Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Tantrum Demonstrates The Failure Of Tea Party Leadership

angry Paul LePage

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage’s news conference meltdown on Friday demonstrates the pitfalls of the Tea Party’s no compromise approach to governing. The governor became unhinged on Friday after the legislature failed to support his proposal to push a constitutional amendment abolishing the state’s income tax.

To amend Maine’s Constitution, two-thirds of the legislature and a majority of Maine voters have to vote in favor of a constitutional amendment, in order for it to be added to the state’s constitution. LePage has been pushing for a constitutional amendment to abolish the state’s income tax, even though income tax receipts account for about half of the state’s revenue.

LePage’s plan however has met resistance in the Maine Legislature. On Friday, Governor LePage lost it, and he lashed out a Democrats for opposing his plan. In a news conference LePage threatened retaliation, arguing:

If the Democrats are going to disenfranchise the Maine people, then the governor of Maine is going to make sure that every bill that comes down from the House and the Senate with a Democrat sponsor will be required to have a two-thirds vote, because I’m going to veto every one, and I did a bunch this morning.

The Governor also singled out individual members of the legislature and leveled childish personal attacks against them. LePage remarked that Maine Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves “should go back home to where he was born” and that Democratic Senate Leader Justin Alfond “should be put in a playpen”.

LePage’s attempts to bully the legislature were met not with fear, but with derision instead. Democratic House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe blasted the governor, stating:

It’s clear that Democrats and Republicans are going to work together to override the vetoes of the governor when they don’t make sense or when they’re politically driven. The governor made a threat today as part of his becoming unhinged, unglued and just being completely angry. That’s not how you operate in divided government. That’s not how you get things done.

On Monday, the Bangor Daily News Editorial Board wrote a scathing editorial criticizing Governor LePage’s temper tantrum. They dismissed the governor’s as an ”embarrassing carnival barker” whose angry rants were not conducive to a functioning state government. While the newspaper was merely pointing out the obvious, it bears repeating. Tea Party politicians are effective at stoking the anger of voters to win elections, but they lack the temperament and the people skills to effectively govern. Paul LePage is a train wreck of a Governor, but since Maine voters elected him twice, there is no end in sight to the dysfunction he is bringing to state government.

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36 Replies to “Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Tantrum Demonstrates The Failure Of Tea Party Leadership”

  1. Those who keep electing Tea-partiers keep getting exactly what they were warned about. Anti-government types have NO BUSINESS in government.

    Grover Norquist must be squealing like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

  2. These politicians are not running for office so they can compromise. Their purpose is to destroy government…Look at the states that are run by Tea Party politicians and see what a mess they are. The voters must not elect one
    to destroy the country.

  3. He was elected and then he was elected again. If the majority of people don’t like what he’s doing, they can vote him out. That’s how it works in this great country.

    Just like Obama.

  4. That is the way it is SUPPOSED to work. I will bet that the legislature, under Repuklican control, did a little gerrymandering to get the Districts “JUST LIKE THEY WANTED THEM”. He couldn’t help but win, the other side didn’t have 100 votes in any one area,

  5. ” “should be put in a playpen”.”

    Now that’s the best case of projection that I’ve heard in a long time. The people of Maine should be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed. I know their election process can get an unpopular individual elected due to vote splitting, but you’d think the people of a northeast state would be smart enough to figure out how to overcome this clown parade that is LePage.

  6. The majority of people in Maine did NOT elect him the first time nor did they elect him the second time. Due to Maine’s system of voting, you can win the election without a majority.

  7. There must be a reason the voters keep voting him back in. Is he charismatic? If he isn’t effective and thought of as a joke, why? Maybe that’s what they want — an ineffective governor?

  8. People of Maine! YOU can recall this sob and kick him out. Start the petitions today. Google can show Ya how to word the petitions to make Them effective. The People of Maine are the boss, not a fat POS Gov. Do it, DO IT NOW!

  9. Once again in this election, there were three candidates — Congressman, Mike Michaud (Dem), Eliot Cutler (I) and Paul LePage (Tp/Gop). He was supported by big $$ as was Cutler.

    **Cutler should have bowed out of this election cycle, but didn’t, and

    **many Dems did not come out to vote! (Not good.)

    LePage is immature with no interest in serving ALL the people. He wants his own way — is for the rich, votes against the best interests of the people.

    LePage also refuses to free the bond money for a park, we voted for several years ago, unless the Maine Legislature votes to give him the money to “use the timber on the land for the poor to heat their homes.”

    He wants EBT users to have their photo on their card … even though this is illegal and the Feds threaten to withdraw funding.

    LePage is continually grossly disrespectful to President and Mrs. Obama.

    An incompetent tea party republican unable to govern attempting to force his will on everyone — “my way or the high…

  10. …to put this in Navy terms…LePages tantrum should only net him the key to the crying-towel locker and a chit to see the Chaplain…this two-bit excuse for a politician, along with Teatards nationwide should heed this warning: Don’t like living in a nation of Laws??? Don’t love a nation where the rights of We the People are {theoretically} guaranteed???

  11. The Maine legislature, Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike, ought to come together and impeach LePage. These Tea Party types are a menace to the nation, have no respect for the Consitution, and whose idea of the rule of law is, “We rule with an iron fist; therefore, it’s the law.” LePage is a tyrant who needs to be booted out of office.
    In Pennsylvania, we voted another Tea Party tyrant out of office: “One Term” Tom Corbett. The people of Maine didn’t have such fortune; they’re stuck with a dictator for a governor because of a quirk in their elections laws.
    Maine legislators, do the people of your state a favor. You can do what the voters couldn’t: oust this Maine goon.

  12. Why would this governor want to starve his state of funding? Is he and others like him out to destroy. Does he not want teachers, police, or fireman…….get rid of him!

  13. Every time a school board, a town or city council, a county commission or a state legislature acquires “Tea Party” participants, the level of governance lowers.

    Right now, where I live, the city commission has missed its budget deadline because of irrelevant squabbling among members. Recently a county administrator was fired because he favored one bridge plan over another. (In fact the plan that he favored may be implemented despite the opposition of some commissioners.) We citizens defeated a referendum to raise taxes (sales and gasoline) for much-needed road repair because the taxes proposed were too great a burden for the poor and the proposal included too many loopholes that would divert money from road repair to boondoggles for the corporate rich.

    The “Tea Party” and the 21st century GOP are major disasters for the whole country. Thanks for nothing, Koch brothers.

  14. If the people of Maine voted this unhinged Governor in TWICE what does that say about THEM ? !!!!! Birds of a feather…..
    No wonder Republicans are viewed as unstable and out of touch.

  15. Here’s hoping. I bet not one of these baggers could pass a history/government test from junior high. They only look for the biggest idiot with a big mouth dumb enough to not realize that huge money is playing them inorder to gain legislative dominance.

    Propaganda works on old people.

  16. Robert…Go FU(K yourself!! And Robert I don’t give a rats ass about your admonishment of my language, you deserve it Putz!!

  17. The more Tea Party boobs that get elected, the better it is for the Koch-suckers! With their bought-and-paid-for henchmen in place, they can disrupt local government and federal government. They can lie, cheat steal, and make laws that make it easier and legal to do it! These crooks rape us financially, and in some cases physically the sick bastards need to be kicked out of office all over our country why we still have one “for the people”.

  18. Watching Mr. LaPage from the safety of Pennsylvania, the man has serious mental problems, and serious misconceptions about the nature of American democracy.

  19. Maine was always my favorite state, and I hoped to one day move there, but I don’t want to go near it while this creature is in charge of it.

  20. The Democrats and GOP in the legislature both came out with budget alternatives to the Lepage budget. The Democratic alternative had income tax cuts centered at the middle and lower income scale, the GOP had income rate reductions much smaller then did Lepage.

    Lepage instead of seeking compromise with both sides decided to throw a big fit like a little kid who wants all his candy.

  21. Why pin Lepage on the teaparty, He isn’t a member. All they did was back him when he signed a pledge of NO New Taxes. He broke that pledge He was never a member, he lied, and for you to connect the Governor to the party like he is a member, is dishonest. LePage is a elitist Republican, unlike the grassroots movement of the teaparty There are Democrats in the teaparty, by the way

  22. When your antics have Democrats and Republicans coming together saying they will shoot down any veto of yours, you have pretty much failed at being a governor.

    It also shows that real lack of leadership that comes from the Tea Party. They can whip up a group of old farts into a frothing whirlwind of anger, but when it comes to getting things done… they just can’t do it. The whole ‘my way or the highway’ idea of leadership only works when you are a parent dealing a stubborn ass kid.

  23. Funded as it was by the Koch brothers, the “Tea Party” can never claim to be a grass-roots movement. A lot of ignorant, apolitical neanderthals may have bought into it but the “Tea Party” is nothing but another front group for the Koch brothers and their ilk.

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