the family because of their beliefs and way of living.
    What Josh has done is very common, at 14 y o and raised in a family like theirs, sex probably is not a subject to explain clearly, Josh budding sexuality must have been a need to explore. The sisters seem well adjusted, we do not know how far he went, probably superficial stuff. Personally the family has not covered up but kept that family secret for themselves and dealt with it, the best way they could. When we see what is going on in schools nowadays, little girls servicing boys, and much more…that is horrible. So, some will not agree with me but it is blown out of proportion and I will not judge.

  41. Middle Molly,

    Exactly! Furthermore, I will bet you that Kelly will not ask Jim Bob why he lied to the police that Josh was placed in a counseling situation. In a similar vein, I will bet my farm that they won’t ask why he stated in the police report that “he didn’t remember the name of the center” he sent Josh to, when it was nothing more than Bill Gothard’s affiliated Advanced Training Institute. In other words, he did nothing!!

    What sickens me is the flocking of supposed evangelical Christians who have done nothing but found excuses for this family, the worst of which is that the “liberals have just been waiting for anything to pin on the Duggars.” Sickening! Disgusting! And that doesn’t even begin to characterize how I personally feel about the family!

  42. Brad,

    You can correct me if I am wrong, however I believe you meant to say, “the lynch mob.” Question: Why is it considered a lynch mob when progressives take issue with the hypocrisy of conservatives, and freedom of speech when conservatives take issue with supposed hypocrisy taking place among progressives? Hmm!

  43. That is because they are still trying to save the show. I imagine they believe going on a conservative network such as Fox will allow them to handle the softball questions, placing themselves as the true victims, only for conservatives to once again demonstrate why they are NOT the family values party!

  44. Bebe,

    According to Anna’s statement she was told about Josh’s “teenage problems,” about “two years prior to their getting married.” Now, if one can find one single episode showing Josh knowing Anna longer than seven or eight months before marrying, more power to them.

    Even IF she was told about the situation in terms other than just Josh’s “teenage problems,” the question then becomes, “What kind of woman marries – with the ascertained intention of having as many children as her oven will allow,” that sort of man to marry her? Furthermore, why would her parents allow her to proceed, and why would she, knowing that when they had kids, the real conflict of interest arises? I just don’t buy the fact that she was told.

  45. majji,

    Don’t mean to be technical, especially since I cannot stand this family, especially in light of these revelations, however I do not know or believe that Josh was engaged in molestation once he began work with the Family Research Council. However, he surely did have a he$$ of a lot of nerve alleging the falsity that gay people engage in pedophilia, especially when he knew that the actual high risk group were those affiliated with the Quiverfull movement!

  46. Dearest Brad, Josh, and his parents, already made their statements on the matter. The past week has seen any/all pundits discussing the same.

    The BIG problem I have with the parents is the fact they allowed the statute of limitations to expire before ‘really’ bringing the matter to the proper authorities.

    Those poor girls will hopefully receive some form of REAL therapy before too long. Their sanity will depend on it!

  47. Josette,

    The family can believe any darned thing they wish. What they can’t do, is act as though they took action when in point of fact, says otherwise. Case in point: It took Jim Bob over ONE YEAR to take action when one victim came complaining to him.

    Then, he took Josh to the Elder Board of his church. Why? Because the family doesn’t believe in any other authority than the Church. Okay, let’s let that slide here, and see what the elder board told Jim Bob to do: they told him to get Josh into a treatment program. However, according to the police report, JB did not want to place his “son in that program because he didn’t want him to turn out like ‘them.'” Please notice that last word: THEM! In other words, JB believed, despite the abuse taking place, that Josh was not like other sex offenders. But he was.

    So, to say people are upset over what they believe is not accurate; it is more accurate that the majority of folks are upset for his complicit involvement in coveri…

  48. You know Buck, there is a reason that this 42 year old woman cannot be innocently touched by her husband, or anyone else really, while sleeping, without fighting back instantly and violently. That reason started when I was five. So yeah, a lot of the scars are permanent.

  49. Also, one other point: You assume the sisters are well-adjusted. In other words, you indicate, “no harm; no foul!” But that is most certainly NOT how abuse works. It scars folks for life, with some being affected years down the road, not even realizing why!

    I should also say that the police officer that JB took Josh to, at the urging of the Elder Board was none other than Officer Hutchens, a mandated reporter. He did not report. Oddly, it was demonstrated to Hutchens, that it was “just a little problem,” however he should have forwarded this to DHS. Other problem is Officer Hutchens was arrested for possession of child pornography and sentenced to 56 years, and THIS was the “family friend” JB took Josh to see! Wow!

    Odd thing is, when it was finally reported to DHS, Josh sued the organization once he turned 18 for a parameter they placed upon him regarding being in the home alone with the children. So much for broken and contrite!

  50. This “quiver” cult sounds like an excuse for men to molest children and use Christianity to justify it.

  51. Have you read the police report, Josette? If you have, you’re being disingenuous, at best. If not, you’re really talking out your butt and should go read it.

    In addition, I’d recommend a brief read on the beliefs and practices of the Quiverfull movement and the way these a-holes “raise up” their kids. Ever hear of blanket training? That’s when you place your infant on a blanket, tell them not to move and then whip the child every time they move off the blanket, until they stop leaving the blanket in fear. Michelle has bragged about the effectiveness of this method.

  52. As for the victims seeming “well adjusted”, how in the world do you know? Because they’re smiling? Yeah, their parents have taught them that anything other than a “joyful countenance” means the child has done something wrong, in spirit or in deed, and their spirits are broken because their god is displeased with them. In other words, smile for the world constantly or get beat for it.

    Seriously, educate yourself before spouting opinions.

  53. Leave it to Faux Noise to give air time to the enablers of a child molester, all because his family are such “good Christians.” (Pardon me while I vomit.)

    You cannot “explain away” the fact that Josh Duggar committed several felonies and his victims got no justice. He wasn’t even punished; that “stern talking to” by a family friend was just so much hogwash. And JimBoob pulled all the strings he could find to ensure that the police report never got filed until after the statute of limitations had run out.

    These people are unspeakable.

    Incidentally I happen to be a Christian and these people yammer about forgiveness when it suits them but forgiveness does not mean there will not be consequences.

  54. We are a nation of LAWS (even though the law is not applied consistently or justly, depending upon one’s skin color or political/economic influence).

    The Duggars broke the law. “Forgive and forget”, and being non-judgmental, do not apply.

  55. Hey, Josette – grow up.

    The kid molested 5 little girls, the parents failed to report it to the police, they sent the kid to a state trooper for “counseling” who is himself serving a 60-year sentence for child porn, then they sent him to a “training institution” run by a guy who has had 30 women accuse him of sexual harassment. On top of all of this, the kid and his parents accuse gays and lesbians of being likely to molest children!

    And you think that this is something negligible???

  56. You’ve chosen to judge, Josette. You’ve chosen to sacrifice the lives of 5 young girls because of your determination to let off the hook a family you’ve taken unwarranted pride in.

  57. Brian, my deepest apologizes to the rat word I really wanted to use would not be allowed on this site!!

    Please give my condolences to the critters[WINK] and their representatives!

  58. Republicans/fundamentalist so-called christians are the biggest whiners on the planet. They yammer on and on about “personal responsibility” for everyone else, but that doesn’t apply to them EVER. They never admit they are wrong about anything. In their mind they are never wrong and never make mistakes. (Remember W, who couldn’t think of one mistake he had ever made.) Arrogance much? They play the victim role to the hilt. Interestingly enough, they always feel like they are being persecuted when in actuality they are the persecutors. In psychology, we often see that the person playing the victim is usually the one who is the most guilty. There is no humility there. We learn from our mistkes, but you can’t learn anything if you are already “perfect.” Just sayin…

  59. Sharia law is the church, the sheriff, the judge and the executioner all wrapped up in one package.
    Now where on earth do we Secularlists get the strange notion that religion appears to be independent of morals?

    That is a question that can be rather hard to answer…

  60. Brad,
    The assault of a child is not just a family matter. It is a crime against the State as well. There are laws in place to protect children from such assault from anyone. The Duggers may have issued forgiveness, but no one seems to have heard from the girls involved. And, not least, this family cannot speak for God.

    The State punishes such behavior regardless of the reason(s) or any family forgiveness made. Prisons have many inmates that have done the same thing. Josh Dugger is not special, nor is he any different.
    I personally don’t think that the statute of limitations should apply here since agents of the State participated in the cover up.
    The Duggers should lose custody of all these children.

  61. @brad, even if you didn’t use your moniker to indicant your gender ”masculine” I think we’d all assume you were a neanderthal MALE! the tampon thing was a dead giveaway! Listen, YOU wanna know whats the harm of FUX NEWS bringing on the duggers? REALLY? LMFAO, well @brad, whether you’ve noticed, FUX NEWS has a long history of trying to turn $HIT into GOLD! remember the bundy rancher? and EVERY TIME a WHITE person COP or whoever MURDERS a black person, FUX NEWS ALWAYS tries to make them celebrities and HERO’s! @brad, get serious! FUX NEWS doesn’t just have a GOP slant! it most definitely has a RACIST BIAS! The duggers aren’t HEROS! those girls are victims! but the father is as guilt as sin too, he used his influence to Mask a CRIME! what don’t YOU GET? and FUX NEWS ALWAYS goes out of it’s way to FOOLISHLY attempt to make WHITE CRIMINALS look innocent! BTW @brad, the “VIEW” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show”’ don’t call themselves “NEWS” you hopelessly IGNORANT…..

  62. i remember reading that Josh Duggar’s wife Anna bragged: “Josh is such a wonderful Daddy, because he’s always the one who gets up in the middle of the night to change his childrens’ diapers!”

    So, who is protecting the pedophile’s children from their own Daddy?

  63. Alternate headline: “Fox Reinforces Consistently Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform To Explain Away Child Molestation”

    Honestly, as bad as it is for Fox to give these unindicted co-conspirators a forum for their explanation about why this is all the libruls fault, it’s not a new low. They hit this low decades ago and have stuck with it.

  64. If FOX will not follow up on interviews with the victims, then the OTHER news networks SHOULD … an better opportunity to smack FOX around could hardly be found.

  65. Wow, some people here are just as naive as the Duggars.
    Cancel the show I say. From watching the weddings to the birth of baby dilly, JB is one F^&Ked up man.

    I have been on this internet now for at least a week without a break. JB sure loves to kiss and salivate. The deviasion in his eyes is truth telling. He is creepy and a molester himself. His father with one of the grandkids looks like a molester himself. Eyes don’t lie. This whole family is sick and needs to be taken out to the woodshed and beat the hell out of his wife and himself.

    All of the communities of the LBTG and all the other people who have been blamed for their lifestyles need to take up arms and get rid of the Duggars.

    that is all

  66. But the cornerstone of a liberal democracy is to make intelligent decisions based upon as much information as possible. How is excluding relevant information a good thing, ever? We stop listening when we think we are sufficiently disgusted? Sounds very republican.

  67. I said nothing about other people doing it being okay, explicitly or implicitly. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  68. The Duggars allowed innocent children to be defiled. That is exactly what they did. There is no rationalization, there is no exception, there is no excuse.

    These men and the mother of these children should be put in prison. The children should be taken out of that cult and put in stable homes, and receive professional counseling from ACCREDITED therapists.

    Last, but not least, in order to live in a civilized society, we need laws and rules. Laws and rules apply to EVERYONE, the Duggars included. They broke the law, justice should be served.

  69. “19 kids and counting” is the #1 show on TLC.
    TLC is the one who needs to hear from us, to vent our disgust that they hadn’t pulled the show immediately. Profits before principles seems to be the mantra at TLC.
    If anyone knows a phone number or URL for TLC please post it.

  70. But..Lena Dunham or whatever the hell her name is did it! That’s the favorite excuse by right wing nut jobs that I’ve been reading. Well guess what, I don’t like her either. And whatever she wrote in her book sure as hell doesn’t excuse child rape, molestation, incest, enablers & a cover-up from these holier than thou hypocrites. I knew something about them would be exposed one day, but nothing this repugnant or unforgiving. The worst is, they don’t care. The perpetrators & enablers only concern is the TLC gravy train may..may..come to an end. TLC is waiting it out thinking the outrage will die down. They are almost as despicable as the freak show religious cult they made a show out of.

  71. It also makes sense Mike Huckabee would defend Josh Duggar. He covered up for his own son, the dog torturer & killer. Look it up. While an Eagle Scout leader or suck Such crap, he tied stray dogs to a tree burnt, tortured & killed them. He was charged, arrested. Then Daddy got a hold of the state police & covered the whole thing up. That’ll teach junior not to be a cruel psychopath! These religious fanatics don’t have values. They are worse than 99% of us then berate others for sinful “lifestyles”.

  72. They didn’t cover it up, the father took his 14 year old child down to the police department.
    The best example I can give is Hillary Clinton’s and all of her law breaking.
    A 14 year old child does something wrong and if his parents are Christian, than sacrifice the family.
    When I was a child, my 14 year old babysitters were teaching me about sex. I bet they now wish they hadn’t. No body, but noooo body is immune to this happening to them.
    Those of you with 14 year olds, be careful of the stones you throw!

  73. The idea of getting “relevant information” from Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar – who ADMIT they LIED to the POLICE (did you even read the links?) – from being “grilled” by Megyn Kelly on “Faux news” is risible!

    They got their spin stories all burnished and an agenda to push – they’re not about to let “relevant information” interfere with that!

  74. I’m sorry but until they change there mind about gay rights…..I don’t think they should be forgiven. If he can be forgiven by god and gays can’t there’s something wrong here.

  75. What if Josh was “genetically predisposed” to being sexually attracted to his younger sisters? Maybe like Lady Gaga says he was “Born this way”. Is he “Sick” or just born that way? Be careful of your answer because you can’t have it both ways. If a sexual deviation from the norm is genetic then it is “ok” right? Remember I am only talking about the mindset of a 14 year old post pubescent minor, not the sisters who were touched, or the parents actions, just the possible genetic predisposition or “Sickness” of a boy who was raised in a Christian family with all the Christian values who still acted on his mental impulses. “Genetic predisposition”? or “Sick”? You can’t have it both ways!!!

  76. We all know this is just wrong on so many levels, I say if FOX air’s it, everyone should boycott them, I know I will never watch another thing on FOX! Exercise your only power in this situation and shut down FOX permanently.

  77. I can honestly say I never watched a minute of this show. The family has always been viscerally repugnant to me. I just knew something was “off” about them. But not this hideous.

  78. First of all, I’m not a big fan of reality shows…maybe a handful that I care to watch and 19 and Counting is definitely not one of them!!

    What I’m seeing here, though, is yet again the reactions of a fear-based, witch hunt, lynch mob, persecuting society acting like you all are without sin and better than everyone else. So typical when a topic such as this one makes the headlines. You just rush to judgement without getting your facts straight or at least base the facts on your trust in the anything-for-a-story media. Instead of wasting your time watching useless reality shows, you should be getting yourselves more educated on the true facts about molestation…one of them being that the greatest percentage of them DO NOT re-offend! YES that is true!!! Also, more emphasis is needed on why this happens and preventing it rather than reacting after it happens…use the programs that are out there and/or develop more effective ones. Put your judgmental energy to better use!!!!

  79. Their religious belief system absolves men of any sins in sexual matters.
    ALL females are seen as temptress and seducers – even 5 year olds.
    Like “She must have dressed immodestly.” SO amny religions AND CULTURES seem to believe a man is supposed to be permitted to bust a nut, 24/7 and never has to rein in his urges.

  80. The Duggers
    They are Deplorable, I hope GOD Strikes them & that child molesting, Pedifle they call a Son. There is no excuse to cover up the degrading of another human being. Imaging what that child has had to endure in their life since he choose to force himself, his will on that child. It is disgusting. I will never watch Fox again, you are a piece of Shit to even entertain the idea of siding with trash like that.

  81. They didn’t take Josh to the police department. All they did was get somebody they knew, who happened to be a cop (and also happened to be a child molester) to have a “stern talking to” with Josh. And if you believe that guy, he wasn’t told the extent of the abuse, just that he touched one girl once. There wasn’t an actual/proper police report until 2006 when Oprah’s people went through the correct channels.

  82. what Josh Duggar did was completely wrong, there is no excuse to why he did it, but think about this for a moment, it’s understandable that his parents covered up his actions, i’m not saying that It’s ok, i’m just saying saying that “hey my son is a child molester” probably isn’t the way to go no matter what you do, especially for a christian family TV show. once again, i’m not saying that Josh isn’t wrong, i’m saying that don’t blame the parents for covering this up. if you did something of this level of bad, not like child molesting but something extremely embarrassing, or vile, would you want your parents to expose this to your school or neighborhood? or in this case, the entire media?

  83. We have ALL made a mistake at one time in our lives that we regret. I dont give a pass to this crime when it comes to Children, but let them tell the story and then you can judge. By the way no one ever asked you to judge them, you passed judgement without knowing all the facts. That is a character flaw and shows you are very uneducated.Let me know where you’re a firefighter at, I would like to talk with your Superior about your unbecoming conduct. God Bless

  84. LMFAO @brad if you had any reading comprehension skills then perhaps your ape like brain would have understood my post! BTW is @robert your BF? just askin’

  85. If they choose to live their lives in public, they can’t expect to keep their scandals private, now, can they?

  86. My comment is actually for Buck…& I’m sorry, but that doesn’t give me a great deal of confidence that you’ll actually think about what I’m about to tell you…
    I was molested as a child. By someone who was supposed to be protecting me. If you think for one second that learning to live with that hasn’t been a constant struggle, you’re delusional. Years of therapy, mistrust, nightmares & some very rigid rules about touching. I live in a bubble of “no hugging” or anything else. When I did tell another adult, I was called a liar. Because no one wants to believe it happens.
    Yes, being molested leaves scars that take a lifetime to heal. Learn about a subject before you sound off about it. Otherwise, you sound like an uncaring, insensitive jerk.

  87. Thanks Joe for sharing the list of advertisers who have withdrawn their support of the show. We must support and write to these companies to thank them for their responsible decision and be more active to purchase their products. Keep us Joe on other companies who have withdrawn their advertisement.

  88. casting stones seems quite the tactic for self-righteous “christians”. the law enforcement official that the ma and pa duggar reported this to is in federal prison on child pornography charges

  89. Funny that I’ve been a casual watcher of that show for years and have never heard them judge anyone. I don’t condone these actions but the accused was a kid also. When using words like molestation concerning kids the truth can’t be revealled by the authorities due to the parties being children. Man I know of all kinds of occasisions of child on child sexual misconduct that the parents never knew about until later. Also funny how all of those non christians out there that accuse christians of being judgmental and hypoctirictal did the same thing as soon as you all got a chance.

  90. Very good points Swede-P. I was thinking similar things.
    Another point: he was just 14 years old. Not condoning it, but many seem to be acting as if he were a 25 yr old molesting a young teenage girls.
    Get the facts, then make an opinion.

    If this were recent, etc then it would be hypocritical to project family values.

  91. At 14 you should have enough sense not to molest babies. But then again I am not your race so you may have a point

  92. No matter his age he is still going to mentally scar them……Everyone no matter the age needs to be held accountable for what they do, even if they don’t know better.

  93. Maybe I didn’t make myself as clear as I thought I had. What I meant was that when Josh Duggar went to work for FRC, he already knew he was a child molester, but it didn’t keep him from accusing LGBTQ Americans of being child molesters. I didn’t mean that he had molested kids while he was working for FRC. He had no evidence that LGBTQ persons are child molesters when he made the claim, but he accused them of it anyway because that’s what he was being paid to say. He should never have called anyone a child molester without cause while knowing he was actually guilty of being one.

  94. Josh Duggar admitted to doing it, what other facts do we need? He broke both God’s and man’s law and had no real consequences. His parents bore false witness by omission of their son’s crimes. I do not feel safer in this world knowing that they don’t honor God or Jesus.

  95. Thank you Deacon John Berstecher for your positive response to my post. It is good to know that someone out there is listening to me and thinking along the same lines. Unfortunately, it appears that other posters are still being ignorant to what I said. Yes, what he did was wrong and he should be held accountable. Okay, Jim Bob and Michelle sent him to the wrong people for counseling, but you should back off, let them have their say on Fox (regardless of your opinion of Fox or them) and then let the Duggars have the time and privacy they need to work through this difficult time in their lives. I’m sure they were hesitant to expose the wrong-doings a lot sooner because they know there are people like you out there ready to crucify them first and get all the facts later.

    Thank you again Deacon John for acknowledging me, and for the rest of you, remember how imperfect we all are before you make such harsh judgments against others. Think with common sense not your emotions.

  96. As Christians we are not supposed to judged, but we are also supposed to follow mans law. One thing the Duggers did not even consider is they brought Josh back into the home with all them girls, did they not realize if social services had been called they would have lost all of there children. I guess not, I think they were only thinking of Josh.

  97. Josh got caught by his father after his first victim. What did he do then? He proceeded to “re-offend” with four other girls over at least a year. I’m sorry, what where you lying?

  98. First of all, he MOLESTED his 5 year old sister! He looked at a 5 year old and thought mmmm, I need to get me some that?! A FIVE YEAR OLD! Yes, he is a child molester.

    Secondly, you know damn well they’ve judged others, like Mommy and admitted molester Josh recording robocalls to the voters in their state to defeat an anti-discrimination law that would protect LGBT individuals. The reason? Because all gays are child molesters. …. REALLY?!?! JOSH is denouncing THEM as child molesters…. So yeah, you know they’re judgemental. You just don’t care because they’re judging people you judge too.

  99. Here are a few things that the “age defense”, the “but he was a CHILD, a BABY really, and can’t really be bad” bs brings to mind:

    Trayvon Martin (young, labeled a thug, dead, they say he deserved it)

    Tamir Rice (young, labeled a thug, dead, they say he deserved it)

    Michael Brown (young, labeled a thug, dead, they say he deserved it)

  100. I think a stint in prison for Josh & Jim Bob should be punishment. I am sure Bubba would love to have two fresh new “little girls” to protect.

  101. So what would be the charge? Charging a child with child molestation?

    What race does someone think I am? Why would that matter.

    Finally, many of us complain about lack of parental involvement. It is nice to see so many would have had their sons arrested, jail, and needing to register on the sex offender list. Prepare to have your child live with you, not able to get into college or get a decent job, because he did a stupid thing at 14.
    If he was 25 – throw away the key.

  102. “did a stupid thing at 14”? Try “he did something criminal, multiple times, after being caught the first time, and continued it for over a year”. That we know of.

  103. Stick your “God Bless” Larry, where the sun does not shine. Your judgement of the person who questioned the sick intentions of the Duggars suggests that maybe you should tell us who you work for, so we can tell your employer what a disturbed person you are in reality.

  104. I am sorry I made you sick. But, I am not excusing anything. I am simply pointing out he was 14 years old.
    They are not treated as adults.

    Anyway, I’m done with this. God help you if one of your children or grandchildren (or any family/loved one)does something stupid, criminal, or whatever. Jail they go. Your rules.

  105. The police officer they told has now said that Jim Bob Duggar lied to him by telling him it was a one time incident with one person. To make this even worse, that ex-officer is now in prison for being a pedophile. The Duggars are going to lie through their teeth to Megyn Kelly because they want their show back on the air. Kelly has already said the girls involved did not want this known. Well, of course not…they have been coached for years to not tell.

  106. I get that you think it was natural for JB and Michelle to protect their son. But why didn’t they protect their daughters? You know, the actual victims here.

  107. I just have one thing to say about the political realities of this situation: Congratulations, Hillary Rodham Clinton, 45th President of the United States of America!

  108. Well, because, it’s not like the victims were PEOPLE or anything, they were girls, you know, things, created by God for men’s use. Of course his reputation is way more important than their suffering! He’s a MAN! A human being! I’m sure the girls have apologized for being temptresses, so why don’t people realize it is OK? That said, I wonder if the girls’ market value has gone down within their holy and beautiful religious group since everyone knows they aren’t pure anymore? What a horror for their family now, how will they sell of these tainted hussies?

  109. Calm down everyone! Put your focus where it belongs, on the poor GUY! I mean, it’s not like the victims were PEOPLE or anything, they were girls, you know, things, created by God for men’s use. He was only using them as their religion dictates he should! I’m sure both he and the girls were aware of the rules set by almighty God.

    Of COURSE his reputation is FAR more important than their “suffering!” He’s a MAN–a human being! If anyone is at fault, it is the girls’. But I’m sure the girls have apologized for being temptresses, so why don’t people realize it is all OK? Jesus even told him so!

    That said, the poor parents! The girls’ market value has gone down within their holy and beautiful religious group since everyone knows they aren’t pure anymore (and , or course, their entire value is, rightly so, in their virginity!)

    What a horror for their family now, how will they marry off these tainted hussies within their awesome, holy, true church?

  110. My point SunnyDay is we don’t know. Not all the facts are out yet.
    I’m positive I won’t agree with them, but to be sure, I’ll wait to hear them.

  111. Yes, it is true- we don’t know ‘all of the facts’.
    Only the Duggars do- and they’ve taken great pains to insure that no one else will.

    I’m curious- what ‘unknown facts’ could there be, that would make the actions of the Duggars- Palatable? Just asking.

  112. Question 2: None

    1st: would you advertise to the world if it were your son, or daughter?

    It was 14 years ago. he was 14 or 13. I’m not the same person I was when a teenager. Nor the same as I was in late 20’s.

    Let’s see what they say tomorrow night, though I don’t plan on watching it.

  113. Ridiculous. Someone needs to take some responsibility and punish Josh as well as his parents. To even be given the option to police themselves after their son committed a crime is the craziest. My heart goes out to the girls he molested. Such abuse… I have faith that GOD will handle them all in the end.

  114. I wanted to come back and say that at least the father took the child to the police station so he did his part. The sheriff needs to be replaced. Can’t Imagine how many people have and will suffer because of this guy. What a leader

  115. False Premise- being gay is not a sexual deviation.

    Sexually molesting children who are unable to breed- is.

  116. Yes I would.

    Not only would I report his ass. I’d make damned sure I kept an eye on him, get him some REAL counseling, and have plenty of proper conversations with all of the other young ladies under my care- including having a neutral counselor give them any appropriate counseling.

    This is one of my pet peeves about America- is that we all turn a blind eye to pubescent boys. I do remember what going through puberty was like. It’d not have been quite so bad, if Josh had ‘experimented’ with someone his own age- who had an option to say no.

    But Josh abused his authority- that is plain, because he abused 5 young girls.

  117. Charged with what? What are the laws of the state he lived in?
    The laws varied widely until recently, and enforcement selective. He again was 14. A 10 yr old was arrested for similar acts he committed when 8. Outrage that he was arrested ensued. In another state an old tenn was arrested and convicted for molestation. He got 10 years. If he had raped the 15 old, he would not have received jail time.

    So, some may hold off “enforcing” the law because of the outrage – by us. People were more outraged by the penalty than the crime.

    Food for thought.

  118. Arkansas.

    He committed his crime(s) in Arkansas.

    Knowing the full facts of ANY offense, allows folks to come to a better judgment about how the underage offenders are treated.
    Usually what kind of punishment is predicated upon what the actions of the offender were.
    The fact that Josh’s parents went out of their way to obfuscate what Josh did, tells me volumes.

  119. Okay. But what was the law in 2003? As I noted, laws have recently changed or have been upgraded.

    If the father did take son to police, that does speak volumes.

  120. Here is the police report image of Josh Duggar and what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar covered up in front of 30 million viewers for the sake of $$$ from TLC:
    Here’s what the police report reveals:
    — The crime/incident listed is “forcible fondling”
    — Two witnesses are listed, although their information has been made private
    — Five different victims are listed, although their information has also been made private
    — 12 “other persons” are listed, including Josh’s parents Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar
    — The report was filed after a “caller” informed them of the alleged incident
    — It also states that Michelle & Jim Bob told them the incident allegedly happened 3.5 years before the report was filed
    — The first incident listed allegedly occurred in March 2002
    — The victims allegedly told Michelle & Jim Bob that Josh had been “fondling” their “breast and vaginas”…

  121. They did not take him “to the police”, Deacon. They took him to a cop, singular, who was a close friend of the family. If you believe the cop, JB lied about it being one girl, one time. They did NOT march Josh to the police station to confess and face the consequences.

    Yes, the cop was required by law to report it. He did not. We would all be calling for him to be in as much trouble as JB and Michelle but he’s already in prison. He’s in prison serving a 56 year sentence. He’s in prison serving a 56 year sentence for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

  122. Of course no parent wishes to throw his kid under the bus; however, covering up Josh’s crimes does not make them go away. The acts will just get worse and uglier as he gets older if not addressed. Josh needs professional help as do his victims. The earlier the problem is addressed the more quickly it can be resolved. Josh committed incestuous relationships with minors over the course of more than one year. He didn’t bother his older sister. One of the girls had to have been real young if you do the math. Sounds like a pedophile to me. I used to like the show until I realized they are just a cult espousing views that they do not uphold themselves. Michele has too many children to give them the attention and nurturing they need. Too much smooching in front of those young kids and older ones too. Just a lot of cover up and dysfunction. No more Duggars on TV please unless we see the entire family get some counseling and allow his children to have minds of their own.

  123. James, I agree. We all have done something wrong. But you just can’t equate doing wrong to molesting young girls even if they are you sisters. Molestation and incest have too far reaching consequences to try to explain them away by equating them to all have done wrong. Taking young girl’s innocence and introducing them to acts that they do not fully comprehend will make them confused for life. I have seen the effects of sexual abuse on young girls and it is not pretty. What if one of the girls was your young daughter?

  124. I’m reminded of King David in the Bible whose son raped his sister. David never addressed this issue. Ultimately, his entire family fell into disarray with one of his sons attempting to take David’s own life. Sin left unchecked will snowball and come back to bite the person who should have dealt with it in the first place.
    Furthermore, lifetime criminals get worse and worse until they are dealt appropriate correction. And, for Josh to molest his own sisters at his age, clearly he knew it was wrong. He must have something going on that needs professional help while in a secured place until he is healed. The girls need help too. They have been brainwashed!

  125. According to the Arkansas Sex Offender Assessment Committee Guidelines and Procedures 2007-

    The 81st General Assembly of the State of Arkansas passed HB 1061, which became act 989,”The Sex and Child Offender Registration Act of 1997″…
    …the law relating to juvenile sex offenders was revised by act 1265 of 2003

    Aggravated Sexual Abuse:
    (D)Knowingly engages or attempts to engage in a sexual act with someone who has not attained the age of twelve (12) but has not attained the age of sixteen (16) years and is at least four (4) years younger than the alleged offender.
    Determination as to whether an offense qualifies as an “Aggravated Sex Offense” may depend upon the circumstances surrounding the offense…

    In summation- no, the law as specified was not significantly any different in 2003.

    Josh wasn’t even slapped on the wrists.

  126. This reminds me of way too many folks too eager to let their idol off of the hook…whether it be football coach, or Political “leader”.


  127. Thanks Moongrim for the info, and trying to bring some clarity into the discussion. I don’t think it was so black and white because of his age at the time. Typically prosecutors deal with 16/17 year old offenders, and 12-13 yr old victim.

    Some jurisdictions allow for prosecution of those who do not report crimes (adult or juvenile), and authorities who do nothing when known……………?

  128. Not my idol for sure. Didn’t even know who he was.
    Ultimately, no one “gets of the hook.”

  129. Until your higher power chooses to act, the rest of us have to deal with those who commit such crimes with impunity.

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