Despicable Fox News Gives The Duggars A Primetime Special To Cover Up Child Molestation


Fox News has managed to go even lower than giving Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a favorable interview. The network is giving the Duggars an hour-long primetime special to explain away why they covered up their son’s child molestation crimes.


Fox’s Megyn Kelly made it very clear that she planned to softball the Duggars in an interview that will air at 9 PM ET on Wednesday.



On Monday, Kelly said, “I’ll take that reputation as a tough but fair journalist. However, this isn’t going to be a cross-examination of a family. It’s going to be an interview. I want to hear their story. And I think America wants to hear their story now.”


Kelly followed up her admission that the interview was going to be a Duggar rehab job by running a segment on Tuesday’s programming asking whether the police chief who released Josh Duggar’s arrest record should be fired.



Fox News isn’t going to be satisfied with giving Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a platform to explain away child molestation. Fox is giving the Duggars an hour-long primetime special from their home in Arkansas to try to whitewash away the scandal. The Washington Post reported, “A portion of that interview with Megyn Kelly will air Wednesday evening with a one-hour special scheduled for broadcast Friday.”

Fox News has gone beyond being the home for brainwashing Republican misinformation and transitioned into a becoming a network that defends a child molester and his abuse covering up parents. Megyn Kelly and Fox News are going to allow the Duggars to play the victims. Forget about the little girls, that Josh Duggar molested. The real victims are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar because their television show has been taken off the air.

Be prepared for lots of liberal blaming and self-pity from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The Duggars covered up their son’s crimes by not going to the police, but to a state trooper family friend who was later sentenced to fifty-six years in prison on child pornography charges. Instead of holding the Duggars accountable for why they didn’t stop their son from molesting children, Fox News is going to portray the Duggars as heroes who have been persecuted by liberals and the media.

Fox News is happily playing a role in helping the Duggars minimize the sexual abuse of children, which is why Fox News is just as repulsive as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The Duggars are trying to keep 19 Kids and Counting on the air. You can tell TLC to cancel the show by signing our petition.

39 Replies to “Despicable Fox News Gives The Duggars A Primetime Special To Cover Up Child Molestation”

  1. So now that we know the youngest victim was FIVE, just how are they going to pray this away? Frankly, you couldn’t pay me to watch this criminally insane family.

  2. Ok all of you self anointed “Real Americans” who watch Fox News!! YOUR favorite “News” channel who repeatedly denigrates the rest of this nation for PROFIT! Is now profiting from and CONDONING Child Molestation! But what can you expect from the same people who call the admitted pederast Ted Nugent a “Great American” But as usual you will claim through spittle covered lips that this is all “A Liberal Plot” YOU Fox News and EVERY VIEWER Are by association Child Molesters and incestuous pigs!

  3. Right wing white people are disgusting. How the hell can you defend child molestation but when unarmed black males are gun down you rejoice in their deaths.

  4. Hey Kelly, I know their story. The parents covered up the crimes of their pedophile son to save their reputation, tossed their daughters to the wind, and then cashed in thinking it would never see the light of day. Now that it has, they are going on your network and show to do damage control and you are nothing more than a pedophile enabler allowing it to happen.

  5. The sad part is that, this family IS a role model for other scamming artists who are “collecting” unwanted children, to help them qualify for additional food stamps, subsidized housing, free clothing.

    And since they are busy taking care of the children, the young adults “parents” do not have jobs outside the home, therefore staying home and creating the child abuse sunami we hear about, when it is too late.

    CPS has lost much of their funding and do not have sufficient personnel to check on these situations.

  6. Of course, part and parcel of why Pox News is giving free air-time to these pedophile enablers is the fact that the Duggars have been photographed with just about every Republican Candidate…

    I’ve noticed that no Duggar apologist has mentioned the very real possibility that the reason Josh got away with it for so long: That there were more kids in that household than they could safely handle.

  7. So she’s pissed that his records were released, but when Treyvon Martin had photos and school conduct reports released, that was okay? Good grief, the racism is strong with this one.

  8. Why does the Reichwing salivate over child molesters?

    Not a rhetorical question…

  9. This is going to back fire big time. Both the family and fux will be repudiated. The more this garbage is kept on the national news, the more parents with children will be sickened by the spectacle. TLC might as well kill the whole mess. Everyone involved in this crap is in a lose-lose situation.

  10. Because djchefron it’s the Conservative Christian American thing to do! These people are quite literally Trash Human Beings! I am surrounded by them here in Lancaster, Ohio. They are craven little cowards that’s why the carry a Bible and a gun.

  11. OK, an hour for these jackasses to defend their son’s heinous crimes?

    You can’t defend what he did. You just can’t… No length of time on Fox News or whining, bitching and/or moaning about the ‘evul librul media’ is going to change the fact that the son violated five of his fellow sisters.

    Plus, I already have plans with Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Go Tampa!

  12. The Reichwing doctrine is premised on voe victis. The weak exist for the strong to use and violate.

  13. The far right reflexively take the opposite position on every issue that liberals advocate. If Jim Bob Duggar had raped his own daughters, and the liberal media had condemned him for it, Fox and the right would still defend him and try to make him the victim somehow. They would say he was forgiven, so we should forgive him, too. They have allowed their warped religious beliefs to excuse even the sickest perverts. Their entire ideology is abominable.

  14. They’re obsessed with peoples’ sex lives and want more submissive women. These people are sick. My grandma had 17 children and NEVER acted like a doormat and no molestation(they were real Christians, not the phony, greed-driven tv kind).

  15. We can just about guarantee…..

    If this was the son of a Democratic State Legislator who had the record court-sealed, after receiving counseling (not pray the desire away) and had not re-offended by age 21, then Faux would be screaming about the public “right to know” to protect their children from a predator.

  16. Absolutely-the right wing wackos never pass up the opportunity to be major hypocrites. They live by the despicable mantra- “never apologize and never compromise”. Always blame the left, no matter what they do wrong.

  17. Do these people literally carry a Bible and a gun Joseph? I just can not bring those two examples together? Christ taught peace, kindness, and love of your neighbors. Does their pastor have a gun on the podium? If anyone came to my door with a gun and a Bible, I’d slam the door shut on them fast. These are NOT Christian examples. These are Not CHRISTIANS! These are, right wing rabble rousers, looking to rule!

  18. There’s a new and even more detailed police report now online (also dug up by In Touch Weekly through a freedom-of-information request). Story and police report are here.

  19. Nope. Just what I picked up from medical dictionaries, law classes, and the dirtier verses of the Carmina Catulli.

  20. Please don’t. She already put in an appearance on the Zimmerman thread. I can feature that for the editing of Ms Pink Ruffles, I’ll be tattled on to Google again. Her sort very much believes in Tyranny by Tantrum.

  21. Effing sick! After a few years in an institution, a couple years in the gp of prison probably wouldn’t hurt. And then there’s Huckabee who says its OK because this criminal spoke to god, and even him Huckabee making statements about would be nice if he identified as female so he could go to the girls bathroom in hs. What kind of effing sick perverts there are in the GOP who are running for president?

  22. “Tyranny through Tantrum” Like every other three year old.

    OT, but that would make a good band name. [wink]

  23. Open mouth, insert foot….hope the prosecutor is smart enough to use this at trial. Just admitted he knew the victim was underage.


  24. Keep talking Momma & Papa Duggars.

    The more you say about who/what/when/where/why and how you evaded the police, the more nails you dig into your own coffins.

    Please proceed Duggars.

  25. lets be clear here righties. about a year ago fox news had around 2 million viewers. now they have less than half of that and the young folks are leaving fox news in droves. despite the delusions from righties, one million rightwing whackos does not represent a nation of over 300 million. not even close. America has had enough of the rightwing hate.

  26. I watched as much of the interview that I could stomach. They are truly brainwashed, despicable people.

  27. They aren’t even brainwashed,they do this willingly to reap the Monetery rewards. The children are raised to be “takers”. Now they want a show with the girls and their husbands who were married recently. Do they work or just lay around and pro create all day. None have actual jobs but live off this show. It’s all a gimmick. Sad that so many people believe them. Any future shows with them should be cancelled. If they think that it’s ok to have a son molest their own daughters then who knows what else they accept as normal. There are a lot more skeletons in their closets.

  28. Kmomm4kids I can’t figure out who makes me want to barf more, the Duggers or Ted Cruz. Then on second thought there is the whole rethug party. All need a very good cleaning of mind and thought. Or perhaps they should just begin to live the life, taught and lived by,(christ) they SAY they believe in?

  29. You have to wonder if this is why Josh and Anna were banished to the wilds of Washington DC. Maybe ma and pa had an idea this was coming and they wanted to distance him from the family. I always thought it was strange that this kid with no formal education got such a high level postion in DC. Wonder what he is going to now???

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