Martin O’Malley Turns The Democratic Primary Ugly By Attacking Bernie Sanders


Martin O’Malley entered the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination and immediately injected a negative tone by attacking Bernie Sanders on ABC’s This Week.


Transcript via ABC News:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: How are you even gonna get into the pole position right now? I mean, Bernie Sanders– taken out a lotta the same progressive positions you have– has kind of shot up– in both the national polls and– and Iowa and New Hampshire the last– few weeks. Is– that’s a challenge to your candidacy.

GOVERNOR O’MALLEY: Well, I think it’s an encouragement to my candidacy, and for this reason. I think that– the public is looking for new leadership, leadership that doesn’t apologize for having progressive values.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: –why should progressive voters pick you over Bernie Sanders?

GOVERNOR O’MALLEY: Because I have a track record of actually getting things done, not just talking about things.

If Martin O’Malley thinks that Bernie Sanders is all talk, America’s veterans have a few points that they would like to make. It was a Bernie Sanders bill that reformed veterans’ health care last year. Bernie Sanders played a critical role as Chairman of the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee, the legislative response to the VA crisis.

On Saturday, the Postal Service backed off of a plan to close 82 more mail processing plants thanks to pressure from Sen. Sanders.

Bernie Sanders did more yesterday at the federal level than O’Malley has done in his entire career.

O’Malley is trying to play the “executive experience” card, but it isn’t going to work. Martin O’Mally is trying to be both the young agent of change and the seasoned executive. His strategy is similar to the one being used by Scott Walker in the Republican primary. In fact, O’Malley’s style of campaigning would be a better fit for the Republican primary.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running civil and issue-focused campaigns. O’Malley is trying to change the tone of the primary with attacks on both Clinton and Sanders, but these attacks aren’t what the vast majority of Democrats are interested in. Martin O’Malley can’t separate himself on the issues because Sanders has already staked out the more liberal positions, so he has to throw bombs to get attention.

O’Malley completely underestimated the popularity of Bernie Sanders, and attacking an opponent who doesn’t run negative ads is destined to backfire on the campaign and harm his chances with Democratic primary voters.

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  1. I don’t care what happens with these two guys at all but c’mon! George Snuffleupagus practically slapped his face baiting him with all those Sanders questions. The moderator created that kerfuffle all by himself.
    Why didn’t George ask O’Malley why he would be a better candidate than HILLARY CLINTON? She’s supposedly the big dog in this fight, right? Failure to ask that tells more about the situation here than what he did ask…

  2. I won’t repeat the derogatory things said about Bernie before the interview and after on that show, but OUCH.

    Why won’t I say it – when I repeat facts I get attacked!

    Go listen to the way they accurately described and ridiculed him. Go listen to the full clip yourselves and not the bits taken out of context.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. Supposedly? Where you been living lately? She IS is more like it. Bernie is another Howard Dean, we just havent heard the Yee Haw! yet. But we will. [WINK]

  4. I am trying to determine what Martin O’Malley brings to the Democratic primary race. If he continues attacking the other candidates his entry is pointless.

  5. O’Malley stayed pretty positive till the end, and even then didn’t say anything truly awful about Bernie Sanders. I am a firm supporter of Sanders, but I don’t think its going to be harmful for O’Malley to run too. It is up to him to sell himself, just as it is for Bernie Sanders. If two people are pushing the same agenda, I don’t think it is bad for the agenda. They might even help each other out. It is even possible (although unlikely) that one could be the Vice President for the other.

  6. What? It’s 100% obvious that the Clintons are buying O’Malley to do their dirty work for them. Hillary has no intentions of running a dirty campaign, she can’t afford to vs. Sanders who has already said he would not. Even after media’s attempts to instigate negative comments on Clinton, he simply changes the subject.

    O’Malley has notorious and historic ties to the Clintons, Dollar Bill himself even encouraged him to join the race this year. Hillary doesn’t need to run a negative campaign when she has O’Malley to do this for her.

    O’Malley has no intentions of winning, he’s simply doing his friends a favor by playing the dirty side of campaigning for them.

  7. It seems like Martin is taking advice from the Republican script of attack, attack, attack.It’s not going to help him. Bernie is lily white and a good and smart man.

  8. You can have as many mudslinger’s as you wish… tain’t gonna harm Bernie.

    Real deal that one – and Clinton needs to be smarter – if she really intends to beat him.

  9. No, O’Malley is not running as a shill for Clinton. It’s obvious why he’s running. Hillary is 67 and has a history of medical problems (fainting). What if she dies between now and the convention, who do the Democrats turn to? I like Sanders but he’d never win the general election – he’s much too liberal for most Americans. Plus he’s 6 years older than Hillary. O’Malley is hoping to be Hillary’s back-up.

  10. It’s perfectly obvious why O’Malley is running. Clinton is 67 and has a history of medical issues (fainting). What if she dies before the convention. The Democratic party would never turn to Sanders – he’s much too liberal to win the general election and too old – he’s 7 years older than Hillary.

  11. Listening to O’Malley speak I would like to know where is the passion and the anger. That is Bernie’s draw for me. I want to see anger & outrage at the state of our country that is why I support Bernie w/every fiber of my being because I want a candidate that is as mad as I am. Maybe that is the wrong criteria to base a vote on but I don’t care. Me & Bernie are mad as hell and we don’t want to take it anymore.

  12. There’s nothing wrong with Howard Dean? Howard Dean’s first job was working on Wall Street, and he’s a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry. Hillary Clinton gets crucified for her links to Wall Street, but Howard Dean is given a pass.

    And, Bernie Sanders…will be the dem nominee when hell freezes over.

  13. I don’t care what the political strategies are for O’Malley but to come in and attack Bernie is not a good one as far as I am concerned. Negativity and hate mongering in the GOP and their Tea Party is what many of us are sick to death of!! I am totally turned off by people like the Koch brothers buying congress and filling it with hate filled, ignorant bigots to do their dirty work for them.

    Bernie is moving up in the polls and one of the reasons is that he didn’t come out and attack Hillary . And he is smart, experienced and a caring true American.

    O’Malley turned me off at once but time will see where it all goes of course.

  14. All you Bernie Sanders supporters, listen up:

    You Bernie Sanders supporters who are accusing Hillary Clinton of using Martin O’Malley to attack Bernie Sanders are idiots! Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to waste resources, or break a sweat on a Bernie Sanders, because he has NO CHANCE of being the dem nominee.

    Even that loser Martin O’Malley is better positioned than Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. Because if for some reason Hillary Clinton’s campaign falters, democratic voters, and the party establishment will rally behind the next establishment candidate in line, Martin O’Malley, not a fringe candidate like Bernie Sanders.

    I doubt Hillary Clinton is losing any sleep over Bernie Sanders.

    You Bernie Sanders supporters are in for a rude awakening. When this is all over, Hillary Clinton will be the dem nominee, not Bernie Sanders. And I, a Hillary Clinton supporter, will be here waiting for you Sanders supporters with a great big glass of “I told you so!”


  15. Who cares what the loser Martin O’Malley says Bernie Sanders? Bernie Sanders will be the dem nominee when hell freezes over. Lol.

    Go, Hillary!

  16. Hillary has worse things than Bernie to lose sleep over. The issues with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation on top of Bernie running will cause her to lose sleep. However, go ahead and continue to underestimate Bernie Sanders. It will be interesting to see how much hot sauce you’ll need when you have to eat crow.

  17. Anyone who thinks that an ambition to become the most powerful person in the world (well, except for the Kochs) is all about peace & love is dotty.

  18. Not to mention Scott Walker, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio…I can’t imagine why any of these twerps think they can appeal nationally when they have done nothing at all for their own states but end jobs, ensure low wages, and end the help people need to eat and stay warm. Somehow I don’t envision 50 million American voters voting to hurt themselves and others (without help from the SC and the Kochs’ rigged voting machines anyway.)

  19. Yes, and I remember back in 1972, the Democratic establishment thought Ed Muskie had the Democratic nomination for president in his back pocket. You might be the one fooled.

  20. there’s something about martin o’mally that screams stay away for what ever reason to me…. his preacher voice doesn’t help any either… I don’t know, I feel like hes stage managed a little to well, with his answers that had no substance, I feel like I can trust bernie more than I can trust o’mally thats for sure.

  21. same, too scripted, bernie sanders is a breath of fresh air when we already of a pile of crud politicians who know how to say the right thing.

  22. Hillary will probably get the nomination and we will vote for her. But Bernie will have a huge voice in this nomination process and that is good for the country. He is a true advocate for the middle class. We need more just like him.

    You seem to be somewhat of a jerk.

  23. WTF? It’s okay for them both to attack Hillary, but once someone attacks St. Bernie of VT, you get all in his face?

  24. LOL, I see all I missed today are the usual CDS posts.

    1) she has no medical issues. Healthy gal.

    2) Bernie attacked Hill, I have a list – HAVE YOU listened to his interviews recently? ATTACKS ON HER

    3) O’Malley attacked Hill – he is not working for her, JERKS would only not know that.

    4) agree with the above folks who say she isn’t even giving these two a minute of her sleep time. She will prevail.

    5) The numbers are GIGANTIC for her. Neither of them can come close, they don’t have her experience, her years of hard work, her previous national campaign, her rabid and wide spread supporters. Wait, it should all become clear soon.

    She is gonna rock the country!

    And so is Castro.

  25. Bernie is nuts and is out to hurt the dem party.. but i love it.. he and his cult followers are out to bring down clinton’s campaign, which is a great news for the GOP..

  26. As in no dirt on him. Bernie has been honest and ethical his whole career. Hard to attack someone who does what he says he is going to do.

  27. “he’s much too liberal for most Americans. ”

    After the last 6 years of watching the GOP bungled Congress drive the nation over a cliff, and GOP mis-lead states leading the nation on that dive, more Americans than you think might just be ready to see that the Conservative ideal just will not work.

  28. Saying that Sanders did more in one day at the federal level than O’Malley has done in his whole career is an unfair comparison since O’Malley hasn’t had any Federal career. Compare apples to apples unless that is you can’t.

  29. Where did Bernie attack Hillary? I’ve been watching his campaign pretty close and I missed that one.

  30. All over. I have posted it in the comments here. Last week his interviews were nasty.

    He didn’t today, but he has.

  31. I will suspend any and all judgments until such time as it time for me to vote for the Democratic Primary.

    But. I am taking notes until then.

  32. I am glad to see that we have someone strong running on the Democratic Ticket. This country needs a strong leader in order for us to move forward. We must have someone that we know will stand up for this country. Instead of someone who is too weak to stand up for herself. America does not need someone who is a doormat. America needs someone who can assure them that they will never let this country be disrespected, let alone be walked upon and disgraced. I am proud as an American to finally have a black president and I hope soon that one day that we will have a woman President. However, Hillary is not that President, we need a woman who is strong and who can stand up for herself and not be disrespected, a woman like Tiger Wood’s ex-wife, but surely not one like Hillary. America wants someone who is dependable and able to take the heat, not someone who quits in the middle of a battle. In order for our country to remain strong, we must have a strong leader that other world le…

  33. Robert, On “Meet the Press”, Chuck Todd, twice tried to bait Sanders on taking a swipe at Hillary. Both times, Sanders responded by saying he likes and respects Hillary and wants to keep this campaign focused on the issues and then stayed on his point. So saying, the interviewer baited him, that’s their job, it’s how the interviewee responds to those questions is how they get judged. Governor O’Malley has been in this race for less than a week and I’m already turned off by him.

  34. Hillary is going to watch Bernie Sanders. Don’t look at the polls before the election even starts. What you want to watch is the momentum that Bernie is going to have. He is a force to be reckoned with.

  35. Bernie Sanders is all talk? His history in the senate and all of the progressive bills he has introduced and helped to get passed determines….that is a lie! What a pathetic attempt by a guy who couldn’t even properly govern at the state level. Get on out of here O’Malley lol

  36. You do realize that Bernie has more support than any Republican canditate right? Bernie is a moral man who isn’t endebted to anyone. With Bernie the traditional smear campaign will not work, because Bernie has no skeletons in his closet. Find another candidate who does not. America is sick of the Oligarchy we have been dealing with. Count out Bush and Clinton. Neither stands a chance and you will see that once the Debates begin.

  37. You don’t understand polls. That is in the whole nation, including Republicans. She is the same as Biden, right there.

    Among dems she has 85 percent favorable.

    You are an idiot Greg.

    If you figure out Bernie doesn’t have favorable rate because he is 48% unknown, then let us know how you feel about his chances.

    She is dwarfing him by miles in all polls.

    You are clueless how it works.

  38. Go research him. Go watch the interviews or just Google it.

    But leave me alone, I am so sick of you and your hate.

  39. When hell freezes over Bernie is not going to win are be nominated for President,and really Martin O’Malley shi* that’s quick reply for him tilt game over, and you Greg That is some good crack cocaine you are siffing The Clinton machine is going to flatting them both with no mercy, and she just getting started

  40. Bernie Sanders
    He is so beyond all other candidates. His Features Are:
    Trustworthy- Honest, What you see is what you get.
    Intellectual Capacity -high IQ, thinks, questions dat and authority.
    Emotional Intelligence- compassion and empathy for others.
    Communication Skills – assertive not aggressive.
    Clarity on Issues.
    High Self Esteem- no need for financial wealth, power worship , fame.
    Independent- can’t be bought.
    Honest- we know where he stands.
    Processes Information -rather than emotional acting out of anger.
    Consistent History – Not manipulating who his is- actual character presenteTrustworthy.
    Responsive– non-defensive.

    America’s veterans have a few points that they would like to make. It was a Bernie Sanders bill that reformed veterans’ health care last year. Bernie Sanders played a critical role as Chairman of the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee, the legislative response to the VA crisis.
    On Saturday, the Postal Service backed off of a plan to close more post offi…

  41. Rin, you’re the one spewing hate here. You can’t stand it that everyone isn’t bowing to Hillary as if she is royalty or something, and when you get called out for it you’re too thin-skinned and resort to personal insults. Grow up and act like an adult or go away.

  42. Well, if you want to nominate another Wall Street lapdog Democrat you can go ahead, but even if you do win, which is yet to be seen, you will need we progressives to win. I personally have no plans to vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, and if Rand Paul is the Republican nominee then I will vote for him instead. Sure, his domestic policy sucks, but we need to salvage what credibility we have left as a party by not allowing another sellout to enter the White House in our name. If you are one of those “First Woman President” people then you are exactly what is wrong with this country. Maybe if you stopped acting like a vagina is a credential and actually researched her record you would know that she is is owned and operated by the banks. She supports TPP just like she did as Sec of State, and no amount of media evasion can hide that reality.

  43. Its funny because bernie has said multiple times that he wont attack canidates and he doesnt attack them, and so far he hasent i watch all of the news he doesnt attack them. Sure he will state his position in comparsion when asked when getting interview but he doesnt attack them. Plus you cant prove that hes attacked any canidate simply because HE HASENT.

  44. Bernie may be “too liberal” for the Republican portion of the 33% of voters who bothered to show up at the last election (probably 17-18% of the total voters), but 2016 is a different game altogether. It’s going to be a much closer race than 2014 because the 66% who didn’t show up in 2014 tend to vote liberal, so it may just be a landslide for whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee (42-48% of the 33% who voted last time plus a large majority of the 66% who didn’t).

    And it would help level the playing field if you would please sign my petition to end the lies in political advertising, by having political advertising regulated by the FTC under the “truth in advertising” laws:

  45. No what I can’t stand is the separation from reality here. Besides the twisting of and lack of historical knowledge and the societal disconnect, there is also a disadvantage in hero worship of a false idol while ignoring the big elephant in the room.

    I defend myself from crude – pull it out of my ass – remarks.

    Go look at his interviews. Or Google his attacks.

    You all attack me because of who I support.

    If I wrote Bernie for the win you’d all drool all over me.

    I like facts. I also want the best, by far, candidate to have a United field behind her to defeat BUSH/ Rubio.

    It will not be Bernie or Marty at the convention.

    The revolution is not going to be televised.

  46. Martin is using a typical and common argument between Governor and Senator seeking POTUS.

    Every Gov. uses the same method. Senators write letters which mean nothing until they are passed. If I am in the Senate for decades and pass no bills I am not accomplished and full of hot air.

    Governors and Mayors have day to day running of a city, Baltimore or State, Maryland to look after. Governors and mayors do not just write bills that mostly never pass.

    They deal with a great deal of issues.

    So this site freaks out over Marty using a typical political flame and mild one at that. The media is quite insulting to Bernie. But they are accurate.

  47. She supports Hillary. That’s why she was attacked by the locals here.

    I know the feeling. Welcome to my world – defending the Obama,Clinon, Biden, Kerry, Feinstein grown ups is tough in this room.

    Who will they support? OBVIOUS.

    Same as the person you snipped and attacked.

  48. Again Greg, math and reading polls isn’t your forte.

    He doesn’t have more support that R frontrunners. Does not period.

    Go look at that claim on the thread they other day. It was proven false by all the people who actually looked at the polls and actually understood them.

    There are two polls – Bernie is bottom of everyone virtually – on the R side if you combine them mathematically.

    Grade school average finding skill required.

  49. So Juan, you will vote for the GOP instead of Hillary.

    I thought you were a troll all along. Nobody could actually believe the things you say.

    Rand Paul, he’s your guy? REALLY?

    Over Hillary. Ok then. Good GOD.

  50. Rin, you would be a lot more credible if you were a little less acerbic. I have snipped a lot of commenters, though I didn’t snip that one. I don’t snip them for opinion. I do it for copypasta and for abusiveness. You are spiralling into the latter category.

  51. I try to disabuse and don’t try to abuse anyone. – a little word twist there…

    I am abused here. Correcting the record makes people angry and makes me sometimes resort to respond in kind. If you take it case by case – who started it?

    I will try to, as I have all along, stick to facts. Hard around here with attacks on me from left and right.

  52. What you call “correcting the record” frequently looks like personal attacks on anyone who doesn’t share your adulation of Hillary Clinton.

    She may turn out to be the best – qualified candidate;she may turn out to be the only candidate. Nonetheless, this is not the time for a coronation. It’s time for an open discussion, which seems to offend you to the point where you defended a Republican troll (as she evinced herself elsewhere to be) as someone who was snipped for being a Hillary supporter. This kind of paranoid rush to judgement is not what we need. Consider why people are starting not to like you, and engage your reasoning facilities before putting your keyboard in gear.

  53. RAND PAUL?? He’s a Republican and one of the worst. How is HE going to help Dem credibility?

    I think you’ve totally lost it.

  54. I don’t understand why anybody would vote for another corporations, loving person to be Pres.?! BERNIE 2016!!

  55. Let’s say something does happen to Clinton, O’Malley has no chance of winning the general election if the is Clinton’s backup. Let’s face it, compare the Republican lineup to our Democrat lineup. If something happens to Clinton before the general election, we will be seeing a Republican in the White house in 2016.

  56. A corporatist democrat like Hillary will still be leaps and bounds better than any libertarian republican. Rand Paul? No way. I’m a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, and campaign volunteer. His record and integrity are unimpeachable. Berine has what it takes to win it all without the big money from the mega-donors. If Hillary does win the nomination then the coming election will be another election where I vote against the GOP as opposed to voting for a democrat, and that is the only way Hillary can get my vote.

  57. Settle down Me. Predicting that Hillary will be the Dem’s nominee is no great feat. Me, did you use your crystal ball to make that prediction? What Sanders is doing is making Hillary move further to the left on some of her positions. It appears her strategy in this campaign is not to mess up or ruffle any feathers. By her moving further left, she runs the risk of alienating the centralist, so saying Sanders has no shot, agreed, but he does have an effect.

  58. …ok, peeps…how about taking a note outta Bernies book and DON’T GO NEGATIVE!!!
    …both Bernie and Hillary are worthy contenders for the Democratic nomination…I’ve been watching carefully, and neither has gone negative; Martin has gone negative right outta the gate…best I can tell, Hillarys main ‘flaw’ is being a bit too cautious, like on the trade deal…{Which I am rabidly against,btw}
    Bernie is helping by getting Hillary to define herself a bit further to the left than she’d do on her own…matter o’ fact I’d say the ideal ticket for We the People is both o’ ’em…either Sanders/Clinton, or Clinton/Sanders…oh, whichever hack is for Rand Paul the Libertarian…please remember the KOCH BROTHERS are libertarians!!!
    “I do not belong to an organized political party; I am a Democrat.” {Will Rogers}[WINK]

  59. O’Malley has his hands in the same pockets that pay Hillary and each GOP candidate; big business and the billionaire class. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate on either side for the people.

  60. Clearly, you haven’t been watching everything.

    Here’s one: he attacked her for not having an opinion on the TPP.

    FACT: She has. In her book. Elizabeth Warren even quoted it and said she agreed with Hillary.

    FACT: Hillary is not a Senator and cannot read the current text. She should not say more than she has until she knows more. In other words, she shouldn’t pull a Romney.

  61. Too bad that O’Malley may be splitting the Bernie votes, but Bernie’s momentum is indeed gaining… and this morning:

    More people have an unfavorable view of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton now than at any time since 2001, according to a new CNN/ORC poll on the 2016 race.

    While Clinton remains strikingly dominant in the Democratic field, the poll shows that her numbers have dropped significantly across several key indicators since she launched her campaign in April.

    A growing number of people say she is not honest and trustworthy (57%, up from 49% in March), less than half feel she cares about people like them (47%, down from 53% last July) and more now feel she does not inspire confidence (50%, up from 42% last March).

    In head-to-head match-ups against top Republicans, her margin is tighter than it has been at any point in CNN/ORC’s polling on the contest.

    On the Republican side, though, no candidate has successfully broken out of the pack.

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