Bernie Sanders Terrifies Republicans By Urging A Million Young People To March On Washington

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During an interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric today, Bernie Sanders called on a million young Americans to join his political revolution by marching on Washington to demand action from the Republican Congressional leadership.


Katie Couric asked Sanders how his big ideas would become reality.

Sen. Sanders answered:

I’ll tell you how we do it, and this is where I should tell you that I respect and personally like the President Of The United States very much. He’s a friend, and I think history will record him having done a heck of a lot better job than his contemporaries feel, but this one area where I disagree with Barack Obama. As you remember, in 2008 Obama ran a brilliant campaign, one of the great campaigns in American history. He galvanized the American people. He brought young people together, created an enormous amount of excitement. The mistake that he made is the day after he was inaugurated, in my view, he might not agree with it, but I think it is accurate. He said thank you very much for helping me get elected. I’ll take it from here. I can sit down with John Boehner, and I can sit down with Mitch McConnell. I can sit down with the Republicans. We’re going to negotiate. We’re going to work it out. Well, guess what? From day one, they never wanted to negotiate.

My view is that the only we can bring about an agenda that works for working families is if millions of people are actively involved in the political process. If a million young people march on Washington they to the Republican leadership, we know what’s going on, and you better vote to deal with student debt. You better vote to make public universities and colleges tuition free, that’s when it will happen.

We’re already seeing that with the minimum wage. Do you know why the minimum wage is going up around the country? Because workers are going out into the street, so we need a political revolution, in my view, where people begin to stand up and fight and take on the big money interests. If we don’t have that, no president, not the best president in the world will ever be able to accomplish anything.

The idea that the American people can get active and involved is why Republicans are terrified of Bernie Sanders. To the Koch brothers, conservative billionaires, corporations, and Republicans, Bernie Sanders is dangerous. Imagine what would happen if millions of people acted on what Sen. Sanders was suggesting. If one million young people, or millions of people who are buried under student loan debt marched on Washington and continued to march for days and weeks and months, they could change this country.

Bernie Sanders was right. Change is not going to come from electing a president. Real change will come when millions of Americans stand up and fight to take their country back. In this case, the cause is bigger than the man. Overflow crowds are coming out to see Bernie Sanders because the message has met the correct messenger.

Republicans and their billionaire backers should be worried because the Sanders sparked revolution is growing.

52 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Terrifies Republicans By Urging A Million Young People To March On Washington”

  1. Bernie is a once-in-a-lifetime human being…..notice I did not say “politician”….a categorically pejorative term.

  2. For that matter center, and center-right Democrats should be terrified of Bernie Sanders as well. They take the money and vote as they are told to. Hillary is either going to have to get behind Bernie on this or step aside.

  3. I really like Bernie’s idea. But, why just students? How about everyone that is tired of what’s going on? Medicare, Social Inequality, Veterans Benefits, Environment, Warmongering, and Healthcare, which are all being stripped or saber rattled under the Republican Congress. I am sure millions of us would be ready to march.

  4. Mr. Sanders, if you’re serious about communicating with Millennials, then are you putting your message out on Facebook?

  5. ,,,, France is rated as the best Health care in the world (it is single payer) rated as #1 by W H O ,,,,,,,and they have the highest minimum wage laws in the world, the minimum wages is A$16.87 per hour, A$640.90 per week, The President Francois Hollande of France is limiting executive pay by charging 75 percent tax on salaries more than one million Euros. This was approved by France’s top court .,and now they want to kick Monsanto OUT,,,Hmm,,,think they know something we dont,,,yeab they know that the rich know that the Guillotine works very well,,,,,,as history will tell you,,,,,,,

  6. We need Bernie to save our country.Hillary is corporate owned and the republicans are bought by Koch who pays their campaigns.Bernie isnt bought and paid for.He is for the middle class.

  7. I know I’m terrified. My hands are shaking so bad I can barely type this. I can’t eat…I can’t sleep…

    If he thinks he’s going to get a million college kids to show up to demand free college and to forgive college loans…He better pay to ship them to DC. They are not going to want to pay for it themselves.

  8. I couldn’t help but notice your last name. Does one of your ancestors have a patent on that particular head-chopping device?

  9. As a 26 year old American and patriot… I will proudly march on Washington on behalf of Bernie–but also on behalf of every middle class American who loves his or her country and knows we can do so much better.

    Bernie, we need you. Now more than ever.

  10. now that bernies announced, hes afforded secret service protection. you know as he gets more attention, and fox starts with the ‘ism’ meme, some gerbil will try and do something stupid…

    you know hes pressing Wassermann shultz, and the dnc to start debates next month with hillary. you know she wont, but she’ll lose some face, by not doing it. bernies going to make waves…


  11. When they start talking mean about Bernie, that means they are scared of him speaking the truth. They’ll try to discredit him, embarrass him….but Bernie is genuine, they won’t be able to throw him off his game. Come on Bernie….you say it like it is.

  12. He actually has a huge social media following and talks a lot about issues in his posts. I think he is actually the most popular senator on Facebook.

  13. You go girl! I am 79 years old, uneducated, poor, crippled from a botched back operation by a surgeon that couldn’t hack it in Canada. I live in NC where I am now sentenced by Art Pope, the Koch’s, ALEC, etc. to hurry and die. The very idea of old people expecting to use what they paid for all the years they could work.
    My time is over, as it should be. But I can certainly still cheer you young people on. That is about the only thing I have left to contribute. That and my vote in a gerrymandered district that is so twisted it ain’t worth spit. But I will keep on spitting in the republicans eyes as long as possible.
    Young people like you and students are the only hope America has.Time is running out. I am liking Bernie better everyday. He may be old but if he wins his staff won’t be and they are the real power in DC.

  14. I’m about as far left as one can get, but I have one reservation about free college tuition.

    Have any of you ever been part of acadamia (college level)? IMHO, there are two types of students: Those who pay for it themselves and those who don’t. I agree college has become a way to divide the Haves from the Have-Nots and think college should be around $100 a credit hour to make it accessible to all, but not free. We want to be like other countries that have free college tuition, but not everyone in those countries goes to college since there are only a few openings which makes the climate very competitive–to the point of suicide for students who don’t be selected (Far Eastern countries).

    What do you think?

  15. What you say is true concerning Far Eastern Countries- Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, particularly.

    But they also have a culture geared towards “If you’re not the best, you’re nothing’…

    Of which no few of us Westerners seem to feel also.
    I remember an anecdote about one young lad of Eastern Asian descent who upon graduating from a prestigious university with a degree that his mother had pushed him into getting, handed the degree over to his mother saying “You pushed and pushed me for this, you can have it now, my obligation is done” and then chose to go and do what he wanted to for a living.

    Rather I think what I’m more worried about when it comes to paid for colleges: rampant inflation.
    Currently colleges have unchecked inflation when it comes to fees and book prices. THAT I’d like to see some kind of oversight on.

  16. The more people in America who suck Rich Man’s ass, the more inclined I am to start working on reproducing a Guillotine…

    I could see a future where they’d be quite popular…

  17. I’d say because the Students are coming up on Summer Vacation, and aren’t as hampered as everyone else you’ve listed.

    As hampered as those who need to work to sustain themselves, obviously.

  18. Warren for President got 365,000 people to sign their name. Surely a million kids will fly to DC, stay in hotels and eat at restaurants, protest all day and fly home the next day.

    They can’t be bothered to sign petitions but will form enmass on Washington and demand there are less choices in sneakers so children will be fed – just like he said.

    It is sad when Robert makes the most sense of the comments here.

  19. “Americans stand up and fight to take their country back.” TEAPARTY adgitatators said this as thats scary

  20. And what does signing a petition do? When it won’t even be brought up/congress for a vote..whether to vote vote.on to vote whether to read the petition and on and on…its worthless.I had a petition on doing away with funding foreign military aid, had over the limit on votes for the petition,
    so what happen..VP Biden announced ,so it showed we support Israel,(after the letter of 47) for doing nothing for us but create havock in our congress, gave Netanahue 20 billionmore $$/20,000,000,000.00 for funding their military..chump change.while our vets live under bridges…so don’t tell me about useless petition, got to get “someone’to allow the vote!!

  21. I alway thought that we should surround congress, hold the members hostage and to refuse to let them leave until they pass a bill to Eliminate citizens United ruling, raise the minimum wage, fix student loans, tax off shoring companies etc.

    They should also do this in Kansas, the more I read about that state I am convinced they rigged the election in favor of brownback.

  22. #notnews
    We know already how to disrupt, it’s time now to implement a smart process utilizing technology to bridge the gap from disruption to legitimacy. #workingfamilies #smartmobs #uncaucus

  23. Bernie Sanders knows exactly what he going! his populist campaign will catch fire and keep Hilary on her toes!! The midterms was a blessing in disguise for the democratic party, in this regard, look at the things the REPUBLICANS voted for! they even voted for a higher minimum wage! See republicans typically want the same things many democrats want and some of the things LIBERALS ask for! Last point, @robert, WHY are you STILL here?!! WHY? you hate the articles, you dislike the writers! you loathe the people who share their opinions here! WHY are YOU STILL here? Your juvenile poke at @Daniel Guillot was SAD and pathetic and VERY small!!, I said all along you should be removed from this site! your sole purpose here is just to start petty fights! GROW UP! Mr. supposedly “former SCHOOL TEACHER”

  24. Knight, that post was honestly not meant to be a shot. His post mentioned the guillotine and I noticed his last name is a form of the word! That’s unusual and it got my attention. It was a joke about the patent, obviously.

    People here take themselves way too seriously…

  25. That appears to be the opinion of one man who utilizes language rather similar to the right wing tea party: attacking banks, free market economics, reducing taxes on business to generate jobs…

    The man is a D.I.N.O.

  26. Congress won’t do it, it was the Supreme Court with the help of David Bossie who screwed the American people.

  27. I have seen the term “left tea party” used thousands of times.

    Google search for ‘left tea party” leads to

    Random in the top few is this one from Dana Milbank:

    “After the Democrats’ 2014 midterm debacle, we are seeing the early signs of a left-wing analogue to the tea party emerging, and Warren is well positioned to be its godmother. “

  28. I agree. Students are not the only ones concerned about the debt that young people have to take on to get a college education…..that is a concern to many of us. We need an educated population, but not one that struggles all of their lives to pay for their education. And many of us are concerned about the high cost for health care and prescription drugs…..this will bankrupt our country down the road especially as our population ages. A march on Washington is a great thing, but don’t limit it just to students.

  29. This is a great idea. I’d love to see everyone camp out on the lawn in front of the Capitol until the obstructionist regressives wake the frack up

  30. Mr. Obama might have kept his Progressives alive in 2012 and the 2014 midterms if he hadn’t shut down the Occupy movement. If Bernie Sanders can mobilize and motivate people to march on Congress and shame them, We the People could take this country back. But we’d need to Occupy and keep the Congress’ feet to the fire or they’ll revert to their oligarchy.

  31. With a moniker like @ringo hitler, it’s VERY apparent where this individual is headed to! somebody needs to clean up this SITE!

  32. And you is going to pay my bills when I leave work and march on Washington? Thats why we elect people. The two party system is broken and corporations rule this country.

  33. So let’s start marching! It can start with the college students and tuition and end with many issues being faced. Let’s go.

  34. Social Security IS NOT AN “ENTITLEMENT,” it is a fully paid up ANNUITY! To every TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republican – It’s not your money – Pay the borrowed money back! Reagan pulled off one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against the American people. April 20, 1983, has become a day of shame. The Social Security Amendments of 1983 laid the foundation for 30-years of federal embezzlement of Social Security money in order to use the money to pay for wars, tax cuts and other government programs.

  35. Those of you on the political left have to be very proud of the success of the progressive efforts at dumbing down the American public. If the schools and colleges were doing their job Bernie would not have more than a dozen here and there listening to him. SOCIALISM HAS NEVER WORKED AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY.
    I will give Bernie some credit, he is up front in saying he is a socialist. There are another 150 in congress, both parties, who are also socialists. Most of the GOP leadership are progressives with a Republican facade
    The machinery is already in place to ensure that the final ballot will have Hilary V Bush and even if things go very very wrong the progressive left still wins with the Fabian socialist Bush who supports the same things Hilary does even if he is not in as great a hurry as Hilary to achieve them

  36. I agree with you and Bernie. But if the pukes go through with cutting SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the post offices, then there will be an uprising of 1000s especially the elderly that depend on SS to survive on like myself and my husband. Hell they will have us all in shelters, homeless and without food or helathcare. Something has to give with the dam repukes. They keep taking and never giving. It has to stop.

  37. I would be happy to march on Washington for a whole host of reasons including gun control, Social Security, minimum wage, equal pay for women etc. I marched on Washington years ago to protest the Viet Nam war and I am happy to go again. Just set a date.

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