Fox News Interview Backfires Instead Shows Why Duggars Should Never Be Allowed Back On TV

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The Duggars interview on Fox News backfired. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar showed no remorse, claimed that they were victims of the police and media, and revealed to the world why they should never be allowed back on television.

The interview intro featured Megyn Kelly referring to Josh Duggar’s admitted child molestation as “allegations.” Megyn Kelly’s intro sounded like it came directly from the Duggars agent.

The interview began with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar repeating their press release. The Duggar parents said that they were devastated. Jim Bob said that Josh was just curious about girls, and the girls didn’t even know that he did it. (Jim Bob and Michelle are working hard to whitewash their son’s crimes.) Jim Bob said, “Looking back, we did the best we could under the circumstances.” The Duggars claimed that this happens in a lot parents’ homes. Jim Bob said, “Again, this is not rape or something like that.”

Jim Bob Duggar claimed that they didn’t send their molesting son for real help, because real programs don’t have a good success rate. Jim Bob hinted that God cured Josh Duggar’s habit of molesting his sisters, Michelle Duggar said that her son knew in his heart it was wrong.

Megyn Kelly’s “tough questions” involve asking a lot of, ‘what was that like for you?’ Job Bob repeated that Christian based non-professional counseling turned his molester son’s life around.

Michelle Duggar was asked if she feared for the safety of her daughters, and she answered that they put safeguards in place, but she expressed no fear for her daughters. Jim Bob Duggar admitted that they didn’t try to protect their daughters as much as, “Josh’s heart went astray.” Jim Bob tried to explain it away again by saying that none of the girls knew about it or understood what he had done. Duggar was claiming that Josh Duggar’s child molestation was a victimless crime.

In the next segment, the Duggars denied that they covered up their son’s crimes. Jim Bob said that the selection of the trooper was random. The Duggars said that the child pornography convicted cop put the fear of God into Josh. The Duggar parents said that Josh Duggar and all of their kids received professional counseling.

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Jim Bob Duggar claimed that his family had nothing to hide by the time the TLC show began. Jim Bob said that God has forgiven Josh Duggar, and then the Fox News witch hunt against the police chief who leaked the report began. The Duggars speculated that the chief was bribed. The Duggars said that they want to be advocated for protecting juvenile records. The Duggars claimed that they are the victims in the situation because the sealed Josh Duggar police report was leaked. Jim Bob Duggar quoted Mike Huckabee saying that Josh should be forgiven.

If this interview was intended to get the Duggars their television show back, it backfired. In the entire hour, there was no apology from the Duggars who denied that there is any hypocrisy in their behavior. Michelle Duggar claimed that there is an agenda, and Josh Duggar’s actions are being twisted to hurt and slander the family.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar showed no remorse and argued for the rest of the family not being punished for what Josh did. It is obvious that TLC and the Duggars are working together, and this interview was designed to get them back on television, whether it be as 19 Kids and Counting or a spinoff.

The Duggars claimed that they were victimized by the police, and their trust was betrayed.

Fox News thought they were helping to save the Duggars, but in reality, they did the public a favor by showing the world why this family should not be allowed on national television. The Duggars think that they are the victims, which is why this twisted family should never be on television again.

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  1. Why is the liberal media focused on the five little girls Josh ALLEGEDLY molested? We should instead focus on all the little girls he DIDN’T molest. – Roger Ailes

  2. If people want to have a baby every year, so be it, but support them yourselves. Do not expect a lucrativ TV show to provide a cushy lifestyle for the entire group. TLC is considering spinoff shows with the two oldest daughters. WHAT? We get to watch them have one child after another for the next several years? The population of this country is over 300 million. 2 million watch this “holier than thou” show, so what is the big deal that TLC wants to keep it on? If the Duggers had had fewer kids, maybe they could have kept closer watch on their oldest son, and saved the little girls from the abuse.

  3. there is NOTHING ALLEDGED ABOUT IT- josh duggar ADMITTED THAT HE MOLESTED THOSE GIRLS. he did it and he confessed. what is wrong with you righties? like seriously?

  4. A sex offender is a sex offender, no matter how they try to blame little girls. Michelle always looks like a dog who just shat on the floor about to be hit. The “treatment” they got was probably to make the girls believe it was their fault.

  5. This is disgusting. If the likes of Mike Huckabee and his ilk say they “forgive” that little creep and Fox-PAC minimizes sexual assault by lobbing softball questions at the Duggars, why even bother with the juvenile justice system at all? Why not just let the parents handle it & send the little scamp off to bed without supper & take away the iPad for a week? Come on. HE SEXUALLY ABUSED HIS 5 YEAR OLD SISTER ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS FOR ALMOST A YEAR! (That they’ve admitted to, that is.) The Duggars didn’t “handle it.” They covered it up then lied to the police. Why is everybody making excuses for him? Just because they’re a “Good Christian Family”? This apologizing for deplorable behavior by “good Christians” all the while condemning gay people–the vast majority are wonderful people–is the main reason why I haven’t set foot in a church in 15 years. The hypocrisy and cherry picking are just too much for me to take. It’s the Christian version of Affluenza, and just as despicable.

  6. Andy from virginia you are saying that we should give Josh Duggar a pass because he didn’t molest every little girl he came in contact with after he molested his sisters? WHAT THE F#$CK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHACKOS!!!!

  7. These parents forced their daughters to live under the same roof as their molester, to sit across from him at dinner, to accept his authority as the eldest, to lie in bed at night listening for footsteps and a turning doorknob. To live in fear. I have no doubt they shamed the girls into forgiving Josh. I have a question for all of the defenders of Josh Duggar. Think hard before you answer. If your 5 year old daughter/granddaughter/niece is invited to a sleepover with Josh’s 5 year old, would you let them go? If so, how well are you going to sleep that night? If you are a Christian, God asks us to be forgiving but He does not ask us to be fools. The Duggar’s are under the impression we are supposed to be both.

  8. This two girls (now young women) were molested by their brother, and attending some “Christian counseling” where they were no doubt told that nothing bad happened, and it was just that poor Josh made a mistake, and hey, you girls are to stop teasing your brother into these forbidden sex thoughts. Now, please forgive your brother, and maybe God will forgive you girls too. Sorry, TLC, but no one cares about this family’s need to be in the limelight. You already pulled the plug on their original grifting show, why would you want to do it again?

  9. Now we all know what kind of people these guys are.

    Thanks, Fox News. You’ve help exposed them for the rat bastard scum that they are.

  10. You know who else got Christian based non-professional counseling for their child molestation proclivities and said it turned their lives around? A bunch of Catholic Priests. How’d that sit with you and the little woman, Jim Bob? Or was THAT only bad when they molested little boys and that’s WAY more damaging than molesting little girls?

    “The Duggars said that the child pornography convicted cop put the fear of God into Josh.” I’m sorry, but WTF? Josh didn’t already have the fear of God in him even though he knew that what he was doing was wrong and Christianity is your ENTIRE f’ing life? You’re doing a p/ss poor job of it.

  11. The parents are an obsessed “baby factory” – that, in itself is clearly creepy. Nineteen offspring and not one has had the social & peer experience of schooling outside the home? TLC needs to move quickly away from the Duggar debacle.

  12. The girls received no counseling. Josh was sent to a construction project, which Jim Bob said had counseling and Michelle finally said no counseling was provided

  13. Jim Bob ran for political office AFTER he knew about his sons molestations. He declared that people who commit incest should get the death penalty. I imagine he meant if they were not members of the cult he belongs to. Having so many children is abuse in my view. Nobody can take care of that many kids properly, and the fact that Josh was able to molest his sisters under their roof proves that. Hopefully the easy money will stop flowing, and then we will see just how Christian they are when they have to actually fend for themselves.

  14. The Duggars support themselves. They receive no government assistance. Amazes me that some are so quick to judge. Do you judge welfare recipients the same way? Do you know how many babies are born out of wedlock and raised on welfare? You are not forced to watch the show. The show is “lucrative” because many do watch the show.
    Not sure where you are getting your information. In Touch Tabloid? Josh was sent away. He had counseling. The girls had counseling. By certified counsellors. I wonder how many of you have done something immoral. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  15. “Duggar was claiming that Josh Duggar’s child molestation was a victimless crime.”

    Translation: It was no big deal — boys will be boys … but if they are gay boys, they’re gonna burn in Hell for all eternity.

  16. I worry about the safety of Josh Duggar’s own children. You have to wonder what is going on in THAT house.

  17. Evangelical “Christians” always blame the Catholics, ignoring that Catholics are also Christians. The Catholics I know have condemned what happened to all the kids, and they’ve stopped attending Catholic Church. Meanwhile, these “Christians” in name only, and their supporters will defend the Duggars. God Bless America!

  18. This was a despicable softball, excuse-making interview. Truly shameful, and a major black mark on Megyn Kelly. SMH.

  19. Maybe you need to listen to the interview without a preconceived opinion. After Josh was removed from the home for 3 months,then returned, he & the girls affected all received professional counseling.Of course, if you don’t believe them, that’s your prerogative. This is,after all a liberal site. I believe God can change a life & Josh gave his life to Him.Megyn said at the end 80-95% of teens with these same issues do not repeat the crime with help like Josh got.

  20. Again, this is not rape or something like that

    “Rape by instrumentation refers to an act of sexual aggression forced on an individual that does not involve sexual intercourse. It can involve the use of any inanimate object or any part of the human body to penetrate the anus or vagina occurs of a person without his or her consent.”

    Rape by instrumentation –

    Of course, molestation doesn’t have to involve rape anyway.

  21. Megan Kelly’s interview sounded like it was scripted by Jim Bob and TLC. They just repeated what they stated 2 weeks ago. JB kept saying Josh made a poor “choice” and it’s “common” in families for this to happen! He also said it wasn’t “molestation” but “fondling” and the girls didn’t even know it happened! Josh has called Jill a tattletale, I think she told on him,I don’t think Josh told his parents voluntarily. I heard JB say that he took Josh to an officer he knew to tell him what he did. Now in the interview JB said he didn’t know the officer. I guess he’s trying to distance himself since the man is serving 56 years for child pornography. The parents figured since it was a sealed record, the public would never find out. They blame the PD instead of themselves. The parents kept saying they put safeguards in place, why didn’t Megan ask them what they were? TLC should drop the show and no spinoffs. The girls are the real victims, but girls don’t count in their culture.

  22. out-right liars.. i would love to have been there to point out every lie that came out of their corrupt mouths,,, the police report alone said one of the victims had written a diary/type letter that described her torment and her attacks.. this letter was found by someone in a book that got passed down to other people,, when this third party reported this to authorities, jim-bob went to his good friend (the pedophile trouper) and they both buried it under the rug.. that’s jut one point that they heinously lied about tonight,, everything that came out of their mouths is down right criminal,, they are still trying to cover up a very serious situation… this was not victim-less, the letter found described a very seriously affected little girl,, a little girl that got no justice and continues to be victimized.

  23. I have have had Christian counseling, it is just like any other counseling, except it was with my church.I am sure they were trying to tell their “truth” and follow an outlined draft of the whole thing. Can you imagine being on tv and millions of people looking at your family as a positive role to follow and because this was never thought of to bring forward at anytime, We want to raise cain.Why should they, why is it any of our business, Because they brought us into their lives we have watched their children grow up on tv. they have become a part of our families.As family members we either fight for them or we are right there to condemn them.I pray for this family, not because of who they are,but because they are going through hell right now, not just josh, and his parents, but every child, g-child, and spouses. and because like us, they are human and full of flaws. May God be with them and help bring them through this storm.

  24. I like to see capitol punishment for these sick bastards and no statute of limitations – gun them down like the rabid dogs that they are and get their DNA out of the gene pool.

  25. Mall Rat bangs…the woman has 1980’s Mall Rat bangs. I’d have her arrested just on her look…

    Seriously, she’s shown the world that she’s a terrible, terrible complicit mother who allowed herself to be denigrated in front of the world as a breeder machine with no capacity to raise or protect her children. I hope CPS was watching…

    The Quiverfull movement is well known for not reporting births or deaths of infants, especially females; most of the time, they don’t give them birth certificates. If these young girls/women run away from cult, they are hunted down and rounded up like run away slaves by the men of this cult; what do you think the do to them when the catch them? Give them a “stern” talking to?

    The molestation is one thing; the shallow graves are where the authorities really should be looking, is another…

  26. How do the parents really know what happened? I mean it is Josh’s word. How do they really know if he didn’t go farther then he did. If I were his wife I’d sure be worried with their little girls.

  27. Block TLC.This creates a record with your cable company. Lets the Comcasts, Time/Warners, etc., know exactly how many are protesting this true abomination.

  28. Wow! I get it…I really do. These people, in their minds, very much felt like they were protecting their children. Any parent would probably go to great lengths to protect their own children under these circumstances. Circling the wagons is in our DNA.

    What I don’t understand is the justification that the girls ‘didn’t even know what had happened’ until they were informed by their parents. And this in no way scared them!?! The immediate or eventual realization that a cherished oldest brother had violated them. A violation, that in this particular home, by their own teachings and beliefs, had soiled them for life. What a burden to bear!

    When you point fingers at people or groups of people, their are just as many people that cherish the opportunity to point fingers at you. The way this story broke may have legal ramifications, but there are many of us that are proud of the courage it took.

    As for agendas and profiteering…it looks like the Mom and Dad Duggar are guilty

  29. Oh, but “they were asleep,” the implication being “Doesn’t count, then, nothing to see here.”

    And now they want to foist MORE of this family on us? Block The Learning Channel.

  30. why not put them to the test? let all faux news employees allow the duggars take their kids for a weekend and see how that goes…

  31. To be 100% clear, the Duggars are lying. This wasn’t a one time thing. And no it didn’t happen only while his victims slept.

    According to his own confession, Josh molested these girls repeatedly over 16 months, and at least twice he molested his victims while they were awake. Josh confessed to going into the girls’ room and going from sister to sister and touching each one on the breasts and vagina, touching his 5 year old sister’s chest and vagina while she sat on his lap for a story, putting his hands up his sister’s dress while she was in the laundry room and molesting a family friend while she slept on the couch. He was a minor at 14-15, but that does not mean his actions can be excused as those of a child. These were premeditated criminal acts that absolutely should have been immediately reported to and dealt with by the local police and child services authorities.

  32. Mind you, these are only the acts that Josh fessed up to during a 16 month period. Who knows how many times he crept into his sisters room to molest them. Considering how secretive and protective the Duggars are about any perceived failings to their family’s honor and money making abilities, it’s highly likely that his actions have been minimized and the true extent of his actions is much worse. Even with the police reports posted online, the parents Duggars are downplaying and minimizing Josh’s reported actions. What actually was reported is likely a much-watered down version of the true events.

    One thing is certain, though, if any suitor had done any of one these acts to the Duggar sisters, the suitor would be ostracized by the family and church and the Duggar girl would be severely punished for letting it happen. I doubt they would have been excused like Josh was.

  33. And just imagine if anyone from outside the church or family had going into the girls room while they were sleeping and molested them, or had molested their 5 year old while reading to her, or had trapped their daughter in the laundry room and reached under her dress. Imagine if it weren’t a family member – the Duggar parents would be at the police station in a hot minute to file a police report and prosecute. It shouldn’t have been any different with Josh.

    Here’s the latest police report:

  34. Read Andy’s post more carefully. I don’t think it says what you think it says. For one thing, it’s signed “Roger Ailes”.

  35. I know too many women who were full out raped by a relative and ZERO had their families do anything at all. In fact their abuser didn’t acknowledge or apologize for anything nor did the victim get counseling. So, it is very obvious to me when people are treating these girls who did not even know what was going on as if they are scarred for life, it hurts those of us who have been repeatedly raped. I am not minimizing the violation, but rather stating that myself & all the others I know cannot stop talking about this because the reporting & the comments ARE hurting us. You can say it is not but IT IS!!! It is the anti-Duggar comments that hurt. They should not have made a show, but did 100% more than our parents EVER did for much less of a violation. Yes, it is sick, but how about you find out the pure hell that the majority of us have actually gone through and what our parents did about it. Please do not dare call that house a “House of Horrors”. That is insulting. Horrid reporting.

  36. Nothing is alleged, Josh admitted to everything, Jim Bob said that he did not know the state trooper that they talked to, LIE #1, everything out of their mouths is a lie, they don’t give a hoot about their girls, it’s all about protecting their molester son, that stupid interview should be the final nail in the duggar coffin, TLC what in the hell are you waiting for?, cancel this “show” NOW! Jim Bob, Michelle and Josh should all be in jail, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, like father like son, the older kids should run away from this cult as fast as they can, Jill and Jessa have been programmed as to what they will say on Friday night, thank you Fox for exposing the family as to what they really are, a bunch of phonies that should never be heard from again, what a descipable interview, ALL LIES, Kelly didn’t call their hand on anything the Duggars said.
    What a waste of time, they never should have been given a platform to speak in the first place, WHAT NOW TLC????

  37. I also thought there was lie after lie.

    What 14 or 15 year old boy rats himself out??? I found that very hard to believe.

  38. Only your traumas count. Everyone else is making too much fuss. It detracts from the real issue, which is YOUUUU…

    I bet when you change a light bulb, you hold it up to a socket and wait for the world to revolve around you.

  39. So you’d have been okay with your 5 year old daughter, grand daughter, or niece having a sleep over at the Duggar house knowing what you know now…. yeah I thought so.

  40. Most likely one of the daughters outed him and they had a talk with the thing they spawned. It most likely went back and molested its sisters again and again, but it may have been caught in the act. I seriously doubt it confessed to anything and since these spawners are known liars, who can believe a thing they say about anything.
    They only did the counseling thing when it got to be too much for them and the girls were talking too much, possibly the 5 year old. I want to know what happened to the girl who was not related to them and why hasn’t anyone heard about her story.

  41. Sorry sweet heart but letting that thing live with his victims means they are victimized every fing day it is still there.

  42. What about all the little girls in his town that he didn’t rape? How come no one gives Josh any credit for that? It must have been hard for him to resist those little temptresses but he did!

  43. I want the show back on the air. I believe that this family has spoke the truth. How can you call something molestation when the kids had on their clothes and the girls did not know what had happened. So many kids at that age become curious and do not realize what it is wrong. I was molested as a child and I knew when it happened. TLC and the advertisers should stand behind this family and put them back on tv. I will not watch TLC (which is my favorite channel, I watch it all day)until they do what is right and put them back on tv. Put yourself in the Duggars place that went out of their way to make sure Josh received help. Thank you Jesus for this family and I ask that you stop every fiery dart that is trying to destroy. Your word says that you will turn it around for good that you will receive the honor and praise. Be with the Duggar family and draw them nigh unto you and keep then in the shelter of the Most High.

  44. They are hate mongers. Their idiotic attacks on LGBT community shows how biased and stupid they are. That’s home schooling for you.

    And who takes the word of a “self confessed” 14 year old boy that is was just touching? And then try to sell it on teevee? Parents who want to hang onto their gravy train.

    Only dumb christians with their gawd warped minds support this sick cult.

  45. These phonies are scum of the Earth. Any woman that justifies a sexual attack of a young girl must, most definitely,be in on it. I think the’re all perverts. Whats with the fake 6 year old voice – oh yeah, the Duggars LIKE little girls,, they’re subservient to men.

  46. At least twice in these comments- I’ve seen someone claim that the girls did get counseling. But I see no source to back up that claim. Their desperation shows.

    The girls didn’t know. Well that’s part and parcel of the whole point. They should’ve been taught about such things. Not teaching them thus- left them open to being abused. Which makes me wonder- if that isn’t the whole point behind Conservative abhorrence to any kind of sex ed.
    And now-an open question- do you think that Josh would’ve been handled with kid gloves- if he had molested the younger boys?

  47. Christians have it made.

    Confess a crime…I mean…”sin,” and all is forgiven by your Sky God.

    Then, Reichwingers can subscribe to a “higher law” (wink wink nudge nudge, say no more).

  48. Most likely from their Pastor who probably had at it and called it “therapy”.Christians always blame the female.

  49. The Duggars are a pack of Anti- Christs, greed, sex driven parasites. These people looked straight into the camera and LIED. Phony tears and all.

  50. Can you imagine the backlash if the family was Black, atheistic, or poor?

    Holy cow…no pun intended…

  51. Debbie – a construction crew IS NOT therapy, besides, I dont believe a word these greed driven scumbags say. They, clearly, will do any thing for that almighty dollar.

  52. I love how people stand up for this family. I’ve never seen so many people talk out of their backsides. If this happened to them or in their family, they wouldn’t be so quick to “forgive and forget”.

    The Duggars are hacks and have all you people snowed.

  53. Their eagerness to absolve the Duggars makes me wonder whats going on in their own kid’s bedrooms…

  54. I want to say a lot about this.
    I’ve wrote comments but erased them 3 times. I don’t want to be bashed for what i feel is right or wrong.
    But I will say this!
    It happens more than anyone would ever like to admit!
    Would you disown your CHILD if they made a mistake?
    The only reason this has went this far is because there on tv. No one said they were perfect.

  55. I would like to dig into the background of everyone on tv. Including you interviewers from FOX! Whos perfect?
    Also why distroy these girls? What is your jealous purpose to all of this? No one cares about people anymore! All you care about the $$$ for an interview. I hope you all file a law suit pertecting your minor children involved.These people that want to destroy and embarrass these dugger girls.Wasnt it there choice to bring it out if they chose to do so?

  56. I don’t think people want to destroy the girls I think most people are angry at the hypocrisy of this brood. Now you may like the show, myself I don’t see the appeal of 19 parasites running around.

    Just last year, Michelle Duggar lent her voice to a robocall asking residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas to protest an upcoming anti-discrimination bill aimed at protecting transgender citizens. “I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space,” Michelle says in the recording. “We should never place the preference of an adult over the safety and innocence of a child.”

  57. I read earlier that one of the girls, maybe the first (?) to be molested, complained to her mother and that’s how the parents found out. Of course, they reacted entirely inappropriately and then apparently let the molestation continue. I think it has a lot to do with their weird notions of “patriarchy,” which is not a Christian notion at all. The parents are as guilty as the son who is very strange. He seems to justify his teen behavior by saying that he did not kiss his wife until they were married. Well, he had been getting his “jollies” with his sisters instead!

  58. Once upon a time, TLC actually meant THE LEARNING CHANNEL and had educational offerings. The only thing one would learn watching this pap is HOW NOT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  59. Funny, I watched the entire interview and I saw remorse and I didn’t hear them claim to be victims-in fact, they said quite clearly that in their view, God would use this for good.

  60. The records could not have been sealed because he never went in front of a judge. Only a judge can seal those records. The Duggars kept him out of the reach of the justice system til the statute of limitations had passed.

  61. @teresa, your comments are very offensive to me! unless I’m reading you wrong but it sounds like you’re trying to rationalize the molestation, HELL! maybe I’m CRAZY! but all MISTAKES aren’t the same! just like all CRIMES aren’t equal. Josh being 14 yrs old at the time is one thing (STILL DEAD WRONG) but his parents are supposedly GROWN adults. They should have acted like sane responsible ADULTS and prioritiized the situation, the victims were those BABIES!!!!! they should have reported this to the proper authorities, rather than wait 16 months later! and then proceeded to go public after the statute of limitations run out! @teresa, YOU need to really search your soul! FUX NEWS loves individuals like you, because you’re not using ANY common sense or common decency!

  62. I’m trying to comprehend, glean some kind of meaning as to what you are attempting to say…but it’s too hard to understand. A cyclone word-salad isn’t communication.

    It appears that you never learned how to construct sentences using proper grammar; home schooled? No wait, don’t tell me
    –you were “victimized” by public schools k-6, so you never learned communication skills, is that it? Either way, so sorry.
    No one here is going to take time trying to “debate” with you, so, your time would probably be better spent elsewhere…like in an adult ed class on basic writing skills. Good luck.

  63. Has anyone noticed how all the RIGHT WING TROLLS are just busting at the seams to lend their “GOOD CHRISTIAN SUPPORT?” I’m reading their GARBAGE and I’m about to vomit!!! because if the daggars were democrats, these same FAKE A$S!!, PISS POOR, LYING A$S!!, , LILY WHITE republicans would be screaming BLOODY MURDER!!! they’d be calling their congressmen demanding the daggars be prosecuted!! and FUX NEWS would be campaigning for it ALL the way! RIGHT WINGERS are their own worst enemy!! because the very things they claim to hold true, are ALWAYS conveniently FORGOTTEN when someone on their side gets BUSTED! I guess their god only has FORGIVENESS for people with a (R) before their name!!! and these FAKE CHRISTIANS actually wonder why organized religion is DYING!!!

  64. They could just go away…. but No,they keep having children to feed to their sexually twisted sons appetite. Child services needs to examine his children for evidence of sexual molestation . And just why is the Mothers face orangey brown?

  65. So we should allow other impressionable minds the opportunity to watch a bunch of folks who rationalize away child rape?

  66. No one said they were perfect.

    The Duggar family felt they were perfect enough to cast aspersions upon gays.

    Now we know that they’re not perfect. Pride goeth before a fall. And they deserve their fall.

  67. djchfron: I agreed with you when you started, then you lost me when you called the 19 kids parasites. Uncalled for to pick on the kids who didn’t ask to be born. I DO have a real problem with a woman whose main goal seems to be to birth as many babies as possible, by handing over each baby to a daughter (and weaning that baby) at just a few months old to bring on ovulation and, therefore, another pregnancy and baby. That doesn’t make you a super (or even “good”) mother; that makes you merely a breeder. Mothering takes TIME spent with your child, which is near impossible to do in a meaningful way when you have 19. I feel sorry for the kids. :(

  68. To every person commenting such harsh words, I assume none of you have ever looked at porn, married people, you SURELY have never had a wandering eye, I bet while going thru puberty not one dirty magazine was looked at or a chance to get a glimpse of a female, young or old ever happened.
    Judging them makes you all sound so very perfect, living in a perfect world never doing anything wrong!
    They are in the spot light and that is why this is being blown up… Check out the statistics for this sort of thing, it’s mind boggling. To believe the Duggars didn’t handle this situation properly, unless you have walked in their shoes, shame on you for judging.
    Surely everyone can agree that throwing stones while living in a glass house is a very bad idea. Being Christian isn’t being perfect…. It’s about loving each other as much as God loved us and that includes people that make mistakes.

  69. Civil Rights of children are being violated. Now who opened sealed records of Josh as a child. What we have is crime against Josh also and all the children that was mentioned by this sleazy rag and the illegal use of juvenile records without a court order. I believe the Duggers did the right thing for their children and Josh received the best treatment for his problems. Which should have stayed in sealed records and never came to light. To undo a wrong by TLC this family should be compensated. Please return 19 Kids and Counting back on TLC or I’ll will not watch TLC and buy the products and services that dropped them.
    Why does Christians have to be punished for being Christians. God has a plan and purpose each and everyone of us.

  70. Yes Knight4444. Yes I have. And all the while simultaneously decrying Gays, Liberals, non-christians, etc.

  71. The problem is their and I suspect you, views on being Christian is one of hate. And when you 14 you don’t seek out 5 year olds much less your sister to play doctor.


    …boys molesting girls is considered “No biggie” “forgivable” “the girls fault”” while two consenting same-sex adults wanting to marry are “an abomination” “unforgivable sin” or “a threat to civilization”…

  73. In the TV interview they say “yes” to professional counseling. Privately and in the police report they have admitted the “counseling” was not licensed. It was a friend’s farm for manual labor, and the girls to Gothard’s Christian camp (a patriarchal Christian later convicted of molesting girls in his care).

  74. You’re right,Dani. People are very naive to “take their word for it” in the interview when they have already admitted it wasn’t licensed counseling.

  75. My observations about the daggars, the FUX NEWS propaganda media and RIGHT WING TROLLS and their GAMES! Has anyone here at POLITICUS noticed that the vast majority of child molestation SUPPORTERS have “FEMALE” monikers??? See this kinda juvenile, INSANE, transparent BULL$HIT is why I don’t take the RIGHT WING seriously! For the love of GOD!! WHO buys this CHEAP obvious STUNT??!! Oh now just out of the BLUE! RIGHT WING TROLLS just HAPPEN to flock here, and they’re just sooooo supportive of poor little josh! they’re sooooo supportive of the parents of josh, but for those BABIES?? ahhhh NOT SO MUCH! what a pile of GARBAGE! I tried to warn the POLITICUS site! WING WINGERS do this stuff! HELL! theres a industry! businesses actually HIRE people to invade opposing websites! it’s a business, it’s not a urban legend! the RIGHT WING is a SICK- TWISTED- HATE based CULT! and they’re more than happy to PAY people CASH to do dirty work! PROOF?

  76. Obviously you are unfamiliar with the word ‘allegedly’. That would be true if he hadn’t ADMITTED he did it. Once that is done, there is nothing ‘alleged’ about it.

  77. I have done all that as an adult. When I got caught doing some of that as a child- I got punished. Josh didn’t.
    No, I’m not perfect. BUT- unlike the Duggars, when I screw up- I own up to it, and undergo whatever punishment is merited.
    They put themselves into the spot light. Now the spotlight illuminates EVERYTHING, wah freaking wah.
    I have checked the stats, it still doesn’t excuse their irresponsibility.
    I have walked in their shoes, both as a child and as an adult.
    That’s why I chose to live in a wooden house. The Duggars chose to live in a glass house.
    And apparently being Christian also means decrying others and then whinging about it when you get caught doing something far far worse.

    Christians aren’t perfect, they just expect everyone else to be perfect.

  78. Civil Rights of children are being violated. You mean like the civil rights of the children Josh raped?

    I believe the Duggers did the right thing for their children and Josh received the best treatment for his problems.

    The evidence says otherwise.

    Please return 19 Kids and Counting back on TLC or I’ll will not watch TLC and buy the products and services that dropped them.

    Knock yourself out.

    Why does Christians have to be punished for being Christians. God has a plan and purpose each and everyone of us.

    So now you’re claiming that Christian “naturally’ molest kids? And this god-person of you wants them to molest kids?

    See the beam in thine own eye- hypocrite!

  79. Alternate headline…”I Am Pissed Because the Facts Didn’t Substantiate Media Narrative So I’m Going To Declare the Interview a Failure Before I Hold My Breath an Stamp MY Foot’.
    [Snipped for redundancy]
    Let me guess, because this is a conservative and Christian family—the ends justifies the means. Rig…

  80. Don’t forget to take some spelling classes too…..

    This family is sick sick sick. What on earth is their appeal to the supposedly 2 million who watch their programs? I’ve read about the Quiverfull movement (I should say, CULT) and if more people knew about it, maybe that would bring an end to the show — otherwise, a withdrawal of sponsors is probably the only thing that will convince TLC to take it off for good. Of course, it will be replaced by other mindless dreck.

  81. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking. If they hadn’t had a dozen kids (or however many) of their own and the kids friends running around the house, maybe that boy wouldn’t have had the opportunity to test his sexual curiosity out on his sisters. I made a point of mentioning other children being in the home because I believe there are others. I also believe that they’re probably afraid to come forward because of the shame and stigma attached to these crimes.

  82. …except to hear that the parents and Josh have been arrested and appropriately charged for their crimes! What a psychopathic bunch of pseudo Christians!

  83. 1. “Jim Bob Duggar claimed that they didn’t send their molesting son for real help, because real programs don’t have a good success rate.”

    2. “The Duggar parents said that Josh Duggar and all of their kids received professional counseling.”

    Can’t both be true. 1 is mostly editoral/rant from the author. What they actually said was that they didn’t send their son to a juvenile sex offender facility because it didn’t have a good success rate but both offender and victim received professional counseling. I don’t know whether they are telling the truth, but this article highlights what this is really about – this author and the Duggars defenders are using this as a proxy in the ongoing culture wars.

    Few seem to be actually concerned with the victims who have been victimized twice – first by Josh Duggar and now having it thrown in their faces, apparently against their wishes. The truth of what actually happened and the victims wishes both matter.

  84. Only people bashing these people are LIBERALS AND NON CHRISTIANS….and I BET THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE!!!
    AND YOU ARE WITHOUT SIN YOURSELF? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. “Job Bob repeated that Christian based non-professional counseling turned his molester son’s life around.”

    On the contrary, Josh went on to promote his family’s abusive Bible-based dominionist cult on television as well as in Washington D.C.:

    In fact, the Duggars and ‘Tea Party’ politicians are mainstreaming the politics of their fundamentalist cult:

    “The Duggars Seem So Nice Until You Meet Their Terrifying Political Agenda”

  86. What makes them so Christian or you for that matter because if your dumbass ever read the New Testament your precious baby Jesus was a liberal.

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are they who mourn,
    for they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are the meek,
    for they shall inherit the earth.

    Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they shall be satisfied.

    Blessed are the merciful,
    for they shall obtain mercy.

    Blessed are the pure of heart,
    for they shall see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they shall be called children of God.

    Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

    Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10

  87. I’ve never watched the Duggars’ television show. I loathe “reality” tv and never give it a second of my time. However, I’m aware of what the Duggars have done in terms of spreading lies and misinformation about LGBT people. The Duggars are some sick, pathetic excuses for human beings. They need to go crawl back under the rock from whence they emerged.

  88. Those who whine about how many Muslims don’t condemn Muslim Terrorists- are often the same kind of folks who don’t want to condemn the Duggars and their overwhelming hypocrisy.

    I’m an atheist I don’t sin. Suck it- tracy

  89. Wanna bet THAT will be the thing they are REALLY covering up? Didn’t at least one son get sent to a “training camp”?

  90. One thing, and believe me I am no fan of Megyn Kelly, but she has to use the word “alleged” for legal reason – members of the press – yes, in some circles she might be considered an actual reporter – have to use the words “alleged” and “allegedly” when referring to someone who has not been convicted of a crime. Being accused and even admitting to the crime does not lift that rule.

  91. Looking at porn or at an attractive person while being married in no way compares to molesting one’s sisters over a period of 16 months (that we know of). Attempts to white wash this, and to play the victim are revolting.

  92. “…Duggars receive no government aid…” Well, I’m just wondering, since Jim Bob is a minister and they hold services in their home what their IRS and state tax filings would look like. No doubt with all the dependents they don’t pay any federal or state taxes, so therefore they do receive aid — good roads, water, electricity, bridges, CDC health care, and etc. Granted, some services are paid for, but others are taken for granted and paid for by other people’s tax dollars. Just saying….. WINK

  93. Troy, these are not allegations. The sex acts are admitted to. Stop sticking up for this disgusting family. Their “Christian” show should be cancelled immediately. They are so intent on telling others how to live while they have their own filthy closet. And how do they know God forgave them? What was the sign from God. That is one of the problems with Christians (and pedophile priests). They sin, confess, sin again, confess, sin again, etc.

  94. It interests me that so many of those commenting are unfamiliar with Christian theology. One becomes a Christian by stating their sinfulness. Being human, Christians recognize the human tendency to sinfulness (going out way, not God’s) and repeatedly ask God’s forgiveness — and power to overcome it. This is what Josh did. And perhaps some of you writing with such vitriol could do well to “consider the beam in your own eye” before judging the speck in Josh’s or anyone else’s.
    We tend to criticize what we ourselves possess. Just saying.

  95. What interests me is that there is no ONE christian theology. There are literally thousands of different ‘christian theologies’ in the history of christianity.

    And not every one of those historical christians acknowledged the sinfulness of which you seem to be so proud of.

    I have considered the beam in mine own eye, and it pales in comparison with the lumberyard that the Duggars and their defenders have in theirs.

    Well if we criticize what we have- then go ahead and dig around in my records- Majorie Miller the Pedophile Enabler.

  96. They weren’t just forced to live with him and see him at the dinner table. They’re girls. They were required to cook his food, clean the house for him and wash, dry, fold and put away his laundry. They were required to be servants.

    There’s nothing wrong with servants, and I don’t mean that kids shouldn’t help in the house. But the girls do everything in that family. They raise the younger kids, because Michelle hands over the baby after one month of breastfeeding, and starts working on the next baby. It was more than just being in the same house.

  97. n recent years it has become common for speakers to include allegedly in statements that are controversial or possibly even defamatory. The implication is that, by saying allegedly, the speaker is distancing himself or herself from the controversy and even protecting himself or herself from possible prosecution. However, the effect created may be deliberate. The use of allegedly can be a signal that, although the statement may seem outrageous, it is in fact true…

  98. The Duggars downplay the “molestation” with lots of qualifiers. No where have I seen that the real victims were interviewed, without parents, by an interviewer
    trained to properly interview molestation/ rape victims. The Duggar parents only know what their son said. They claim the girls remember nothing which could mean a number of things. Bottom line, we really don’t have any idea of the extent of the molestation, or whether it is still continuing.

  99. Tracy, there is a big difference between a sin and a crime, we all have sinned, but we all have not committed a crime. Josh Duggar committed a crime when he molested those little girls. We are judging his crime not his sin.

  100. Well stated. I will have to remember this.

    As a member of the nation in which his crime was committed- I have every right to expect that his crime is appropriately dealt with.

  101. They have been heavily subsidized by funds originating in such well-heeled right wing organizations as Hobby Lobby and the American Family Association. That is why they are enjoying a standard of living far superior to that of other products of generations of sanctimonious, baby-fiddling inbreeders.

  102. I agree that this happens more often than we really understand. I would not disown my son if he were to do something like this. I would immediately get all involved professional counseling, and report my son to the police. The only reason for not reporting my son would be if I, and the counselor, were convinced it was a one time, teen-aged curiosity sort of thing. From what I’ve read this is not the case here. There were multiple incidents, multiple victims at the very least.

  103. I eat meat during Lent, wear blended fabrics, and swear when I hit my thumb with a hammer. I don’t finger little kids’ genitals. Most commenters on this blog could say the same of themselves. All sins are NOT equal. And you seem to have missed the part where Jesus said that sins against little kids were the worst of sins.

  104. I don’t understand your thoughts on this person… You think he should be rewarded for the girls he did not molest…are you kidding. That’s like a dog attacking kids, oh the dog only killed two kids, he left the other two alone. Really you are in denial! I think you may need to speak to a therapist, right away!

  105. The Duggar interview was as staged as it gets. Likewise, the self-proclaimed survivor interview will follow the authoritarian agenda of the family patriarc. Fux up News PAYS for interviews, and manipulating reality is what it’s known for. Nice job Megyn.
    The inappropriate parental responses to an impossible condundrum, is what placed the family in this position. Crimes and intentional cover ups were committed by these ADULTS. Viewers are upset because the parents are in such denial and they do not yet understand the gravity of sexual molestation and pedophilia.
    The Duggars lied throughout the interview. Protecting their submissive 3rd class daughters, was never a serious priority. Then teen Josh Duggar did confess. But his unprofessional CULT based therapy, leaves the “Pedophile” subject to repeating deviant behavior with his own kids. TLC needs to bid the $ making, well edited BS farewell, spin-offs, included. Their ride is over. Karma for the self-righteous!!!

  106. Why do you feel you have to bring the President’s name into this. He has nothing to do with it and I believe you should retract your statement!

  107. I totally agree with you, they should have stopped while they were ahead. Child raising is an intense job, if you miss one moment, that could be the one that will come back and bite you. Having a hundred kids nowadays is so stupid… there are ways of preventing this and they should practice a lot of abstinence.

  108. Time to pull the plug on this one!
    All sins are not created equal, but all CULTS are. Had these victims been allowed an outlet to tell authorities, this wouldn’t be the sensational issue it is now. The family is never outside of Jim Bob’s control and manipulation. Religious freedom under the law does not mean parental rights are above the law.
    Jim Bob & Michelle are simply breeders hiding within the guise of Christianity. They both need a legitimate course in sex education. All the Duggars need deprogramming, as well as PROFESSIONAL individual and family therapies. Josh can be forgiven by his family, society and God, but he should never be trusted again. Take note Anna!!!

  109. I am wondering if the Duggar family has investigated their ancestry. We all have ancestors with trees that branch out all over the place.

    Does the Duggar Tree go straight up like, inbreeding? Some of the kids look like the older sisters.

    that is all

  110. Enough if you don’t want to watch the show then don’t turn it on there’s a lot of shows on I don’t like and I just don’t turn them on but if others want to watch the duggers what’s the big deal. If they don’t get the ratings the show will go off anyway people need to stay out of it

  111. A fourteen year old boy should know better than to do what Josh Duggar did. If never exposing your children to society as a whole means that boys feel free to prey on their younger female siblings, then there is something really wrong with how this family is living. Didn’t Mom or Dad ever sit down with their sons and tell them 1) the basic facts of live and 2) how they should behave around girls, especially girls younger than they and especially around their sisters! Good grief! Every day this story gets creepier and creepier.

  112. I need a barf bag every time I see Mrs Dugger gaze lovingly at this piece of male crap. Same gaze, Nancy gave reygun.. sick,sick!!! These women have given over their lives to the male in the family, they have no life of their own. Only the life allowed by the men, Brothers have the same power over the girls as the father does. .BARF BAG please!! Fat chance these Duggers will ever disappear,19 kids and then there are grandchildren. We can look forward to the Bates Family next,Oh God please stop.

  113. This is a BIG DEAL; not because the Duggars do and believe the ridiculous, not because they have a foolish reality show, not because they spew hate and judge others as often as they breed. It is a big deal, because civil laws were broken. The Duggars feel entitled to use civil law at their discretion – when its good for them. They think its OK to seek vengence and retribution from those involved in a LEGALLY obtained police report, but didn’t feel they had to subscribe to the same authority, that would have prosecuted their son and protected their other children. They are ignorant, suck as parents and role models, and belong in AK. You can’t have it both ways Jim Bob. It’s called hypocracy, a term you should be very familiar with by now.

  114. If Josh was a black man,Faux news nor you, silly Andy would be defending him. He would already be condemned and crucified. More conservatives should practice what they preach and stop being such hypocrites.

    I am not a conservative but I am a Christian.

  115. As a person of lifelong faith and a member of the LGBT community and a cannabis advocate for Veterans I will admit my sins…. and be judged … but to commit serial sexual child abuse and to hide and condone it is a crime greater than Josh who diddled his sisters…
    The parents and all of those church elders who did not go to the police… the ATTORNEY who gave old man duggar the advise on the time line so the statutes would run out…. Who allowed this crime to continue and allowed this serial sexual child molester to diddle far too many of the children in that household. Where is Child Protective Services as the remaining children should be placed in immediate protective service and the parents locked up for aiding and abetting a serial sexual child predator

  116. I for one will not sit back and let a bunch of pedophile enablers off scot free. And continue to spout their double standards about.

    THAT is what all this is about.

  117. I 100% agree with everything stated in the article. When your son molests your daughter once and you allow it to happen a 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th time you need to go to jail with your molester son ! The interview made me sick to my stomach and I am the Mother of a son and daughter !

  118. This… Ugh, freak show needs to be taken off the air. They don’t need to be getting anymore money, anymore fame, or spread anymore of their manipulative cult-like beliefs. It’s people like this that make me ashamed to admit that I believe in God.

    They’re not raising a family, they’re raising ‘product’ for money. Their kids mean nothing to them, they are just more members of their breeding program. Child services isn’t going to get involved either, because they never do anything.

    By the way, molestation reoccurs. Do some more research and I’m sure that there’s been more incidents than what was found.

  119. The Duggar parents need to be investigated by child protective services. To minimize what was done to those girls, shows that they are irresponsible parents. What else has gone on in that home that “the girls were unaware of”, or “that God has forgiven someone for”. A pedophile can be a teenager. If someone receives sexual pleasure from a prepubescent child, or someone more than five years younger than the teenager, they are considered to be pedophiles. Jim Bob Duggar hurt his daughters by stating that this wasn’t rape or anything like that, and then by saying they had no idea what happened. A 5 year old was being read to and being fondled under her clothing. Of course they knew what was happening. The older girls, as they stated in their book, were told to obey the older sibling.Those poor girls need counseling by a certified psychologist. Kelly did a horrible job in her interview. She did not mention that what they were saying did not match up to the police reports, WOW!

  120. Teenage Josh Duggar Fingered His 5 Year-Old Sister’s Vagina Yeah, that harsh headline was necessary because we are now in the middle of a bullshit river when it comes to the juvenile crimes of Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar clan featured on 19 Kids and Counting (aka “That Show We’ll Never See Again”) and former leader at the Family Research Council (motto: “We don’t know any Josh Duggar”). From ages 14-15, Josh Duggar fingered girls, including four out of five of his sisters, and it wasn’t just “over their clothes while they were sleeping,” as Josh’s parents told Megyn Kelly last night on the Fox “news” program The Kelly Sneer. – See more at:

  121. Really? You believe the children had their clothes on? and b/c most most of them were asleep (therefore unaware) it was OK?

    You, Debbie, and the Duggars, have a serious problem. That kind of thinking by logical extension means drugging someone and doing “whatever” is OK b/c they are unaware. Please re-think this. Decent people do not believe those unable to consent or unaware are not victimized by molestation.

    In case you did not bother to read the police reports, the molester was not the only person who told the parents. Victims – including their own 5 yr old daughter told them as Jim Bob reported to police (after the statute of limitations ran out).

    The parents held themselves out to be a model family – but lied about what they knew, lied about how perfect they are, lied about the counseling, lied about what happened. Do we really need more TLC shows about how to victimize children and get the support of ignorant viewers?

  122. Debbie, you can live on those feelings and hope that reality doesn’t exist. But it does, and Josh Duggar molested his sisters.

  123. With all the nonsense about courting, side hugs and chaperones it’s obvious that the Duggars failed to teach their eldest about respect for others bodies. In a recently read book about the FLDS the punishment for not obeying the rules is the sae as Josh was sent to. Work, lack of food, heat etc.
    What an awful situation for the daughters that are considered as chattel, even after marriage and will have no chance of a life of their own as they have no education except cooking and midwifery. Take the show off and let them fend for themselves without TLC providing all the extras for the home – larger house etc. What’s going to happen to them when Jim Bob passes and they don’t have Daddy to order their lives around.

  124. Sharon, turn on your snark meter please.

    Andy was not being a troll, it’s just that you don’t realize sarcasm when you see it.

  125. Most of the comments here are talking about issues other than a molestation. They are referring to their Christian beliefs and practices, values etc. They blame the entire family for somethinhg that only one person did. Most of you are uninformed or perhaps simply not admitting what happens in most families. Children play “doctor” and also examine each others bodies.It happens all the time. Certainly what Joshua did was wrong, but was an adolecent and not the act of a pedophile. Why don’t we try to put this in proper prospective and stop twisting the facts. The people who are saying these things are those who hated the Duggers before this all came out. The article here by Jason Easley is distorted, misleading and and very bad journalism.

  126. Maybe your family had 14 year olds playing doctor with a 5 year old and that’s why you can give this molester a pass

  127. Busy bodies ….

    Though they work not at all at their own business, yet are very busy in other men’s matters, and have the affairs of kingdoms, and cities, and towns, and neighbourhoods, and churches, and families, upon their hands; which they thrust themselves into, and intermeddle with, though they have no business at all with them: these wander from house to house, and curiously inquire into personal and family affairs, are tattlers, full of prate and talk, and, like the Athenians, spend all their time in telling or hearing new things; and they also speak things which they should not; they carry tales from one to another, and privately whisper things to the disadvantage of their fellow creatures and Christians, and backbite and slander them. These are the pests of nations and neighbourhoods, the plagues of churches, and the scandal of human nature.

  128. Yes, everyone sins; yes, God forgives; and no, we shouldn’t judge one another. HOWEVER, the Duggers knew full well about Josh’s “mistakes” and had the nerve (along with the perpetrator himself) to JUDGE others (LGBT) and accuse that group of being child molesters! It is the hypocrisy and their own “judgment” against others that has caused this backlash. And that they will answer for in front of God.

  129. First let me say NO the reports should not have been released due to all involved being juveniles. However, the names were not mentioned and it was the Duggars that put the 2 oldest out there as the victims they are continuing to use those girls to gain ratings and sympathy. I am a mother of a daughter who was molested (fondled not intercourse) by her grandfather. Although it caused many hard feeling I went straight to the police, Child Protective Services and the rest of the family. I didn’t care who knew what this man had done. My daughter received REAL counseling and to this day still has trust issues.I can only imagine how she would be had I done nothing but excuse the actions of the man. I find what Josh did horrific but Jim Bob and Michelle allowed it which is appalling. It is their fault that the youngest was victimized by allowing Josh to remain in the house. You can ask GOD to forgive your sins but it does not give you the OK to continue with the same sin time and time again

  130. Sexual curiosity is only normal among very small children. Sexual confusion and inappropriate behavior between a teenager and pre-pubescent 5 year old, is NOT! Josh Duggar practically begged for help. He was failed by his parents at the time, and still has not received legitimate therapy to prevent reoffense with either his young siblings, or his own children. That is very disturbing.

    Jim Bob and Michelle are both in total denial. They have not acknowedged that their daughters are REAL victims of sexual abuse. I’m not even sure they understand what it means. The entire family needs treatment. Sexual abuse occurs where lies and secrets are fostered and fester.

    Parading their children around for reality show spectacle and income was bad enough. Expecting their daughter’s to forgive their abuser, support and obey him, and now use them to gain public sympathy for a hopeful sister spin-off, is beyond pathetic. Shame on you Jim Bob and Michelle! Have you no common sense?

  131. I think possibly paid off to keep her mouth shut. I can’t imagine as her parent doing nothing. Seems like a lot of people knew but NOBODY is talking. Does NOBODY care about the ones victimized?

  132. The one term I think is considered more of an”oxymoron” these days is, “Christian Conservative.” The are very much different and do not represent each other, nor compliment either.

    Something that most “Christians” seem to forget or neglect is the “public display” and advertisement of Christianity to the greater public. Jesus was pretty clear on its usage and display.

    And of a “need” to verbalize your association, contributions, and participation with this faith.Too simply, not talk about it, promote it, or bolster it in this manner.

    It was intended to be more “personal” and of inner reflection. Not an event. The true “Christian” knows this already.

  133. What I find interesting here is, the amount of denial, disbelief, and “Self-righteousness” on display. For the idea of them being Christians”, they lack its true applications.

    And considering, not long ago I believe the sister issued a “robo call”. Within this call, they were against “same sex” marriages. One such comment had them accusing these people of being “Pedofiles.”

    Without any thing backing their allegations. In this case, we already are aware of the issues And “all” is forgiven? Can I hear that “forgiveness” from “GOD?” Shouldn’t be difficult for you?

  134. Dear Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Molestation is not a victimless crime, it is catastrophic.When a child is molested it changes who they are in a fundamental way. They cease to be who they were previously.The path they were walking changes course, what they could have done , who they hoped to be.It crushes their spirit. They are at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and the acceptance of abuse from future partners.Every relationship they have with a man will be dysfunctional. They will hold onto the belief that they don’t deserve anything good in their lives. It is in essence , murder. The person they could have become is dead, you are left with a shell of what could have been. For the love of God, stop shaming and minimizing and get your daughters help from a professional therapist.With Great Concern, Someone Who Has Been There.

  135. You’re an idiot. Who do you think gets the money from their show? They don’t support themselves. They are disgusting. All the interviews are scripted, as well as the one will be tonight.

  136. Well Andy, if one of those five little girls was your daughter, would your “opinion” be the same?

  137. They blame the entire family for somethinhg that only one person did.

    That is the essence of parental responsibility, Anna B. By having and raising a kid, you’re responsible for their actions.

    The only twisting of the facts going on here are the Christians who are attempting to minimize what the Duggars did, and did not do.

    If they had kept to themselves and kept their mouthes shut about other lifestyles, some few would snark, but it wouldn’t be anything other than the occasional reference about turning Michele into a human/tennis ball machine.

    This was not Josh playing Doctor. This was Josh abusing his own authority because he was a male in a Christian household and could and did get away with it.
    And his parents went well out of their way to let him get away with it.

  138. I believe (as a Christian) that no-one is perfect….we have all fallen short. It is only by Gods grace that we are saved. It’s between you and God to accept that or not. Yes, what Josh Dugger did was indeed reprehensible before God and a disgusting act in any society with morals. His parents willingly admit that. However I know that God forgives a sinner (yes, even rapists and murderers). God knows we as humans will sin as long as we live on this earth, which is why he sent His son Jesus. What is disturbing to me is that a family that professes to live by Christian values is hung out to dry by the media and labeled hypocrites. They (the Duggars) know they aren’t perfect like anyone else…..they are however forgiven by God…

  139. Apropos Eric Boese.

    What do we need to be saved from? The Very God we need to trust in…apparently.

    What is disturbing to me is that a family that professes to live by Christian values is hung out to dry by the media and labeled hypocrites. They (the Duggars) know they aren’t perfect like anyone else…..they are however forgiven by God…

    They’re being hung out to dry because they were the ones who chose to cast out the first stone. And then they chose to cover up Josh’s crimes with their own crimes.
    They may be forgiven by your God for their sins- but the fact of the matter is- they need to pay for their CRIMES that they committed in the secular world.
    You know- the whole “Render Unto God/Render Unto Caeser” thingy?

  140. hey andy! go f*ck yourself pal. there is NOTHING alleged about it, the pedophile josh duggar already admitted it- many times. you people are pure delusional fools. you people do not deserve to be americans.

  141. what is with all you thick headed , clueless righties? are you deaf, blind, stupid, or all three? there is nothing alleged about the molestations. josh duggar admitted it many times. this happened. this is real. this is reality. are you righties that crazy??? I mean you are f*cking nuts!

  142. hey knight! we have been dealing with this rightwing delusional insanity for over 7 years now. these folks are truly mentally ill. their hypocrisy, their ignorance, their arrogance, their intolerance is jaw dropping and staggering to behold. these people on the right simply do not live in reality and have their heads up their azzes. the GOP, the conservatives, and their base are worthless, treasonist, anti-American sabotaging garbage and should be treated as such in November 2016.

  143. hey linda! that is why it is you and folks like you who are the problem. you are the one who is wrong and in the minority. you are the one who continues to hold this nation back from achieving great things. you are the enemy and those like you who have become brainwashed rightwing zombies willing to sacrifice yourselves, your family, your friends and coworkers- all because you have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the great conservative and republican scam. open your eyes linda. one day you will realize just how wrong you were about a lot of things. republicans are not your friends unless you are a billionaire.

  144. hey dave- I was confused too. read the comment a few more times. I do believe it was sarcasm, but even I posted a nasty response at first. these righties just make you go crazy sometimes.

  145. What the boy did was a felony crime. Parents also should have been incarcerated for the coverup. That’s just fact regardless of any religious opinion!

  146. Here is the entirety of that scripture ..

    Matthew 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say , Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

  147. Hebrews 4:12 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  148. You couldn’t have watched the same program that I saw. I don’t agree with all the Duggers say and do but they handled it very well. There was noting to backfire. They did what they thougt was righht. Stop being so dramatic. Makes me not want to watch your channel.

  149. YOU COMMENTING FOOLS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF?!Hiding behind your world wide web connection. I see so many writings here saying that The Duggars are awful people. If you watched one of their shows you would see they are not!!!They are a good, Christian family, one that I would be proud to be part of. Dont you get it?! Kids make mistakes! What misakes did you make oh right you say the Duggars are lying but its not like you would. PLAIN AND SIMPLE: The devil took possesion of Joshs mind for a short period.He was able to break thru by prayer which is why he told his parents what he did. JESUS CAME THROUGH LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES! Dont you see Josh worked hard &was able to expel the demonic presense.So lets understand this you are blaming an innocent, Christian boy who was a male teen. statistically that is the prime age and sex the devil goes after. Get it now? If Josh wasnt a good person he would have been able to gotten the devil out. HE WAS A VICTIM! How can people not recognize this!

  150. So what are the Duggers saying…that it’s okay to molest girls AS LONG AS THEY ARE SLEEPING????? These people NEED to go! (I feel sorry for the poor girls…why isn’t the family sticking up for them? That is sad).

  151. No government support? Only free health care…which probably adds up to quite a bit.

    Oh, wait, free health care is good for the Duggars (and for Sen. Marco Rubio and his family when he was young) but bad for everyone else!

  152. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – Thousands of state workers including Gov. Rick Scott would continue to pay low health insurance premiums under a bill passed by the Florida House.
    The Florida House on Friday voted for an overhaul of the state health insurance program that would lock in premiums that even House staff called “extremely low.” But it’s unlikely the Senate will pass the bill. The House recently rejected a Senate plan to expand health insurance coverage to low-income Floridians.
    How low? Really low, as in “$8.34 a month for individual coverage and $30 a month for family coverage.”

  153. You are disgusting for defending a child molester and his parents that covered it up while not protecting their daughters, but you’re also insane to use “the devil” to excuse it away. Seek help.

  154. The devil took possesion of Joshs mind for a short period.He was able to break thru by prayer which is why he told his parents what he did.

    Are you for real?

    The only person who claimed that the devil took control of Josh- is you.

    And if the Duggars are truly ‘good christian folks’ then how could the ‘devil’ get a hold of someone in that household?

    No, you’re pissed that someone is calling out your Idol. This excusing of their crimes is hardly a manifestation of personal responsibility.

  155. I don’t need to watch every episode to see that they’re a pair of hypocrites. They judge others, and when they’re caught breaking the law they do everything they can to avoid responsibility.

    Serial Killers, do what they think is right.

    It doesn’t make what they do- lawful.

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