Bob Schieffer Goes Out With A Bang By Calling Out Jeb Bush On Face The Nation

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Bob Schieffer interviewed Jeb Bush on his last episode moderating CBS’ Face The Nation, and the retiring host asked Bush about violating campaign finance laws and called him out when he suggested that he wasn’t sure if he was going to run for president.


Transcript via CBS News:

SCHIEFFER: Governor, let’s talk a little bit about politics. It’s pretty obvious that you’re running for president. You’re going around the country. You’re raising huge amounts of money for your super PAC, in addition to making all the traditional campaign stops everywhere.

Watchdog groups and some of your opponents are saying you’re really maybe violating campaign laws, and that the attorney general ought to be investigating, because they point out that you can’t raise money and coordinate strategy with these super PACs. And once you declare as a candidate, you can’t do that anymore.

Do you think, in some way, you may be just at least violating the spirit of the law? Do you feel that you have violated the law here?

BUSH: No, of course not. I would never do that.

And I’m nearing the end of this journey of traveling and listening to people, garnering, trying to get a sense of whether my candidacy would be viable or not. We’re going to complete — completely adhere to the law, for her.

Look, politics is politics. There’s always people that are going to be carping on the sidelines. And should I be a candidate — and that will be in the relatively near future, where that decision will be made — there will be no coordination at all with any super PAC.

SCHIEFFER: Now, you’re not telling me that there’s a possibility you may not run?

BUSH: Look, I hope I — I hope I run, to be honest with you. I would like to run. But I haven’t made the decision.

SCHIEFFER: Well, what would have to happen between now and then to convince you not to run?

BUSH: Who knows. Who knows. I have learned not to answer a lot of hypothetical questions.

SCHIEFFER: You’re probably going to run.

Notice that Jeb Bush phrased his answer in the future tense. Bush is breaking campaign finance laws right now, but he cleverly tried to dodge the issue by claiming that he would never do that, even though he is already doing it.

Bob Schieffer deserves credit for bringing up the topic and asking Bush the question. Schieffer has been the biggest and the only mainstream member of the press to ask Jeb Bush about his fundraising. Schieffer also did Bush no favors when he all but declared that Bush is already a candidate for president.

Sunday was Bob Schieffer’s last day as the host of Face The Nation. The long-time CBS newsman is going into retirement. By applying a little common sense to the discussion, Schieffer showed why Jeb Bush’s illegal fundraising is a house of implausible cards. Face The Nation has been at the top of the Sunday show ratings mostly because of Schieffer. His style was the perfect complement to CBS Sunday Morning.

Bob Schieffer went out with a bang in his own folksy way. He called B.S. on Jeb Bush and opened the door for more questions to be asked about Bush’s illegal fundraising operation.

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  1. So what we saw was Bush being a liar (AGAIN), as if we didn’t know this already. A cagey moron, perfect just like his idiot brother.

  2. I only watched a few minutes of this program
    and then turned it off in disgust, he let Jeb Bush sit there and put the blame for ISIS onto Obama, saying when we left Iraq was stable and now it is a mess, Scheiffer did not say a word about the ‘status of forces’ agreement that Bush did not sign, or the refusal of Iraq to keep our military
    free from being under Iraqi law.

  3. Goodby you old hack. So fking sick of the mainstream media doing NOTHING!!! Thank god for the internet! Maybe that is why they want to take away net neutrality!!!

  4. Only Woman’s Intuition: Can’t help but think–that last ‘Heart’ addition was input from the Ear Piece.

    Just like Reagan’s WEEEELLLLLL Response.
    The GOP are now using ear-pieces for their candidates!

    Because they’re all too STUPID!

  5. OK, no surprise here, Bush being the politician that he is… skirting the extreme fringe of the law, if not the law itself. Notice I said POLITICIAN, not Republican or Democrat. I didn’t like Jeb as FL Gov, thought his brother GW was a boob as POTUS, and didn’t trust his dad for a moment. Did like Bill Clinton. A lot. He was clearly a liar. Don’t like Obama. Not a bit. He also is a liar. Worse than that though, he lies about the most important things having to do with our very survival as well as health care, economy etc. For his entire life he has surrounded himself with terrorists (bill ayers), islamic extremists (muslim brotherhood, cair. his brother) and purveyors of racial hatred (rev. wright). Good news about Bush being so lousy is… he has not yet declared and the field is crowded with many running and a few that may be viable candidates. My guess he is blown out IF he chooses to try.

  6. And as it is being in my Sri Lanka, the finance campaign happen both good and badly. Many peoples will be violating uncertain laws in both future tense and past tense. I have now a good piece of mind about the Bush and on opposite Hillary too. Hillary may be not favor to many and the Bush need to be brought close to truth. And a Bush will grow to be better than a Hill. You get it ha haha. But a Hill maybe it last for longer time.

  7. Jeb Bu$h. Doing anything and everything he can to rationalize his actions as not being illegal, whilst simultaneously denouncing a political rival.

    I propose that such actions be referred to as: The Hastert Rulz.

  8. And as it is being in my Sri Lanka, the finance campaign happen both good and badly. Many peoples will be violating uncertain laws in both future tense and past tense. I have now a good piece of mind about the Bush and on opposite Hillary too. Hillary may be not favor to many and the Bush need to be brought close to truth. And a Bush will grow to be better than a Hill. You get it ha haha. But a Hill maybe it last for longer time.
    Translation matrix activated:
    Sri Lanka is Smupas home. Apparently Campaign Finance there has had mixed results. Candidates often end up violating old laws, and as yet to be created laws. Smupa has much to say concerning both Bu$h and Hillary. Hillary is not everyone’s favorite and Bu$h is a liar. Bu$h/Plant will grow faster. But a Hill/Hillary will remains steadfast. (Plants come and go, but mountains remain.)
    Matrix off…

  9. The Bush family is a stain on America. Bush Jr.had his brother swing the election to him no doubt. Or why Florida of all places were there questions of him winning and he somehow won the state.I read in an article people don’t steal elections to do good. This family is power hungry and corrupt and it is an abomination that Jeb would even consider that this nation would want another Bush. Wow. His brother left office with a little over 20% approval. I hope that the truth comes out about this family one day.Grandfather Prescott helped the nazis during World War II. If Jeb runs he can’t possibly win the primary unless some form of vote fraud is used. From comments on the internet no one wants another Bush. But we continue to see skewed polls about how he is ahead.

  10. You are correct about the Bush connection to the Nazis. Appalling. Also, the Nazis are the root of the strong relationship between the Bushes and another family who enriched themselves through the Nazis: The Kochs. Anyone who votes for these assclowns or any republicon is mentally deficient and self destructive.

  11. Gosh, 1dshap is a well polished jackass of a troll. Give us a link where there’s proof of Prez Obama lying. I got this one DJ, no charge. Dumbass.

  12. How ’bout the Dugghert Rule: Covering up your wrongdoings while vehemently accusing anyone you dislike of doing all the things you’re covering up.

  13. I have seen hundreds of citations in the real world saying Hillary will be the nominee. All the pundits agree, all the politicos agree, her massive endorsements from actual delegates (if any of you bothered to follow my links here recently to the endorsements at the Hill and wiki.)

    But somehow people at this site ignore the giant sitting in their cheerios.

    That’s for sure.

    Anybody want to cite one credible source saying Marty or Bernie has a shot?

    If Hillary was gone, Biden or Kerry would step in. Even Gore would come back as a seasoned candidate with a chance.

    The DNC is powerful. Bernie wasn’t even a DEM till what, two days ago! And he is suggesting – debates with Rs at the primary? WTF? NOOOOOOO, why would he say that- it makes NO sense! No dem would want that, what is his reason? NO.

    No handing mics to the enemy.

    In the party as of this morning and wants to tell them what to do. FUNNY!

    He is fine for Vermont. Not ready for prime time. LAWD.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, heres a truth that republicans just can’t comprehend, the among media is owned primary by 6 major corporations, which is VERY telling how utterly corrupt and sleazy, american news has become! and because the GOP never met a corporation it didn’t like, especially when the corporations are lining their pockets. american media bends over backwards to make republicans look good! I remember when american news, WAS NEWS! I remember when Meet The Press was actually a credible news show, Marvin Kalb and later Tim Russert. Now it’s just GOP infomericials!, softball questions, ZERO fact checking and challenge any republican?? oh hell no! NEVER bite the hand that feeds you! BTW this so called ”liberil” media our mouth breather republicans LOVE babbling about! tell us, where is it? and don’t say PBS! or NPR!!! their government funding is non existent and guess who paids MANY of their BILLS? just read the sponsors roll call!

  15. TYPO- 86 “AMONG” and it’s PAYS not “PAIDS” I know how the republican TROLL patrol, NEVER can debate my points but LOVE jumping on my occasional typing error, enjoy TROLLS.

  16. And the teabagging RWNJ repubs will hate Jeb as the candidate just like they hated Romney. I want them to run a total RWNJ repub. Why? Because that is who repubs are now. It’s way past time that the whole country knows who they are and what they support.

  17. All kinds of fun Saudi and Bin Laden connections too.

    Investment firm frozen in 1940s for trading with the enemy (Nazis).

    The Bush family are Enemies of human dignity.

  18. A. A third Bush brother was responsible for security at the World Trade Center during 9/11. The workers in the buildings were advised not to evacuate after the first strike.
    B. All the Bin Ladin (their spelling; same family) were flown out by charter plane at Bush behest, before the FBI could interrogate them.

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