bernie sanders yahoo katie couric

Bernie Sanders Terrifies Republicans By Urging A Million Young People To March On Washington

bernie sanders yahoo katie couric

During an interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric today, Bernie Sanders called on a million young Americans to join his political revolution by marching on Washington to demand action from the Republican Congressional leadership.


Katie Couric asked Sanders how his big ideas would become reality.

Sen. Sanders answered:

I’ll tell you how we do it, and this is where I should tell you that I respect and personally like the President Of The United States very much. He’s a friend, and I think history will record him having done a heck of a lot better job than his contemporaries feel, but this one area where I disagree with Barack Obama. As you remember, in 2008 Obama ran a brilliant campaign, one of the great campaigns in American history. He galvanized the American people. He brought young people together, created an enormous amount of excitement. The mistake that he made is the day after he was inaugurated, in my view, he might not agree with it, but I think it is accurate. He said thank you very much for helping me get elected. I’ll take it from here. I can sit down with John Boehner, and I can sit down with Mitch McConnell. I can sit down with the Republicans. We’re going to negotiate. We’re going to work it out. Well, guess what? From day one, they never wanted to negotiate.

My view is that the only we can bring about an agenda that works for working families is if millions of people are actively involved in the political process. If a million young people march on Washington they to the Republican leadership, we know what’s going on, and you better vote to deal with student debt. You better vote to make public universities and colleges tuition free, that’s when it will happen.

We’re already seeing that with the minimum wage. Do you know why the minimum wage is going up around the country? Because workers are going out into the street, so we need a political revolution, in my view, where people begin to stand up and fight and take on the big money interests. If we don’t have that, no president, not the best president in the world will ever be able to accomplish anything.

The idea that the American people can get active and involved is why Republicans are terrified of Bernie Sanders. To the Koch brothers, conservative billionaires, corporations, and Republicans, Bernie Sanders is dangerous. Imagine what would happen if millions of people acted on what Sen. Sanders was suggesting. If one million young people, or millions of people who are buried under student loan debt marched on Washington and continued to march for days and weeks and months, they could change this country.

Bernie Sanders was right. Change is not going to come from electing a president. Real change will come when millions of Americans stand up and fight to take their country back. In this case, the cause is bigger than the man. Overflow crowds are coming out to see Bernie Sanders because the message has met the correct messenger.

Republicans and their billionaire backers should be worried because the Sanders sparked revolution is growing.

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