Karma Strikes Back: Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Is Using Stand Your Ground

Zimmerman Arrested

Call it karma or irony or kismet or fate. Or call it obscenely predictable. The man who shot at right-wing hero and NRA poster boy George Zimmerman is claiming self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Newser via USA Today reported:

The attorney for Matthew Apperson said today that his client qualifies because he opened fire when he thought his life was in danger. As the AP notes, Zimmerman’s legal team considered but ultimately chose not to pursue a stand-your-ground defense after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.
Under Florida’s law, Apperson would get a hearing before his trial at which a judge would decide whether he’s in the clear because of the self-defense strategy.

After all of the reports of Zimmerman’s aggressions and attacks – including attacking a police officer years ago, before he killed Trayvon Martin after aggressively following him because he was wearing a hoodie even after police told him to stand down, it seems like a pretty easy point to make that if you saw Zimmerman coming at you, you’d feel under attack. Especially if he had threatened to shoot you in the past and had found you at your place of employment and had driven there and was just parked in the lot after threatening you.

Zimmerman only suffered minor injuries from the bullet that went through the passenger window of his vehicle after what the defendant described as a “road rage incident”, which involved Zimmerman pulling a gun on him.

Kenneth Cornell, who works at the nearby Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging, said Apperson ran up to him about 1 p.m. saying he had just shot George Zimmerman.

Cornell said he called 911 and handed the phone over to Apperson.

“He said it was a road rage incident, that they were driving down the street and George pulled a gun on him,” Cornell said.

Last September, Apperson told police that Zimmerman had threatened to kill him while on the road.

That sounds like the George Zimmerman we all know, the one who has been accused of pulling guns on so many people it’s hard to keep track. Apparently he didn’t expect to run into someone else who also carried a gun and was ready to use it in “self-defense”.

See if this sounds familiar. Zimmerman said Apperson sort of “followed him” and flashed his lights at him and he tried to get away, and then this guy pulled up next to him and shot him.

So Zimmerman now feels it’s a crime to follow someone and then shoot at them. Huh. The alleged shooter has the exact same defense as Zimmerman used in the Trayvon Martin killing, only Apperson has an actual documented event upon which to base his “fear” of Zimmerman.

Apperson reported in September that he was just driving down the road with his windows up “rapping to himself”, when along came George Zimmerman, who pulled up next to him screaming at him. It seems Zimmerman once again took what someone else was doing on their own free time as a personal insult and threat, so naturally he threatened to kill the driver:

The driver said he turned to look at the vehicle and saw two people, one of which was Zimmerman, yelling at him.

When he rolled down his window, he said Zimmerman said, “Why are you pointing your finger at me? I (expletive) kill you. Do you know who I am?”

The driver said he pulled into a Circle K to call police, and Zimmerman again drove by and yelled at him.

The driver, Apperson, declined to prosecute back then in September after the police told him it would be hard to prove it was Zimmerman, even though Apperson correctly identified Zimmerman’s vehicle and said that Zimmerman threatened to shoot him. (Go figure, this modus operandi of aggression-out-of -owhere should be renamed “The Zimmerman”.)

Next up, Apperson reported that Zimmerman was stalking him at his place of work. (Also in line with the Zimmerman MO.) The police came and there was Zimmerman in his Honda Ridgeline.

Zimmerman accused Apperson of exaggerating the story but admitted that it happened. He claimed he was there to see a doctor. Go Florida police because… they let him go. Again.

Which leads us to now, with Zimmerman up on his high horse because this person that he allegedly threatened and possibly stalked actually shot back some months later. Like Zimmerman said he did when he killed Trayvon Martin.

There is one thread through the entire Zimmerman journey – and that is, he is a walking example of why guns need to be more regulated. This is why we have laws and this is why Stand Your Ground is so obscene and ridiculous.

But modern day conservatives refuse to learn from history, and instead must repeat the same mistakes to the same painful end before realizing that the people before them had a reason for the laws they made after all. So here we are, with George Zimmerman making sure someone who allegedly shot at his car window after he allegedly threatened and stalked them is prosecuted, because apparently it really sucks when OTHER PEOPLE stand their ground with a gun.

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  1. The Reichwing hates when their laws cut both ways….see the religious bigotry laws of IN, LA, and Arkansas…

  2. Zimmerman is “dead man walking” (driving?) It isn’t a question of whether, just when. One can only hope it happens in Florida and the killer gets off scott free. Full circle justice.

  3. Zimmerman should have been in jail a long time ago, but maybe karma kept him out in order to exact equal justice. This was a near miss. Maybe next time it won’t be. I’m not for the killing of anyone, but if anyone deserves justice, it’s this guy.

  4. I think that this is the only time I feel that someone has a legitimate “Stand Your Ground’ defense.

  5. Trayvon Martin had the Stand-your-ground defense when he defended himself. Zimmerman did not. Those inept prosecutors allowed the defense to turn the evidence in favor of Zimmerman. If someone follows and attacks you, you can defend yourself even unto death. Zimmerman followed and attacked Trayvon. Trayvon never followed Zim.

    The prosecutor should have pulled that card out of the bag for Trayvon and made Zim’s attorney look stupid for even trying to use it for Zim. (Remember the notion of the sidewalk as a weapon). We all know this.

    The Trayvon Martin case was lost because of very, very bad prosecution. They were like elementary school attorneys.

    I did not even need these recent incidents to see that this hot head did not value another’s life. He should be in jail for life.

  6. George Zim claiming stand your ground in the Trayvon Martin case was like a burglar killing someone who fought back and then claiming stand your ground! That was and open and shut case and they blew it.

    All their horrible prosecuting skills did was make a narcissistic person believe that the world should move over for him. He has not learned anything good by getting off.

  7. Zimmerman didn’t use the Stand Your Ground defense. It says so in the AP quote used in this very post.

  8. So you praise a child molester but condemn an innocent black young man being hunted and gun down. You are not only an racist but a sick human being

  9. The Seminole County police are a standing joke, and it looks as if so are their juciciary. Ours are nothing wonderful, but after one of the Seventh Judicial judges told him not to cross the river again, I can’t say we’ve seen him east of the St. Johns.

  10. Erica: You are arrogant and self-righteous. You are also unclear in your post which is why there is confusion. You cannot write a coherent post and then you bash others. Talk about childish and blind.

  11. What is incoherent about pointing out that Zimmerman didn’t use the SYG defense? Also, I’m bashing others? This guy is calling me a racist and a child molester. Give me a break.

  12. well Erica, you had more than one post and they are all pretty much incoherent. Your comment about the left is comical, you are a master at projection because what you accused the left of doing is exactly what you do.

  13. What level of mastery of the English language is necessary to understand this:

    “Zimmerman didn’t use the Stand Your Ground defense. It says so in the AP quote used in this very post”


  14. I inquire with erica for a list of allowed (by her) sites that I can quote from and I end up getting “Your post is awaiting moderation (sic)” for many of my posts.

    Yet someone else here, seems to get to post with impunity.

  15. I understood you perfectly, Erica. I’ll take the next step. While Zimmerman thinks he’s some kind of Charles Bronson vigilante excitement junkie, he didn’t murder Martin. There’s a lot of revisionist history on this thread. Zimmerman pissed Martin off by following him. Zimmerman didn’t touch him, speak to him or threaten him. Martin jumped him, had him down on the sidewalk, and Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

  16. Thursday, May 21st – Here Are Pictures of Molester Josh Duggar with Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz:

    Erica’s post: “In her book, Lena Dunham describes an identical assault on her own sister; She made a campaign video for Obama; Obama has yet to denounce her.”

    Friday, May 22nd – Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Hukabee Excuses Josh Duggar Molesting His Sisters:

    Erica’s post: “Didn’t I see a post here the other day about how Ted Kennedy has redeemed himself after, as an adult, allowing a woman to slowly drown and never getting punished for it?”

    Sunday, May 24th – Republicans, Family Research Council & Josh Duggar are a Match Made in Heaven:

    Erica’s post: “Umm, Bill Clinton is a serial rapist; so yes, a comparison is definitely in order.” (She has yet to provide actual proof of this; I’m not holding my breath!);

    She also posted: “Really? Last time I checked the rape factories known as Hollywood and the public school system were pretty liberal dominated.”

  17. What the Revisionists repeatedly forget to mention: That Z was advised by the 911 operator to not approach the person he was following.

    Z chose to escalate.

  18. Huh. I remember Zimmerman testifying he did not escalate. He was heading back the way he came. Martin circled back and jumped Zimmerman.

  19. Tuesday, May 26th – Christian Counseling & Homeschool Program Embraced by Duggars Funded by Hobby Lobby:

    Erica’s post: “The reason you have now written about 47 articles about the Duggars is because these cases involving conservatives are so rare.”

    Erica claims that she isn’t defending the Duggars; she believes that she is just pointing out that people on the left do it too; however, she has not provided any proof, any reliable links, (Moongrim has asked her numerous times and still nothing), and/or facts to back herself up; all she has done is give her own twisted opinion. She has nothing!

  20. Actually what I’ve been waiting for (in vain) from Erica is a list of sites I’m allowed to quote from- when ‘debating’ with her.
    As anything I come up with, is automatically derided as having a “liberal bias”, ergo anti-conservative bias.

    Never mind reality…

  21. Hey Moongrim,

    Sorry to hear about the comment troubles some of you are having.

    Sounds like an issue with the security we use. I will bring it up with the tech experts (not promising they can fix it ‘cuz that is beyond my scope), but it’s definitely not aimed at you.



  22. Thanks.

    I guess that I’ll have to rid myself of my victim mentality- mindset then….dang it. Such a mindset is so easy to wallow in…

  23. Hey we may disagree on certain issues but I will never ban you and when I fish your comments out of trash I always post them. So don’t blame us its just some people and I have no idea why just go to spam.

  24. If it happens again look to see if there were more than two links on your post.

    I hit moderation a few times automatically when there were more than two links in the body of my text.

    It accepts two, not three, I believe.

  25. The prosecutors overcharged Zimmerman. Any law student could have told them they had no way to win on that. The question is, who decided on the charge and why.

  26. Well, it’s water way under the bridge now. Arguing this is pointless. Before you know it, we’ll be rehashing OJ.

  27. There is no evidence whatsoever that TM turned around or that George stopped following. In order to JUMP someone, you have to emerge and attack them immediately.

    By anyone’s account, words were exchanged. Therefore, it is impossible for either one to jump the other. You also said George didn’t speak to him, but even George said that he stated “he didn’t have a problem”.

    I don’t know what trial you followed closely, but you’re not quite up to speed it seems.

  28. Reading @erica’s post, just like her fellow TROLLS is why I’m getting tired of talking with conservatives. I’m not saying one side has an absolute monopoly on the truth but trying to have a rational fact based conversation with republicans is virtually impossible today. I’ve noticed a huge difference between conservatives verses liberal when being confronted with facts, liberals typically want the truth, even if that means that they may be DEAD wrong! conservatives typically when confronted with facts will, change the subject, they’ll try to compare APPLES to oranges, they’ll challenge your loyalties , they’ll resort to hominems. they’ll even resort to playing the victim! @erica has chosen to waste her time jumping on liberal websites and raising cain! instead of using her time productively championing WOMEN’s RIGHTS! she’d rather cheerlead for the GOP! she’s a VERY SAD individual, BTW @erica, my grammar is what it is but at least I’m fighting for a worthy cause!

  29. As with Casey Anthony, they didn’t give the option of lesser includeds, such as murder two, man one, man two, negligent homicide, felony battery, use of a firearm while committing a felony, etc. That particular prosecutor is a strongly suspected bigot, in any case.

  30. Remember, when Zimmerman was brought to the police station initially, he had NO bruises on his head and there was no sign of a confrontation with Trayvon Martin.

  31. I long for the day I’ll be reading Zimmerman’s obituary! He is a racist and probably sociopath.

  32. Erica: “I love basting in your blind angry stupidity.”

    Most folks would like to B-A-S-K

    But for you, Erica, we all would LOVE to BASTE you – in just about any appropriate temperature cooking liquid.

  33. Yeah, I remember George “testifying” to that, also.

    But what I don’t understand is why the prosecutor didn’t ask Trayvon Martin HIS side of the story.

    Oh – wait … they couldn’t, could they?

    Because Zimmerman KILLED TRAYVON!

  34. erica, perhaps the reason why you “love to baste” in this alleged “blind angry stupidity” is because you feel so comfortable in it yourself. Your posting tell more of your own mental problems and angst than anything you could ever claim is our problem or our fault.

  35. Seems there is a little bit of info left out of the article here. Local press describe different police info.

  36. Yet, in essence, it has been admitted that it was used, though not in the “legal terminology” sense of the words. He still claimed “self defense” which it definitely was NOT, since HE stalked Trayvon, got OUT of his car despite being told by cops NOT TO, and pursued Trayvon, then killing the unarmed teen. No matter how you spin it, the prosecutors were biased and the Florida legal system stinks to high heaven (including the Casey Anthony case, amongst others). Anybody can murder in Florida if they are white. Even babies can be victims and their murderers get off free.

  37. hey folks. it took awhile for karma to make her rounds, but remember she has a lot of conservatives and righties to see.

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