Obama Drops A Veto Bomb On GOP By Threatening To Veto Every Bill That Uses Sequester Cuts

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The White House made it clear that President Obama wants the sequester cuts gone by threatening to veto every appropriations bill that uses sequester cuts to establish funding levels.

Via a Statement of Administration Policy:

The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 2578, making appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016, and for other purposes. The bill drastically underfunds critical investments in research and development that are key to advancing U.S. economic competitiveness and reducing taxpayer costs for securing essential weather satellite data and conducting an effective 2020 census. It also severely underfunds State and local criminal justice assistance that helps ensure the safety and well-being of individuals and communities, and underfunds programs that would increase the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement, expand training, provide much-needed police department reform, and multiply the number of cities where the Department of Justice facilitates community and local law enforcement engagement. It also cuts support for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program that will help end our reliance on Russia for transporting astronauts, critical space technology investments that will help pave the path to reaching Mars, and earth science research that is helping us understand how our climate is changing and how to respond to earthquakes, droughts, and severe weather events. Furthermore, the legislation includes highly objectionable provisions, including provisions that continue unwarranted restrictions regarding detainees held at Guantanamo Bay that will undermine our national security, severely inhibit efforts to combat illegal gun trafficking, and put in place non-germane foreign policy restrictions related to Cuba. If the President were presented with H.R. 2578, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.

Enacting H.R. 2578 and adhering to the congressional Republican budget’s overall spending limits for fiscal year (FY) 2016 would hurt our economy and shortchange investments in middle-class priorities. Sequestration was never intended to take effect: rather, it was supposed to threaten such drastic cuts to both defense and non-defense funding that policymakers would be motivated to come to the table and reduce the deficit through smart, balanced reforms. The Republican framework would bring base discretionary funding for both non-defense and defense for FY 2016 to the lowest real levels in a decade. Compared to the President’s Budget, the cuts would result in tens of thousands of the Nation’s most vulnerable children losing access to Head Start, more than two million fewer workers receiving job training and employment services, and thousands fewer scientific and medical research awards and grants, along with other impacts that would hurt the economy, the middle class, and Americans working hard to reach the middle class.

Sequestration funding levels would also put our national security at unnecessary risk, not only through pressures on defense spending, but also through pressures on State, USAID, Homeland Security, and other non-defense programs that help keep us safe. More broadly, the strength of our economy and the security of our Nation are linked. That is why the President has been clear that he is not willing to lock in sequestration going forward, nor will he accept fixes to defense without also fixing non-defense.

The President’s senior advisors would recommend that he veto H.R. 2578 and any other legislation that implements the current Republican budget framework, which blocks the investments needed for our economy to compete in the future. The Administration looks forward to working with the Congress to reverse sequestration for defense and non-defense priorities and offset the cost with commonsense spending and tax expenditure cuts, as Members of Congress from both parties have urged.

Congressional Republicans have been trying to keep sequester cuts in place for programs that help ordinary Americans while trying to weasel out of the sequester level cuts for the Pentagon. Republicans have been in a panic for months over the potential of defense sequester cuts, but they have no problem with kicking tens of thousands of kids off of Head Start.

The appropriations battle between the President and Congress will come to a head soon. Republicans can’t pass their largely unpopular agenda through the legislative process in Congress, so they are trying to attach it to the appropriations process, but they have run into a White House brick wall as President Obama isn’t budging and has no incentive to yield to the Republican demands.-

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  1. Except both sides agreed to the framework, and then the GOP decided to change the rules, and only allow social spending cuts, which you’ve conveniently ignored, to make your cherry-picked case. Just like a conservative.

  2. Yep @Cennis05, @robert, is still here, QUESTION, if any of us , went to a conservative site acting like @robert, how long would we last? ONE post?? I want this individual banned! Now on to important matters, president Obama has been dealing with terrorist since january 2008! so what else is new?? I know something about Barrack’s background, his upbringing! and I fall out LAUGHING when LILY WHITE republicans scream, he’s ONLY cares about black people! NO, Obama cares about EVERYONE! Obama knows full well, he didn’t get to be senator, then president by playing favorites with black people! the GOPs WHITE establishment has tried it’s best to destroy him! and it very rarely works! NOTE to GOP, american is changing! your base of OLD southern racist are dying out! it’s not the 1950’s anymore! come join us GOP, join the 21st century!

  3. It really is about time to take this “wild card” away from GOP/Conservatives for simple missuse and abuse. They only it used it intially for fear, tax cuts and voodoo economics (aka Enron)and secretly starting wars and division under the guise of America going broke (we still can fund wars, tax cuts and political campaigns though). However we have seen a new crop of million and billionaires pop up (guess who benefitted). The new sequester methodology is for killing job programs, infrastructure funds and social methods to help tax payers that truly need much support from their mandated taxes that they have been sent to our nations government body to help the nation for the intended purposes.

  4. No Robert! This is what happens when one party consistently steals rights and freedoms from the American people and stands in the way of progress and ONLY does it because Obama is black! This is what happens when “WE the People” get sick and friggin’ tired of the idiocy and hatred from YOUR SIDE!! So Robert…Go screw your self!!!

  5. And I see not one Conservative has condemned Lepage. But if Obama does the exact same thing- screams of outrage will resound coast to coast.

    Your typical Republican Double Standard.

  6. Just proves to the world that Liberal blogs are FAR more tolerant and accepting of Conservatives than any RW/Conservative blog is of Liberals/Progressives.

    How long would the opinion of a Liberal/Progressive last on a RW/Conservative board? Ten seconds if that?

    Kudos to PoliticusUSA for showing Liberals are better at preserving and protecting free speech for all than any RW/Conservative is ever capable of. “Robert” still being here is proof of that.

  7. I don’t mind Robert and Erica and the other conservatives posting their crap here. It is fun and so fulfilling to shut down their idiocy and Fox News logic with TRUTH!! FACTS!! and REALITY!! things they cannot fathom. It’s too easy! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

  8. O.T.: Can anyone of the Administrators tell me why I haven’t had the post voting buttons for the past three days? Strangely, I have it on my iPhone when I look up PoliticusUSA but they don’t show when I’m on my desktop.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. And anything that you can produce to prove how wrong they are- they automatically label it as “liberal media’. Never mind the fact that reality does indeed have a liberal bias.

  10. “There ya go! Taking a page from the governor of Maine… Do it my way or I’ll veto everything.”

    Robert, you know better. A two sentence gloss doesn’t begin to address the issues presented. If you want to play devil’s advocate speak to the issues.

    Obama isn’t vetoing “everything”, just those appropriation bills that maintain the ridiculous sequester for everything but the military. If the gopers want to cut spending, then stop changing the rules in favor of military spending and gutting every other needed program. That is the gist of the threatened veto.

  11. Correction- not the exact same thing. Obama will not be vetoing everything, just any poison pill legislation that Republicans are so very damned good at creating.

    Stuff it Robert.

  12. No, you should have said do it the Republicans way or get nothing done, just like they have done since he has been in office. Veto it, I have family that will be attending some of these programs like headstart. Republicans have had it their way too long. USE YOUR PEN POTUS!!

  13. All you have to do to cut 10’s of thousands out of Head Start is to make proof of US citizenship a requirement for enrollment. I work for Head Start and you can not even ask. 3/4 of our programs kids are illegally here. The parents are very forth coming when we do home visits. They are classified low income because they don’t report the income they make because it is all under the table or on someone else’s ss number.

  14. First I would like to say that is because the most of the folks here are like you. Don’t resort to name calling and are willing to debate as long as it stays cordial. So thank you for that. But there are many other places where its not as polite that are left and “progressive” ( I don’t think progress is made with being a rude ass hat.)On the other hand there are conservative sites that will do the same things. Either rude or polite and willing to debate.
    Basically you just have to look until you find a place that feels right.
    Have a nice day.

  15. In one short paragraph you’ve outlined one of the best reasons for immigration reform.
    We ought to provide some sort of path to citizenship so that “those people” have equal opportunity and equal responsibility for this country in which they are living.

    Thank you for your insight! Perhaps you could convince others who think as you do? Those “others” would appreciate your efforts.

  16. I concur.

    But Businesses and Republicans don’t want any kind of immigration reform- because if immigration was ‘reformed’ immigrant workers would: A)be recognized as such- and as such they’d be required to pay them something decent and B) protect them from so many harmful chemicals.

  17. I have a modest request for you billybones…

    if you would, be so kind…as to post some of them there hyperlinks to such open-minded conservatives sites whom would be delighted to debate with calm rational people?

    Pretty Please?

  18. I appreciate the Statement of Administration Policy and strongly agree with the White House reasoning on this particular veto threat. But I hope the President is serious about this, and willing to follow through with his veto pen.

  19. Really, BB? Because that would be awesome! I’d love to visit a GOPT site that posted soundly researched articles from their point of view and engage in civil discourse with the commenters. I LOVE learning and welcome their reasoned arguments.

    So please give us links to these places because I’ve been looking for them for years now.

  20. What about responding to all of his comments with this: “This is Robert. Robert is a troll. Do not feed the troll.” If everyone simply left that after every trolly comment he made, he’d eventually go away. [wink}

    Remember, it’s the attention he craves.

  21. @SunnyDay, I hear ya, but this @robert TROLL is different, he’s here 12 to 16 HOURS everyday! trust me, TROLLS don’t usually bother me, because I enjoy bashing them but this TROLL is on a mission, I truly believe he’s apart of a handful of republicans trying to disrupt this site. Have you noticed how hateful, racist and vile these are? republicans are very mean spirited people! trust me! I know from first hand experience.

  22. Oh, I hear ya, Knight. I’m far from above it all, even for my own tastes. Have you seen me taking on the DA’s on the Duggar threads? *chuckles softly* No, I get angry and go off too.

    My suggestion was really just an effort to lower some blood pressure, my own included. I have, however, been calling out his comment-jacking lately. He’s been quite a study on their tactics. When I see the game, I will shine a light on the game. I love this site and will fight for it and its commenters.

  23. That’s right, Robert… You have the right idea.

    Flush the republican party. The same way we’ve been flushing Rush and that’s been a quite successful campaign as you well know. Rush can’t keep up and is losing so many advertisers he is hanging on by the skin of his yellow teeth.

    Flush the GOP. A new slogan. A new meme. Flush the GOP right down into the sewer where it belongs. A new way of looking at the demise of the republican party.

    Thank you for the idea and every time I see you on this blog, I will remind you: Flush the GOP.

    Flush, indeed.


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