Martin O’Malley Needs a Reboot Before He Ruins What Could Be A Great Democratic Primary

martin o'malley

The following is an editorial written by PoliticusUSA managing editor and co-publisher Sarah Jones.

Martin O’Malley seemed so interesting. In 2002, Esquire dubbed him “The Best Young Mayor in the Country.” He was called a rising star in 2005. So even though he is barely a blip on the radar, I was excited to have another liberal join the Democratic primaries, hoping it would further the push by Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to make the 2016 primaries an issues-oriented campaign, thereby using the primaries to elevate the issues liberals care deeply about.

We were set for a great primary season.

That all changed yesterday, when along came former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

O’Malley announced his candidacy on Saturday by repeating a Republican claim against Hillary Clinton, “Recently, the CEO of Goldman Sachs let his employees know that he’d be just fine with either Bush or Clinton. Well, I’ve got news for the bullies of Wall Street—the presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families.”

Wall Street aside, because who doesn’t agree that they’ve been bullies and some among them have been grossly incompetent to boot, it’s the crown to be passed between two royal families that I have such a problem with.

This claim that Hillary Clinton is the same as Jeb Bush is helpful only to other Republicans in the primary race, Jeb Bush, and the Republican establishment who seek to mitigate the branding harm of his last name.

Hillary Clinton is not receiving a crown passed down from her parents. I’ve gone over this baloney before, but she came from a middle class family in Illinois. Neither of her parents were ever president. Nor were they anywhere near the White House or even a governor’s mansion, until they visited their daughter. There is also no Bill Clinton father who was president. Thus, the Clintons are not like the Bushes.

It also means that this “crown” being passed down to an entitled Hillary Clinton comes via her marriage. This infers that she didn’t work for it, she wasn’t working along side Bill Clinton all of these years. She doesn’t have her own political career. She is just like his grown child, being given a crown.

This presumes that Ms. Clinton didn’t graduate with honors and get herself to an amazing college or get a law degree from Yale. She didn’t work as a lawyer while living in Arkansas married to Bill Clinton who eventually became the Governor, even when most wives were not working. She was never a Senator of New York, and she certainly didn’t spend four years flying around the globe dealing with foreign policy as Secretary of State.

Nope. Martin O’Malley, who calls himself a liberal, is suggesting that Hillary Clinton didn’t work for it. She inherited it via marriage.

This is one of the oldest accusations made about women. They didn’t earn it; they married it. It made me cringe when he said it. Then I got angry.

Not only are the Clintons not a dynasty — no matter how anyone feels about them personally — but Hillary Clinton is no indulged princess getting a crown from daddy. This is so beneath the level of discourse expected from a liberal that it leaves me quite depressed about what’s coming next.

Martin O’Malley might not have meant to be sexist by playing the Republican card of “royalty” against Hillary Clinton, but he should know better.

This attack also punishes Clinton for being married, something Republicans are gleefully also trying to make stick. The logic is that since her husband got to be President, she doesn’t get to, otherwise CROWN!

What makes Ms. Clinton less “entitled” to run for office than her husband? This suggests that O’Malley is saying that Bill Clinton’s career has precedence, which is actually a very old-fashioned and yet still harmful male-centric idea that damages women professionally. Survey says.

High-achieving women expect egalitarianism and are disappointed when they don’t get it. Egalitarianism is the foundation of feminism, something any “liberal” should be well-versed on and not spitting on — in public, no less.

Martin O’Malley says he’s the “young” face, but he’s using both sexism and ageism as a crutch to help him get attention. That isn’t young. And what he and his people seem to fail to understand is that contrary to what the media has been feeding politicians forever, people do actually care about the issues. This is why Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have such a loyal following.

Liberals want to hear about the issues, and they deserve a primary focused on issues, not cheap shots. Not only is he shooting his promising future in the foot if he stays on this course, but O’Malley needs a reboot before he ruins what is set to be one of the best Democratic primaries in a long time.

And that matters because it is the Democrats who are protecting the 98%, and if their primary goes to dirt and mud, the general election is sure to disappoint.

47 Replies to “Martin O’Malley Needs a Reboot Before He Ruins What Could Be A Great Democratic Primary”

  1. You know, just look at the uprising in Baltimore and then watch the Wire. That is his legacy. That is all

  2. His announcement speech was very disappointing. As much as I support Bernie Sanders and oppose Hillary Clinton the misogynistic and unnecessary smearing of both of the other democratic candidates was disappointing. I do not support Hillary, but I won’t discount, or take away her lifetime accomplishments. My opposition to her is a result of some of the issues and decisions from her lifetime accomplishments.

  3. I finished the article and I sat and asked myself one question: If Hillary Rodham had not married Bill Clinton, would she today be running for president?

    The answer of course is no. She is where she is because of who she married.

  4. I am not necessarily a Hillary supporter, though I will surely vote for her if she is the Democratic candidate, but I will repeat what I said before:

    My childhood (up to the summer after seventh grade) was spent in the same town as Hillary Rodham. I was four years her senior; I did not go to the same school (she went to Eugene Field; I, to Theodore Roosevelt); I did not know her or her family. But I did know the town. At the time, it was not upper crust. It housed white collar families who made an adequate living and some better-off blue collar families. The people who lived there aspired to upward mobility, but they couldn’t afford Winetka or Oak Park. There were *no* whatever dynasties in that town, and no babies were born with a silver spoon in their mouths or a silver thermometer in the other end, either. When you got a diploma, you had earned it…as I hope I have evinced myself.

  5. I was an HRC supporter in 2008 until very late in the race when she went negative on Obama. I changed my vote to Obama and I was very happy with the outcome. I will do the same this go ’round too. Right now we have an embarrassment of riches in our Democratic Primary, I hope they manage to keep it clean and civil.

  6. Ask yourself another question. Would WJC have run for office had he not been married to HRC? Don’t discount the contributions of the spouse who doesn’t initially seek the spotlight.

  7. O’Malley’s nothing “new” at all. He’s already slinging mud 1 day in when the other 2 declared candidates have been civil and stuck to issues.Still being a bully, trying to come down hard on those broken windows.

  8. I’m for Bernie in CA’s primary and will vote for the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE in November

    Bill did get Hillary’s foot in the door, but she has done very well on her own.

    Women politicians do not need a man to help them, other than being there for moral support. Get out of the 1950’s Robert.

    Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments Speak for Themselves

  9. Owing to the prejudice against women, the vast majority of women who have been high achievers in politics have had husbands, fathers, or brothers who preceded them, but so have quite a few men. The women who have had any staying power, however, have had to have quite a bit more talent than similarly situated males. The only women to try for the White House who were as stupid and lackluster as W faded right out of the gate.

  10. I don’t know if Hillary Clinton would have run for president, but she would have been involved in politics, and run for public office, whether she married Bill Clinton, or not.

    Hillary Clinton has worked hard for all the things she has accomplished, and she has many accomplishments, and she is more qualified to be president, than Bernie Sanders! Hillary Clinton in not some housewife like Ann Romney. Hillary Clinton was involved in politics long before she married Bill Clinton, so you don’t know WTF you’re talking about!

    Would Elizabeth Warren have run for the Senate if President Obama hadn’t helped her get her foot in the door? The answer is NO!

  11. How many of the Republican candidates would have gotten into the presidential race if they didn’t have their sugar-daddy rich backers?

    Hillary has real credentials and the support of a broad swath of Americans.

  12. I really admire Saunders but he hasn’t the chance. Why? It comes down to money! And as far as O’Malley, he is about a popular in Maryland as Christie is in New Jersey. Because of O’Malley not being popular why do you think there is now a Republican in Maryland? That should have not happened.

  13. Sorry, but I sort of agree with him. Since 1981 (34 years now) we have had either a Bush (GHW and GW) or a Clinton (Bill and Hillary) in a top power seat (VP, President, Sec of State) for 32 of 34 years. It DOES feel a bit like the Dems are getting ready for a corrination of a candidate that I am not at all sure can win a general election. I want someone new and fresh. The GOP currently has a clown car field. Sanders, while I love his politics, has little chance of getting the nomination. The Dems need some governors to step up and RUN for the White House. Clinton fatigue is very real, and they are going to dig up EVERY thing that she ever said that created drama. I want to focus on the ISSUES, such as the income gap, tax reform, a minimum wage hike etc. Hillary isn’t out talking about much of that. Get me a real candidate, one that can excite me. Please.

  14. Don’t underestimate Bernie Sanders. He can and will prove that the presidency can be won with a grassroots campaign effort. He can and will defy the conventional wisdom of big money in politics.

  15. Hilary supporters, I’m alright with that, but I want a progressive, A REAL progressive, not a corporate democrat saying things to get my vote. My vote goes for Bernie, this country is crying out for a populus president! we need a JFK! Now to our resident IDIOT! TROLL @robert, Hilary is extremely brilliant! her YALE law degree isn’t for show! she doesn’t need Bill Clinton for anything! but it helps of course, so when some DUMBA$S, internet BARFLY starts giving out their opinions, just go the opposite direction!

  16. I’m not being sexist. I agree with you that Bill got Hillary’s foot in the political door. In a different time-line w/out Bill, she might have become senior partner in a law firm, or maybe the CEO of a mega-corporation. (Ooops!) I’m not saying she would not have made something of herself.

  17. Now you noticed. O’Malley said that weeks ago too. He’s been attacking her all on his lead up to announcing.

    Same crap. The queen with the crown.

    In the interview today he was handed his ass. He was shown (and the cameras – so we saw) the NAACP anger about Baltimore saying O’Malley shouldn’t be bragging about the city he should be embarrassed.

    He was also asked – very realistically and sarcastically – about 1% vs a seemingly impossible to beat odd of his opponent.

    You should love O’Malley’s positions they say he took every single one of them from Warren – Sanders playbook.

    Both Bernie and O’Malley are attacking Bill and Obama. That is a foolish path to take. Those guys are a bit more popular than these two wanna-bes.

  18. I love that the far left libs have turned on the Hillary campaign.. keep up the great work libs. Once her campaign is fished it will be A GOP victory. I think its funny that libs are taking down their only chance at the White House..haha

  19. Sorry to burst your bubble, but MONEY can’t buy this election. The American people are pretty fed up with the GOP. Winning Congress did them no favors. Elections are won by VOTES, and the GOP doesn’t seem to have much aside from those corporations that they have whored themselves out to. Hillary doesn’t seem to have a big fan club among the people…lots of them don’t want Bill back in the WH under ANY circumstances. PLEASE don’t tell me that you are one of those people who won’t vote for someone because you don’t think they can win! That is the kind of thinking that keeps us trapped in the political cesspool American politics is drowning in. Take a chance, have some faith, Vote Bernie Sanders in November!

  20. She’s been hit with way worse, the kitchen sink itself and she is still standing and her numbers are still through the roof.

    She swats this stuff off. Her supporters take it harder than she does.

  21. You were being sexist, because it was your first thought.

    The GOP loves straight, white christian men, women are 2nd class – to be used as incubators and everyone else is to be gassed.

    I’m positive Hillary helped Bill to be a governor and president.

    Jacqueline helped JFK to be a senator and president. The entire world LOVED her, especially the French.

    Lady Bird help LBJ to be senator and president.

  22. O’Malley lied about Hillary and TPP today too. They keep saying she has been silent. I put up all her many comments on it recently here.

    Trumka said the other day – she has to read it and wait till it is done before she has a final opinion. He defended her.

    She worked on it at State till 08. Then when it is finalized she reads it when we get to.

    The unions even want the insults towards the front runner to stop. What does that tell you?

    Made me have a huge grin when I saw him sticking up for her instead of her attackers.

  23. Quinnipiac Dem voters on Hillary

    Leadership ability 90%
    Favorability 85%
    Cares About people 84%
    Honesty 76%


  24. Knight: I never said she wasn’t brilliant or educated or any of that. But… if she had not married Bill her life path would have gone in a different direction. Maybe state or local politics. But becoming POTUS by her own bootstraps? That’s long odds.

    You know Knight, you’re the only commenter on this site that, after I finish reading you, I have the urge to wipe off my screen from the spittle that flew out of your mouth…

  25. That poll and $1.50 won’t even get you a cup of coffee at most places. The only poll that matters is on Primary day, and election day.

  26. Actually I think she probably would have run. I think she was running when she met Bill. To run for president these days you have to be doing since college to even have a chance. Bill had to go first because of glass ceiling that required women to be more concerned with cookie bake offs rather than running for office (look it up). But I believe that she has always been running.

  27. I’ll bet you’d give great credence to that poll result if it was for Scott Walker.

    (which it NEVER will be)

  28. Well @robert, if reading my post makes you slob all over yourself like some lobotomized chimpanzee, then either stop READING my post or go buy a bib, DUMBA$S! pardon me, you SEXIST DUMBA$S!

  29. Jill, Bill Clinton was telling people he was going to become President one day before he even met Hilary, and they both are on the record about that. Nice try to pretend she motivated him to do what he was out to do before they even met.. talk about taking credit that isn’t due…

  30. No KarenJ503, I feel that Scott Walker is a criminal who might very well find himself under indictment before the election. I am a hard left progressive. The thought of any republican winning nauseates me.

  31. Robert is someone that eats sour lemons all day long. Just as life itself is a chore for Robert. This makes him as valuble as a knat on it’s back, stuck on top of uncle Stu’s birthday cake wearing a dress.

  32. It is unfortunate that, so far, O’Malley is just echoing republican talking points. He can do better and he must do better if he expects to get any traction in the Democratic race.

  33. Sarahbeth – Let’s see three candidates – with one starting off badly with smears. Oh, yes this will make Dems turn against their candidates and vote for the Republican Clowns running for President.

    So far your candidates are a joke – Ted “Love the Middle Ages” Cruz, Jeb “My Brother did it, so can I” Bush, Chris “What Corruption” Christie, Carly “Let me run the Country like I did HP” Fiorina, Lindsey “Bomb em” Graham, Mike “We need God’s blessing” Huckabee, Bobby “I found Jesus” Jindal, Marco “Let God show the way” Rubio, Rick “I am doing it again” Santorium, Ben “Repeal Obamacare” Carson. And, that’s just the ones that have been very vocal. There’s a whole lot more declared candidates that have a snowballs chance in H*ll on the Repub slate.

    Any sane Republican if there is such a thing anymore doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

  34. BTW, you must be a far right-winger if you believe that any of these Candidates have a chance to get elected. For them to get elected they would need to sound at least somewhat sane. Which none of them have and by the General Election season it will be too late to start sounding sane.

  35. I went to Riverside-Brookfield.
    It was just down the road from the Brookfield zoo where they keep all the republicans with the OTHER snakes and

  36. …O’Malley forfeited any rights to my respect…let alone my vote…I dunno if Bernie Sanders can win; only time can tell, but he has more class in the tip o’ his pinky than O’Malley has in his entire ass…and after his ‘launch’ I figure he’s ALL ass…

  37. We went to Brookfield Zoo sometimes, but they only had nice animals. Of course, in those days, there were even some nice Republicans, who took the Herald-American, went to normal churches on Sunday and to Robin Hood’s Barn for lunch afterwards, voted for Eisenhower, and believed in schools, highways, parks, and being decent to your neighbors, even if you didn’t love them.

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