Millionaire Jeb Bush Decides That Americans Need To Work Longer Before They Can Retire

Jeb Bush

Slackers. Jeb Bush is calling to push the retirement age to 68 or 70. That will fix you entitled slackers.

The former Florida Governor, who was in office when his brother – former President George W. Bush, son of the other former President George Bush – won an election determined by a narrow margin in Jeb’s state, has decided that you all need to work longer.

Like, say until you’re 70, because “entitlements”.

Watch the Republican 2016 hopeful on CBS’ Face the Nation here:

Jeb Bush is going to “protect” your Social Security by taking it away for three to five years, “We need to look over the horizon and begin to phase in, over an extended period of time – going from 65 to 68 or 70. And that, by itself, will help sustain the retirement system for anybody under the age of 40.”

Asked about means testing, Bush said that sure, it could be considered. I mean, yeah, you would think if it were “entitlements” that Republicans were worried about, they would want to go after those double dipping richies, but Bush first wants to make sure you work longer.

That is what he would stand for if he were actually running for President, you see.

But Bush won’t say he is running for President yet, because that would mean he was violating campaign laws, and we all know laws are for the little people. Jeb Bush doesn’t mind talking on TV about things he would do if President…

… Just as a “thinking” about it kind of thing, which is why Bush was on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday. Because he’s thinking about maybe running for president. And if he decides to, well then, wink wink, he won’t violate any campaign laws. Oh, no, he’s getting that done now. Wink wink.

Even though he’s not “running” for President yet and couldn’t tell the not-buying-it Bob Schieffer under what circumstances he would NOT run, we should still remind everyone that Bush’s “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist yet (reports suggest it could be a problem in 2033, but by problem they don’t mean unfunded, they mean that the trust fund is projected to cover 77% of benefits due) takes aim at the middle and lower classes, because as a Republican he doesn’t believe in raising taxes – even the FICA tax – and because they won’t really consider means-testing.

But the bigger question should be, why attack this “problem” as if it were the most pressing issue of the day? Why not talk about getting some corporations to pay even a bit of the tax percentage that the average citizen pays. That would sure give us some money to help the deficit. Or how about talking about creating good paying jobs. Or helping families with a paid leave act.

Things that are pressing right now. Why would the first “solution” be to force the American people to work longer? Haven’t they been hit enough, being forced to pay for too-big-to-fail banks even as they lost their retirement savings due to those banks and then being told they had to tighten their belts because we must all give, while corporations and the very wealthy got away with legally not even doing their share?

Jeb Bush 2016: The same old “solutions” from the same old privilege. Y’all are so entitled, you will need to work until you’re 70 so that the real entitled, the people who are entitled to be entitled, don’t have to pay any taxes. Be grateful.

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  1. It’s a year and a half before the general election and I’m already tired of hearing from George bush III. This jackass is supposed to be the “smart” bush. The bushes cumulative iq would not make triple digits. Go away.

  2. Politics is a means to an end for Republicans, and that end has nothing whatsoever to do with … foreign policy, or national policy, or any policy other than harvesting money as fast as possible.

    Jebya may be much worse than George Walker at pandering to the American public, but he is as aware that the American public is not and will never be his constituency as it was for his brother (the ‘boondoggle’ isn’t as easy to pull off a third time, duh!).  His brother, who regularly spoke the truth, admitted his base was … himself and people like him.  They work for the Bushes of America: the super-rich, privileged, insouciant, money-harvesting class.

    They  The Bushes of America don’t give a rat’s ass about education, or infrastructure, or minimum wage, or the price of groceries, or short, medium, or long-term well-being of America or Americans.  They are not trying to solve any problems at all.  They have two and only two questions: will it make me money?  Can I …

  3. JEB offers no new ideas or excitement to the Presidential race. Why is he bothering to run is the question.

  4. I’m begining to think he really doesn’t want to be president. Either he didn’t think it would be this hard,(seems lazy) or he thought he would be handed the nomination on a silver platter. It almost seems like a self destruction on purpose. Or maybe it just a Bush family form of Tourettes.

  5. There is not ONE single candidate from the republican side who is qualified to lead this country. Roll them all together, they would not make ONE Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They either spout their religion, promote war with ANYONE, and talk about lowering taxes for the rich. Not a single one of them is in touch with regular people, people who were not born rich, or who got rich by “connections” The Bush clan should give it up, they are not smart enough or educated enough for the job. After the disaster W left this country in, Jeb should hide from the public, not try to convince people he is qualified and will use all the war mongering advisors from his brother and father’s failed presidencies. Whoever convinced him to fo got it should be drawn and quartered.

  6. This GOP (“inbred”) “idiot” must actually “believe” that he is the very same “Burning-Bush” that Moses ounce “said” “talked” (“only”???) to him!!! Oh my god!!! In my opinion. [WINK]

  7. $$$$ is why. That is always the reason for those on the so-called right. After all these years, PayMe still lives off her Pac, or Slush Fund if you prefer. Huckerbee paid out over $400,000 from his pac to relatives who worked on his non campaign. These people do not want the job, just the money and air time to sell books. Gingrich’s campaign was nothing but a glorified book selling tour. Then Sheldon Addelson donated millions to his campaign. He spent it on travel for himself and his frozen-faced wife, Calista.

  8. Jeb is running because the party needs a romney type to fall back on when all the crazies fall out of the clown car.

  9. Of course, there aren’t enough jobs to go around, so putting grandparents into competition with their grandkids will further suppress wages and salaries. Oh, yeah, that’s the point, isn’t it, Jeb, you revolting waste of protoplasm?

  10. Bush, and his band of merry-men, and one token woman, are all suffering from a manufactured form of Echolalia.

    Brought to us all by the echo chambers of the, GOP/RNC/Religious hypocrites/TP/human corporations/and the moneyed Puppet-Masters.

  11. First we got Bush the elder, then we were forced to have Bush lite and now they’re gonna try and stick us with Bush the turd. That’s more bushes than even a nudist colony can stand.

  12. All I know is, it was a Ponzi scheme when FDR set up Social Security in the 40’s. They set the age at 65 because the average life span back then was 65. Half the people paying into it would die before they ever saw a benefit. Nice… If Bush III wanted to work the same formula today he would have to set the age at 75 or so. Ain’t gonna happen.
    I am at the very tail of the Baby Boomers. I have paid all my life into SS and I want ALL of that money back. If I can get it at 62 that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t even consider that an “entitlement.” It’s my money!

  13. Of course it is your money and like most, you will get more out of it than you ever put into it. People younger than you, not so much.
    As far as raising retirement age, any one here want to have a 70 year old as an airline pilot for your plane? Anyone?

  14. I’m 5 months away from getting my SS. I will be 62, and it will be a lot less than if I wait until 66. But I can’t wait. Many others can’t either. If a Wingnut wins the presidency and we don’t regain congress, you can kiss SS and Medicare goodbye anyway.

  15. John Boner, I hear you. I am not collecting yet, waiting for more with age, but I don’t think they would screw anyone collecting in the near future. They would start with people in their 40s and down.

    Not after all those years we PAID on it.

  16. Jeb Bush has never dug a ditch or doesn’t have to swing a hammer outside in all kinds of weather. When you have a desk job maybe working until you are a little older may not be a problem. But so many Americans do hard physical work, so working until you are 70 before collecting SS is not a choice. These wealthy politicians have no clue what the average American worker needs. Voting Republican is voting against your best interests, unless you are very, very wealthy.

  17. John B., did you get the propaganda about how much “more” you’ll get out of SS if you wait until you’re 68? Yeah, the payment is more but I’d have to live to be 94 before I would see a profit rather than getting it at 62. I don’t think the government believes old people can work a calculator…

  18. Personally, I believe Jebby will run, first because this will give the Bushes a third member of the family as president. Jeb has a son who will become the fourth in line.(bush’s Hope) a family Monarchy is being established. History being made.

  19. Anyone who accesses the Social Security website can attest- they have their own calculator to compare what would happen if they retired early and if they waited, with a comparison indicator for how long it would take to ‘catch up’.

    Your credibility is shot Robert.

  20. Why thank you Mr. Bu$h.

    You just handed us Democrats a treat on a silver platter.

    As we will be reminding many of the voters this very phrase, before the next Presidential Election.

  21. Eff you, Bush, I have worked LONG and HARD and it is time for my worn out, arthritic body to take care of its own self and not someone else’s business. Eventually I’d have to be delivered to work by ambulance if it goes your way… Stop trying to make rules for others that you NEVER have to live under, as a privileged person!

  22. If it’s to be called an entitlement it’s one I paid for working for 45 odd years and paying the full cap amount every year!

  23. You make a good point about a 70 year old pilot! But remember, the airline pilots are unionized. And like most union members, they are probably retired by age 60 anyway.

  24. Jeb is collecting:

    Tax-free-profits from his family wealth
    Benefits from his governor days.

    Does not need health insurance because he has his apple watch.

    And because “he is Mexican”, he can run to Mexico for his other care.

    He is WAAAY disconnected from the needs of the people.

  25. And how much “retirement pay” does he receive now from the State of Florida for having served as governor?

    Maybe the citizens of Florida should make him wait until he’s 68 or 70 before collecting a penny of it.

  26. One man thinking he’s above the best and can force his skewed opinion onto those retiring because he wants it that way! KMA! This man should never get anywhere near the White House except to clean out the gutters and rake up leaves!

  27. an
    Bless your hearts, ya’ll really don’t see the reality or the logic.

    If you work age 20-65 put 500 per month in retirement at 5% you can get payments of around 6400 a month till the age you die at 85. If you plan to live to 100 you will have to work until your 69 to get the same numbers till you die. This is a simple example, but as life expectancy increases, retirement must increase or it won’t work.
    Look at all the insults and bad sentiments y’all have because he’s correct and telling the truth. That’s why we elect people. To make the best decisions for us ad a whole. He doesn’t have to be nor can he Chang the fact that he may or may not personally have more or less money than I do

  28. Bless your hearts, ya’ll really don’t see the reality or the logic.

    If you work ages 20-65 and put 500 per month in retirement at 5% you can get payments of around 6400 a month till the age you die at 85.

    If you plan to live to 100 you will have to work until your 69 to get the same numbers till you die. This is a simple example, but as life expectancy increases, retirement age must increase or it won’t work.

    Look at all the insults and bad sentiments y’all have because he’s correct and telling the truth. That’s why we elect people. To make the best decisions for us ad a whole. He doesn’t have to be nor can he Change the fact that he may or may not personally have more or less money than I do

  29. And pray tell since wages have not gone up where the hell this 500 a month suppose to come from mr. financial wizard

  30. So, Jeb, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. You’re supporting the notion that if I’ve had a big chunk of my money stolen by the government for most of my life with the promise that I’ll get it back when I retire, but that I WON’T actually get it back if YOU deem I don’t need it because someone else who is more “worthy” than me will get my money back instead?

    Isn’t that just a socialistic wealth redistribution scheme built on broken promises and government theft? Oh, and please explain to me again why you are any different than any other DemoKommie and why I should vote for you?

    BTW, Jeb, given the above, your ignorant insistence that “climate change” is driven by human activities, and your open borders stance, I wouldn’t vote for you, even if Satan himself was the only other choice.

  31. I can see the reality and the logic- just fine. You pal, are blowing smoke.

    We don’t need to raise the retirement age at this time. We just need the Rich Bastards to repay the money they took for the Iraq War.

    Failing that.

    Raise the income limit.

    This ain’t rocket science.

  32. Just remove the cap on the Social Security Tax! Currently it is capped at $108,000. So someone making $108k per yr pays the exact same SS tax as someone making $10 million, or 100 million per year. Remove that cap and SS is solvent forever.

  33. In actuality, our retirement age has already increased. We no longer get 100% benefits at age 65. You get 100% benefits based on the year you were born.

    Over the past few years, Germany, Ireland, France, and Italy have already increased their public pension age, while the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, and Greece are in the process of increasing theirs.

    It takes courage and a sincere desire to do right for a politician to promote raising the retirement age, because of the ignorance of the voting public about the reality of things, do greatly to misinformation and negative propaganda of the internet tabloids and people blindly sharing them, and sometimes it ain’t a bad idea to listen to a millionaire when it

  34. Wolf in sheeps clothing…Republicans would like to do away with Social Security so Jeb wants to keep it on peoples minds(fear mongering). I believe that by the time any problem can arise with SS all of the Boomers will be in the big legalized pot shop in the Sky. SS outlays will no longer over exceed income deductions and we will return to a sustainable state where SS is concerned..

  35. How can one put 500 a month toward retirement when the average person is only making enough to keep the lights on. Look at the millions already in the poverty level and it gets worse each year.

  36. Where, pray tell, are you getting a 5% interest rate these days? Oh, by the way, when I started working, minimum wage was $1.10/hour. I didn’t even gross $500/month. When I worked in the insurance business, the guy sitting next to me, with less education than I had, was making $7k a year, while I was making $5k. Yeah, we sued. No, it didn’t make up for it. The lawyers got most of the money. GMAFB.

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