Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Scott Walker’s Voter Suppression Tactics


A new lawsuit from Hillary Clinton’s legal counsel is taking aim at
Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Party’s efforts to suppress the vote in Wisconsin.

Rick Hansen of the Election Law Blog reported on the complaint:

This lawsuit concerns the most fundamental of rights guaranteed citizens in our representative democracy—the right to vote. That right has been under attack in Wisconsin since Republicans gained control of the governor’s office and both houses of the State Legislature in the 2010 election. Indeed, since 2011, the State of Wisconsin has twice reduced in-person absentee (“early”) voting, introduced restrictions on voter registration, changed its residency requirements, enacted a law that encourages invasive poll monitoring, eliminated straight-ticket voting, eliminated for most (but not all) citizens the option to obtain an absentee ballot by fax or email, and imposed a voter identification (“voter ID”) requirement. These measures were intended to burden, abridge, and deny, and have had and will have the effect of burdening, abridging, and denying, the voting rights of Wisconsinites generally and of African-American, Latino, young, and/or Democratic voters in Wisconsin in particular.

As set forth below, these and the other provisions challenged in this Complaint (the “challenged provisions”) violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, 52 U.S.C. § 10301, and/or the First Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Fifteenth Amendment, and/or the Twenty-Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The challenged provisions should therefore be declared illegal and enjoined.

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign attorney has filed a similar lawsuit in Ohio. These lawsuits are proof that the Clinton team is planning on being very proactive and aggressive in the fight against Republican voter suppression tactics.

It is smart for Clinton’s representation to file these lawsuits instead of the campaign itself. The campaign will still have the option of legal action, and the Justice Department will be very active in protecting voting rights.

Democrats have been on to Republican voter suppression tactics for years, which is one of the main reasons why the laws have not tipped a presidential election to the Republican Party yet.

Any person who has their vote suppressed is one person too many. Scott Walker has been very open about his plan to rig the election in Wisconsin through voter suppression. He is on par with Rick Scott in Florida in terms of willingness to manipulate the composition of the electorate for Republican gain.

Hillary Clinton is already pulling out all of the stops to make sure that every eligible voter gets their vote counted in Wisconsin and Ohio.

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  1. Well a good salvo for Hillary to take up on. Absentee Balloting does seem to work, particularly here in Oregon- results less Republican.

    No wonder Republicans hate it.

  2. Ever since Obama was elected POTUS in 2008, Republican legislators have not even attempted to hide their contempt for the democratic process. In true Machiavellian fashion, they have displayed a willingness to take an ideological dump on the fundamental principles of our democratic right to vote in order to further their political agenda.

    Since Republicans have not been able to garner significant percentages of the votes from key demographic sectors of the electorate, they have opted for a different approach — reduce the number of these citizens who are able to vote.

  3. I moved to Florida a year ago. The first election day here for me was smooth as can be, surprisingly. They had lots of locations in the region (libraries and such) for early voting and there were no lines and lots of help for people who were confused.

    The Presidential years are of course way heavier turnout so they might still, especially with the Bush/Rubio connection be out to play their suppression games.

    In 08 several network TV stations were complicit in voter suppression. They had false information on the scrolling banners for hours after campaigns announced that was a false report. Like always, the devils need to have their tactics nipped.

  4. without voter supression, gerrymandering, and the birch society kochs, and adelson the oligarch, the gop would be nothing but a fringe group of hicks from the sticks. without that huge pile of money, the usa would be in a much better place. note any of the leading gop shills running, only the ones with the koch/adelson backing will get serious consideration.

    more proof the gop.tp are the real enemy of the usa…


  5. I am so glad this is being taken up.The voter suppression is the most important issue of our time.If we don’t fix it we will get the same results we saw in 2014.Thanks for taking action on this.I hope this spreads across this country.People have a right to vote without all the laws that the GOP has passed.

  6. Oh such is the irony in America. Consider that the American Military, sent by the American Government to fight in Iraq for “Regime Change” and falsely claim to be there to remove WMD’s. While there fought and died to allow the Iraqui people the RIGHT TO VOTE! —– And here in this country we have some States with Republican majority and Republican Governors TRYING TO SURPRESS Americans from voting !!!!!!!!!!!! But the pox is on the Republicans, it’s THEIR tactic. They know they can’t win FAIR AND SQUARE so they devise these wicked un-American tactics to tip the scale in their favor. Time to EXPOSE and stop the pathetic antics of Republicans in this country. It’s shameful.

  7. This makes me very hopeful. It is about time something is done about voter suppression. Suppression of votes goes against everything our country is “supposed” to stand for.

  8. There are a number of states suppressing the vote! Those who attempt to threaten our democracy should be held accountable and yes sued!
    This is the same as counting jelly beans in a jar! Thank you Hilary for stepping the game up!

  9. The voters, do not seem to know that their rights are being eroded, until it is too late.

    Those folks on the working trenches, working 2 jobs to support their families, do not sit around pondering the course of the voter rights, nor how it can be prevented.

    And the evil doers, GOP and the Kock brothers know it.

    The local news have tiny information about the local governments and their doings, and people just tired and busy to care.

    So, it is up to the DNC and their local offices to do the standing up for those rights.

  10. The common agreement on this thread is that these voting requirements help Republicans and hurt Democrats. Why does showing an ID card to vote not hurt Republicans as well? Why does it only effect Democratic voting?

  11. I can’t and won’t speak for all Republicans, but I do not know how absentee ballots are issued or governed. (I has always gone to a polling place to vote.) What stops a person from sending in an absentee ballot and then voting on election day, voting twice? How do I know that the absentee ballot has been used by a US citizen?
    The absentee ballot is not as big an issue for me as the idea that voters should have some kind of identification showing they are who they say they are. That seems an obvious good idea to me.

  12. Anyone with in common knowledge knows that the GOP has been rigging the voting system for years! Now of course LILY WHITE republican buffoons like @robert, wanna go into their nonsensical fairly tale world of denials and other BULL$HIT! but that expected from individuals like that! See republicans live in a crafted, FAKE bubble, and ONE of the architects of this RACIST bubble was former republican strategist LEE ATWATER!! he laid out the GOP’s racist tactics PERFECTLY!! I challenge ANY republican to listen to his meetings!! I’ve listened to his speeches for myself! I’ve listened to him call black people , NIGG#RS!!! I’ve listened to him tell GOP politicians to substitute the word NIGG#R with WELFARE- BUSING DESEGREGATION- LAZY- MOOCHERS!, it’s ALL there! it’s on tape, but we all know our resident republican TROLLS don’t want to acknowledge their good ole boy, LEE ATWATER!

  13. Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking up this issue in a meaningful way. Now please do something about making discrimination of any kind, including lgbt, against the law. And while your doing that, start in on these abortion restrictions and decreasing access to abortions. Wisconsin is the worst with Walker trying to require transvaginal ultra sounds! Walker thinks women should be glad and ultra sounds on a woman are cool! Then turn your energy to a state like Wisconsin that just eliminated ALL research for alternative energy, that was just after UW Wisconsin filed its 100th patent! While that’s all going on, I want you to figure out what to do about education and the effort to privatize. Thanks Hillary, and when that as all happened, start in on campaign funding and Wall street and minimum wage, oh, and don’t forget to go after those that vilify and shame the poor! Thanks Hillary Clinton.

  14. BTW @Djchechron, with all due respect, why do you allow @robert, to post his irrational comments here? theres ZERO value to this individual being here, I personally don’t mind different opinions, in fact like most people here, we enjoy differing opinions, but @robert, isn’t supplying any of value, he’s just screeching out sarcastic insults in a juvenile way to get attention. BTW conservatives sites don’t allow ANY different voices! I guarantee you I’m not alone in my statement about @robert.

  15. This past election in Florida the voting machines went down for 2 1/2 hours election morning in Broward County. Broward is a highly populated, heavily Democratic area. Broward County petitioned to have the polls stay open two and a half hours later to compensate for it. They were refused and Rick Scott won by less than one percent of the vote or around 59,000 Votes.
    I call that voter suppression.

  16. A very simple question for Republicans. If everyone were allowed to vote, with no restrictions, who do you think would win?

  17. Are you serious Robert or just a troll?
    Remember you REGISTER to vote soo that means when you either send in an absentee ballot or go to the polling place somebody checks to see if you are a registered voter and if you have already voted.
    There aren’t in “yeah but’s” on this one!

  18. WHY do I have such utter contempt for the average republicans??? ZERO understanding of political history! ZERO! voter suppression has been been apart of american history since DAY ONE!, EVER heard of a POLL TAX?, BTW, women didn’t get to vote till Aug, 18th 1920! Hell, african american MEN got the right to vote before WOMEN did! Do you know where the term “GRANDFATHERED IN” came from? that came from southern politicians who wanted to keep blacks from voting, so the tactic they used was to say, ONLY people who’s GRANDFATHERS who could vote were allowed to vote today! that started in 1889 till around 1918?? I believe. and before our resident republicans TROLLS chime in with their FUX NEWS talking points! YES! there were racist democrats back in the 1800’s HELL the 1900’s too! they were mostly DIXIECRATS, but what the typically republican LOVES to conveniently FORGET! is JFK and LBJ HELPED to start the CIVIL RIGHTS movement in the 1960’s, how forgetful our republicans are!

  19. WHY do I have such utter contempt for the average republicans???

    I’m guessing: that because when a Republican Politician is accused of something- the average Republican gets their nose out of joint in defending aforesaid politician;
    But when a Democrat or non-Republican has the same thing happen to them- everything that the Average Republican demands for one of their own- goes out the window…?

  20. Why? Voter id has been required in many state yet very few cases of actual voter fraud has been found.

    “…since 2000, more than a billion ballots have been cast in the United States and there have been just 31 credible incidents of voter fraud.”


    Many people do not have driver’s licenses, many people are unable to get to a site where they can obtain a valid state id. On top of that, many are working poor that cannot take time off work to get that required id. AND both Ids require money to be obtained. AND the state makes out like a bandit getting money for granting these people the “privilege” to vote.

    Whats wrong with this sentence;

    “(I has always gone to a polling place to vote.)”

  21. Knight: You are accusing ME of:

    “…screeching out sarcastic insults in a juvenile way to get attention.”

    You…are accusing me…. of that.

    Knight, I think you have come down with the bird flu. You know you have the bird flu when you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror…and attack your reflection.

  22. What stops a person from sending in an absentee ballot and then voting on election day, voting twice?
    Elections Officials. When called upon, they double check to insure a person who has already voted by mail is marked as such.

    How do I know that the absentee ballot has been used by a US citizen?
    Once again- Elections Officials.


    Out of 15 million votes since 2000 (article is 2010), 9 prosecutions.


    Meaning that Oregon Voter Fraud does occur, but not enough to be significant.

  23. Patricia R.
    First off, it’s a weak attack to go after me because my brain is faster than my fingers sometimes and I leave typos on my posts. Your post said “state” when it should have said “states” and you didn’t use the contraction on “its” but THAT’S OK! I still know you are a smart person.
    I believe that voting is very important and people should invest a small amount of time, effort and maybe even a little money to make the decisions that affect all of us.
    Those standards imposed by the states are valid for both republicans and democrats, so what is the problem?

  24. Republicans are on meth
    Republicans hoping to get more than six percent of the black vote in 2016
    Quite a goal: “Maybe we can hit 12 percent again!” Of course, the real Republican strategy for keeping African-American votes from going to Democrats is less about winning over black voters and more about suppressing their vote to begin with, a pattern that perhaps the voters targeted by suppression efforts have noticed and gotten pissed about.

  25. Hillary Clinton is already pulling out all of the stops to make sure that every eligible voter gets their vote counted

    Well, with 2 major media polls over the last 24 hours showing HRC’s favorability rating in negative territory, she has to do something other than avoid the press.

  26. Did they called you because they didn’t speak to me and could you post the cross tabs of these polls to see who they called

  27. The “Problem” Robert, as you are quite well aware- is that time and again, Republicans can be counted on to set up voting rules to disenfranchise folks from voting.

    And as to your brain running faster- show some patience, and review/edit your work before hitting the post comment button.

    Failure to do so indicates that you’re desperate.

  28. I’ll point out that Clinton still has a commanding lead in the Democratic primary race and still beats every Republican challenger CNN polled her against.
    A commanding lead over Bernie and O’Malley isn’t an accomplishment. HRC is still basically the only game in town. And a few Pubs are getting within the margin of error.
    Her history also shows that the more voters see of her, the worse she does.
    Her strategists better come up with something besides battling voter ID.

  29. That is national – all voters – not just among dems. It doesn’t translate to less voters for her or less support among dems.

    Her likely voters have increased.

    The positives are higher than anyone. She is only lower than her own old numbers among others NOT DemS.

    A lot of news sites are covering it because it is a slow news day?

    The media today reminds me of the time in 08 when she was at odds with the bad boys who were in collusion… And she walked up to the media bus, climbed in, handed them a bag of bagels, smiled and gave them all piercing eye treatment and left.

    They joked they were relieved she left.

    They just want more bagels….

  30. Charlie, your answer is above.. I am on a tiny screen right now and clicked the wrong message.

    The one about the media and bagels.

  31. The only American Taliban in the margin of error is Mr. stay thirsty Rubio and if you think you racist will elect him then I want some of what you are smoking

  32. The CNN/ORC poll uses adults for their head to head match-ups, not registered voters. Don’t like those but even so, they show 3 Republicans within the MOE with Clinton (Paul, Rubio, and Walker). The WAPO/ABC poll uses registered voters – I like those better – but only displays one head to head match-up, Bush vs. Clinton, with Clinton leading by 3. Don’t know why they wouldn’t show other match-ups, especially with such a wide open Republican field.
    Well…I can think of one reason…nah, nevermind.

  33. On the big screen now. Went and looked at the CNN poll and it is goofy. First of all it has Biden at 14% and Bernie at 10% which is the opposite of the other polls that came out recently with Bernie at 14% and Biden at 9% or so.

    Second, she is number one choice for 60% of voters.

    They asked if more or less likely to vote for Bush based on his brother and 56% said it was not a good thing to be related. ha ha.. no kidding?

    The 1000 people were asked mountains of detailed questions about emails and beghazi and everything under the sun.

    This poll was not a short one, for sure. They polled on tons of questions about Bill Clinton and all kinds of opinions.

    Too Much Information for the average guy who picks up his phone. WAY TOO LONG.

    On the CNN side of it – 44% thought the Rs have gone too far about Benghazi investigations. On the Pew side of it— only 36% thought the Rs went too far!

    So their polls were 10% off on the same question?

  34. All I see is Sec.Clinton polling at 60% at the clowns the most they can do is 15%. Now I don’t know WTF you can learn from a poll that ask 240 people but I am quite sure you will tell us

  35. Don’t go getting all sewious and fwowny on me. ….just having some fun with you, dj.
    I’m getting off the computer now to go get into some REAL trouble.

    See ya later.

  36. Easy. Democrats. Over 100 million people in this country are on welfare, disability, food stamps, medicare, medicade, some form of public assistance or another. There is a report that 25% of the Mexican population now lives in this country.
    Will people vote for the party that promises them the most free stuff? Every time.

  37. And you say Repubs are INTOLERANT ! Liberals are FOR free speech as long as it agrees with their ideology. NOBODY is more HATEFUL on this site than you !!

  38. Robert, We know Dems are against voter ID so illegals can vote, so voters can cast more than one vote, and dead people can vote.

  39. And once again you demonstrate your lack of knowledge Specialk.

    Free Speech as enshrined in the Constitution means that the Government cannot be used to keep someone from making an ass of himself.

    And you have not been prevented from that right one iota.

    A difference of opinion is not intolerance to free speech.

    Fail Yet Again Specialk.

  40. It is particularly telling that Specialk gets huffy about illegals…when it’s obvious he’s really getting huffy about Democrats votes being counted.

  41. We ain’t seen nothing yet of The Bright/Positive Vision H> Will Paint For America.

    The GOP Vision is only for taking us Back…
    To The Dark Ages!

  42. Here we go with the LILY WHITE republican BULL$HIT! TOLERANT?? NO! @jimmky! NOT your definition of tolerant!, See your definition of tolerant is, YOU bring your pasty face here and insult people directly or on the sly! and we’re suppose to talk to you with some type of reverence!, FU#K YOU! I’m sick and damn tired of sleazy A$S OLD AS$ INTERNET BULLIES trying to run EVERYTHING they touch!, BIT#H! if I won’t let some pasty face A-HOLE intimidate me FACE TO FACE in PERSON, I’m definitely not going to allow some trailer TRASH REDNECK POS try to run your KKK nonsense on the internet. You FREAKS are pathetic!, was that TOLERANT enough for you @jimmyk? and that goes for your girlfriend @roberta too


    2 different CNN Polls with one other org each, and a ABC/WaPO so it is 5 different pollsters. They are trying to narrow down repubs – to toss out for debates.

    Biden did gain and Bernie lost. (Before Beau passed not related to sympathy.)

    Biden jumped to 14 and Bernie was at 10 in both. Biden and Bernie now tie: 10.8 avg.

    Hillary: since the start I have looked at the male vs female voter and it is exactly the same everytime. 62% men, 62% women.

    Bernie does better with white males.
    Biden does better non-white and female.

    These polls all asked all those scandal questions too…. blah blah blah. The Rs are 80 percent convinced there is something to it all. Poor things.

  44. knight, well you might be onto something. They object to gayness being equal because they are ashamed of their secret longings.

  45. The voter suppression issue has been around since at least the 2000 election.

    How do you think Bush STOLE the election, err “was elected” and the voter discrepancy happened in Florida where Jeb was governor and the AG was Katherine Harris a republican ???

    Bush was APPOINTED president
    Ford was our only APPOINTED/ELECTED VP and our only APPOINTED/UNELECTED president
    he was APPOINTED by Nixon and you know that story

    both times, of course, they were REPUBLICANS.

    I don’t recall any democrat president not being elected into office, except for the 2 VP’s who become president because the president died. Truman and Johnson are the VP’s.

  46. Then when she does it, when I do it, when anyone does it- they’re getting desperate.

    Now- who does it most often?

  47. Voter ID’s are a solution for a statistically insignificant problem.

    An expensive one, a sort of Poll Tax for those without a bankroll.

    Specialk- suck my…

  48. There are a couple of problems with the “required ID” model for voting:

    – Firstly, the nature of what constitutes “Acceptable” I.D.; for example, in Texas, a gun license is acceptable, such as a ccw permit etc. whereas a student I.D. or drivers license is not. Effectively, by prioritising what constitutes “real” I.D., control of who can and can’t vote is in the hands of those who make the decision, and this can – and will – skew the composition of voters.
    – Secondly, and most importantly, it isn’t Constitutional. That, in and of itself, should be enough of an argument to rule out such impositions. Registration should be more than enough.

  49. It’s not only voter suppression. It is evil, corrupt, hypocrite and illegal! Let’s give ’em a good run for their money this time. They make a mockery out of us, laugh behind our backs, think we’re either dumb or stupid…I’m ready! Let’s show them time we are going big time, pulling out all the strings and they’re done with fooling us, corrupting each other, frauding and child molesting, paid call girls! We have had it and we’re not taking it any longer from the GOP!!! DO IT!!

  50. “Ever since Obama was elected POTUS in 2008, Republican legislators have not even attempted to hide their contempt for the democratic process.”

    It goes back further than that. Ever hear a Conservative utter the phrase ‘this is a republic; not a democracy!’?

    [A phrase which, BTW, displays a stunning amount of ignorance about systems of governance. The definition of a republic is “not a monarchy”. That’s it. North Korea is a republic; the UK isn’t.]

    Full disclosure time: I am one that believes the move towards greater democracy has not always been a good thing. Encouraging everyone to vote; yes. I even favor allowing children over the age of ten to have a fraction of a vote.

    But I think making the Senate a democratic institution (via Constitutional amendment back in 1912) was a mistake. The House needs to become more robustly democratic (we should expand membership in the House from the current 435 to somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 members), but the Senate should be f…

  51. His goal is to rile everybody up because he gets his jolly’s off it. His goal is to focus so closely on one small part of a story to try to distract everyone from the entire issue. His goal is to be able to brag to all his fellow wackadoodles that he sure annihilated us. In other words, trolls gotta troll.

  52. It’s great that Hillary, campaign or personally, is challenging voter suppression laws & practices. A lot of Dems were angry with John Kerry for not fighting (or so it appeared) to win Ohio, so this is a good change of direction. A lot of voters want someone to fight for them!

    It’s not always about big gov’t programs and money. But, leadership, that’s important.

  53. …and let’s not forget that voter suppression is unconstitutional according to Amendment XV which reads as follows:

    “Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude.

    “Section 2: The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

    I have yet to hear anyone state this is unconstitutional.

    I’m willing to wager that if it was a Democratic situation, the tea party republicans would put up a stink! So, where are the Dems?

    At this time, Congress does nothing to stop this because it’s in THEIR interest — less voters who would ordinarily vote Democrat.

    Does not the DOJ have a say in this?

  54. From the NY Times corrections on the above and more information on suppression fight by the Clinton camp.

    Hillary began working on it last year with staff and the filed a suit against North Carolina. Then, as above WI and Oh recently. Next they will file in Gerogia, and in NV and VA. Battleground states is understandable, considering also all the downticket dems benefit too. The surprise is they think (Bill won) Georgia red state is in play.

    She will speak (award ceremony for her) at Texas Southern U on suppression and voting rights act and these cases this week.

    She isn’t counting on voter registration drives from dem volunteers alone, but is trying to maximize that every vote counts.


  55. In-Person Voter Fraud Is Virtually Nonexistent, Federal Judge Rules Posted: 04/29/2014
    WASHINGTON — Trying to crack down on in-person voter fraud isn’t a strong enough justification for Wisconsin’s voter ID law, a federal judge ruled Tuesday, because voter impersonation virtually never occurs now and is unlikely to become a real problem in the future. “The evidence at trial established that virtually no voter impersonation occurs in Wisconsin,” Adelman ruled in Frank v. Walker. “The defendants could not point to a single instance of known voter impersonation occurring in Wisconsin at any time in the recent past
    We already have a voter I D it is called you voter registration card and your signature affirming that it is you voting. Why do we need MORE added I D?? If you utter the words voter fraud,,then back up the claim of this crime that you CLAI…

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