A Tidal Wave Of Good News In Iowa: Hillary Clinton Soaring and Obama Beloved by Democrats

There’s nothing but good news in a new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll conducted May 25-29 of likely Democratic caucus-goers.

Starting off with asking likely Democratic caucus-goers to rate their feelings from very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, or very unfavorable about prominent Democrats, President Obama topped the list of 89% favorable to 9% unfavorable.

Not to be totally cruel, but Democrats really messed up when they avoided standing with their President in 2014 (and I said it then, too before it was cool). POTUS is beloved by the Democratic base.

But obviously he is not running for office again, so let’s dig into what the future looks like right now. Here’s how 2016 looks: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rated 86% favorable to just 12% unfavorable and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 47% favorable to 12% unfavorable.

Who do you want for President? Contrary to what the media keeps reporting, there’s a clear front-runner and very popular candidate in Hillary Clinton, with 57% of Democrats choosing her as their first choice, with a strong 16% choosing new-comer to the race Bernie Sanders. This means that all of the “scandals” and faux controversies/conspiracies about the Democratic front-runner have had no impact on the Democratic base in this poll — in fact, Clinton is up one point from January as noted by Margaret Talev.

It also means that there is nothing but good news here.

Senator Sanders just started his campaign and he’s pushing for earlier debates, so many Democrats are still not as aware of him as they are even of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Democrats will have a bounty of riches between the two 2016 candidates, who are both determined to debate issues and not personalities and mud.

If that holds true, Democrats are in for a real treat as Sanders models what the real left looks like (not disrespectful hysteria of the backseaters, but calm, civilized debate grounded in the best interest of the people) and Hillary Clinton introduces folks to her more liberal side, which is not a new side for her but is new to many Democrats.

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