Draft Elizabeth Warren Group ‘Run Warren Run’ Gives Up And Suspends Campaign


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The draft Elizabeth Warren group “Run Warren Run” announced Tuesday that it would be suspending their efforts on June 8th.  Although, the organization announced that it was ending its efforts to draft Elizabeth Warren for president, Run Warren Run declared victory for transforming the American political landscape with Warren’s populist message.

MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman and Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain, outlined the goals of the draft Warren movement in the days ahead as follows:

Going forward, the hundreds of thousands of us who joined Run Warren Run will pour our energies into standing and fighting by Warren’s side. And there are many fights afoot. We’ll help wage the battle against fast-track authority for the special-interest wish-fulfillment machine known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We’ll stand with workers demanding higher wages and the right to organize. And we’ll keep lifting up the voices of those calling for a country where education is not synonymous with debt, where Social Security can live up to its name, and where money does not equal speech—or buy overwhelming influence.

They also noted that several of the Democratic candidates who are running for President have adopted some of Warren’s ideas. For example, Hillary Clinton has sounded a populist tone by using phrases like “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top”, acknowledging the serious problem of income inequality in America. Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley kicked off his campaign by calling for putting corrupt Wall Street Bankers behind bars. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders entered the race, giving the nation a strong progressive voice in the presidential race, who will highlight many of the same issues Senator Warren has fought for with such passion.


Ultimately, it is probably Sanders’ entry into the race that took the wind out of the draft Warren campaign’s sails. While the two Senators share similar views on political issues, there is one key difference separating them. Warren had no desire to run for President in 2016, while Sanders did, albeit not without some reluctance.

Run Warren Run, however, is less about Elizabeth Warren as a personality than it is about transforming American politics to make the politicians more responsive to ordinary people. Sanders, and to a lesser extent, Clinton and O’Malley, have taken up the populist mantle, and started to articulate Warren’s vision for a more progressive America. While it is certainly premature to declare victory, it is clear that Elizabeth Warren’s message has not been lost on the Democratic field, and that alone is cause for hope as we approach the 2016 election.


10 Replies to “Draft Elizabeth Warren Group ‘Run Warren Run’ Gives Up And Suspends Campaign”

  1. When I read things like this here:

    “For example, Hillary Clinton has sounded a populist tone by using phrases like “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top”, acknowledging the serious problem of income inequality in America.”

    I remember the saying – Hillary is the most unknown well known person on the planet.

    She is awesome and her record is unhuman.

  2. Oh and folks, Hillary was doing all that when Warren was a republican for 50 years.

    I know you have no clue who she is because of the things I read about her here.

    Talk about the real deal – she is it and always was.

  3. warren would make a masterful majority leader in the senate. i think thats the play the dnc wants to do with her, assuming hillary wins. and all the lazy iphoney generation gets off their tweets, and freakin votes! that and latinos, even texas will be in play. nevermind gerrymandering, if all these no shows show, nothing the kochs and their politburo can do.

  4. The DNC would like her as majority leader?

    Any link on earth other than draft Warren?

    The draft Warren president from moveon was initially spouting how Liz led a lifetime of work for people and how Hillary needed to listen to LIZ or become irrelevant.

    How did that work out for him?

    When he was told Liz was republican for 50 years he at first called people liars for informing him.

    Good times…

    Besides Sanders and Brown who in the Senate will even talk to her?

    No-one will even co-sponsor a bill with her this week. The head of the party, Obama, has eviscerated her for years… professional left and Rham’s insult.

    Who is going to want to put her in charge?

  5. Obama taking her down for TPp and for her grandstanding and for her error filled amendment and for her scathing yet error filled screed – all this month, um, no.

    And Hillary’s people are surely watching her antics with a bit of “oh my” surprise.

    Grown ups do not act like that. Leaders do not act like that.

    365,000 people signed her draft Warren petition. A pittance.

  6. Actually, she’d be terrible as majority leader. Besides the lack of parliamentary experience needed, she would have to persuade, moderate, and often change her stances in order to get things done.

  7. I hope this is an opening for Webb to jump in the race. He is the democrat I would be voting for.

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