With His Mocking of Joe Biden, Ted Cruz Proves That He Isn’t Fit to Govern

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The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA’s managing editor and co-publisher Sarah Jones.

Voters should be asking themselves what kind of person doesn’t know that this is inappropriate?

All day today, the Biden family grieved as Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden lay in honor in the Delaware Senate Chamber, with a receiving line that began past Beau’s flag draped casket and led to the Biden family.

Video of Cruz making Biden joke:

Meanwhile, back at the GOP circus, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has his eyes set on the White House in 2016. On the way there, he does things like this. Last night, the Republican 2016 hopeful was speaking to Republicans in Howell, Michigan when he dredged up one of his popular lines, “Joe Biden. You know the nice thing? You don’t need a punch line.”

There is never a moment when it doesn’t pay to be vicious and cruel for Ted Cruz type Republicans.

The Vice President was mourning the death of his son Beau, who was beloved by everyone pretty much and an all around great son, father, and husband to boot. Delaware Governor Jack Markell said of him today at the service that because of Beau Biden, “the children of Delaware are safer for generations to come.” Markell called Beau a model husband, father and son, at which point Joe Biden teared up.

Beau Biden served his country to great acclaim. He died after a two-year fight against brain cancer at the young age of 46.

Joe Biden has already buried his first wife and a young daughter after a tragic accident in 1972, and now he is burying his son Beau. There aren’t words to express the emotional pain the Biden family must be facing right now.

This is not a moment to make fun of the Vice President. That is obvious to pretty much everyone but Ted Cruz.

Cruz has apologized for this on his Facebook page (never in public, or else he would risk losing the support of the frothing ragers who donate to his cult of cruelty). Wednesday evening, he wrote, “It was a mistake to use an old joke about Joe Biden during his time of grief.” It’s as if Cruz didn’t realize that he shouldn’t have said that until the backlash heat burned him.

It’s noted that he apologized, but as a presidential candidate and a Senator, he never should have made this “joke”.

Pundits were busy justifying Cruz’s comment by saying Joe Biden would forgive because that is who Joe is. Yes, maybe he will. But that is not the point. The point is that Ted Cruz has almost no soul.

That Joe Biden is a magnanimous man full of grace and forgiveness for others is not a surprise.

There is no apology that can make up for this kind of failure of judgment. We do not see other Republicans saying such awful things. There is a level of decorum and behavior that is expected from people no matter what side of the aisle they take. This is not it.

Our politics are centered on policy, but there is a line that should not be crossed and Senator Ted Cruz has officially crossed it. He is not only not fit to be president, he isn’t fit to be a sitting senator.

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  1. Republicans are not in the habit of speaking out against their own. They only hold others to a higher standard.

  2. Can you imagine the miles Sarah Palin would get playing victim if it was one of her family members that died in similar circumstances and a Dem said something like that? Wait…..no Dem or SANE person would EVER do that!

    Ted is the male Palin – no filter, no awareness – he just doesn’t have the victim card down….yet.

  3. What kind of President mocks somebody during a time of morning? Apology or no, this was simply unconscionable.

  4. He absolutely has no class. The same thing can be said of the Michigan assholes in the room who were laughing.

  5. This guy is not Presidential material. He is an egomaniac…I imagine he is incapable of thinking about how his actions may affect others. After all, his father does say he is the chosen one.

  6. This should show everyone, GOP or Democrats, that this guy is pure evil. And those he represents are just as evil. He’s to stupid to be dangerous and to ignorant to be taken serious as a politician or even as human. The word that describes Ted Cruz most is “worthless”.

  7. I’m Not Surprised. Typical Rethuglicant Meanness and Disrespect. And more is on the way. Lots more.

  8. This man has no shame, would go as far as to insult a man when he is mourning the lost of someone close to him. Love how in the video, he feels sorry for him, but as some as the reporter asks why he did the joke, he just walks away. Talk about not only being presidential material and ultimately being disrespectful.

  9. Why do the reubliCONS elect sociopathic, narcissistic people? Nobody with any human decency would’ve spoke about Vice President Joe Biden in a negative manner right after his son died. This really sets my hair on fire…..how I wish bad karma bestowed on Ted Cruz!

  10. Ted Cruz is NOT even eligible to run for president. He’s Canadian! Why is nobody challenging his eligibility?

  11. Rafe is not only low class, but hes proven to have no class.

    This guy has the mentality of a 6 year old…no offense to 6 year olds.

  12. You’re damn right we wouldn’t!

    While it’s reputed that Cruz has a high IQ (although I think his photographic memory has been his scholastic best friend) he obviously has a very VERY low EQ.

  13. The Ted Cruz’s song…
    or at least it ought to be.

    Play video…

    Performed by August Campbell and the Spur of the Moment Band — written by Fred “August” Campbell

  14. Cruz cares only when something affects him and/or his self-interests. Compare and contrast how he grandstanded when citizens in the NE were suffering after Hurricane Sandy to his saying that the federal gov’t is “obligated” to help the flood victims in TX. His concern for “pork” was never mentioned. His supporters are saying his refusal to vote to provide immediate relief to Sandy victims was because he objected to the “pork” in the bill. Little do they know that it was primarily red state politicians whose states benefited from the pork they allege Cruz was referring to. He demanded assistance from the very federal gov’t he constantly disparages as useless, overly intrusive, and unnecessary but wants to preside over. I’m sick of right-wingers pretending that the VP is some kind of doofus when he’s smarter and more honorable than most in D.C., and he is a hell of a better person than Cruz, his supporters, and his party members in Congress.

  15. I wouldn’t go that far. We’re just talking rotton apples to rotton oranges here. They are both soulless, evil (non) human beings. Dick Cheney just knows when to keep his mouth shut, but he’s just as evil.

  16. Robert, I can’t believe even you would try to defend this evil piece of Sh**! He has no morals & no soul. You can’t compare him to anyone who might make an oops remark, including Rick Perry.

  17. Because they’re at a Republican event listening to Cruz. That audience is not all concerned about the sorrow that Biden is facing at that particular moment.

  18. Once again you demonstrate your rampant wilfull ignorance Robert.
    Crud is indeed on a level all his own, and every one of those adjectives you list- is true, and it scares us that people like you will vote for him- to be President.

    A task that requires so much out of its holder, and Republicans want to hand it over to another W. Bu$h.

  19. No Robert, Kimberly is quite correct. You’re wrong. This “man” Tez Crud is one of the best you have to offer?

    That is a sad commentary for the value of a Republican nowadays.

  20. The problem Robert, is that Tez Crud is perpetually running around with his mouth on/brain off.
    It’s only afterwards, when he’s had to face his advisory team does he get even an inkling of his foolishness. And then he ‘apologizes’ on the internet. Not in the same kind of venue he chose to shoot his mouth off on.

    This is not the kind of statesman America needs to be involved in negotiating with potential adversaries as prickly as a Tea-bagger.

  21. Given the incessant, vitriolic, racist, misogynist, rantings directed at the first family over the past years from the Tea Party core of Senator Cruz’s base that elected him and has fed his ego, one shouldn’t be surprised that common decency has disappeared from their collective conscience.

  22. Is there any redeeming quality that can be found for this nasty ignorant scum?
    Everything he does is ugly, distasteful
    and inhuman he should not occupy a place in the human race.

  23. Cruz’s, never mentioned mother, is an American citizen which makes him eligible regardless of where he was born.

    He has dual Canadian & American citizenship although he’s claimed he’s going to drop the Canadian citizenship. I’ve never heard whether or not he did.

  24. He hasn’t yet because apparently he has to do it by appearing in a Canadian court. It’s not enough to tell some reporters.

  25. He may not have citizenship derived by birth, which is what the Constitution requires.

    Ours is a jus solis jurisdiction, which means that (as per the Fourteenth Amendment) any person born under our flag to persons subject to our jurisdiction (i.e., not to a diplomat or a member of an occupying belligerant force) has birthright citizenship. Jus sanguis, however, is not birthright citizenship. It is whatever Congress says it is, and if Sen. Cruz’s mother had not maintained the statutorily required ties to the United States, she could not confer citizenship at the time of his birth on foreign soil.

  26. The main point behind our complaining about Cruz’s citizenship: is why didn’t the Candidate’s mother being a U.S. citizen, have any bearing when it came to Obama?

    Care to speculate why that was?

  27. This is a privately run blog, not a government entity. You don’t have any right to freeze peach. We’ve been damned patient with you, but your constant, disrespectful needling on this issue is not remotely honest discourse. Go ahead. Gyrate. Spaz. Try to exert tyranny by tantrum. It’ll happen again. Better yet, make good on your threat to leave.

  28. Some Senators have been known to read from the Bible (supposedly their favorite book) during a filibuster.

    Ted Cruz’s favorite book to read from during a filibuster was: Green Eggs & Ham.

    Sam I am.

    What does this say concerning his qualifications?

  29. Robert is the penultimate Republican- he will threaten, cajole, and gripe; but he will never make good on his threats, or his assertions.

  30. I remember the Republican Party being decent and caring to everyone, but since the LBJ signed the VRA the old Dixiecrats joined the gop and stunk it up. Now they have the lowest form of life taking that party over.

    They have no soul and of course this included cruz.

  31. Why is Ted Cruz EVEN running? No Independent will vote for him. Republicans (a lot of them) can’t stand the guy. So, what’s his chances of becoming their “leader”? -0- Zilch.

  32. No matter when or where Cruz’ told his “joke” it was inappropriate. Vice President Biden served his state and the country extremely well as a member of the Senate and he has been an extraordinary vice president.

    Not one Republicans currently in the House or the Senate has an iota of the dignity and true love of his country that Vice President Biden has. Their behavior since January 20, 2009, has been tantamount to sedition. And Ted Cruz is one of the worst. His diatribes against relief in the wake of Megastorm Sandy illustrates his lack of empathy and his failure to understand what this country is all about. We help one another in hard times, be they economic woes or natural disasters, and, when the son, spouse or parent of one of the country’s leaders dies we show respect.

  33. Colostomy bags serve a very important purpose.
    Please, do not associate them with with the worthless piece of excrement from texass.

  34. As far as I’m concerned, the Howel republicans in attendance at the town hall meeting who laughed at Cruzes Biden slam are just as soulless as him. They are nothing but ignorant slugs that deserve the same treatment.

  35. Wheww!! is Robert gone for good? I’s like closing the door on unwelcome guests. You wipe your brow and say Thank heaven they are gone.

  36. Only time will tell GSB. Like any other Cancer- Republicans and their sockpuppets always manage to find a way to come back.

  37. hey Robert you know what? go f*ck yourself you worthless degenerate. you are garbage and so is anyone that supports these rightwing scumbags that humiliate this country every single day. there are illegals in this nation right now who are far, far more American and patriotic than you sir.

  38. what has happened to the GOP? my god, they have fallen so fast since the tea party racists infested the party. what a disgrace. very sad. very pathetic.

  39. You’re missing a critical point. Cruz has not apologized to anyone. One of Cruz’s PR hacks posted something online. That’s all.

    Until and unless Cruz personally issues a sincere and contrite public apology on national television, this “apology” should be seen as nothing more than his staff covering his a$$. Again.

  40. You bring up a good question. Where is Cruz’s mother? There is nothing in Cruz’s biography which suggests she’s deceased. So where is she? Why isn’t she campaigning for her son? Is there something she knows that Ted doesn’t want us to know?

  41. Maybe she wasn’t living in the US for the required time so the cubadian could have US citizenship

  42. Yes, what Ted Cruz said was beyond reprehensible. But what about the laughing and applause from the audience? Unfortunately, this type of foot-in-mouth disease is more widespread than we thought. I do hope, though, that none of those people ever have to experience that level of cruelty while mourning the loss of a child of their own. Vile behavior.

  43. I have begun to think Robert, JimmyK and Erica are the same sock puppet. Paid by Ailes or some other right wing idiot to just come here and be the curmudgeon, even if their is 110% proof of the facts.

  44. Cruz is distasteful at best, but what is even more distasteful and disrespectful is the laughing response of the audience.

  45. I am Canadian, and this former Canadian, Cruz, this degenerate does not reflect what Canadians are like at all save for the few who are like just like him, as we will find there are many Americans who are just like Cruz, but you will find that 99% of most Canadians and Americans are NOT like Cruz, they are generous, helping out others in need, volunteering, compassionate, and think ahead before throwing their weight around the room.

    Cruz is a lost soul. His family may love him, our Lord still loves him, but Americans definitely do not need this bimbo dressed in senator’s clothes to become America’s next president.

    Cruz should hide in shame for a few years.

    Take a good look at his bimbo face when he speaks. Is that the face of an American you want in the White House (regardless of your political tendencies) making dumb, dumber and dumbest jokes that are ill-timed?

    What about the real serious open and closed dialogue that he would conduct on our behalf? By doing …

  46. Continuing ….

    By doing what he did, Cruz will be sucking up to anyone and everyone to get back what he has lost, his humanity and compassion for others, especially fellow Americans such as Joe Biden, a personality that is loved in Washington.

    This is a decent American, a REAL American, not some male bimbo like Cruz who would just as soon renounce you as he renounced his Canadian citizenship to be able to convince America that he can run for the office of the President of these United States!  

  47. Continuing …
    Cruz would just as soon betray his family if it meant he would be guaranteed the presidency! Is that the kind of human being you want in the White House. Dare I say that the other Republican candidates will feed on this so they can easily step over this creep and leave him in the dust. 
    Cruz, you really blew it. You’re finished as a politician let alone your quest for the office of the president.

  48. Joe Biden and his family have more class, dignity and intelligence in their little fingers than the whole GOP put together. I also include the POTUS and family as well.

    I would not wish what the Bidens are going through on anyone- even Ted Cruz. To bury two of your children is the most heart-breaking for any parent to have to do. I know- I had to bury one of my children 11 years ago.

  49. Another reason why I’m ‘from’ Michigan and not a resident of MI. I’m sorry to admit that part of my heritage after listening to the morons in the audience going along with inane, tasteless Cruz.

  50. If he really wanted to be funny, he could’ve substituted “Spiro T. Agnew.” Or better yet, “President Ted Cruz.

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