Lindsey Graham Is Running For President On Crazy Platform Of Killing People For Their Thoughts

Lindsey Graham running for president

In his announcement Graham spouted some serious crazy, but the height of the insanity is his early campaign promise to kill anyone thinking of joining al-Qaeda or ISIL.

Video of Graham announcing his 2016 bid:

During his announcement, Graham demanded a return to more war in the Middle East, “Simply put, radical Islam is running wild. They have more safe havens, more money, more weapons and more capability to strike our homeland than any time since 9/11. They are large, rich and entrenched. As president, I will make them small, poor and on the run. I’m afraid some Americans have grown tired of fighting them. I have bad news to share with you — the radical Islamists are not tired of fighting you.”

Graham’s agenda isn’t limited to killing terrorists. Senator Graham also wants to kill anybody who is thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL. In April, Graham said, “If I’m president of the United States and you’re thinking about joining Al Qaeda or ISIL, I’m not going to call a judge. I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you.”

Lindsey Graham’s presidential platform involves killing people for their thoughts. How would the hypothetical President Graham know what people are thinking? Most Americans are worried about privacy, but Lindsey Graham wants to be literally in your head, and if he doesn’t like your thoughts, he will kill you.

Everyone can agree that ISIL and al-Qaeda must be defeated, but Lindsey Graham has taken the Republican obsession with more war to an absurd conclusion. Graham will never win the nomination, and he won’t be president, but the idea that people can be killed for what they are thinking is the main reason to doubt whether Lindsey Graham is mentally stable enough to be in the United States Senate.

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  1. Yeah, GOP calls for more wars, because they are so generous with benefits and care to the veterans who do make it back (sarcasm).

  2. Our biggest threat to our democracy and safety right now is the extreme right wing in our own country.

  3. Now we will have the thoughts police.
    (not the thinking police, that would be way too progressive)

    I wonder how that police would work? Would be anothe app on your designated phone?

    Another wanna-be candidate running on the manipulation of people’s fears.

  4. What would one expect from the party that thinks that Veteran’s Benefits are “Entitlements”

  5. That’s a southern Christian for you. I can only imagine what those morons’ plans for the LGBT community would be. He makes me sick.

  6. Who’s driving the ONE BRAIN CELL clown BUS?

    Just keep walking about war and sipping that mint julip on your varanda.
    Hope you have your big floppy hat on so you don’t get sunburned.

  7. He doesn’t have the balls to come out and he thinks he has the Right Stuff to be President? Hardly.

  8. Does Lindsay think the anti-LBGT party candidates aren’t going to scour through his past like rabid dogs?

  9. These damn people are dangerous lunatics! How in the hell did we, as a nation, ever let these silly bastards rise to any position above dog catcher? This constant war craving and financially raping the middle class has brought our country down, and it will continue until we get these psychos out of office. Damn, these people have loyalty to only the Koch-roaches and their big money. Continuing wars keeps feeding money into defense contracts and that means the politician gets paid mega bucks by the war machine and Koch-roaches. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  10. lindsey graham LMFAO!! now the GOP CLOWN car just picked up Rue McClanahan’s illegitimate sister, this person isn’t running for president because he wants to be president, he’s running to raise money for his campaign “WINK” “WINK” BANK ACCOUNT, the GOP is making a mockery of running for president! see lindsey wants to fleece the republicans base of it’s chickenhawks! and little lindsey will ACE the dwelling “LOG CABIN” republicans. It’s so pathetic! the GOP’s RELIGIOUS RIGHT hates GAY people! tony perkins goes on hour long rants on how DA GAYS are gonna make the USA, SODOM GOMMORRAH!! well tony, if that’s true, couldn’t? in theory, a GAY senator from S.C. be SECRETLY doing just that? just in theory. (IT’S SARCASM FOLKS!”) C’MON!

  11. Crusader gambit. Decimating a nation’s wealth and power by trapping them in a religious war thousands of miles away. The Popes used it to keep secular challenges to their power neutered. They ushered in the Dark Ages.

    ISIL is over 5,000 miles away. If we’d stop bombing their families, maybe they wouldn’t hate us. We have no reason to be there. America is not threatened by their religion, because we are a secular nation. Oil is obsolete.

    The weapons dealer vampires are sucking us dry. War is a redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the rich.

  12. These small balled, chicken shits love raising money to go to war, but refuse to support our troops when they return hurt and broken from them. I said it before, and I will say it again – There is no way any of these psychos are Christians. If they were they would run to the nearest church and beg, beg God for forgiveness of the horrific sins they constantly inflict on the poor, the middle class and the soldiers of this country! Do you care about the military, this country and its future…Then get your asses out and vote Democrat!!!!!

  13. This “GOP Clowncar” meme is getting old and cliche’d. Especially when they more resemble a used cat box. A clown-car, which might engender laughs, also downplays the very real nature of the damage any one of these cretins would do, were they to achieve the presidency. They do however resemble the contents of a cat box: the political waste of a party that is well-trained to cover-over any disgusting and smelly bit of political feces the party produces.

  14. You caught them. The real goal is that they DON’T make it back. They send poor kids with no real education and no job prospects, fill them full of stories about good salaries, benefits, health care for the wife and kids, free housing on bases, and college when they get home. Then they turn them into killers and young people who hate anyone not American enough. If they do come home, they join militias and keep loaded guns around (as MOH Meyer rely bragged) and are basically a danger to all of us. Thanks, GOP.

  15. Not only Vet benefits, but unemployment insurance that I paid for with my salary, health care that I pay premiums for, social security that I have paid into for 40 years…all the stuff we pay taxes for and on, and the GOP wants all our money, and wants us in the streets begging. Or something. I do hope 2016 is the year the country wakes up and sees this party for the scum they are.

  16. Not all of us joined militias.

    But sad to say, many of us have been committing suicide like there’s no tomorrow.

    And the GOP is just fine with that.

  17. Ok Lindsey, Kiss your boyfriend John McCain goodbye, pack up your parasols in your carpet bag and head on over to the middle east….we’ll be cheering for you!

  18. …yet another Teatard calling for OTHER peoples familys to die for HIS war o’ choice…Lindsey Graham is a REMF, was never in harms way, yet screams not only for more military deaths…BUT is calling for cuts in Vets benefits…this bitch-kitty from Hell is BEYOND disgusting; anti-Christian, anti-American…
    …let’s spoof the Teaturds into thinking they are responding to a summons from their true masters,{the Kochs} and let ’em out in Syria…any survivors will get life in a supermax without parole…lol

  19. Interesting thing about Lindsey is he’s actually one of the saner Republicans on most issues. Except with regard to issues of war and peace where he’s an absolute loon, like his friend McCain. Are there any decent Republican politicians out there? I can’t think of one.

  20. John Mcgumpys sock puppet comes out to speak, then runs back up the leg of Mcgumpy, because talking tough scares the hell out of him.

  21. Graham said, “If I’m president of the United States and you’re thinking about joining Al Qaeda or ISIL, I’m not going to call a judge. I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you.”

    Graham is proposing to do the same thing that the GOP lunatics have been chastising President Obama for, for years. Ever since two Americans were killed by drone fire while hanging out, or “Pal’in” around with terrorists.

  22. I live in AL-abama and those Redumican bastards may as well have hit us with a drone! Their corporate only interests and greed have damaged this and other states for years to come. Look how the Redumican South votes and all the deficits in these states. Now look at what all these damn Redumicans come up with a as solutions to fix these deficits – TAX THE MIDDLE CLASS MORE, NEVER TAX THE RICH and CUT EDUCATION!!!!! Great Jobs scum bags!

  23. Nice state you have there
    It’s Jefferson Davis Day in Alabama:
    Yes, it is another first Monday in June, which means it is Jefferson Davis Day, Alabama’s official commemoration of the Confederate States’ first and only president. A holiday still celebrated by two thirds of state residents. The only state holiday, in fact, to commemorate ol’ JD. Offices are closed, just like they would be on Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee Day in Alabama! Go home, get grilling, get wet, get stupid, and reflect on the things that matter in life.
    It’s a peculiar holiday, given that Jefferson Davis’ birthday is actually on June 3, and also given that Davis was born in Kentucky, ruled in Virginia, fled through the Carolinas and Georgia, retired in Tennessee, and settled in Mississippi, with only the briefest of layovers in Alabama. And also because Jefferson Davis was the head of a fucking racist tyrannical state whose fucking reason for fucking existing was its fucking insistence on the treatment of enslaved human beings as fucking chattel to enrich fucking people like Jefferson Davis.

  24. Yes, killing people will help things in the Middle East… it worked last time [/sarcasm]

    They just don’t get it. How do you think this whole mess with ISIS started? How do you think Al-Queda started? These two are byproducts of wars we were involved in.. let the natives deal with them. We can help, but the natives must get rid of them or risk another episode that might create another terrorist group.

  25. Don’t forget the Taliban, who we supplied and trained when they were fighting the Russians in the 80’s.

    Or Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh *originally* drafted a Constitution based upon America’s, only to be driven into communist hands when we bailed-out the French.

    Or Iran, in 1953, which put the Shah into power and who was so corrupt it eventually led to the current gov’t when Iran had finally had enough. The list goes on and on, of covert and military interventions that did the exact *opposite* of what we intended, including the *Russian* revolution against the Czar, Lebanon in 1958 and Chile in the 1980’s.

    When we intervene, we screw it up. Always have, always will.

  26. Graham must have just watched “The Minority Report” and is promising to introduce a “Pre-Crime” branch of Homeland Security.

  27. John McCain might disagree with you. Israel’s Warhawks does too. We fought the wrong enemy. We should have gone after the people that was actually behind 9/11. Follow the money is tried and true.

  28. I just read a little about Larry Silverstein. A good place to start to try to understand 9/11. And America’s enemies. And they say Crime doesn’t pay. It does if the crimes are big enough and you have a friendly judge. It helps to invest in politicians too.

  29. I think you mean that his ‘weenie’ is that big, testicles tend to be about that size (in most white folks that is).

  30. Are there any decent Republicans out there?

    Well there used to be Eisenhower Republicans; but most decent Republicans have been expelled from the GOP for not being conservative enough.

  31. Probably not–they at least TRY to be subtle. But I love his platform! He makes it really easy to cross him off the list of candidates anyone would actually vote for. What I hate is when the front runners are intelligent, their speeches well-written and persuasive. Then I actually have to consider the points they make. Too much work! I’d rather just be able to rank them all on the dumb-a$$ score-card and vote for the one with the fewest points. [WINK]

  32. I’m not bothered by that; what Graham keeps in his closet is not my business. What bothers me is the Little Bo Peep outfit and the farm animal noises coming from his barn.

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